Bringing Tongues Of Fire From The Sparks Of Faith…





By Rev. G. Evan Newmyer 



In these last two lessons we will find what John “saw”, what he was “told” regarding heaven, the earth, the Body, and the Church. This Vision is based on some other things  John believed in, the words of the Prophets of Old brought into the realm of understanding and Remembrance. This information is Hope, giving us incentive in those times when it seems as if the gates of hell have not only prevailed, but are on top of us. On the same note we find there are those who use the information of the End Times to frighten people, it was not the purpose of the Vision. The purpose is to show us hope, the Day will end, we are not appointed the wrath of God, yet the wrath of God will come to pass.

Knowing John will tell us things “seen” in heaven, how does it fit with Paul’s comments to the Corinthians saying it’s unlawful to speak of the things one sees in heaven? (II Cor 12:4). The key to Paul’s statement is found in the wording, “to speak”, which is the Greek word Laleo, in his context it means To talk at random, thus John is not telling us these things to engage in some social conversation, or show his importance, rather he is giving us a prophetic word regarding what the Lord told him. Paul never said the Lord told him to speak of the Third heaven, thus for him to speak of it randomly would be doing heaven an injustice. On the other hand John is told to write down what he sees and hears.

We will see the word “Seen” more times in this lesson, than we have prior. Have we “seen” these things come to pass? Yes, by faith, but many are yet to come to pass for the physical eye of man. We have the advantage of “seeing” something before it comes to pass, many of these same things were seen in the words of the Prophets of Old, as well as seen in the words of the New Testament saints. The events in the Night begin as Peace and Safety, but end as Sudden Destruction, thus the reason for telling us these things is to keep us from the deception of thinking the Night is “heaven on earth”.

We will see things which could frighten us, if we were going to be subject to them. On the other hand they are Hope, knowing we have the opportunity to be Partakers in the First Resurrection. The famed “mark of the beast” has been used to scare us, but warnings are not to scare us, rather they are given to prepare us. As soon as some new terror, or political adversary shows up we hear, “The Mark of the Beast, run!!!!”. Years ago movies were the mark of the beast, but those who told us it ended making movies. Then it was television, but those who told us it ended up on television. Then it was credit cards, but now those who told us now take our credit cards. Then it was computers, but those who said it are now using computers. Then it was the Internet, but those who told us it, have web pages. In this lesson we will find the “mark, name and number of the beast” are all relative to the world, connecting to the saying, “the love of money is the root of all evil”. It’s simply doing business, or working in the world by using the lusts of the world. The Mark relates to money and business, in the world if is seems right, they use whatever is legal, or what they can get away with, calling it “it’s only business”. The Mark lacks mercy, it centers itself on the love of money, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. It’s evident when we find it’s connected to buying and selling, as we see in the world today.

John by the Holy Ghost gives us a view of events past, events present, and events yet to come, in those we find there is a very good reason to walk in the Love of God by the Spirit of God, as we endure the trying of our faith. The throne of Jesus is found in Revelation 3:21, yet the verse prior talks about the Door. Jesus said when it’s the Time of Doors the end will be near; however, He didn’t say it would be in hand, only “near”. Jesus also said those who were prepared and ready went with Him into the Marriage, then the Door was shut (Matt 25:10). Which Door? Whose Door? And when is the Door shut? If it’s the time of Doors, yet we go through A Door, what other Doors could there be? The five foolish virgins with the lamps lacked oil, finding the door closing before they could make entry, but those with both the lamp and oil were allowed through the Door. Jesus talks about the talents, one with Five, one with Two and one with One (Matt 25:20-22). There are Seven churches, but there is also the famed Eighth who came from the Seven, this Eighth is comprised of the bad fish we just read about in James, Peter, John and Jude, thus the danger is within, not without. The enemies of Jesus are in the Courtyard, the Tabernacle is on the dry land of the Earth, not the Sand of the Sea, or the Sea; therefore, we will find a Beast of the Sea, and a Beast of the Earth.

Why does John use the title Antichrist in two of his letters, yet never uses the title in the Book of Revelation? How can we meet Jesus in the Air if He is on earth at the Judgment? How can we reign with Christ on the earth, yet be in heaven? Why are we told we are free of the Law, yet Jesus said pray the day not be on the Sabbath? What is the phrase “like the days of Noah” mean? How many groups of people were on the earth in the days of Noah? Where there any Christ Like people on the earth during the Days of Noah? How many sons did he have, how many immediate nations came from those sons? How was Noah able to keep all those animals in peace on the ark? What happens to those who deny both the Father and Son in this Season? Why does Acts 1:6-8 give us a separation of Seasons? Will people be saved in the next Season? These and many more questions will be answered in our study on the Book of Revelation.

It boils down to this, the Seven churches are asked to make a Choice, the rest are asked to make a Decision. The Wicked make a Decision going against the Glory of God, yet claim to be the Glory, thus for them it’s not a matter of Choice, but Decision. This Book above all others shows Justification is a process, the churches for the most part are in the process, they are told to repent, yet they are “churches”. If they were innocent to begin with, why do they have to repent? If they are innocent, why does Jesus say, “I have this against you”? The declaration proclaimed them innocent, but the process was working out the declaration.


There are some interesting things in the Book of Revelation, all of them must be taken in conjunction with other Scriptures, or we will devise our own end time thinking, forgetting to rightly divide the Word. For instance, Jesus told His disciples not to speak of Him being the Christ until He was Glorified, when was He Glorified? Where is the Glory? Paul said the Glory was in us (Rom 8:18), the Glorified Jesus is a result of the Resurrection. The only time anyone can speak of the Christ of Grace, is when there is someone with the power of the Resurrection on this earth. Jesus also said there will come those who say they are Christ, yet we are not to believe them. This doesn’t mean they will say the are The Christ, or they are of the Anointed, or better they will use the term we use, “Christian”. Most of us have used, or said, “Christ in me the hope of glory”, even Paul used the term, so are we not to believe him? There will be a time when the ability to walk in the Spirit of Christ will no longer be on this earth, at the time the Mercy of God will still endure, but the Grace of God will be gone. In our Season there will be some who say they are Christian, they may have the appearance of righteousness, but inside Satan will still reign (I Cor 15:15, II Cor 11:13 & Gal 2:4).

On the same note, prior to the Cross Peter said Jesus was the Christ, yet Jesus said, “blessed are you Simon”. What gives? Don’t say it, but if you do you’re blessed? No, it means the ability to be Christian came with the birth of the Church on Pentecost, in the case of Peter it came from the Father, not Peter. Peter didn’t say he was the Christ, or Christian, rather the revelation pointed to Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God, yet we also read how Jesus warned them not to go about telling people the information until Jesus was glorified. Jesus as the Son of man or the Christ of Mercy was the basis of the earthly ministry, the disciples understood it, but Jesus as the Son of God, the Christ of Grace they did not understand. The Power and Ability to speak of Jesus the Resurrected Son of God stems around the Resurrection, the Book of Revelation will speak of two Resurrections, the time when the First Resurrection is complete, then the time when the Last Resurrection will come to pass. There are those who reject the concept of the Rapture, mainly because the word itself doesn’t appear in the Bible; however, we found it does. The Book of Revelation is a Book on the Rapture, telling us why it must come to pass.

Jesus also said the end times would be as the days of Noah, and the days of Lot. There were some connections between the two, in the days of Noah they refused to believe God would bring judgment, the same was true for the days of Lot. The people were  under the impression they could do as they please, eat, sleep and be merry, yet sudden destruction came.

With respect to the days of Noah we also find the phrase, “given in marriage”, but is given in marriage a sin? Can’t be, it’s the very first Commandment of all. This shows they  consider any judgment a hoax, they will laugh and scorn at the words of the prophets who warned of God’s judgment, they marry to plan for the future.

We must add all the evidence together, not just one piece here or there. Jesus said as long as we see the wars, rumors of wars, pestilence and famine we are not to be terrified, is not the end (Luke 21:8-9). We may see Peace in one place, but we also see war, or a rumor of war somewhere else. So, why even fear? The purpose for the Book of Revelation shows divided times and seasons. We are in the Day, this is the time of the Salvation of the Lord, let us rejoice and glad in it.

So does it mean there are no enemies of Jesus? Not at all, the time of their preparation is now, the time of their activity is the Night, they are the drunken who go into the Night. What makes them the drunken? Their own deception coupled with their hunger for power. The position and concept of the “enemies of Jesus” was not opened until Judas started the position of the son of perdition. The world is not the enemy of Jesus, God so loved the world He sent Jesus. The enemies of Jesus are in the House, they are those who entered by God’s Mercy, but refuse to pay the vow. The kingdom of heaven is a place containing people, the Kingdom of God is within, two different concepts. The enemies of Jesus are in the kingdom of heaven, they remain self-willed. They wanted Salvation, but wanted to control it, make gain from it, or use the power for their own lustful nature. They wanted to appear as “holy” for their own glory, so they associated with the Body of Christ, in the Night they will associate with the Sixth church. They still love the feeling they get from the works of darkness, yet they want to associate with religion, they love the feeling of moral superiority. They could have obtained the Wisdom of God, but they wanted to hold to the wisdom of man. They “fail” in the end, yet failure in the kingdom of heaven is a matter of choice. All of us have failed at something, but we lacked the wherewithal to complete the task, not so in the kingdom; Jesus has given us everything we need to complete the race, thus failure and mistakes are much different. Failure is a rejection of the means to accomplish the task, mistakes are learning tools the Lord places in the Plan. The workers of iniquity work at their failure, they would rather glory in their self-absorbed deception of being superior over others in the Body. Tough? The very premise will be found in the warnings to the Seven churches, Jesus didn’t say, “I have this against you, but hey, you’re doing okay, forget it”. On the same note He doesn’t tell the churches, “I have this against you, so it’s over, you’re done for”. Jesus tells us there may be “somewhat” against us, the term “Somewhat against you” means there is something Jesus is not pleased with, but it is correctable. Only one of the seven churches is seen without some element of “good” (the seventh), yet it’s also given the opportunity to repent. Compromise comes when we cast out the Hagars, but keep the Ishmaels, or reject the Jezebels; but keep the Balaams. We can reject the doctrine of Balaam, but use the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes to do it, ending none the better. The Book of Revelation is the Book of Discernment, it shows Jesus as the Son of man judging the kingdom of heaven first, then the world. Judgment begins in the House of God; it will end there as well.

There were differences between the Tabernacle and the Temple, to the Jew the most important aspect of their religion today is to rebuild the temple, but Why? We know from our studies the word “temple” in many of Paul’s letters actually refers to the holy of holies, it doesn’t define either the temple or tabernacle. However we also know God desired the Tabernacle, David desired the Temple, the plans for the Tabernacle came during the Day, but the permission to build the Temple came in the Night. We also know there will be “Peace in Jerusalem” when the Night begins, so is there Peace there now? Not hardly, everyday is a battle in some regard, or some “peace plan” is in constant jeopardy. How about the Temple itself? As long as the Dome of the Rock Mosque stands, the Temple cannot, since they are both on the same spot. What do we think the Muslims would do if Israel torn down the Dome of the Rock Mosque? Sit back and watch? No, there would be a war and a half. Yet we know the Temple will be built in the very same spot were it was the day Jesus stood in it and cried, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem”. How will it come to pass? Does the Book of Revelation tell us? Could be, could very well be.

God said the Knowledge of the Lord will flow from Jerusalem in the latter days, what happened to the Understanding, or the Wisdom? What happened to the Spirit bringing spiritual understanding? Why not have the Knowledge flow from the Body? What knowledge? Is there a knowledge projected in the Old, another in the New? Yes, the knowledge of the Lord is different form the knowledge the Lord has. The knowledge of the Lord is man’s awareness of the Lord, but there is also the Knowledge the Lord has. Paul said there was a knowledge of man, and a Knowledge from above. The Old Testament people were not privy to the Knowledge from above, it only comes with the Mind of Christ, but they did have a knowledge of the Lord. It’s the Knowledge coming forth in the Night. Since it’s Jerusalem based, it means religions like the Muslims or Hindus will either no longer be around, or so ineffective they will still come to Jerusalem to worship at the feet of the Sixth church. Not only don’t we find the Church or Body mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the very latter days, neither do we find any other religions, just the one world religion out of Jerusalem. The religion will begin one way, yet end another, but it will still be the only noted viable religion on earth at the time. Of course it’s the Night, the circumstances bringing about the Night will show it’s very possible, but Today it’s seems very impossible.

The Dome of the Rock Mosque is a perfect example of the “city being trodden under foot”. It’s a by-product of Ishmael, since it’s on the “Rock” (Zion) it tells a story in and of itself. The 144,000 are surely not going to be marked in the Dome of the Rock Mosque; therefore, something must happen to remove the Dome, something outside of the hand of man, something so great the Muslim will be too concerned about other things to even care. One thing becomes clearer and clearer, there will only be one place where the Knowledge of God will come from, the place will be the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem of the earth.

The Book of Revelation will tell us about the “small flock” who number 144,000, taken from the tribes of Israel, which means when their time comes, the Age of the Gentile will have come to an end, or as we know it, the Day will end, as the Night begins. The 144,000 are on Zion, not in Jerusalem. We know Jerusalem is built on Zion, but we will also see the Greater Flock in heaven when this small flock are numbered. These two groups are seen as ten thousand times ten thousand, showing an increase, but the other small flock is thousands of thousands, showing they were taken from thousands, thus a decrease. There are no others added to the 144,000, they will be no Net tossed in their case, thus no man can work in the Night.

Why even have a Judgment? Isn’t God’s Love more powerful than man’s evil? Yes, but it doesn’t mean God’s Love will accept evil, nor does it mean God will force change on man. God will do what God will do to get man to repent, but the act of repenting is still in the hands of man. The Wicked are under the false premise; regardless of what they do, God’s Love will allow it. God deals with us through His Love, but it doesn’t mean He ignores the evil. God deals with evil in His timing, but He is nonetheless Love. Peter reminds us of how the Lord is longsuffering, but longsuffering has an end, the time for the Judgment of the Lord has a time and timing, it will happen.

Thinking God loves us so much, He will accept the spirit of man as the Spirit of God is foolishness, leading to the “great lie”. God has all power, but man also has the power to resist God, proven at the Fall, later by Cain, as well as others throughout the years: even the Pharisees had power to resist Jesus. The spirit of man assumes God doesn’t know all things, or man can change what God has ordained, but God saw the end before there was a beginning. God isn’t writing the plan as time goes on, time goes on according to the plan. Neither did God make a plan, then go to the end of the plan to wait, rather God saw the end, then He began a plan reaching to the finished end, while being in all times at the same time; therefore, the Book of Revelation is not something God is guessing at, it contains things seen before God said “let there be Light”.

Although John uses many metaphors, we have the rest of the Bible to assist us in defining them, so we can keep them within the realm of the definition. The Book of Revelation is also divided, not only does it answer a three part question posed by the disciples, but we find the letters to the Body (churches), and the Record in heaven. The Book shows how the Record of Judgment will be manifested, and why. We will find it was not God just saying, “you know, I’ve had it, let’s judge them”, rather we find man will cause his own destruction, the truth of “it’s appointed unto all men to die once, then comes the judgment” shows there is an end to the longsuffering of the Lord. The Lord will cause the time to be drawn short, not for His sake, but for the sake of the elect, but when Judgment comes, all physical life on earth will have come to an end. Therefore, we find Amos warning us how the Day of the Lord is darkness, not Light, woe to the person who seeks to see the Judgment of God.

Some of the problems people have with the End Time events falls into the false assumption of God not knowing the Jewish religious leaders would reject Jesus, which leads to the assumption of God rejecting the Jew. Paul proved it wasn’t the case, he joined the Faith long after Pentecost, yet he had a desire to see his Jewish brothers come to the Faith before the Day ended. The Law of Moses isn’t at issue with the 144,000, but the Commandments are. They were blinded by God to the Gospel of Peace, but given the Everlasting Gospel, they are subject to spirit of slumber, but they are not forgotten.

All this shows why the Day comes before the Night, since the Day does come before the Night it proves how God presents the escape before judgment falls. Is it true in the latter days? Will God present deliverance? Yes and no, God will present the escape, but the people will blaspheme God. Why? God’s correction is not something they want, so they adhere to the spirit of man, as they blame others for their own wicked ways. James tells us we are draw away by our own lust, blaming someone else is merely an excuse to avoid facing the lust in us. If we did something, it was the lust in us drawing us. Adam’s excuse of “it was the woman you gave me” didn’t make it then, won’t make it now. The same will be true in the latter days, they will blame the Woman, thinking if they can kill the 144,000 they can live on the “good earth” again; in the end they will find it’s not so. Those who love the Lord will be killed, by the Wicked, thus there will be no more people of God on the earth, then comes the end. Indicating God will not destroy the Righteous with the Wicked, since the Wicked would have killed all the Righteous. Salvation will not be an issue, Judgment will be.

When the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus, their temple was destroyed, but the Tabernacle was never destroyed, it simply was no more. The Tabernacle is a type and shadow of the Rapture, the Temple the place from where judgment comes. It has to show us Today is the Time of Salvation, thus the Temple will not be rebuilt until the Time of Judgment is opened. However, in the end there is no Temple in heaven, but God will Tabernacle with His Tabernacles. Each one of us entered the kingdom of heaven as Temples, then we moved to the spiritual nature to become Tabernacles, thus we war to remain a Tabernacle.

