May 1st is Silver Star Banner Day

Remembering our combat wounded & vulnerable veterans

Note from Chaplain Ann M. Wolf:

May 1st What comes to mind for you when you see that date on your calendar? I hope a lot of good things, such as beautiful spring flowers, picnics with loved ones, and soft, cool breezes drifting across your face as you welcome a warmer, greener time of year.

But in your reflections, there is one more special thing to become aware of for the first of May, and that is… Silver Star Banner Day, a day which our nation now sets aside to honor our wounded, ill, disabled and vulnerable veterans as well as their families.

Thanks to the good efforts of Silver Star Families of America, in the Spring of 2010, the House and the Senate passed resolutions declaring May 1st to be Silver Star Banner Day. Since then, countless other localities along with thousands of American citizens have followed by holding commemorations and special events.

Scroll to learn more about SSFOA or go to their website at Silver Star Though there are many magnificent charities that are reaching out to our Veterans, this is one which has a great history and reputation with regard to their compassionate action efforts with an optimum percentage of donation income going directly to the veterans who need the support.

This is Chaplain Ann M. Wolf wishing you & yours a meaningful, memorable, Silver Star Banner Day this year and every year.

By Ann M. Wolf – c 2015- BMI – All rights reserved. 

Your love makes a difference

How you can work with SSFOA to help veterans

About SSFOA:

Silver Star Families of America is dedicated to supporting and assisting wounded, ill, injured, and dying Veterans who served at one time in an active duty capacity from ALL Branches of Service and from ALL Wars. We also acknowledge the needs and experiences of their families.

Silver Star Banner: One of our goals is to recognize the blood sacrifice of our wounded and those with injuries or illnesses which originated in a war-zone by honoring them and their efforts with the Silver Star Service Banner.

These individuals are qualified to receive a banner: Purple Heart recipients, victims of friendly fire, those who suffer from PTS, Agent Orange effects, or Gulf War syndrome.

Silver Star Banner Day: May 1 is Silver Star Service Banner Day and now is recognized across our nation as the day to honor our Heroes together.

Raising Public Awareness: SSFOA assists in educating the public concerning the plight of these wounded, ill, or dying heroes and provides many programs to aid in their progress. We sit on the VA Volunteer Service Advisory Board and work together with other troop organizations and groups to support in whatever way possible.

Non-Profit: SSFOA is a not for profit organization; and it is an all volunteer org which depends totally on donations, therefore, all proceeds go toward the purchase of Silver Star Banners as well as provide needed resources for other assistance programs relating to the SSFOA mission. See our Financial Page

More outreach: Our efforts to honor our wounded, ill, and dying service-members include: Our Silver Star Service Banner Package, a Letter Writing Team, regional outreach via a group of State Reps, a Silver Star Banner Day Committee, a Fundraising Committee, an Advisory Board, a Veteran Affairs Committee, a Chaplain’s Hospice Program, plus Food Cards for our homeless and Games for Therapy.

Certificate Program: SSFOA also honors those who have assisted the wounded, ill, and dying with our Certificate Program.

K9 & More: We also honor Military Working Dogs, Merchant Marines, Medics, and those who assist them in any way; additionally, we recognize Remembrance of Service via the Thank You Foundation. Read more at Silver Star Families of America Website.

Videos which tell the story

Learn more about some of the issues our veterans face with these videos by Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

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