God’s prophets of Old were moved by the Holy Ghost, they had something to say about the End Times, as well as something to say about the Gentile Age, these times and seasons may have been a mystery to man, but not to God. From our studies one might think there is nothing left in the Book of Revelation which hasn’t been covered, not so, there is much left to cover, yet it will confirm the words of the prophets.

When the disciples asked Jesus, if He was going to restore the kingdom to Israel, Jesus didn’t say “forget it, those jerks rejected Me”, rather He pointed out there will be times and seasons for the restoration of Israel, but they are in the Father’s timing, but as for us, we are told to receive the Power from on High, to become Witnesses for Jesus, not witnesses for Israel (Acts 1:6-8). A division? Yes, one between the Day and Night, the “restoration of Israel” is a Night thing, the Witness of Jesus a Day thing.

Why are those times in the Father’s hand? I thought the Father told the Son “Your throne, Of God, is forever and ever: a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom” (Heb 1:8)? Within the same book we also read “Sit on My Right Hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool” (Heb 1:13). There is a clear cut separation between Day and Night, between the Greater Light of Salvation, and the Lesser Light of Judgment. Why the Father? Because the Night is based on Mercy, not Grace. The 144,000 will do the two main Commandments based on a Phileo love centered in Mercy. They will love the Lord, they will love all mankind.

Paul said Christ was the Seed of Abraham, yet we find the Remnant are the Seed of the Woman. Wasn’t the promise of the Seed of the Woman projecting in the Virgin Birth? Yes, it explains why we find the term Man Child, yet we know Jesus was an Adult Male at the Cross. Jesus will not make His enemies His Footstool, yet the Father will not take the Cup, each has a position in this. The Father’s Mercy will be present, yet the Wicked will again reject it, yet in the end Jesus will pour the Cup of the wrath of God out, as He judges all mankind as the Son of Man.

Once the Wicked entered, they were given the choice to give up the old authority, but they loved the feeling they obtained, thus they retained the authority of the Beast of the Sea, which authority came from the dragon. They liked the feeling of manipulation, mind games, being able to control people, and the feeling they acquired from attacking others. They liked the feeling of being able to use intellect to belittle others, they loved thinking they were superior. They feel it’s far better to destroy some of the people in the Body to preserve the Body, rather than bring healing to the Body. They think it’s their duty to run through the Body of Christ sifting and purging, yet they are the ones who cause the Broken Body. They have deceived, becoming more deceived, until their deception makes them presume they are the only ones doing the Lord’s work. The 144,000 are not known as “prophets”, since the Prophets are one of the Two Witnesses, those they were antichrist during the Day, but false prophets in the Night. It’s always the ways of a person define the person, not their acts. The 144,000 hold the Mercy of God, thus it will possible for all to hold the same Mercy. If the Wicked use deception, lie in wait to deceive, form slanderous lies, mock the members of the Body during the Day, they will do the same working of Satan in the Night. Yet, while it is yet Today, they can repent and be restored, thus we find the reason for the Book of Revelation to be in the New Testament. It’s a warning to the Wicked, the end is not what they think, it will not be heaven on earth forever and ever, there will be a Judgment.

The Father takes the responsibility of producing the Footstool, but the Son takes the Cup in reference to the Judgment, two areas, but each as a result of the iniquity of the Wicked. These areas are very important for us to grasp while it is yet Day, for the Night comes when no man can work. This Book will remove the urge to get even with some son of perdition, to attack some Whacko, it shows the truth of Judgment being in the hand of the Lord, not in the mouth of the saint.

To begin with, this is the Book of Revelation, not the Book of Revelations (plural), the word Revelation means Something unveiled, or Something uncovered, but how could the Revealing of Jesus effect those with the Spirit? Are not all things naked and open? Paul said, “But God has Revealed them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God” (I Cor 2:10). Ahh, “unto us”, there is another Revelation of Jesus yet to come. The Greek word used by Paul for “revealed” is the same one used here for Revelation, how then could this Revealing effect us? What is being Revealed? Or Who is being Revealed? If Jesus knows all things, does it mean the Father held back something? Does it mean Jesus dreamed up some New Revelation? Or is it simply as Paul puts it in Romans, Jesus being reveled to the masses. The revealing of the Judgment Jesus will be a surprise to those of the earth, since they claimed there is no judgment. John walked with Jesus, sat with Him at the table, was ordained by Him, yet John sees a different Jesus in the Book of Revelation. This “different Jesus” is not different as in personage, only purpose. We preach the Salvation Jesus, not the Judgment Jesus. Therefore, the Revelation, or better the Revealing of Jesus as the Son of Man concerning Judgment is outlined in the Book of Revelation. The Salvation Jesus is Revealed in us by the Spirit unto Salvation, the Judgment Jesus is Revealed to others at the time of the Judgment. We find Jesus speaking to the “churches”, not the “Church”. If the gates of hell shall not prevail, why even talk about the invasion of Balaam, Jezebel and the such? Because Jesus isn’t taking to the Church, rather He is speaking to churches in the Rock (Body). Jesus will build the Church, we build the Rock, thus the Rock needed instruction, not the Church. Jesus as the Head of the Body shows He is the Authority from which the Body operates, but the Body has a Power as well. When the Body uses the Power outside of the confines of the granted Authority, the Head of Authority will come with correction. However, what do we see? Does Jesus bring fire down on the Body? No, He gives instruction, thus the Authority instructs authority. If Jesus is building the Church, if the Church and Body are the same, how them did the Balaams and such make entry? Because the Body and Church are connected, but different. We cast the Net, Jesus builds the Church, the problems are not in the Church but in the Body.

There are five views concerning the Book of Revelation. The Preterist view places the events and visions in the past, or something which has happened; however, it’s obvious the Great Winepress hasn’t happened yet. It will be the error of those in the Night, they will think Judgment has come and gone. The Preterist View tends to put the persecution as the Judgment, but the Persecution was against Christians, not the world.

The second view is the Historical view, which takes a panoramic view of history from the first century; however, it doesn’t account for the Two Wonders in heaven in Chapter 12.

The third is the Symbolic (Allegorical) view which contends the Book of Revelation only displays the struggle between Good and Evil throughout the span of human history, showing how Good wins in the End; however, it negates the warning regarding the Wicked, or how “evil” will be punished, it also fails to take into consideration the time before the coming of Jesus.

The fourth view is a Futuristic view, meaning from Chapter Four forward the events concern a day yet to come; however, it negates wars, rumors of wars, and the such, which we clearly see in the second, third and fourth horsemen.

The Fifth view takes into consideration all the other views to a point, but uses the Old and New Testaments, viewing the Book of Revelation as a Vision Answer to the three part question asked of Jesus by the disciples. In Matthew 24:3 after the disciples heard how the Temple would be torn down they asked Jesus,  “Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of Your coming? And of the end of the world?. It’s a three part question, we find those three parts answered in the Book of Revelation in many areas. The seven angels appear at the seventh seal, they have a saying, a sound and a vial they pour out. This Fifth view tells us the Book of Revelation concerns things that are, things that were, and things that are to come, all of which were known by God long before they happen.

Rev 1:1-7.

The first verse uses the Greek Otheos for God, pointing to the Father. It would seem the Father gave the Revelation “to” Jesus, but wait, it’s not what it says. The Revelation Of Jesus, not To Jesus, ahh this is the Cup given to Jesus by the Father, the Cup of God’s wrath, the Great Winepress, the Judgment. Now we can see why Jesus didn’t want the Cup, neither did the Father, Judgment is not something God looks forward to, it’s not something God delights in, thus Amos tells us the Day is a day of darkness. This Revelation, or Jesus revealed is something only the servants of God know of. Paul understood it as well as the others, he told the Romans this would be the revealing of the wrath of God (Rom 1:18), but we also know God’s Salvation is revealed by faith (Rom 1:17).

Jesus will sit on the judgment seat, He will carry out the request of the Father. We can’t presume Jesus didn’t understand the End Times, after all He informed His disciples before the Cross of the things to come (Mark 13:24-37). Jesus even divided the times into the Day and Night, by telling us to work while it was yet Day, for the Night comes when no man can work. What work? Grace unto Salvation, thus the Night is for Judgment, the Judgment in and of itself really begins when the Day ends (Rom 2:5-6, 2:16, Matt 24:36, Jere 25:12-17, Luke 17:26 & 17:30 et al). This shows the Cup of God’s wrath was given to Jesus in the Garden, later in the Book of Revelation we will find the connection to “the cup”, as it’s poured out on the earth as the Judgment. Jesus gave us the Cup of Salvation, but He took the Cup of Judgment.

The word Servants in verse 1 could also read Bondmen (plural), meaning one as a messenger, or one with a commission from which the prophets spoke (Matt 10:1-4, Luke 7:3 et al). Although Jesus will carry out the Judgment, we find He granted His servants the authority to “show it”, but how? Do we show it by saying, “You’re all going to hell”? Or do we show it by walking in Grace? Walking in Grace of course, since Grace is the Good News, showing if Salvation has come unto man, then Judgment is not far behind. The word Signify is the Greek Apostello meaning To send off, or Something to avoid, indicating why we preach the Escape is by Grace.

The Day of the Lord is not Light, it’s Darkness, Woe unto them who Desire the Day of the Lord (Amos 5:18-19). The word Desire is the Hebrew Awah meaning A longing, or Wish, or Taking joy in something. It’s one thing to know about Judgment, another to take delight in seeing others judged. We wait for the Day to end, as we joy in the opportunity to see our Lord, but if we take Joy in the Judgment, we error greatly. Holding a joy over God having to judge the world is not a Christ like attitude, evidenced by the longsuffering of the Lord, desiring none should perish, but all would come to the saving knowledge of God.

The word Bondman really explains what a Bondman is, it’s from the Greek Doulos meaning A servant or Deacon, which points to helps, thus Jesus is the Bishop of our souls, but we are His deacons. The word also denotes one who has taken on the master’s will to the point the servant is considered “headless”, which explains Beheaded for Jesus. If the term “beheaded for Jesus” means only those who lost their physical heads could gain entry, it would mean several of the Apostles didn’t make it, since only two, James the brother of John, and Paul were beheaded. Most certainly John would be excluded, since he died a natural death; therefore, we know the Head of the Body is Jesus, if we are Headless, then Jesus is our Head. All this makes sense if we know the metaphor Head refers to Authority, thus those with Jesus as their Authority will not have the authority of the dragon in their lives. Since they are under the Authority of Jesus, they are known by Jesus.

The Testimony of Jesus, and the Witness of Jesus are different, the Testimony talks about Jesus, thus He said the Scriptures Testify of Him (Jn 5:39-41); however, to be a Witness one must be Christ Like by the Spirit. A testimony in legal language is what a person says about something, but in the Bible it means what other people say about us. A Witness is someone with some first hand knowledge regarding the matter at hand, one could be a Witness to the power of the Lord, yet not be a Witness for the Lord. In order to be a Witness for the Lord, one needs the same Spirit in order to have First Hand knowledge. Therefore, as much as the disciples were around Jesus, He nonetheless told them it would take the Pentecost experience for them to become witnesses (Acts 1:8). The “word of our testimony”, is what others say about us, not what we say about Jesus, or ourselves. We can give a Testimony regarding Jesus, but it isn’t the “word of our testimony”. The Scriptures didn’t Witness of Jesus, they didn’t give Life to the Pharisees, but they did Testify of Jesus. The Witness holds a three fold power in the Water, Blood and Spirit (New Man). The soul of man cannot Witness of Jesus, it can testify of Him (I Jn 5:7 et al).

The phrase “which is, and which was, and which is to come” is only used twice in the Bible, both times here in the first chapter of Revelation. The Greek for this phrase reads: ho own kahee ho ane kahee ho er-khom’-en-os, which could read in the Old English, “which are, and was, and shall be”. This phrase could be confusing in light of the omnipresence of God, but the key is found in the wording, “to come”, which is the Greek Erchomai meaning from one place to another. This isn’t talking about Jesus who was, but something about God which was, an it, and is to come. In Ephesians 1:21 and in First Timothy Paul used the phrase “to come”, but it’s a different Greek word (Mello) which holds the idea of expectation, it too is talking about a time in Ephesians, and about Life more abundantly in Timothy. The idea is there was something done in the “was”, but it “is”, yet will shortly come, it will come based on Jesus. Later in verse 8 we see where Jesus will identify Himself as “Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End”, then John tells us this same personage is the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Which makes no sense, considering the Almighty was a phrase used to identify the Father. Oh my, watch it now. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega showing the omnipresence, or division from the “was”, thus the “was”, “is” and “to come” are still subject matters. It also shows the division, as Jesus or any Christ Like people will not be on the earth during the Night, thus Jesus was the Son of man who went to the Cross, He is now the Son of God sitting on the right hand side of Majesty, but He will come as the Son of man for Judgment.

John will see the Record in heaven, but he will also see the events on earth, the Record and Testimony are types, not entities, they relate to “blessed is he who reads”, “hears the words of this prophecy”, plus “keep those things which are written therein”. It’s not only the reading, or the hearing, it’s the keeping making the difference. In our case it’s the Record in heaven, with the Witness on earth, in the Night it’s the Record in heaven, while the Testimony is on earth. There is a division between the Day and Night, but we also know the Sand of Sea still has the Law of Moses, yet the Law of Moses is one of the Two Witnesses, add the Prophets and you have the Testimony (Luke 24:44 et al) .

There is a Testimony, the Word of our Testimony, the Witness, and the Record. The Record is the recorded element showing the events, and in the Book of Revelation we will find the Record is in heaven, it centers around the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost. This explains why chapters four and five appear to be events which have happened, yet from then on it seems they are events to happen. In the legal realm a Record is a written document stating words which have been spoken, regarding events which have happened. However, it’s not the case with God, with God the Record holds Words spoken of events yet to happen, or are happening: much different, yet related. The Record has declared many things, it has declared us Justified when we came to Jesus, but the Witness is carrying out the declaration. In the End the Testimony will say all God has to say on the subject, the work for the Night is done. Therefore any prophet in Night is a false prophet, since the Prophets have spoken.

The things John sees in heaven are “done” in heaven, they will be done on earth, thus we find God had the end in hand before there was a beginning. The Record also shows things cannot be changed, they will come to pass, they will happen.

The phrase “the time is at hand”, denotes it’s not In hand, but a time yet to come being very close, thus John will see Jesus like unto the Son of man, but not as the Son of man he knows, rather the Son of man John sees is the Judgment Jesus, the Son of man John knows is the Salvation Jesus. Jesus as the Son of man relates to Mercy, not Grace, Jesus as the Son of God relates to Grace, thus Jesus will return to judge based on Mercy, which is a Way. The word “time” could also read Season, pointing to the Night as the next Season, there is no time between Day and Night, the Night follows the Day as a Quickly. John, Paul, Peter, and many others knew all the events to bring about the Rapture were done, it was only a matter of the Lord waiting for the perfect moment in the time of man. If they felt so inclined, so should we. We don’t the know the second, but we can tell the Season.

John narrows the warning down to “the words of this prophecy”, yet in so doing, he also incorporates the many other prophecies as well. How? A great deal of the information found here is also found in the words of the prophets of old, in the Psalms, in the Law of Moses, the Gospel accounts, as well as the New Testament letters; any prophecy regarding the End Times is incorporated herein. However, why would we want to Keep the words regarding the Night? Wasn’t this the same John, who stood among those told by Jesus, “it is not for you to know the times or the seasons” (Acts 1:6)? Wow, the man went off the deep end. Too much sea food, does it every time. Wait, the warning was not knowing about those times, but knowing them from the experience of being in them, it’s the point here. We are told the things of the Night, so we can put our minds on being children of the Day. Knowledge of something, yet finding ourselves in the midst of it are much different. We have a knowledge of hell, but it doesn’t mean we need to be in the midst of it to know it exists.

Verse 4 relates to John, showing he is merely the scribe. In verse 5 we find, “And from Jesus Christ”, showing Jesus is the Author, John the scribe. The “angel” showed John something from Jesus: John is showing us what Jesus wanted us to see. This also gives us another view of the word “angel”, as it relates to the Message or Messenger, in this case it’s the Message from a Messenger, later we will find the same angel speaking to John (Rev 17:1 & 21:9) .

These seven churches are interesting, since all of them in one way or another were connected to John. It’s reported, John was buried in Ephesus, he also started the churches in Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. This is a general letter to all those known of John, he is not using “so saith the Lord” to point out their faults, rather it shows there is time to correct the error, the end is near, but there is yet time. This also shows there is the Church, yet there are churches in the Body.

The Greek word for Churches is Ekklesia from the Greek Ekkaleo meaning To call out, it referred to a body of free citizens, rather than those under bondage, or slaves. This is almost a contradiction of terms, on one hand John says, “servant”, on the other “called out free ones”. We are called out from the world by faith, yet we have the choice to make Jesus our Lord, which makes us servants unto Him, but free. The word used here is not the same word used in Hebrews 12:23, which means a mass meeting for the single purpose of festal rejoicing. In Hebrews it refers to the purpose of the meeting, rather than those in the meeting, which is to edify one another. There are some who neglect the purpose, whether they go every week or not.

The Jews gathered in a Synagogue, which is the Greek word Sunagoge, meaning a gathering of people, or a gathering of people with like concerns. Is it important? Yes, because there is the phrase, “Synagogue of Satan”, which doesn’t mean Jewish people, rather it means a gathering of people with a like concern, they rejected being “called out”, yet “gathered together”. We never find the term “church of Satan”, for good reason, Jesus said He would build The Church, thus we find churches many in the Body, with the one Church established on the Body (Rock). Here the concern is only for the “called out” ones so they can correct the error. At times we think we are error free, yet the Spirit sees things we are oblivious to. The Word is separating in us, the Spirit of God is separating through the Holy Ghost regarding the elements within the Body. This is another example of how much God cares for us, our ineffectiveness is not God’s fault, it never has been, yet if we ignore the warnings, we become our own problem.

One might ask the question, Why just these seven, why not the others? Surely the Corinthians needed some correcting, we know Paul spoke to the Romans, so why are they not included? Did God just forget of all the other churches? Why isn’t there a letter to the church in Jerusalem? Do you mean all those churches Paul started are for nothing? Hardly, the clue to this is found Acts 19:10, where we find the churches in Asia heard the Word of the Lord, yet the people hearing were both Jew and Gentile, thus the Seven churches have a message to both the Greek (Gentile) and Jew. Then we can add how the metaphor “Asia” points to the Old Persian Empire, linking all this to the Book of Daniel. Next we can see from the diagram how they make a Loop, beginning at Ephesus, up to Smyrna, to Pergamos, over to Thyatira, down to Sardis, further down to Philadelphia, then ending with the people known as the Laodiceans. All these clues show us these are not the only churches in the area, but those who represent the age of the Body of Christ as it grows into the Church. However, we also see there is no church of Laodicea in the letters, rather Jesus talks to the “Laodiceans”, as a people in a place they should not be.

We also have the addition of the word Peace, meaning, Rest, Peace and God’s Prosperity; therefore, there is a Peace to be found in this Prophecy, we always prosper as our souls prosper (v. 4). This letter speaks of Judgment, yet we also see we are Blessed. How can this be? The Seed of God makes us Holy, as it takes us through the Justification process unto the saving of our souls. There may be some rough tests, there may be times we just want to give up, but we have an Incentive written here for us to hold to the Faith, as we reach the end of the race in a lawful manner. The connection will be found later when John tells us Blessed and Holy are those who are partakers of the First Resurrection, they remain with the Lord during the 1,000 years, meaning they are free of the second death. This is our goal, the reason we endure the trying of our faith, why we fight the good fight to remain a Good Fish.

It’s important to know when Jesus returns, He comes as the Son of man, thus those who are sons of God are not judged at the Judgment, rather they face the Judgment Seat of God daily. The phrase Son of man means Jesus stands for man in the Mercy of the Father, yet it was the Father who gave Him the cup; therefore, at the Judgment Jesus will stand for the voices of the saints, “How long, O Lord, holy and true do You not Judge and avenge our Blood on them who dwell on earth” (Rev 6:10). This is not praying against people, it’s asking the Lord to stand for them. Later we see the Woman is drunken with the blood of the saints and martyrs, thus the Woman took revenge (Rev 17:6). This also helps us see why Paul said the Wicked were the drunken, they killed the Just with words, or slanderous actions as they aborted the Babes in Christ on the alter of natural reasoning during the Day, but in the Night they join to the Woman seducing Her to physically kill the saints. This gives us, Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay. The enemies of Jesus are those who cast away Mercy in order to follow their envy as they come against the people of God. The same warning James gives, the double-minded bless God, yet curse man (James 3:9). Give and it shall be given, mercy for mercy, judgment for judgment.

If it were not for verse 8, plus other verses in the Letter, we might become confused, here we begin with, “from Him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before His throne” (vs. 4 & 5). We can see the throne belongs to the He, yet we can see the subject is He which is, which was, and which is to come, one might assume it points to the Father. After all the next wording shows, “and from Jesus Christ”, showing a conjunction. Then we find there are seven Spirits, how can this be? Later in verse 8 John defines the He which is, which was, and which is to come as the Lord.  We covered the saying prior, but we can see there is a separation where there is no Christ on earth. What about the Seven Spirits, is there really a separate Spirit for each local church? Nay, it’s the self same Spirit, but looking at seven different situations. We can’t look at Ephesus thinking since we have our first love first, our second love second, we need be corrected. Each church gives much to look at, as we will see. We are also told each church is seen on the Menorah, each Light is representative of the spirit of the church in its progression.

Verse 5 also gives us Is, Was, Is to come in the three stages of Faithful Witness (Is), First begotten from the dead (Was), the Prince of the kings of the earth (Is to come). There are also many areas missing in this verse, we don’t see the Testimony, but we do see the Witness. We find the Resurrection, then the Prince of the kings of the earth, but where is the “King of kings”? Is it possible Jesus is our Prince, yet He has made us kings? Could it mean He is the ability, yet has given us the keys? Yes, showing the Power of God is greater than man, but God has granted the “keys” into the hand of man. God is greater than our unbelief, but our unbelief is greater than the will of God in our lives. Sound strange? Not really, Jesus could do no mighty work because of the unbelief of the people, the children died in the wilderness never entering the Rest of God because of their unbelief. The call for those of the Day is belief and faith, the keys are in our hands, we use them, or we don’t, yet the result is in the hand of the Lord.

A prince is known by the realm of his rule, here we find there are kings of the earth, yet the word Prince is the Greek Archon meaning Prince or Chief Ruler, thus the earth is a Principality, it is not all God is or has. Being a Principality it can easily be the footstool, but it’s also a warning to us, our Kingdom is based in heaven, thus we are to put our minds on heavenly things (Jn 3:12, Eph 2:6, II Tim 4:18 & Heb 9:23).

In the Greek the phrase First begotten from the dead, reads “First Born out of the dead”, this isn’t some Born Again condition for Jesus, rather it tells us in order for us to be Born Again there had to be a death plus a Resurrection experienced by one who would stand in our place, who had the power to overcome death, hell and the grave. If we presume this means Jesus was “Born Again”, how did He go into hell to destroy the devil? Especially since being Born Again means we are delivered from death into life. No, Jesus didn’t have to be “Born Again”, He produced the Power so we could be Born Again. This refers to the Resurrection, showing Jesus is the First Resurrected from the dead. Wait, what about those Jesus raised from the dead? They were not Resurrected, they came back to the same physical body, thus they continued on in the same form then died later, much different than being Resurrected.

We are kings by our position in the kingdom of heaven, we are priests by our position in the Kingdom of God. Why priests? Are there animals in heaven we have sacrifice? What does a priest do? They present a sacrifice, but do we have to present the Sacrifice of Jesus? Didn’t He do it once and for all? What Sacrifice could we possibly present? We present the elements of the Sacrifice, we give ourselves a living sacrifice, we present our sacrifice of praise. Other elements to our Order include being a Blessing,  and receiving tithes. Perhaps the first act we do as a priest is giving our souls to our High Priest. Jesus as our High Priest takes our souls, then presents them by the Grace of God as useful elements to be saved. As strange as it may seem, the hardest thing we will do is give our souls to Jesus, yet it’s our reasonable service. Since we are made kings by our entry into the kingdom of heaven, it explains how some kings of the earth give their Glory to New Jerusalem, yet we also read how some of the kings of the earth barter their glory as their life to the Image of the Beast. However, those are the kings of the earth, we as kings in the kingdom are carrying out the will of the king. Of course in the end our will better fit the will of the King of kings.

Jesus is the only one who has defeated death, thus to enter His Resurrection, or better, to be a Partaker we must receive His Death as we impute our old nature dead on His Cross, then we must enter the Power of the Resurrection to obtain the Spirit, the same Spirit who raised Him from the dead. “Now wait, didn’t Jesus give His Spirit to the Father?”. Yes, yet we also find a mystery, Jesus gave His Spirit to the Father for security, then as the Son of Man he destroyed the devil through death, the proof is the Resurrection, thus His Faith blazed a trail so we can by-pass hell and the judgment, by going in the twinkling of an eye directly to the Lord above the clouds in the Air.

The word Firstborn is the Greek Prototopkos which is a compound word Protos (First) and Tikto (To bear, or Bring forth), showing Jesus as the First to bear Life after death, thereby opening the Door for us to have life now, thus when we were in the world we were dead, but His Faith has brought us life, to prove there is Life after physical death. The concept shows Death had no power over Jesus; therefore, by Death He defeated Death, when we are sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise, the Second Death has no power over us. The first death is appointed to every human, Jesus faced it, so do we, it’s the Second death where the torment is found, by the Spirit we are free of the Second death.

The Greek word Prototopkos was used in five passages to show Jesus is the First of many things. In Romans 8:29 it’s the Firstborn among many brethren, thus God’s predestination is for us to be the Image of God’s Son, so Jesus can be among many brethren. In Colossians 1:15, Jesus is Above or First before creation. In Colossians 1:18 the reference is to the First Resurrection. In Hebrews 1:6 we find before Jesus is the First of the order of Praise, explaining the term Prince of Peace, since He gained us the ability to have Peace with God. The fifth is of course here in Revelation 1:5. Jesus was crucified openly, we are crucified inwardly, the purpose is to join into the sufferings to enjoy the Life.

John tells us Jesus has made us Both kings and priests, but we find the position of king is only for the earth (kingdom of heaven), thus one can be a king, yet reject the priestly call to be washed with the Blood, finding themselves with a lamp, but no Oil. In verse 6 the tense shows the appointing to kings and priests is a past tense issue, thus when John wrote he doesn’t say, “will make us kings and priests”, rather it’s “has made us kings and priests”; therefore, John shows we rule as Christ on this earth. The complexity comes when we attempt to define a king in the Kingdom, as compared to the world’s concept of ruling. We as kings must have subjects or we are not kings, we must be over elements or we are not kings. The world has no power over us, the authority of the world is subject to the authority we have. However, our subjects are things, if we give Mercy place, it rules in our kingdom, if we don’t it won’t. If we give uncontrolled anger a principality, it becomes a prince in our kingdom, we still have the keys. As kings we have power and authority, the serpents have no rule over us, the things of the world cannot rule over us, neither can the works of the devil (Luke 12:5).

The sign over the Cross didn’t say “a king of the Jews”, it didn’t say “a king of Israel”, it didn’t say “The king of Israel” it said, “The King of the Jews”, denoting only One King, showing how a true Jew is circumcised of heart. Jesus was declared the King of Israel by the people and the prophets, but the word “Jew” points to someone who has right to enter a God granted Covenant. The religious rulers understood the sign, so much so, they wanted Pilate to change the sign to read, “He said He was King of the Jews”,  but Pilate refused, what was written, was written (Jn 19:21).

This is clearer when we see the word Kings is the Greek Basileus meaning A monarch in a place, thus Jesus as King of kings, is also the King over all kings, past, present and future. The use of title “Prince” doesn’t negate the importance of Jesus, rather it shows He is our Prince, making the earth a principality, thus the earth is not the center of the Kingdom of God, it’s not all of God’s possessions, it’s place in the overall Kingdom.

The word Glory is the Greek Doxa meaning To recognize God’s presence, it’s the same Glory which is in us waiting to be revealed (Rom 8:18). The word Age is the Greek Aion meaning a Time, it’s not the Greek KosmosAion could be any number of years, but nonetheless a Time; whereas Kosmos refers to a set time. This explains the Seven Year period as Aion, not Kosmos, thus John uses phrases such as, three and one-half days, or three and one-half months, or three and one-half years referring to the Aion, not the Kosmos. meaning People or Space of time, thus

Verse 7 shows the Clouds, these are not the clouds our physical eye sees in the sky, it refers to the two Clouds of Witnesses, when they return with Him. This explains the Rapture is a past tense issue when Jesus returns, but it doesn’t show the purpose of the Rapture, which we will get into. In the Book of Hebrews we found a Cloud of Witnesses from the Old Testament, now it’s Clouds, or more than one, which shows the captivity were taken captive as they were placed under the altar of God. Then the rest of the souls of the Dead in Christ joined them, yet there remains those of us who remain, then in a twinkling of an eye we will join them, giving us Clouds. When Jesus ascended we find A Cloud, not Clouds Received Him, yet here it’s clearly Clouds (Acts 1:9). Paul made this clear when he said we who are alive and remain meet the Dead in Christ in the Clouds, not Cloud (I Thess 4:17), then we all meet Jesus in the Air above the Clouds, not below them, then he added we will remain with Christ forever, thus when Jesus returns we return as the Clouds known as New Jerusalem.

The word “Comes” is the Greek Erchomai meaning To travel in both directions, not in one direction only. This shows Jesus was with the Father, came, went to the Father, came back, Ascended, then returns, then goes back to the Father for the last time, this last time will see Him take those who Sleep in Jesus, plus those who pass the Judgment. The First Coming included the manifested Love of God, the Light, and Life, the teaching, proof of who Jesus is, Cross, Resurrection, Sacrifice, Salvation, Kingdom of God with the Power of His Christ, Strength and Ascension, meaning we reign with Christ as the Body of Christ on this earth during our Season. The Second Coming is for Judgment, to finish the plan of the Father by receiving the Remnant, plus those who find their names in the Book of Life, thus the First Coming established Salvation in the Greater Light of Day for the “sons of God”, the Second Coming is a dark day after the Lesser Light of the Night to bring judgment, and to bring the “servants of God”, with the “servants of the Bride” home. It also shows the Clouds moved from the earth to heaven, then return, thus in order to get to the Clouds we have to be Taken Up. If we can separate the Seasons into the Day of Salvation, then comes the Night of Judgment we can understand why the First Coming is to establish Salvation, the Second is for Judgment, thus work while it is yet Day, for the Night comes when no man can work. We know we Work out our Salvation to avoid the Judgment, If God has delivered us from the wrath to come, then the deliverance must include being delivered off the planet before the Wrath falls on the Entire planet.

The word “Every” in verse 7 is the Greek Pas meaning Of the whole, or remaining, thus it includes all the souls remaining on the earth at the time, bringing to pass, It’s appointed unto all men to die once, then comes the judgment. The word “Eye” is the Greek Ophthalmos meaning To look upon, it doesn’t mean To perceive, neither is it limited to the physical eye, rather it merely means to look upon. John gives us two groups, first those who pierced Him, which are the Jews, next the kindreds of the earth who wail because of Him, which points to the Gentile, the Christian doesn’t fit either group, where are they? They are the clouds, as Jude reminded us, Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied how the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints to execute Judgment, not Salvation, what was Enoch’s prophecy? He walked with God and was Translated before the Days of Noah (Jude 14-15 & Heb 11:5-7).

The word “Kindreds” is the Greek Phule meaning Race, Tribe or Class, it includes everyone of the Gentiles, plus those who pierced Him includes everyone of the Jews, thus every eye means every person who could not leave the earth at the Rapture will bow and confess Jesus is Lord, but for many it will be too late. Why would so many Gentiles wail? Included in the group are the bad kings of the earth, those who held to the self-transformation, as the Synagogue of Satan, they remained as the evil kings of the Earth at the Rapture, for the first time their self-deception will be upon them, they will be ashamed at His coming, yet they are the ones who turned their glory into their shame. This is explained in the word “Wail” which is the Greek Kopto meaning To lament, To strike one’s chest with Loud expressions of grief, it doesn’t have a thing to do with Joy or Gladness.

Rev 1:8-20.

We find several things pointing to the Tabernacle in these verses, the separation between the One who gives the message and the One who gave the Giver of the message, the message. Verse 8 begins by Jesus talking, thus before John sees or gives his message, Jesus speaks. The wording “I Am” in verse 8 is the Emphatic Personal Pronoun, it’s used in reference to Jesus being the I Am, it was used in John’s Gospel account several times to prove the point (Jn 4:26, 5:43, 6:35, 6:41, 6:48, 6:51, 8:12, 8:24, 8:58, 9:5, 9:39, 10:7, 10:11, 10:14, 10:36 & 11:25).

Two aspects of Jew and Gentile are found in the titles Alpha and Omega, plus the Beginning and Ending, first is the Greek concept, since the wording Alpha and Omega are Greek words, giving us one class as the Gentiles. Then comes the Jewish concept in the title Beginning and Ending, giving us the other aspect. Just prior John placed the Jew first as “those who pierced Him”, now it’s reversed. Which was first shall be last, which was last shall be first, giving us the two groups. The first group to be Judged are the Jews as they are compared to the Books (Law of Moses), second is the sea and hell giving up their dead, they are judged based on Mercy, “when I was a thirst you gave Me Water”, “when Lord”, “when you did to the Least, you became My brethren”, indicating how the Judgment is based on Mercy, not Grace.

This also opens up the Seven churches, and explains the last two churches, the wording Jesus uses toward them. The Fifth church is the only place in the entire Book of Revelation where we find Jesus confessing anyone before the Father. The Confession causes the Rapture, thus showing all seven churches cover the Day and Night, with the first Five of the Day, the last two of the Night.

Jesus said the Will of the Father is for us to Worship in Spirit and Truth, the Spirit in us is the Spirit of Truth, thus we find Spirit and Truth in the Spirit of Truth (I Jn 4:1-6). The word Worship is the Greek Proskuneo which is a Verb, a word of action, meaning Trust and Honor Towards a Master, it’s often used in the description of a dog licking his master’s hand, but it doesn’t do it justice; however, we also know, no man can call Jesus Lord but by the Holy Ghost. This shows in order to Worship God “correctly” one must be servant, in order to be servant they must have the Spirit, in order to have the Spirit, they must be Born Again.

Worship shows a devotion to another, a dog has little understanding of the master, yet it knows the affection the master has for the dog; whereas, we have been given the Spirit to make a connection with God, on God’s Holy Ground. A dog loves his master, the master loves the dog, but these are two different types of love; whereas, we are given the ability to Love God, as He loves us.

The key here shows it’s impossible to Worship God without having Fellowship with Him, we gain Fellowship by walking in the Light as He is the Light as we treat the people of God, as He does. We find different areas of worship: worship to God is found in Matthew 4:10, John 4:21-24, I Corinthians 14:25, Revelation 4:10, 5:14, 7:11, 11:16 & the second part of 19:10. To Jesus is found in Matthew 2:2, 2:8, 2:11, 8:2, 9:18, 14:33, 15:25, 20:20, 28:9, 28:17, John 9:38, and Heb 1:6 in a quotation from the Septuagint (Deut 32:43). There is a worship which is neither Spirit or Truth, it’s found in Matthew 18:26 as man giving worship to man; to the devil in Revelation 13:4; to the Beast in Revelation 13:4, 13:8, 13:12, 14:9 and 14:11; to the Image of the Beast in Revelation 13:15, 14:11, 16:2; to demons in Revelation 9:20; and then to Idols in Acts 7:43. We know there is a panic worship, one done in unbelief to hold to something, when faith says it must go (Matt 28:9). There is also the Greek Latreuo translated as Worship in Philippians 3:3 meaning To render service or homage, our reasonable service is to give what we owe. Since man can worship devils, we must know it’s true worship, it’s the counterfeit of being able to  worship God in Spirit and Truth. When one worships the devil it’s by the spirit of man and deception.

With the addition of the word Almighty in verse 8 we add to the Is, Was and Is To Come, as the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and Ending, and Almighty. The title Almighty is the Greek Pantokrator a compound word meaning PanKratos (Any source or sort of Power), thus Almighty means One who holds all power, regardless of the power, this doesn’t mean the power of the devil is promoted by God, rather it shows God has Power over all powers, including the power of darkness. With this introduction it’s clear Jesus is speaking as God the Son, the Almighty, yet John sees Jesus as the Son of man about to return for Judgment, but Jesus speaks to John as God the Son, showing the sons of God are not subject to the wrath to come. However, when John sees the voice, he also sees on like unto the Son of man. The division changes when John sees the voice, but the Voice is giving John words for the sons of God. (Every), and

Verse 9 begins with John making sure we know it’s he who is now speaking. Jesus gave us His positions, now John gives us his. The word Brother is the Greek Adelphos meaning Unity from the same womb, the womb would be the kingdom of heaven. The word Companion is the Greek SugkoinonosThlipsis meaning Trouble or Affliction, it’s used in reference to a Woman in travail before giving birth (Jn 16:21), thus the Tribulation isn’t something to come, since John said he was a companion in Tribulation, yet we find the Great Tribulation later to come, thus we find two aspects to the Tribulation, or two halves to the Hour. Jesus said we would have Tribulation in the world, but be of Good Cheer, He has overcome the world (Jn 16:33). John said this is the victory overcoming the world, even our faith (I Jn 5:4). Yet the faith is based on “whatsoever is Born of God overcomes the world” (I Jn 5:4). meaning A partaker with others, pointing to Companions in the First Resurrection in the Unity of the Faith by the Spirit. The word Tribulation is the Greek

The Island of Patmos was nothing more than a Big Rock in the Aegean Sea, it was 28 miles south of Samos, today there is a small monastery with a library containing about 240 manuscripts, but why did Jesus wait until John was placed on this Island, why was John placed there to begin with? Metaphors show us the Sand of the Sea is next to the Sea, they are not the Sea, yet the Sand is made by the waves of the Sea, we will find there is the Earth, another metaphor John uses later, we will find the islands will all be gone in the Night, thus the Isle upon which John is found must have some importance in the overall picture as well.

We know John was imprisoned, John tells us his purpose for being on the Isle is for the Word of God (Logos) and for the Testimony of Jesus (The Bible). He didn’t say he was “framed”, nor did he say the devil put him there, he looked for the Precious, knowing God had a purpose. At the same time John told us he was a “king”, thus we can’t equate a king in the Kingdom with the world’s view of being a king. John was in prison because he was a king, yet mankind didn’t control John’s life, Jesus did. John knew the event may not seem good to some, but God purpose was paramount. John as a servant didn’t question the Master, he obeyed Him.

When John wrote this we know he was on the Isle of Patmos, yet his wording would almost appear as if he wasn’t with the phrase, “was in”, rather than “am in”; therefore, the aspect of the isle has a point to be made. John lists his position as Brother, Companion, in the Kingdom, Patience, Isle, Word of God, Testimony of Jesus: all relating to the Seven churches, the last two give us a great clue to the Rapture, as we will see. When the islands are gone, they must go somewhere, the islands are a metaphor to one who is above the Sea, yet separated from Sea, since they are over the Sea they are kings, able to cast the Net into the Sea. It’s important to distinguish the difference between the Sea and Earth, we Fish in the Sea, the Harvest is on the Earth, the entrance to the kingdom comes from the Sea, but the Harvest is to separate the Wheat from the Tares on the Earth. The woman at the well was part of the promise, the disciples were told about the Harvest, but they were also told they would be fishers of men, two different aspects to the Calling. When Jesus said the Fields were White, it showed the clarity of the Tares for the first time, the ability was at hand for the salvation of man’s soul, but He nonetheless said the disciples would be Fishers of men, not catchers of Tares.

Verse 10 begins to open the mystery to the Judgment, and where it begins. The phrase “I was in” in verse 10 could also read “came to be” which is the Greek Ginomai meaning To come into existence, yet it’s also translated as Was Done (Matt 1:22), Shall be done (Matt 18:19), Might have (Col 1:18), Behaved ourselves (I Thess 2:10), and Should be made (Titus 3:7), it holds something has come into existence to be completed, explaining John had to be In the Spirit in order to reach the Door, he also had to be in the Spirit for him to reach above “The Lord’s Day”. The Day of the Lord begins when the Door receives all those who follow the Spirit.

John hears a Voice behind him, yet we’re told to Follow Jesus, why wasn’t John facing Jesus? The word Voice is the Greek Phone meaning To shine, it’s the same word used when John the Baptist said “I’m a voice crying in the wilderness”. John heard a Voice Like a Trumpet, the word Trumpet is the Greek Salpigx meaning The announcing, or The approach of God, or the Presence of God. We know from Daniel we have two periods of Time, Times, Times and half a Times, separating the events, the First is a reference to Feast Days, one for Passover, the next for Pentecost, the Half a Time is the First and Last Trump, with the Great Trump held back until the end. The sound of the Trump depends on which Trump we’re talking about. Here John is in the Isle, thus the Trump he hears is the Last, it’s time for the Catching Away, but before the Sound, there is a warning to be given. The other time, times and half a time refer to the remaining days, the Time of Comfort begins with Atonement, then Purim, then the Great Trump announcing Judgment. The metaphoric content shows John was Watching, but the Voice came quickly.

Jesus as God the Son sits on the Right hand side of Majesty on High, as the Son of God He ministers in the Holiest Place as our Advocate. As the Son of man, He brought the Cross, gave us the Bread and Cup, yet He also took the fourth cup of the wrath of God. John will see a Figure Like unto the Son of man, why not The Son of God? This same John told us about the Son of God, why then does he see the Son of man? And why does Jesus appear Like Unto the Son of man, doesn’t John know Him? Isn’t this the disciple Jesus loved? Wasn’t this the disciple Jesus gave the care of His mother to? Seems strange for John not to say “This is my Jesus”; unless of course John doesn’t know the Judgment Jesus, rather he knows the Salvation Jesus from the Mount of Transfiguration.

Verse 11 shows The Voice said “I Am Alpha and Omega” which we saw in verse 8, but then we read “First and Last” rather than “Beginning and Ending”. Is this a different person? Hardly, we find Jesus as the Son of God speaking in verse 8 from the Holy of Holies, as the Son of man in verse 11 from the Holy Place, but His feet will be in the Courtyard, the difference is the use of the phrases. On the Mount of Transfiguration we see the Head and Body of Jesus, but not His feet, why not? His enemies are His Footstool, the Transfiguration is for the Head and Body, not the feet. John hears many titles in the two incidents, yet in both cases the Greek language was used first, then the Jewish titles for Jehovah God. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, He is over all Principalities, He is before the Beginning, yet will be at the Ending; however, with the use of the phrase First and Last, we find the Last shall be First, with the First shall be Last. We are the Last to receive, but the First to go, the Remnant are promised First, but the Last to receive,  giving us the inclusion of the Seven churches, as well as the subject matter is the Book unto the Seven churches, yet it’s clear both Gentile and Jew are noted in the Titles given, thus we must keep in mind from this point on both are included in some manner in reference to the Seven churches. In this we can’t assume God has forsaken the Remnant who are the Remnant of the Seed of the Woman, in verse 4 we found the “Seven Spirits” are before the Throne, thus they are The Record of the Seven churches, the Record is being given so we may know the Night will come as a Quickly. “Well, do you mean God won’t warn us?”, the warning is here, the event is coming.

Without the Remnant there is nothing remaining, the prophecy regarding the enemies of Jesus being made His footstool would not come to pass, thus we find the word Remnant means the Remaining element, which would be Judgment, we will also find they are of the “Remnant of the Seed of the Woman”, not the “Seed of Abraham”, or the “Seed of God”. Purpose and timing bring clarity to the cause and effect.

Some might say “well God divorced the Woman in Jeremiah”, true, but the Woman had a daughter, the daughter give birth to Jesus. Making the City the issue, not the nation, thus God divorced the nation, not the adopted daughter. Therefore, we find the Woman in the latter days is City as the Daughter of the Woman, but since She is a Daughter, She is still a Woman. Therefore, when we see the Woman in Revelation 17 as the City, She has the Moon under Her feet, the Sun about Her, with Her crown of twelve stars for the twelve tribes. Since She has the Moon, Sun and Twelve Stars She can’t be the Nation (Sun), nor can She be Zion (Moon), nor can She be the Tribes (Crown), rather She is something specifically regarding those elements, as the “Great City”. We can’t make this Woman the Church, it doesn’t fit, since Her crown consists of the twelve tribes, not The Crown of Life.

Isaiah says “and it shall come to pass in That Day, the Lord shall set His hand again the second time to recover the Remnant of His people”. This shows the Day of the Lord begins when at the second time, but it’s still the Lord’s Day, in order to do complete the prophecy something must happen, something to give us Hope. The word Book or Roll in verse 11 is the Greek Biblion, it’s the same word used for the Book of Life, from this word we get the English word Bible. The word Send is the Greek Pempo meaning To cause to go; how shall they call on Him in Whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of Whom they have not heard? and shall they Hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach except they be sent? So then Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word (Rhema) of God (Rom 10:13-17). The purpose of the Book of Revelation is to give us the incentive to stand in Mercy and Grace, the two elements separate those in the Light, from those in darkness.

Verses 12 through 15 connect to Daniel 7:9 and Daniel 10:6 to a degree, all have close descriptions of the same Figure, but not close enough. Since they are a like in nature, there must be something in them relating one to the other. As we said, Why would John say “like unto the Son of man” why not “the Son of God” or “I saw my Jesus”; after all this same John saw Jesus before the Cross, after the Resurrection, then at the Ascension, but this John also knew he was a son of God, he knew Jesus as the Son of God; whereas, the Son of man returns to judge the earth. Both Daniel and John see a like figure, but there are some important differences, differences explaining how Christ can be on the earth, yet Jesus Himself is not. If we are the “Body of Christ”, then we reign as Christ now, if we can’t see the Christ Nature is the Overcoming Power we missed the entire concept of Grace unto Salvation. Daniel sees the White Garment first, then the Head, then the Throne as a fiery furnace, then the feet as burning fire, all of which show a combination of Salvation and Judgment, thus Daniel doesn’t see the division between Day and Night, he sees Jesus in both aspects of the Son of man. Whereas John sees the Garment (without color), then the golden girdle about the breasts, which Daniel didn’t see, then the Head, then the Eyes as flames of fire, which explains “The eyes of the Lord go about the earth”. The Golden Girdle is Truth, the other elements point to Judgment, not Salvation, thus John sees the second aspect of the Son of man, he was already a part of the first. Daniel sees Jesus as the Son of man for two positions, Salvation and Judgment, John only sees the Judgment aspect, thus when John sees Jesus the time of Salvation (Day) has passed, it’s at the end of the Night, it came Suddenly.

Every time we see the Throne of God in the Book of Revelation, it’s in heaven, not earth. Heaven is His Throne, the Earth His footstool. Why would Jesus make His Throne His footstool? It makes no sense whatsoever, thus when Jesus stands it will be time for the Remnant to make the enemies the Footstool of Jesus, after the Judgment Jesus goes back to the Father, proving One God all and all. Attempting to make the Earth God’s Throne turns the Cross upside down, ahh, something the Wicked do, they are under His feet, but presume they are the Head. It’s for this reason we find the synagogue of Satan in two places. We will see the synagogue placing many victims into prison during the Day, then we see them “at the feet” of the Sixth church in the beginning of the Night. Same gathering of those who fit to the “he of the world”, but in two different Seasons.

John had to Turn to see the figure, this Holy Figure was in the midst of the Golden Candlestick, the Figure was not the Golden Candlestick, but in the Midst. John turned, where did he turn from? And what is the Midst? The Midst means Middle, Jesus is the Light supplying the light for the seven churches, thus He is in the Midst, but it doesn’t mean He is one of the lights. The seven stars are the seven churches as the seven candles, found in the right hand of Jesus. If they are in the right hand of Jesus, then He is not one of the lights, but The Light. The seven churches are the Rock, or Body, Jesus as the Head represents the Church, thus the correction is form the Church to the Rock.

From prior lessons we remember the Tabernacle, if one was standing in the holy place near the entrance looking toward the courtyard then the Golden Candlestick would be behind them, if John turns and sees the Face of Jesus, with the Stars are in the Right Hand of Jesus, then Jesus would be facing the courtyard, thus John was at the entrance to the Holy Place, but facing the courtyard as a Watchman, as he turned he saw Jesus facing him, thus as the Son of God Jesus remains in the Holy of Holies, but when He steps into the Holy Place His feet are at the Brazen Altar as He stands as the Son of man, meaning it’s time for judgment. This shows when we Meet Him in the Air we are translated to the Holy of Holies as sons of God to be with the Son of God, the place where the Throne of God remains.

Since the House of God must first be judged, we find the warning to the Seven churches comes first, if we read and Judge ourselves, we will not be judged with the world.

Inside the Tent of the Tabernacle we find the sign of Passover as a symbol to the Cross, but to those in the courtyard those elements are Hidden, until they are Revealed. Once one enters the Holy Place they see the Shewbread Table on their left side, but we can take of the Bread, rejecting the Light, losing in the end, thus John sees Jesus in the Midst of the Golden Candlestick, not the Table of Shewbread. The Cross represents Jesus as the Son of man, but it doesn’t extend into the Holy of Holies, thus John sees Jesus at the Menorah, the place of Light, as The Light is exposing the lights, it has to be Holy Place separating it from the Courtyard, nonetheless Jesus will move into the Courtyard, the place of Sacrifice. We are the Bread, we can’t reject it, but the Light is the focus here, we know there is the Light as Jesus, five of the lights are the Greater Light of the Day, two are the lesser lights for the Night.

The first thing John sees is the Body, then the Head, then the Feet, then the Golden Girdle covering the Heart of the Lord, the place where the spear pierced Him, but the importance of this is seeing how the Body was the first thing seen, then the Head, then the Feet; this gives us the separation between the Body and Feet as well as the Head of the Body, yet the Head of the Body is at the Holy of Holies, where the Body is the Holy Place, and the Feet the courtyard. Nonetheless the place is still the at the golden candlestick, as each of the seven candles represent one of the seven churches, they are stars, meaning they have a place waiting in the heavens, they are Spirits, or hold a place in the overall Report. Yet, it’s still the Holy Place, we also find there are some who walk in darkness, hiding in the corners of the courtyard, always refusing to enter the Holy Place. The Courtyard was the place where the Sacrifices were slaughtered, the blood was on the ground, thus when the Tent is taken in the Rapture, all that is left is the Earth and the Blood calling from the Ground. We also know the Holy Ghost and Spirit are gone at the Rapture, thus while it is yet Day, the Blood testifies for us, it is combined in the Witness of the Water, Blood and Spirit, but when the Spirit is taken the same Blood on the Ground becomes a Witness against the people, not for them.

Clearly this Jesus is “different” from the Jesus John saw on the Mount of Transfiguration. This Jesus is “another” Jesus, yet the same. This connects to Paul’s teaching, there are some who teach “another Jesus”. During the Day it’s Jesus on the Mount of Olives and Transfiguration, the Jesus of Salvation, not the Jesus of Judgment. Teaching on the End Times is one thing, using the End Times to scare the people half to death is another. It’s the same Jesus, but with two purposes, we present the First Coming Jesus, yet teach about the Second Coming Jesus.

This brings us to the Garment, which reflects to the Mount of Transfiguration, to a degree. When John sees Jesus here, he does see the Garment, but he doesn’t see a color, yet later Jesus will say there will be those who will walk with Him in “white”. John was on the mount, we know Peter used the Mount when he told us how he heard the Voice of the Father, but he also said we have a Better word of prophecy, the Interpretation of the prophecy by the Holy Ghost. Who interpreted the Mount experience to Peter after Pentecost? The Holy Ghost, thus we find Peter on the Mount wanting to make three tabernacles, but after Pentecost he had clarity of the event by the Spirit.

The Holy Ghost brought the truth of the matter to Peter after the Spirit was given. However, on the Mount the Face of Jesus did shine as the Sun, His raiment Was as the Light, it wasn’t the Light, it was as the Light, thus His garment is a type and shadow of the Skins around the Tent of the Tabernacle, or the Unction protecting us in the Body, but we also see the promised White Robes for those of the Body are Partakers of the First Resurrection, the same promise made to the Fifth church. However, on the Mount there was no mention of His Feet, but here we see His Feet are as Brass, which is Judgment. The Mount of Transfiguration was a sign unto Salvation, void of Judgment. Neither does the Mount experience show the Golden Girdle, or Eyes as fire, both of which show us the Truth in Judgment. We are given the Spirit of Truth to avoid the Judgment, judge yourself, lest you be judged.

Daniel 10:5-6 shows “a man” as the Son of man, with a “certain linen”, Whose loins were girded with fine gold, Whose Body was like the beryl, Whose Face as the appearance of Lighting, Whose Arms and Feet were like unto polished Brass, Whose Voice was like the Voice of a multitude, after Daniel saw the vision there was a quaking falling all around him (Dan 10:7). Daniel sees Arms and Feet as Brass, not just the feet alone, this displays Jesus at the Judgment. Both Daniel and John note the Voice, Daniel as a multitude, John as Many Waters, but who are those who are suppose to have the Living Water? We are, the Voice of the Lord is the Voice of the multitude who stood in Love, Life and Faith refusing to use the wiles of the devil. Jesus will not judge based on His opinions or even His views, it will be based on those voices of blood crying out.

The word Right in verse 20 is the Greek  Dexios meaning An opposite to the left, or Opposite from the left, explaining the separation of the sheep and goats, and how close James and John came to destruction, and why Jesus refused to answer their request of one being on the left, and one on the right. This shows us Judgment is a matter of Godly division, the Diamerismos Jesus said He came for.

Later we will see an angel who puts his right foot on the Sea, with his left foot on the Earth, the two places of Woe, but with Jesus we find those on His Right pass by, those on His left must answer to the Father, Jesus said “I say unto you, Every idle word (Rhema)  men shall speak, they shall give account (Logos) thereof in the day of judgment”. Idle rhema is Rhema void of faith, life or love. It talks of God, but lacks faith, love and hope, rather it promotes unbelief, doubt and vengeance. It talks of the Glory, but figures some way to use it for self-gain. It talks of life, but uses the ways of death. “For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned” (Matt 12:36-37). This statement was directed to those of the religious order within the House, not the world. The bad fish speak of the Rhema, but twist to envy, strife and division, which is a failure to confess Jesus.

The Right is also referred to as the First, with the Left as the last (v. 10:2 & Matt 5:29-39), thus the First are found in His Right hand, but what is found in His Left? Jesus being on the Right hand side of Majesty, means His left side is toward the Majesty, but His Right hand is toward us. This sign shows the Father to the left of Jesus, does it mean the Father is opposite the Church? Hardly, for Jesus also took the cup of the wrath of God, which is found in His Left hand: those who miss the Right hand, must face the wrath of God.

There are those who, for one reason or another, not their fault, have been robbed of the Christ nature by the Spirit, yet they love God, they walk in Mercy, they do the law of faith without knowing it pertains to the Law of the Spirit, they will sleep in Jesus through the Night, to be raised as the Sea, then judged by their acts, to be blessed of the Father in the end; however, there are those who knew the truth, yet rejected it for the self nature, they will also face the Wrath of God, but they won’t be blessed, Jesus called it the separation between the sheep and the goats (Matt 25:31-46).

The Word in us is Sharper than any two-edged sword, but at the Judgment Jesus uses the Sharp Two-edged Sword coming out of His mouth as the means of Judgment. Therefore the Word in us is greater than the Judgment (James 1:21). This Sword was called by Paul as the “Spirit of His mouth” (II Thess 2:8), which shows it’s clearly the means of Judgment. The Feet of Jesus being Brass point directly to Judgment, we find they appear as if they are “burned in a furnace”. Isaiah 31:9 says the furnace is in Jerusalem, Ezekiel 22:22 says they shall melt in the furnace. This defines the world as the lake of fire, the time when it turns inside out, or as Peter defined it, “shall melt with fervent heat” (II Pet 3:10-12). The word Strength in verse 16 is the Greek Dunamis, His Strength is His heavenly Light, thus God is Light, God is Love, in Him we have Life, taking us right back to First John as he taught us to seek the fullness of the Love of God; however, we will find the devil also has Dunamis, but it’s limited to place, source, usage and destruction.

Verses 17 and 18 give us the First and Last, notice the First is First place, the Last is Last place. The Greek word for First is Protos meaning Foremost or Forward, it never means Backward, the word Last is the Greek Eschatos meaning Most remote, or Further out, metaphorically implying a lower rank. Here the metaphoric connection points to the Greater Light and Lesser Light. The Lesser Light is closer to the earth, but further from heaven; whereas the Greater Light is further from earth, but closer to heaven, the Greater Light brings the words of Salvation, the Lesser unto Judgment.

Jesus has the keys of hell and death, we don’t, we are given the keys to the kingdom, thus strife and envy assume the keys of death are the keys of life. We also find two areas, Hell and Death, they are different. Paul showed us there are those who Sleep in Jesus, and the Dead in Christ, two different groups, those who Sleep in Jesus, sleep through the Night, but the Dead in Christ are raised with those of us who are alive and remain at the close of the Day. The Dead in Christ are not the same as the Dead seen here, the Dead seen here are those who sleep. However, the assumption saying All sleep is not correct, only some sleep in Jesus, there are those in hell, as well as the souls under the altar of God.

The metaphor keys means something to open something else, the one with the Key(s) has authority to use those keys. If Jesus has the keys to death and hell, then the prophecy of the gates of hell not prevailing against the Church shows Jesus has the authority to keep prophecy, we don’t.

Verses 17 and 18 give us a clue pointing to the Rapture, John falls, but is raised, then Jesus says, “I am He who lives”, His Life is found in the New Man. John was Raised by the power of Christ, as we all will be. This is interesting since later John will fall before an angel, yet be told it’s error, John making an error? Oh my. Yes, but Jesus didn’t step in and say, “John, bowing to angels is so wrong, you will now be removed, cast down, your papers will be taken away”. Even a man like John can get carried away with events, making a wrong move. However, John being correction was enough to correct the event immediately.

In verse 19 we find Was, Is and Is to come, how Jesus answered the disciples question regarding the end times with When these things shall be, then What shall be the sign of His coming, lastly The sign of the end of the world. John is told to write the things he has Seen, the things Which are, the things Which shall be Hereafter, he was not told to write the Could Be, but the Shall Be.

Verse 20 explains the Mystery, all Mysteries are explained in the Bible, we don’t have to make up our own solutions. The word Angel is the Greek Agelos meaning A messenger, or the message of One who is sent in order to announce, teach, perform or explain anything; the Angels of God speak of the things pertaining to God, the messengers of Satan speak of the things pertaining to darkness. Here the reference is limited to the Message to the Body from the Head of the Body. Since there are Seven, we can see each is separated, but joined by being of the Menorah. One message may pertain to a time, or a person in an event, or it may not pertain to an even yet to come.

Here are Seven Candlesticks, later we find the Two Witnesses are assigned to only Two of the Candlesticks, not all Seven; therefore, there will be something to separate the First Five churches from the remaining Two churches (v. 11:3-4, Matt 17:3 & Zech 4:14). We know the use of these Seven churches points to Jew and Gentile (Acts 19:10), denoting there churches in the Body, but One Church on the Rock.

Some say the Seven churches cover time spans, some say one can find the attitudes at any time, other’s show a progression of growth, all these hold a truth, the view of all the events having passed lacks Scriptural support, although we will find historically  some of the times for the churches have passed. The Seven churches can be found a movement, a growth of the Body itself, any local church, any body of believers, or an individual believer, as points of the growth until the end, thus showing the building process of the churches, pointing to the ability to be of The Church.

In verse 20 we find a series of Seven’s all leading to the completeness of the Last Seven of Daniel. Seven Golden Candlesticks, Seven Stars, who are the Angels to the Seven Candlesticks, making the Seven Candlesticks the Seven churches, thus the word Seven is mentioned Six times in this verse moving to the Sixth Seal. When we see these Seven’s we also recall they are the Seven Spirits, wait a minute how many Holy Spirit’s are there? The Spirit in this case is what the Spirit of God is saying in the Proceeding word. However there are seven aspects to the Holy Ghost, 1) He is the Interpreter, 2) Teacher, 3) The Guide into All Truth, 4) He Testifies of Jesus, 5) He plants the Seed of God, 6) He shows us things to Come 7), He is the provider of Light, Life and Love, all these are noted in the attitudes of the Seven churches in one way or another. The use of “Seven Spirits” doesn’t mean there are seven Holy Spirits, rather it’s a division of time and events. The last two churches will not have the Holy Spirit, but they will have the Two Witnesses.

From our lesson on the Major Prophets we also found the Spirit is Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, and the Fear of the Lord, yet these are Six items not Seven. However we also found a change in Seasons between Isaiah 11:5 and 11:6, thus these Six elements brings us to close of the fifth church as the sixth church opens. Isaiah 13:1 brings in the Seventh position of the “Burden of Babylon”, pointing to the Laodiceans. We find Ephesus needed the attitude of God’s Wisdom, Smyrna Understanding by experience in the area of temptation, Pergamos the Counsel of determining the doctrines they allow to invade, Thyatira the Might to overcome the Jezebel’s, Sardis the Knowledge to be Watchful, as they refuse to allow the high things to come against the Knowledge of God, Philadelphia will open the Fear of the Lord by bringing the Knowledge of God, the loss of the Fear of the Lord leads to the Burden of Babylon introduced by the lukewarm Laodiceans.

The Seven churches are all told “hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (plural), each message is important and stands alone, thus we find seven angels (messages) produced by the Spirit of God. The use of the Spirit of God shows the spirit of man will exist in the Night, the false prophet will do the working of Satan while the devil is still bound. Each message shows “judgment first begins in the House of God”, each shows Jesus is still the Lord of the Day and Night. Jesus is not manipulating the will of man, He is laying out the reward or consequences for the decisions man makes. Therefore, it’s not Seven separate Spirits, rather it shows a Separation of Dispensationalism (v 1:5).

We’re going to find the word “Amen” used 10 times in Book of Revelation, Amen means “So be it in the faithfulness of God”, much different from “Not so Lord, Let it not be, change this thing”. The number ten is the Bible number referring to testing, the context shows we must receive the Amen to know the warning.

Rev 2:1-7.

The Book of Revelation is obviously a Word from the Lord, not only in the introduction, but in the many evidences of “he who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the churches”. In this we find a very important Truth, we may not always find a Scripture to fit every Word we get from the Lord, but we will never get a Word opposed to the Bible. The Book of Revelation conforms with the words of Jesus, the words of the Prophets, and the words of the Apostles. The Book of Revelation is not a mystic void in never, never land, it’s a simple view of Salvation and Judgment, telling us why we must seek to have the fullness of the Righteousness of God, the remission of sins, the Cleaning of the Blood, as we walk in the Spirit. There is a Hope for us, as well as a warning if we ignore the Hope.

The first thing we think about are the Seven Angels yet to come, relating to the Seven Angels for the Seven churches, but they are not the same, the Seven Angels for the churches are the messages, the seven angels appear based on those who ignore the messages.

Ephesus was a fishing community, correlating to the Net we cast into the Sea. Why did the early church use the Fish? The Greek letters forming the word Fish (Ichthys) are the initial letters of the five Greek words meaning “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior”, but the symbol only affirms we were fish in the sea, but harvest in the field. The harvest is between Wheat and Tares, not the good fish and bad fish, yet the Net brings in both good and bad, which is explored in these letters to the churches.

Although Paul didn’t say In the Beginning Was the Word, we find in John 1:1 the Word (Logos) is used three times showing the Word was in fact God, although Jesus returns as the Son of man, does it mean He is no longer God the Son? W. E. Vine, Robertson and others point out the article (the) is usually used with a proper name when mentioned a second time; however, there are of course exceptions. When the absence of the article serves to lay stress upon, or give position to the character or nature of what is expressed in the noun. A notable instance of this is John 1:1, “and the Word was God”, here a double stress is on Theos (God), by the absence of the article and by the emphatic position. To translate it literally, “a god was the Word” is entirely misleading. Moreover the Word is the subject of the sentence, this exemplified the rule as the subject is to be determined by having the article when the predicate is anarthous (without the article). Accordingly the rule shows when two nouns are united by the genitive case, either both have the article or both are without. In Romans 7:22 in the phrase “the law of God” both nouns have the article (the and of), but in verse 25 neither has the article. Another example is Titus 2:13 which is correctly translated as “our great God and Savior Jesus Christ”. Multon (Prol., p. 84) from the papyri and other writings from the very early church or among Greek speaking Christians was a current formula, in essence Jesus didn’t give up any position, He merely operates in the correct position for the correct event. This is seen in the first chapter, Jesus is seen as the Son of man, but speaks as the Son of God, and God the Son, He will refer to Himself as the Son of God as well.

What other evidence could show John 1:1 shows the Word is God? The Record for one, the Father, Word and Holy Ghost (I Jn 5:7). Also the words Irenaeus (120-202 AD) , who was a pupil under Polycarp, as Polycarp was a pupil of John the Apostle. Irenaeus in addressing heresies quoted John 1:1 several times, he also explained the gifts from the Magi by saying, “by these gifts which they offered, who it was that was worshipped: myrrh, because it was He who should die and be buried for the mortal human race; gold, because He was a king, of whose kingdom is no end; and frankincense, because He was God, who also was made known in Judea and was declared to those who sought Him”. In reference to the doctrine of baptisms; Irenaeus said, “and again, giving to the disciples the power of regeneration into God, He said to them, Go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost”; clearly Irenaeus saw it was One Name, yet as three aspects of the One God. Ignatius (30-107 AD) a disciple of John who was reported to be among the children brought to Jesus in Matthew 18:2 said the Father told the Son, “Arise, O God and judge the earth; for You shall receive all the heathen as Your inheritance”. Ignatius also quoted John 1:1 as “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. Ignatius wrote in Latin, thus the article was not at question, showing the correct concept is “The Word was God”; therefore, Jesus was equal to God, yet thought it not robbery. Before one can use the overzealous scribe as an excuse, one must determine if the very early church used phrases found in Scripture. They must also determine if a premise and example match, before they introduce a premise lacking an example. We have said this to explain the term Nicolaitanes, and how the church of Ephesus is warned concerning the Deeds or Works of the Nicolaitanes, but Pergamos is being told about the Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, thus Ephesus judged the Ways, Pergamos failed to, the result was the wrong doctrine taking hold. This issue is important for Ephesus, they did many things right, but only one thing wrong, yet it made them unequal, so much so Jesus found this against them.

Did the Ephesians Hear, some perhaps, but many years later Ignatius would call the Ephesians a wicked mob of followers, lovers of pleasure, in reference to their doctrine he said, “Whosoever, therefore, declares there is but one God”, only so as to take away the divinity of Jesus, is a devil, and an enemy of all righteousness”, we can see this as a quote from James. The warning to Ephesus is in reference to their First Love, which is classed as a Work. What happens when we leave our First Love? We enter darkness, then deception, producing all sorts of carnal activity. Ephesus did works in reference to man, but not in reference to God, the result is a prideful attitude, with the deception of works somehow saving us, when we are clearly told, time and again we are saved by Grace through Faith, not of our own.

However, if it’s the case why do we see people judged according to their works? The last judgment is based on works, a person’s works are their Ways, but those who are Partakers in the First Resurrection have entered the Rest (Sabbath) of God, as they cease from their works, thus they are taken before the 1,000 years, rather than judged after. The Judgment is still based on the Son of man, thus it’s based on Mercy, as a way producing works (Matt 25:31-46).

The control of the Seven Stars and the Seven Golden Candlesticks are in the Right Hand of Jesus, whether they remain there is in the hands of those accounted to the positions. The word Control really means The final say in the matter, thus when we use our control, we are saying we have the final word, here we find Jesus has the final word. Jesus will not leave us “even unto the end of the world (Aion, or Age)” (Matt 28:20); therefore, everything happening is ordained by Jesus in order to bring us into the perfect image of Christ, until the End of the earth, after we are either with Him, or on the earth as it turns into the Lake of Fire.

The letter is to The church Of Ephesus, is not to “the members of the church of Ephesus”: thus bringing in the concept of Growth. The Seed and Root have a tendency to do works, but seem to drift from their First Love. The historical view indicates Ephesus was the place where Timothy was pastor, the place where John was buried, thus they feel Ephesus is the Apostolic period of the church (30 to 100 AD); however, it holds some problems considering how they left their First Love; how could an early church lose it’s first love so fast? Ephesus has another point correlating to the phrase The Sower sows the Word. Ephesus relates to the Seed being sown unto the growth, yet there is a danger of becoming so involved in works, one ignores the Love they have for God. If one falls from The Love, they fall from The Faith as well, for Godly Faith works by Love.

We will also see the phrase “for His name’s sake”, this goes much further than saying the Name, it means one has the Sake of the Name. The phrase reads in the Greek, “even due to the name of Me”, showing something in reference to what the Name means, not merely using the Name.

Jesus lists five items: Works, Labor, Patience, cannot bear those who are evil, ability to try the false apostles (II Cor 11:13-16); then repeats the endeavors by saying, (1) has borne, (2) has patience, (3) for His name’s sake has labored, and (4) have not fainted, thus the first five relate to the present tense, the four to past tense (has), it’s the four they let slip. The Patience was still there indicating their desire to finish the course without moving from side to side, but the Name’s sake was lost in the endeavors to keep the evil out. It can happen, but it makes us unequal, we fight the wiles so hard, we forget why.

The Two Loves are based on the Two Commandments to sustain our walk. To Love the Lord our God is our first love; to love our neighbor as our self is the second; therefore, we find they loved the Body of Christ, but forgot the Head of the Body. They fought to protect the Body, but in the process they forgot about their Love for the Lord.

The word Remember in verse 5 links the first church with the fifth (v. 3:3). It’s clear they tested the spirit, they hated the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, this is important as well. They didn’t hate the Nicolaitanes, which is a key point in their favor, rather they hated the deeds to the point they won’t allow them to enter in. The title Nicolaitanes tells us more about the Deed and Doctrine then the people, the name Nicolaitanes means Victory over the people; whereas the name Nicodemus means Victory for the people; therefore, the Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes is a form of control over the people, using methods and teachings to hold the people under one’s thumb, which is a form of manipulation. The Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes goes to “he who leads in to captivity shall go into captivity” (v. 13:10). To combat the Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes we feed the Flock of God, knowing they are God’s Heritage. The Nicolaitanes reversed I Peter 5:1-3, instead of following the Truth, they feed the flock of God with self-based heresy, taking the oversight thereof with constraint, for filthy lucre’s sake. They reverse the Liberty to bondage, which is a mark of a cult, or whacko.

At the third general council in Ephesus in 431 AD this issue was raised, the rulers of Ephesus at the time were following the ways of the Nicolaitanes, not coming against them. The word Nicolaitanes is the opposite of the teaching of Nicolas, who was one of the Seven appointed by the Apostles (Acts 6:5). One can’t assume the Nicolaitian doctrine came from Nicolas, since he taught the same Gospel as Peter, John, Paul and the others, as an example to the flock, not a lord over them (I Pet 5:2-3). The use of the term Nicolaitanes does relate to the Seven Deacons (Acts 6:5, 8:6, 8:40 & 21:8); however, it shows the opposite approach. The Nicolaitanes use the spirit of fear as their means of Evangelism, whereas the Seven deacons were appointed because one could see the Holy Ghost in their lives. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians shows we should be holy and without blame, we can’t do it without the Spirit. If one looked at the many verses in the Letter to the Ephesians they would see this same warning, the truth of this is found in ones spiritual warfare (Eph 1:4, 1:7, 1:11, 1:13, 1:17, 2:1, 2:8, 2:12, 2:15, 2:18, 3:12, 3:16, 4:24, 4:30, 5:1-2, 5:17-20, 5:26-27, 6:10-18 and 6:24). We remain Spiritual by walking in the Spirit, if we are walking in the Spirit, we are also walking in our First Love.

The warning of removing the candlestick is seen again in v. 18:23, thus without a candlestick we have no Light, yet God is Light, as well as being Love, without His Love we have no Light, without Light, we have no Love, thus if we leave our First Love, we also leave the Light, yet if we leave the Light, we have left Life. Repentance is part of the Preparation for the Gospel of Peace, linking this warning and escape back to Ephesians 6:13-18. We apply Mercy to people, yet we are saved by Grace through faith, thus the Ephesians were walking in Mercy, but not Grace. They had a Light on the Menorah, in this case we find our Light is Grace based, it keeps our Light from being removed.

We are given two warnings in the First church. Never neglect our first love for the second, and never neglect the second for the first, they must run hand in hand, with the priority being our First Love. If we make the mistake of holding our love for the Body over our Love for God, we will follow the dictates of the Body, and not the Word of the Lord.

Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and the temptation to use manipulation to control the flock, rather than support them in their Faith Walk toward Jesus.

Verse 7 opens the phrase “One like unto the Son of man”, explaining how the Holy Ghost, “shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, shall He speak”. This is very important, as we find Jesus has attributes of the Father, then the Image of the Son of man, but the Holy Ghost is speaking on behalf of the Spirit of God, One God all in all. This is a perfect example of the Record and Witness operating together. Jesus as the Son of Man is still the Word, thus we find the Mercy of the Father is found in the Water, the Grace of the Word in the Blood, the Spirit by the Holy Ghost. Here it’s the Spirit of God by the Holy Ghost speaking to the churches about things seen in the Report. This show us how the soul is the treasure, it’s not the Record, or the Witness, but it does have a testimony, it loves not itself unto the death of the Cross.

Verse 7 is to the “churches” not merely this church, relating to those who overcome, they will eat of the Tree of Life which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. This same Tree of Life is seen later on either side of the River of Life, but how can it be? It shows the Tree of Life has two locations, connecting one side to the other with the River of Life making the connection. If we have Life, we have the Tree of Life within, yet our home is in heaven.

Rev 2:8-11. 

Jesus now uses the title First and Last, as He who was Dead and is now Alive, thus the First and Last is also He who was dead and now lives (Isa 48:12). Historically the actual church in Smyrna was 35 miles from Ephesus, it was the most splendid of the seven areas mentioned; known as the Pride of Asia, but it was also a place where Emperor worship was developed, it was also where Christians suffered for their refusal to worship Caesar. Polycarp was the bishop of the church in Smyrna who was martyred there in 156 AD. Those who look at the seven churches as time periods consider this church the counterpart to the age of martyrs in the third century; however, as a lesson for the individual it shows those who Live in Christ will suffer persecution.

This church really did nothing wrong, but suffered because of the “synagogue of Satan”, which we found points to the Wicked. This group had works, tribulation and poverty, but they were rich. Verse 10 speaks of a testing, the devil didn’t cast some of them into prison, rather it was he shall, yet it’s also obvious Jesus is going to allow it. However, if they are faithful unto death, they will receive the crown of life. It’s this area  connecting to the persecution, but metaphorically it also shows some will be under ungodly authority, yet the purpose is good, it’s to make our faith strong and firm.

The church of Ephesus fell from their first love, now we find those who hold their first love. The Greek word for Prison is Phulake, meaning The act of watching, or Guarding, or Keeping one bound. The early church was bound, they could not speak openly, they had to meet in secret. There were also spies among them, those who would report to the authorities of their activity, pointing to the Synagogue of Satan.

Here we find two points, first Jesus shows He will allow us to be placed under ungodly authority to show us the Power of God, both in the deliverance, as well as proving, “vengeance is Mine saith the Lord”. The next is “watch and pray”, if we are not victims, do we Watch and Pray for those who are? We better be. The word Phulake also refers to the bottomless pit, the abyss or Tartarus, showing some (not all) will be victims of the sons of perdition, but God judges the person’s heart. If their intent was to find God, then Jesus will remember them, they will Sleep in Jesus, or they may be locked in hell, but they will be judged according to their Mercy, thus we find some of the Synagogue of Satan as the antichrist steal away a person’s ability to have the Spirit, but the measure of faith remains as they do works of Mercy by the Law of Faith, they will not lose their reward.

Prophetically the ten days points to a testing to make ourselves ready. In Genesis 24:55 we read, “let the damsel abide with us a few days, at the least ten”; thereby showing a time of waiting, and testing. The ten days also gives us some clues to these victims; one clue shows the Ten Persecutions by Rome against the Christians. First was Nero 54-68 AD; then Domition 81-96 AD; 3rd Trajan 98-117 AD; 4th Marcus Aurelius 161-180 AD; 5th Septimius Sererns 180-235 AD; 6th Maximus Thraxi 235-238 AD; 7th Decius 238-251 AD; 8th Valerian 253-260 AD; 9th Aurelian 260-284 AD and 10th was Dsocletian 284-305 AD. Another clue points to Daniel, as the ten days he fasted from the king’s meat, showing this group is in Tribulation under the hand of those who sit in the seat of Satan, but these victims are not defeated, their reward waits.

The victims under the persecution were all part of the plan, cause and purpose. The Church began in blood, it will end in the Rapture, the Time of Comfort begins in Peace, ends in blood. The deaths of the many who held the Faith are always a Witness against the sons of perdition, just as the blood of the prophets is a witness against the Woman.

Many of us wonder “what happens to the deceived, who truly love God?”. The answer is here, Jesus says He will give them a Crown of Life, thus they won’t face the Second death. Just as Paul said we won’t rob those who sleep in Jesus, John shows us there are victims, they will not be robbed of their reward either.

Verse 11 is to the “churches”, not merely this church, showing this time period is before the Rapture by the phrase, “shall not be hurt by the second death”. This pertains to anyone who walked in Mercy, whether they are Dead in Christ, Sleep in Jesus, in Death or Hell, Jesus has the keys. The connection for the Dead in Christ is found in Revelation 20:6 as those who are partakers of the First Resurrection find, “on such the second death has no power”.

Rev 2:12-17.

Historically Pergamos (or Pergamus) was fifteen miles from the Aegean Coast, and 70 miles north of Smyrna. Pergamos had an immense altar to Zeus, the chief of Greek mythological gods, which explains the phrase “seat of Satan” as a place of idol worship. This helps us see the Mark of the Beast is ownership by association, the Seat of Satan is the abomination being placed in the Temple, the Authority of the dragon is what the false prophet uses.

Those who view the seven churches as time periods look at Pergamos as the period from Constantine until the first pope was recognized to have authority over the catholic church. This third church is different in many regards, Jesus used the title “sharp two edged sword”, but Hebrews 4:12 says the Word is sharper than any two edged Sword, thus this church lacks the Word or the ability to discern. If we have the Word in us, we won’t face the two-edged sword. They have works, but they dwell where Satan’s seat is, referring to idol worship. The word Seat is the Greek Thronos meaning a throne having a footstool, metaphorically it refers to the place of rule, indicating where idol worship is conducted so are many forms of witchcraft.

They lived in the days of the “faithful martyr” Antipas, the title Antipas is a compound word meaning “anti father”; however, it doesn’t mean this element is anti the Father, rather the Greek shows these faithful martyrs stood for the Father (Mercy), against those who were Anti the Father’s Will. They didn’t deny the Faith of Christ, they sought it, as they held to Mercy, but nonetheless they were unequal, as Jesus has a few things against them.

Ephesus left its first love, Smyrna was under tribulation, here we find an invasion, yet they welcomed it. They had those who hold the Doctrine of Balaam, who Taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children. A stumblingblock would be akin to placing a gate before the children, forcing them to go in a different direction. Balaam was termed a prophet, but here we find it was not his role as a prophet, but his teaching. He was not a teacher, not ordained to be one, thus he usurped the authority of a position he had no right to, just to impress and win the favor of Balac. The word Doctrine is the Greek Didache meaning Instruction, the Greek word Didasko means To teach the instruction, clearly this points to false teachings. They didn’t have the “spirit of Balaam”, they had the Doctrine.

What did Balaam Teach Balac? The end times relating to idol worship, which caused the children to fall into idol worship. Does it mean we should not teach the about the End Times? It means we should not teach the End Times in the wrong manner, nor should we entice the children of God in a direction contrary to the Day.

Balac would react to the teaching of Balaam, the evidence is found in Numbers 25 as the women of Moab introduced the children of God to idols, the children did eat, and bow to the idols of Moab, namely the idol of Baal-poer (Numb 25:1-3). Linking all this together, showing the Seat of Satan is idol worship, when the Seat of Satan ends in the place where the Ark of the Covenant should be, the wrath of God will be poured out.

The unrighteousness of Balaam was simply seeking to curse what God has blessed to get some self-benefit. There are those who say they are in the Light, but they come as Balaam, attempting to get members of the Body into the act of mental idol worship, using faith to enhance the self, rather than deny it. The motivation of Balaam also has a part here, the man sought personal gain at the expense of the children of God, a character flaw, a very serious character flaw (Numb 23:23-24, 24:14-15, 25:1 & 31:15).

They also allowed the Doctrine of the Nicolaitanes to enter in, placing it with the Doctrine of Balaam we have a real mess. The word Nicolaitanes means Victory over the people, the name Balaam means Devourer of the people, the two together tell the story.

All this shows we can keep the Faith, yet allow controlling, manipulative teachers enter in twisting our belief from “God Is” to the self. What to do? Repent, change course, get our belief back to God Is thinking. The same remedy Paul gave Timothy, we do it Quickly. The Sword out of the mouth of Jesus means they will face the Judgment, thereby showing they will also miss the Rapture.

Verse 17 is to the “churches”, For those who reject the leaven, there is the Hidden Manna, the Hidden Manna is found in the Ark of the Covenant. This is not the manna in the field, rather this is Hidden, yet Manna is not a sign of Jesus, but a sign of the Mercy of the Father. This reward shows Jesus will not forget the acts of Mercy they did, the manna was the provision of God in the wilderness, it’s only for the child of God. The word Hidden is the Greek Parerchomai meaning Near at hand, showing the blessing was near at hand, but not in hand.

The reward is for those who Overcome, the White Stone is not The Rock, rather it’s the Greek Psephos meaning a Vote of acquittal, or a Vote of innocence, indicating they were tricked, deceived into doctrines not conducive to Grace. The word Know in the phrase “no man knows it” in verse 17 is the Greek Ginosko which we know as the basis for Knowledge, the word Receive is the Greek Lambano, which we talked about prior, thus this goes to “hearing and receiving”, or “be not a hearer only, but a doer of the Word”. The premise is no man knows the Authority of Jesus until they have it, the key is to receive it, in this case we find they were using all sorts of authority, but they didn’t know the truth of the Authority of Jesus.

Rev 2:18-29

In the process of Growth, Thyatira becomes the Ear, they are the first to see Jesus as the Son of God, showing they have the Spirit, thus Thyatira is the place where we find the result of the Seed planted by the Holy Ghost. It would be interesting, since Thyatira was the least important of the seven cities mentioned, not the church in Thyatira, but the city itself, It was about Half Way between Pergamum and Sardis, some refer to this church as the age between Gregory the Great and the Protestant Reformation, they equate it to the “Jezebel” era as the time of saint worship. However, the Jezebel attitude is being self-appointed, one who joins to the power, but is not called to be of the power.

There is also a very interesting pattern, fall from your first love, finding yourself in the hands of the devil, failing to repent causing one to follow the Balaams and Nicolaitanes doctrines, still failing to repent allowing the Jezebels to enter, still failing to repent, finding ones name removed from the Book of Life.

Thyatira not only sees Jesus as the Son of God, but we find Jesus how has the Eyes like unto a flame of fire, with Feet are like fine brass (vs. 18). Clearly the Judgment Jesus, or the Son of Man coming for Judgment, yet He is speaking as the Son of God, referring to the power of the Resurrection. This is a clear warning, they have the Spirit, but they are in danger. However, they do have Agape love, service, faith, patience, works, with their last “to be more” than the first, this is based on the potential of repentance. The phrase “to be more” is based on the tenses used, showing they will repent to better the situation, which in turn generates better Christ like abilities.

In the warnings we find many attributes, but things out of order as well, which means they are unequal, we know being unequal is Iniquity. The cure was to become equal. They “suffered” (to allow, let alone) Jezebel, who called herself a prophetess, but then we read, “to teach and seduce My servants”. Here it’s not idols, but false teachings, by someone who is self-promoted. Jezebel never called herself a prophetess of God, but the context points to the self-appointed. This church never challenged the self-appointed, they allowed, which means they knew something was not right.

Jezebel was a queen who married into the nation seems to point metaphorically to the Wicked, her “space to repent” is the Day (vs. 21). However, if they do not, they will enter the Great Tribulation, or go into the Night, meaning her children will die the second death (vs. 23). The phase, “give unto every man according to their works” refers to the Judgment thus Jezebel lacks Mercy, she was the one who sent the note to Elijah, with the treat of death.

The word End in verse 26 doesn’t mean the End of the world, rather it’s the Greek Telos meaning A particular limit, or A point where previous activities end. It was used in Hebrews 7:3 to show the end of the Law of Moses, as it relates to the Beginning of the Law of the Spirit, pointing to a time when certain events come to a close, allowing other events to open.

To the rest who have not fallen for the words of Jezebel, or have fallen victim, yet know what is happened is wrong, they are to hold fast until Jesus comes. The word “works” in verse 26 again points to Ways, they shall have power over the nations, it doesn’t mean they will be kings over people, it shows the nations of the world have no authority over them, they will receive Life. This is confirmed by the Greek word Exousia meaning Authority, showing the nations do not have authority over them, they can repent. The phrase Broken to shivers in verse 27 is the Greek Suntomos meaning To crush completely, thus the nations shall be broken as vessels, showing the nations connected to the vessels of dishonor (vs. 27).

The Morning Star is Jesus in fullness, Jesus calls Himself the Bright and Morning Star in Revelation 22:16. In this case we find the phrase “He who has an ear” (vs. 29), again the reward is to the overcomer. This goes back to Jesus speaking as the Son of God, which shows He is speaking to those who have the Spirit, yet they will receive the Morning Star? Ahh, like the Corinthians, they had the Spirit, but were not Spiritual. This explains the power over the nations means they will receive their reward, as they are separated from the nations at the Judgment.

Up to this point certain things become evident, if the same John who wrote I, II and III John wrote this, why don’t we find the title “antichrist”? If the gates of hell are not to prevail against the Church, why does it appear as if they have? We didn’t find the title “antichrist” but we found those who teach the Doctrines of Balaam, Jezebel, as well as the Nicolaitanes, plus the synagogue of Satan. Those are all elements of being antichrist, in this Season. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church, there was nothing said about the Rock, in fact the Rock will be broken as a result of the gates of hell. We can’t confuse the Rock as the Church, but we can be of the Rock and Church.

Rev 3:1-6.

The Fifth church is the only one church, really here is the only place in the Book of Revelation where we see Jesus confessing anyone to the Father, thus this church gives us information regarding the Rapture. The separation is about to take place, some of the clues are in the wording to the Fifth and Sixth churches, the Sixth church is promised the Temple, yet later we find there is no Temple in heaven, rather the Tabernacle is in heaven. The Fifth church is promised White Robes, at the breaking of the Fifth Seal those under the altar of God are given White Robes. The manner in which Jesus speaks to the first Five churches is much different from the manner in which He speaks to the Sixth and Seventh churches. If these premises are true, there must be other evidence within the Book of Revelation to support the concept.

Not withstanding the only place we find Jesus confessing anyone before the Father is with the Fifth church (v. 5), we also see Few will walk with Him in white, yet at the breaking of the Fifth Seal we find the Souls under the altar of God given White Robes just before the breaking of the Sixth Seal (vs. 6:11-12). The seven angels are not sent until the breaking of the Seventh Seal, thus each Seal correlates to a church, the first four seals were broken at the same time, with the other seals breaking thereafter, with the Fifth Seal marking a change as the Sixth Seal is broken at the same time as the Fifth showing the change taking place.

There are two groups in heaven, the Ten thousand times ten thousand is an increase, but thousands from thousands points to 12,000 from each tribe, or the 144,000. These two groups are represented before the Throne by the twenty-four elders, twelve for the Day, twelve for the Night. This Fifth church will see the end of one Season, having a promise in hand.

Verse 1 says “we have a name”, it’s not saying we are known by The Name, this Name says we have Life or we Live, yet we are Dead, thus this refers to having Life, but being Dead, giving us the Dead in Christ. The Greek word for Dead is Nekros meaning “breathed his last”, it’s the same word used in the phrase, “Dead in Christ”. This is not a bad “death”, it’s good, this church is at the very last of the Season, they shall see the End, but as a matter of growth they have entered the place to be caught up. They are not only covered by the Name (authority), they have it. The word Livest (live) is the Greek Zao which is not used often, it pertains to one’s existence, or the manner of one’s life. The Greek wording for “you have” is Echo implying continued possession, or Something given which is suppose to remain until a certain time, giving us a time period, the Name was given back in Matthew 28:18-20, it remains in full force and effect until the Season ends.

Further evidence is how this group is to be Watchful, or Watch as they continue to Strengthen the things which remain. They were not to decrease, rather they were to gain Strength (vs. 2). The word for Strength in reference to the Sixth church is the Greek Dunamoo meaning A power given to enable one to do something, but the Strength we have is the Greek Endunamoo meaning A Greater Strength from within, thus Endunamoo is a product of the New Birth, whereas Dunamoo is a product of being able to bring the knowledge of God. The decreasing will not come until the Rock is broken, as the Rapture takes place. However, as close to perfect as they should be, there was something amiss. The word Watchful in verse 2 is the Greek Grapho pertaining to receiving a specific writing, this Greek word goes further than merely hearing the writing, it goes to receiving it. We can’t receive it if we keep changing it. Time passed on, they needed to Receive the writings, not question them, doubt them, or fail to believe them. The word Strengthen in verse 2 is the Greek Sterizo meaning To stand, as When you have done all to stand, stand therefore. However, we also find the opposite of the premise, when you have done all to come against the brethren, write a book about them, the latter is death.

If they are Dead, why are there things “ready to die”? (vs. 2). The word Die in the phrase “Ready to die” is the Greek Apothnesko meaning To die off, it was used in reference to the concept of dying to sin, thus it does connect, there were some things needing to die off in order for us to truly be the Dead in Christ, relating to a process.

The correction is to Repent, then Remember how we Received, the Greek word for Received in verse 3 is Lambano. We take Communion to Remember, coupled with the Writings shows how easy it is to slip into unbelief. Usually we would read how we Heard, then Received, but this is different, we Received then Heard, showing we must continue to believe. The Holy Ghost teaches by comparing spiritual to spiritual, here we find the spotted garment is still flesh, still trusting in the natural intellect of man. There are many who use the “words of scholars” to test the Bible, rather than use the Bible to test the words of the scholars. The warning is simple enough, we repent as we Watch, we must be ready, at any moment the Rapture could come faster than the speed of sound. If not, Jesus will come as thief in the Night, meaning if they fail to repent, watch and remember they will either go into the Night, or sleep in Jesus.

The word Hold in verse 3 is the Greek Tereo meaning To watch as a watchman, it was used in Revelation 1:3 in reference to Keeping the things which are written in the Book of Revelation, showing John was acting as a Watchman when he heard the Voice behind him. The word Fast is the Greek Gregoreud meaning To refrain from sleep, it goes to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus told Peter “Watch and pray, so you enter not into temptation” (Matt 26:41). This church is given the same warning, Watch and Pray so they don’t miss the Rapture, finding themselves in a time of Peace and Safety believing a Lie, yet ending with Destruction (Perdition).

Verse 4 shows Few, but the word Few is only relative to the overall number from which the Few came. If the Few are compared to all who entered the Body from the Cross until the Rapture, then it would total ten thousand times ten thousand. The wording “have not” is the Aorist tense, which means a simple undefined action, in this case it means they have allowed it to happen. The word defiled is the Greek Moluno meaning, it was only used three times, it means one who has not kept themselves pure, after being pure, connecting to believing after they believed. Isaiah tells us, “all you beasts of the field, come to devour, yea, all you beasts in the forest. His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, they are shepherds who cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter” (Isa 56:9-12). Some things need to die, yet those who have washed their robes in the Blood of the Lamb, shall walk with Jesus in white. This is another clue, when the Season changes we find the saints in heaven with their white robes, at the same time the 144,000 are marked on earth (Rev 6:11-12 & 7:9-10). This is the connection of the confession before the Father, this group are equal, they didn’t deny the Father’s Mercy, or the Son’s Grace (I Jn 2:23-24). The word Before in the phrase “before the Father” is the Greek Enopion meaning In the very presence, or face to face in order to bring us face to face, it’s the Confession of Jesus translated into the sound of the Last Trump (v.  4:1).

The word Garments (vs. 4), as well as the words Raiment and Robes come from the Greek word Himation which includes the inner garment as well as the outer; however, it has nothing to do with secret undergarments. It goes to the concept of the soul, mind and heart. Wearing a “white shirt” doesn’t mean we have the Robe of Christ, having the New Man does.

Again, like with Thyatira, we find the phrase, “He who has an ear”. This links back to Thyatira, this group moved from having the Spirit, to being Spiritual.

He who overcomes will walk with Jesus in white, showing they will be partakers of the First Resurrection (Rev 7:9-10). The most interesting phrase is “I will not blot out his name out of the book of life” (vs. 5). Surely if it was not possible, why even mention it? If we need incentive, there it is. However, one must know it’s harder to fail in the Kingdom, then win. Therefore, those who fear the exposure have to work at avoiding it, just as the workers of iniquity have to work at their iniquity. If we hold fast, watch, pray, face the exposures with the excitement of the Spirit bringing us into perfection, we will make it.

The word Overcome is also used in First John 5:4, it’s translated as Overcome, Victory or Conquer, giving us a clue to the First Horseman (v. 6:2). We look at the word Bow as a Bow and Arrow, but it’s not the meaning of the word “Bow” used in reference to the First Horseman, rather it means An instrument to plant seed, this Horse is Like unto the one Jesus is on, it’s not a counterfeit, rather it’s the same. The verse doesn’t say, “Like unto a white horse”, it says it is a White Horse. The devil goes about As a roaring lion, thus a counterfeit is Like unto something, it’s not the case with this White Horse, it is clearly a White Horse.

Jesus returns with the Clouds formed of the Witnesses, the Ones in White, thus the First Horse relates to the Saints, the Body of Christ who also hold the New Testament, making the First Horseman the Holy Ghost who goes about planting the Seed as He gives Victory to the Victors. This Horseman and Horse run until the Fifth Seal is broken, then He who now lets takes us out of here, opening the time for the Sixth church. “Wait, isn’t this horse a beast?”, no the beasts in heaven show John what is going on, thus we will see these four horses go back to our Season pointing to the phrase, “wars, rumors of wars, famine and pestilence, but it’s not the end”.

Later we will see there will be a great earthquake to mark the opening of the Night, at the closing of the Day, this would be the point where the earthquake takes place. The next church starts a new thing, one none of us what to experience. The Night is for the Night, the Day for the Day, thus there is the Greater Light for Salvation, the Lesser Light for the Night, the Greater Light is ten thousand times ten thousand, the Lesser is thousands from thousands.

Rev 3:7-13.

The actual city of Philadelphia was built in a dangerous volcanic area just southeast of Sardis, it was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 17 AD, this Sixth church with its historical background points to the Time of Doors, as well as the Earthquake opening the Night. This is not the last Earthquake turning the earth inside out, this earthquake changes many things, bringing the earth back as it was in the days of Noah. The Sixth church is the 144,000, as the Remnant who finish the course, they are part of our brethren in the world, the protected ones who will join New Jerusalem at the end.

This church needs Bridesmaids, the 144,000 make us our Bridesmaids, yet if we come against our own Bridesmaids, or if we think we are our own Bridesmaids we err. The word Philadelphia means brotherly love, not AgapeAgape will be taken with the Rapture. This church has neither Agape or Grace, but they will operate in Mercy. When the devil is bound the entire world will receive “forgiveness of sins”, but it’s connected to, “sin no more”, it’s the key to why the Wrath of God falls on the entire earth, the seventh church becomes lukewarm, allowing the false prophet a position in the religious order of Israel. love, this shows the ability to

It’s difficult for us to see “go and sin no more” on one hand with “remission of sin” on the other. They simply do not mean the same, yet both are used in the New Testament. When the Rapture comes the sins of man will be forgiven, evidenced by the devil and Satan being bound for the 1,000 years, yet the heart of man is wicked above all things who can know it? The Wicked surface while the devil and Satan are bound, they come with all the working of Satan, causing the Woman to enter an adulterous affair with the Beast of the Sea, which causes the devil to be loosed. The devil will not be “bound” until the fifth seal, which is the end of the fifth church, then he will be loosed by the fifth angel to open “Jacob’s Trouble”, the end of the end. All this shows how the devil will be bound, or “cast out of the house”, yet when the devil is loosed he finds the “house” garnished.

This atonement is like a “little strength”, because it’s dependent on “go and sin no more”, which is connected to Mercy, not Grace. This church will do the Commandments of God, as they keep the meaning of the Name of Jesus as it relates to Mercy. As long as they sit on the mountains of the world in Mercy, the Time of Comfort continues, but if they sit on the mountains of the world lacking Mercy, the end comes.

The time will be Peace and Safety, it will be as the days of Noah, it will appear as “heaven on earth”, but none of those on the earth at the time have the slightest idea what heaven is like. The Wicked will presume whatever they do is condoned of God, the same error they make now. They will use witchcraft or tricks causing the Woman to sin with the same Beast She has tamed. The Woman will think Her wealth is the product of Her own hand, as She becomes lukewarm. However, before Jacob’s trouble the time of the Sixth church must take place.

Jesus is referred to as “He who is Holy and True”, this moves us to the opening of the Fifth Seal, which is the closing of the Fifth church (v. 6:10). The reference draws a picture of time; when the Dead in Christ join those under the altar of God they say, “Holy and True”, then the Door to the House of David is opened after the Door into heaven for the Raptured Church is closed, giving us the Time of Doors (plural).

The Key to David is the Key to the House of David, no man can open or close the Door or House, except Jesus, why then do we assume we can usher in the Kingdom? We should be ready to be ushered out, not waiting for something we already have to be ushered in. The warning to the Fifth church points right to this area, watch and pray to be ready to go. Take it to the other Door Jesus will talk about in a few verses; this door Jesus will not open, we must, yet here we find no man can open or close the House of David. There are Doors, not simply the time of Door.

This is the time Isaiah talked about, the Lord will put His hand a Second Time to recover the remnant of Israel; all Israel will be saved; however, not all who call themselves Israel are of Israel (Isa 11:11 & Rom 11:26). The Lord will have Mercy on Jacob, but the purpose is to save Israel (Isa 14:1). In the day the House of David shall be opened (Zech 13:1). The Lord will remove the idols out of the land (Zech 13:2), those run by the spirit of antichrist will no longer have Christ to come against, they will begin by worshipping at Jerusalem of the earth, at the feet of the Sixth church, but they will also hold idols in the mind. The same evil competition to dominate invades, they claim to be prophets, in a time when the only prophets are written in the Prophets.

During the Laodicea era they will raise up as the Second Beast out of the Earth, they remained Earthly, Sensual and Devilish, the Beast who was (our Season) is not (during the Time of Comfort), but will be (opens Jacob’s trouble). The House of the Lord will be established on the mountains (nations – Isa 2:2, Hosea 7:1 & Micah 4:1).

We see it’s the Sixth church opening the Restoration of Israel, the Time of Comfort,  but at the Time we will be with the Lord in heaven. The Sixth church is the Lesser Light, their purpose is not to spread Salvation, but establish the foundation for the Judgment. They will give the Knowledge, all the people will be forgiven of their sins on earth by Mercy they grant, meaning there will be no other religious groups. Then the Seventh church with the help of the False Ones, the Wicked children who are the Tares and Bad Fish causing the Woman to be polluted. The Woman receives the children of Jezebel, She then compromises with the Beast of the Sea, then She is found in the bed of adultery, talking about Jehovah, but holding Her wicked lovers, closing the Time of Comfort by opening Jacob’s Trouble.

Some confuse the Three Trumps of the Lord with the Seven Trumps of the angels, the last angel will blow the Great Trump, but the first two Trumps, known as the First and Last are not the Great, none of the six angels blow the First or Last. The First Trump was sounded when God wanted to be among His people, the Sound stopped when the Holy Ghost brought the Seed on the Day of Pentecost as a Rushing mighty Wind (Ex 19:11-16 & Acts 2:1-2). The Last Trump is the last of the two, it opens the Jewish New Year, the Day of Restoration, thus Paul said we go (Raptured) on the Last Trump, not the Great Trump (I Cor 15:52). The Great Trump will be blown in Zion when the people rush on the city to destroy it (Joel 2:1 & Isa 27:13).

To the Jew the Last Trump opens up the Jewish New Year bringing in the Messianic Age of Mercy, a time when all sins are forgiven, as they reign over the world from Jerusalem. According to Agenda at the time the devil will be removed, as Israel will rule the world as the good king in the Kingdom. The Resurrection to the Jew is T’chiat Ha-metim, coming with a great movement of the land. They also think there will be a Resurrection, but we see it as the finish of the First Resurrection. All this shows the earthquake bringing the Rapture will be misunderstood, they will assume the Wrath of God has passed, then comes the great lie of, “we can’t sin, the wrath has passed”. However, we know the prophet said a child shall die at a 100, but a man shall die in his sins (Isa 65:20).

With the introduction of the disillusion, we can see when the plagues are poured out the people will assume it’s the fault of their supposed covering, being run by the spirit of man they will assume if they can kill all those who preach the Everlasting Gospel they will stop the plagues, but in truth, they will bring about the sudden destruction. Whether it’s this season or the next, the Wicked still lack a fear of God.

At the Great Trump the Darkness will spread on the mountains, the word Spread is the same root word used for Lucifer. The fifth angel opens the pit causing the darkness to fall on the House of Jacob (Sun), but the people cause it as they blaspheme God before the devil is loosed (vs. 9:1, 14:17, 16:10, Isa 14:14 & Joel 2:2). Truly it begins with Peace and Safety, all weapons are beat into tools of planting (Micah 4:3), but they end beating the tools into weapons (Joel 3:10).

It will be as it was in the days of Noah, not the days of Adam, yet the planet will be as the Garden. In the days of Noah, there was no sickness, war, government need, disease, famine, bad water, weapons of mass destruction, but there was violence (unrighteousness) toward God (Gen 6:11). In the days of Noah they assumed God would not destroy the people or the earth, they mocked Noah through their self-deception. The people didn’t fear destruction so they were given in marriage, assuming they had a future.

There are two aspects one must consider, first in the days of Noah there were no Christ like people, it was a time of darkness, not Light: second when Jesus ascended the  Spirit had not yet been given, as Jesus left, so shall He come, showing when He returns the Spirit will not on the earth. These two aspects keep the events in line, showing why there is silence in heaven during the last half of the Hour, and why some assume they can be saved in the last half, when in fact no one will enter Salvation after the Rapture, the Day of Salvation will end, as the Night of Judgment begins. The Jewish sabbath begins at Night, not the Day, but Jesus said work while it is yet Day, for the Night comes when no man can work. We recall from history the Jews didn’t fight at night, neither did they work during the Night. This may not seem like a big deal, but God divided the Day from the Night, not the Night from the Day. We are of the Day, we are not of the Night, or the Darkness, thus we find three areas, Day, Night and Darkness, the Darkness was talked about in First John, the Night is when those of the Day take their Sabbath (rest) with the Lord, the work of Salvation stops, the work of Judgment begins.

Verse 10 points to the entire world as those who dwell on the earth, thus the Hour of Temptation is on the world, but the trying is only in the Earth, showing the Trying will be on the synagogue of Satan, will they remain at the feet of the Sixth church, or attempt the biggest takeover of all time?

Even today many look at the time for the Sixth church (Time of Comfort) assuming it’s so great, so nice, so much to have, yet we are told it’s a delusion ending in destruction. The works of this church are different from the prior churches (Mal 3:10-12). The concept of Jesus returning so people can see “the light”, then receive Him leaves much to be desired. Where is faith? Or Belief in Jesus? Blessed is he who believes who has not seen. The assumption is removed by the language Jesus uses with the Sixth church, since it’s completely third person removed, they will look for Jehovah, they will not see Jesus until it’s appointed unto all men to die once, then every eye will see Him.

The reference to a Little Strength is found in Daniel 11:34, as Helped with a little help, this explains another reason for the devil being bound. The devil isn’t bound now, the reason is there are Christians on the earth, the Spirit of Christ reigns, whether we know it or not, thus anyone who enters the kingdom of heaven has power over devils, thus as long as there is one Christian on the this earth, the devil is bound under darkness. However, when the Spirit is taken then the devil must be bound to prove the point, man’s heart is evil above all things, who can know it? The 144,000 saints will be overcome, but not until the very end of the Time of Comfort.

This gives us the Menorah, the Menorah has the seven bowls, the arms holding the bowls move from the center stem to the top, the longer arms are on the bottom, with the second row upward being slightly smaller, with the smallest holding the top two arms. if we take five from the top or one side, it will fall. If we take the bowl from the top with the lower four, the Menorah will still stand with two bowls opposed on opposite sides. However, if we place the Two Witnesses on either side of the two bowls, they will keep them upright, but if the people remove the Two Witnesses, the light will fall. We see Jesus in the Midst, the last two churches see the Two Witnesses as their support, thus the Two Witnesses are  assigned to the last two candlesticks, they are not assigned to all seven (Rev 11:4). The Two Witnesses are not the two candlesticks, they are next to them (Zech 12:12-14). Just as Jesus is not the candlestick, He is seen in the Midst of it.

The Two Witnesses call for repentance, they will provide the opening of the Time of Comfort to bring about, “If you will return, O Israel, saith the Lord, return unto Me: and if you will put away your abominations out of My sight, then Shall you not remove (be removed)” (Jere 4:1). This is after the bill of divorce (Jere 3:8), in the Bill of Divorce is found the wicked sister of Israel, named Judah, yet Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. To assume God is done with Israel, also assumes Jesus is the lion of the wicked sister, not hardly. The Remnant are of the Seed of the Woman, not the seed of God, thus they have a connection to the City on the earth, but we have a connection to the heavenly City.

This church Keeps the Word of Patience, but it’s not the same as the Witness, or Faith, rather it refers to them continuing the course, they will not run to idols, they will stand. They will have the Testimony of Jesus (Jn 5:39); therefore, they will keep the Commandments of God, as Paul said, “for they are not all Israel, which are of Israel”, with “they are all children; but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called. They which are children of the flesh, these are not the children of God; but the children of the Promise are counted for the seed” (Rom 9:1-8). This church is the House of David, not the Son of David. We are the Firstfruits of the Spirit, they are the Firstfruits Unto God (v. 14:4).

The phrase “Has not denied His name” is different from “Not denying His Name Sake”, and different from “has not denied His Faith”. To the Jew His name is Jehovah pertaining to Mercy and doing Justice by caring for the people as Psalm 82 dictates (v. 3:8-10).

The synagogue of Satan is the same group noted prior indicating they entered the Night as Paul says, The enter as the rocks, they will still worship at the feet of the Sixth church. However, the Sixth church will be the recipient of the Blessing being poured out of the windows, Jerusalem will the only place where the knowledge of the Lord will go forth. As long as the synagogue of Satan is cared for, they will remain dormant, but when they see an opening they raise up out of the Earth as the Eighth (II Tim 3:4-5).

The synagogue of Satan are the drunken who go into the Night, thus the Body is divided into three groups, those who are Dead in Christ, those who will Sleep in Jesus, and the drunken who go into the Night (II Thess 4:13-5:8). The division shows those who Sleep will Sleep through the Night, but the Dead in Christ are raised before the 1,000 years of the Night begin (Rev 20:6). However, the Dead in Christ will not rob those who Sleep of their reward, each to their own. Neither the Dead in Christ or those who Sleep are the Drunken,  it’s the Drunken who become the Beast of the Earth.

The word Loved in 3:9 is Agapao, but it doesn’t mean they held Agape, Agapao is a love based in a joy of some type, the Joy can be based in either a good or evil. God so loved (Agapao) the world, but there were those in the world who Agapao the darkness. Therefore one doesn’t have to have to Spirit in order to Agapao, but they do in order to Agape.

This church will see the saying, “The meek shall inherit the earth”, come to pass in reference to the physical earth. Whether the promise remains or not, is up to the Seventh church, we already know the end of the story before they play it out.

The phrase “Behold I Come Quickly”, takes us to verse 22:12, but prior, we find another “Behold, I come quickly” (v. 22:7). We are given two areas of “Coming Quickly”, the first is for the Blessed who keep the sayings of the Prophecy, the second is when Jesus comes as a Thief in the Night at the Judgment. The First is the Rapture for those who ceased from their works, the second is when Jesus comes to earth to finish the Day of the Lord.

The reference to the Crown in verse 3:11 is the Crown of Victory, this doesn’t say they have it, rather it’s promised. The Crown is the same one found as the Crown of Life in verse 2:10, Paul called it the Crown of Righteousness (II Tim 4:8), the Crown of Rejoicing (I Thess 2:19), Peter called it the Crown of Glory (I Pet 5:4), James called it the Crown of Life (James 1:12), the reference is the promised Crown we have, but promised to the remnant as well, they receive theirs in the end.

Verse 12 goes back to the Remnant, showing the separation between Jehovah the Mediator and the Father (Job 1:9). In Job we saw Satan came to the face of Jehovah, then at the time of the Cross something else happened casting the devil to the earth, then the Time of Comfort binds the devil for the 1,000 years, then he is loosed with all the works of hell, there is a vast difference between the experience of Job, and the experiences we face, as well as the experiences yet to come.

When we find Jesus talking to this church, and the Seventh, He speaks as if He is speaking through something about Himself, thus showing the Two Witnesses who are the Law and Prophets, who are anointed in and of themselves. The Two Witnesses of the Law and Prophets speak of Jesus through the Testimony they have, we speak of Jesus through the Witness of the Water, Blood and Spirit in us. Confusion in these verses comes when we forget Jesus is speaking to a Jewish group as the Son of man, or Jehovah, the many references to “My God”, go back to just before the Sacrifice was given when Jesus told Mary “I ascend unto My Father, and your Father, and to My God, and your God”. This changed when the Sacrifice was given, thus we see the reference “as a Lamb slain and raised”, the Remnant see Him as “Root of David”, which is a reference to the Son of man, or Mercy. The “Lamb slain” is a metaphor showing the Sacrifice presented, but it doesn’t mean accepted, thus we find the Lamb of God came to take away the sins of the world, when we receive the Lamb, He becomes the Logos in us forming us into sons of God (James 1:21 et al).

At the end they shall look upon Him they have pierced asking, Where did you get those marks in Your hands, and He will say, In the house of My friends, and the House is the House of David before our Season (Zech 13:6), then they will call on the Name of the Lord. If Jesus is on the earth, it would seem a stupid question at best, but if Jesus is not on the earth, and the Spirit is not on the earth to bring the Wisdom of the Lord, then it would make sense.

Later we will see the Everlasting Gospel which speaks of Judgment, not Salvation. No where in the Everlasting Gospel do we find Grace, the Cross, the Resurrection or the Name of Jesus (v. 14:6-7). So why call it Everlasting? Ahh, the Gospel of Peace goes in the Rapture, it’s not Everlasting, but for a Season. The Everlasting Gospel is for those who don’t have the Gospel of Peace.

New Jerusalem is not a physical city, but the Bride (v. 21:9-10). The wall has gates, the gates are the Remnant, but the wall must be built before the gates are established (v. 21:12-14). This separation of the Wall and Gates gives us two groups, when we mix them together in the same Season we end seeking something not appointed to us, causing us to rejecting our Promise, the very warning by Jesus in Acts 1:6-8. Here Jesus is promising them the Gates, but the Gates cannot be established until the Wall is complete. We as the Bride, or New Jerusalem return to receive the Remnant at the Judgment. It all fits.

Prior Jesus said He would write the name of God on them, here He says He will write His Name, thus the separation between Jehovah the promise of salvation yet to come and Jesus as Jehovah’s Salvation in hand is the difference between the names, yet it’s One Name. Salvation will be stayed after the Rapture, the first use shows Jehovah of Judgment, the second for those who hear Come up hither after the judgment. Jehovah is the Authority to wait for salvation, Jesus is the Authority to exercise Salvation. We found the Mark of God is the Joy of the Lord, making it different from the Seal of the Spirit.

We also find a reference to the Temple and Pillar (not Pillars – v. 3:12). The word for Pillar is the Greek Stulos, meaning One standing by itself. This group will end standing by itself, they will not have the Spirit, but they will have a faith like unto the saints of old. This word was also used in reference to leaders in the Church as Pillars (not Pillar), thus the Pillars are like unto the Stars, the Pillar like unto the Sand. Later John measures the Temple with a rod of iron, but when he measures the Tabernacle he uses A Golden Reed (vs. 11:1 & 21:15).

Again the phrase, “He who has an ear” comes after the reward, dividing it from the one prior, and the one to come.

Rev 3:14-18.

This is to the Laodiceans, not the church at Laodicea, thus this is the only one of the seven where the people are found in a place they should not be. The actual city of Laodicea was located about 40 miles southeast of Philadelphia, and 100 miles east of Ephesus, bringing this to a full circle; the beginning and ending; Laodicea was known as The Banking Center of the area, with a famous medical school, but today the city is in complete ruins. However, it was a place of material wealth, where the people lived in peace and safety, they appeared blessed from all the intellectual centers, until it was destroyed.

Just before the very end God calls out “Come out of Her, My people, so you be not partakers of Her sins, that you receive not of Her plagues (v. 18:4). This is not a call to Salvation, but deliverance, since the Her is the City, this is a call to leave the City. By then it will be controlled by the Synagogue of Satan who invade the Sixth church changing events from Peace and Safety to Sudden Destruction.

Jesus begins by saying He is the Amen, thus this points to the finish of the Seven. The phrase Faithful and True Witness, takes us to “and I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse: and He who sat upon him was called Faithful and True, in Righteousness He does Judge and make war”. This points to the Day of Judgment, the end of time as man knows it, thus this Seventh church will be among those who are appointed once to die, then comes the Judgment (v. 19:11). Paul said, if we judge ourselves, we shall not be judged (I Cor 11:31); therefore, the table of the Lord is the judgment seat of the Lord for the Christian. However, we do not judge ourselves by the tares, or natural conclusions, only producing frustrations, rather we five ourselves by the Spirit to the potential in us.

The phrase The beginning of the Creation of God, doesn’t mean Jesus is created, rather we find the Greek word Arche for Beginning (principality), showing Jesus is the Originator or Cause of creation, defining Beginning and Ending. The creation account was based on the Night, the works are done, this reference points to the premise. Jesus has the Cup to bring about the End, which is explained when the phrase Beginning and Endings changes to Beginning and End (v. 22:13). The word Endings is plural, referring to endings of times, but the word End refers to the End of all Endings. We are given these two phrases to show an End to one Age, to open another Age, which brings the End to all Ages.

This church assumes the Blessing is a result of their well doing, as they equate the material blessing in hand as proof they have not sinned again. They assume the wealth is a product of their hand, yet in the Law (one of the Two Witnesses) it says, “When you are in Tribulation, and all these things are come upon you, even in the Latter Days, If you turn to the Lord your God, and shall be Obedient unto His Voice; (for the Lord your God is a merciful God;) He will not forsake you, neither destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which He swore unto them” (Deut 4:30-31), and “And you say in your heart, My power and the might of my hand has gotten me this wealth. But you shall remember the Lord your God; for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, so He may establish His covenant which He swore unto your fathers, as it is this day” (Deut 8:16-18). Here we find the Little Strength began as Mercy, but as the Windows of heaven opened the next generation assumed the material in hand was their holiness. The Purpose is to complete the covenant made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, what they do with it determines the result.

This brings an interesting question, the prophets say there would be an end to the earth, yet the world is without end (Isa 42:10 & 45:17). Peter said the earth would melt with a fervent heat (II Pet 3:10), indicating the world and the earth are different. The earth is the physical element, the world pertains to those within the system run by the spirit of disobedience (unbelief). Peter’s description shows the physical earth turning inside out to become the burning lake of fire, yet the world or evil on the earth will continue forever. Therefore, before the judgment the devil, beast and false prophet are already seen in the burning lake of fire, showing It’s appointed unto all men once to die then comes the Judgment. It also shows why every knee will bow, they suffer for a short time in the Lake until Jesus steps on the earth again, thus they will bow and confess Jesus as the Lord, but for many they will not hear “Come up Hither”, rather they will hear, “I never knew you, depart from Me, you who work iniquity”.

This also shows why Every Eye will see Him, those who pierced Him, with those who wail because of Him, unless they are among those who Sleep. They are in the lake of fire when Jesus returns, then the Sea gives up her dead (v. 20:10-15); therefore, the prophets see the end of the earth as like unto Sodom, but without end, thus the New means New in purpose (Amos 4:11 & v. 11:8). We can understand the various places giving up their dead, the Sea (Gentile world), Death (those who sleep in Jesus), and Hell (those who rejected Jesus).

With all this we find the Laodiceans are found in the wrong place, with the wrong attitude, yet they have the blessing in hand. The Laodiceans have works, but so did Jezebel. The prophet says, “but you have borne the tabernacle of Moloch and Chiun as your images, the star of your god, which you made to yourselves” (Amos 5:26). The use of the word Tabernacle shows their illusion of Salvation being based in their use of idols and images, yet it was the time of Judgment; therefore, they said Look here is Christ, or Look there is Christ, but they were pointing to the Image of Jealousy. How can they make a star? They don’t, they traded their promised position of becoming a Star for the star of idols, causing their Star to fall from the heavens as wormwood.

The Laodiceans are the example of self-deception, they think one thing, but God sees another, their deception came when they received the deception of the Eighth. During our season they came as a roaring lion, full of words of Judgment, in the next they proclaim Salvation, attempting  to crucify the Son of God, which is impossible. Jesus went to the Cross as the Son of man, not the Son of God.

Zephaniah says the people will worship the host of heaven on the housetops; then worship the Lord in the temple (Zeph 1:5). Jesus said, “Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house” (Matt 24:17). They equated material wealth with holiness, assuming they could worship God and idols. Lukewarm is holding the name of God in one hand, with the world in the other. It in no way means prosperity is evil, since God gave, but it shows the nature of the person receiving can make the blessing a blessing, or turn the blessing into evil (Jude 4). The wealth is also seen connected to the Woman, as the center of all the world’s wealth (vs. 18:10-14).

In verse 16 we find Jesus will spew (spue KJV) them out of His mouth, the same mouth where the Sword comes from. The word Spew is the Greek Emeo it’s only used here, although it’s of unknown origin, the trace shows it means Vomit, or the cleaning of ones nose.

Naked is a direct reference to the Woman, the Lord says to the Remnant, “Plead with your mother, plead: for she is not My wife, neither am I her husband: let her therefore put away her whoredoms out of her sight, and her adulteries from between her breasts; lest I strip her naked” (Hosea 2:2-3).

The Remnant are the Seed of the Woman, which Seed was seen at the fall when God said, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed” (Gen 3:15). Here we find two elements, the Woman, not women, and Her Seed, not God’s Seed, the purpose is, “it shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel” (Gen 3:15). Notice the change in gender, first it’s “it shall bruise”, then “He shall bruise”, the “It” refers to the Seed of the Woman, or the Remnant who are noted as “the Remnant of Her Seed”, or what remains (v. 12:17). Then we find “you shall bruise His heel”, clearly this is Judgment, not Salvation. So, if the Woman falls to the Wicked, they the prophecy didn’t come to pass. Wrong, the prophecy was not the Woman, but the Seed of the Woman. The Woman will fall, but not the Seed, as the Remnant of they will be overcome, yet win in the end, the prophecy will come to pass.

The wording Eye Salve is the Greek word Kollourion meaning a Coarse bread or Cake, it’s only used here, meaning to scrub with a hardness to remove the scales of deception. This is not a “cream” or “balm”, this is a very coarse bread then using it as a type of sandpaper, indicating the deception is like hard scales blinding them completely.

Correction doesn’t come because Jesus is mad, it’s because He Phileos those he chasens and rebukes. If they repent, and correct the error, they will find the Agape love of God in the Joy of their Salvation; the Peace passing understanding, the Fellowship with the Father, the enjoyment of being able to praise the Lord our God.

Rev 3:19-22.

These Door is different, the Door to David no man could open, clearly here Jesus is telling us to open this one. This is not for the Laodiceans, this is for us. The hearing pertains to those who Hear the words of this prophecy, meaning us. This is the place to Remember all Jesus has done for us. Being in the Body is a gift, our measure of faith is a gift, being able to love the Lord is a gift. Here Jesus won’t open the Door, rather we find His Knock is His Voice, if we let Him in, He will sup with us at the Table. The word Sup means To Break Bread, or sit at the same table, thus it’s a form of Communion, the place of Remembering.

Verse 21 is our promise, combining all the promises to the overcomers pointing to the Hope ahead, to be with Jesus in the Throne as His Bride.

One might forget all the warnings, or rewards, following are a series of charts that may help. The following chart shows the seven churches, and closes this part of the Vision.


Ephesus – Attributes: Works, labor, patience, cannot bear the false, has borne, has not fainted, hates the deeds of the Nicolaitanes.

Ephesus – Faults: Left first love.

Smyrna – Attributes:Works, tribulation

Smyrna – Faults: Will suffer, but this is not against them.

Pergamos – Attributes: Works, holds fast His Name, has not denied the Faith, evan in the time of martydom.

Pergamos – Faults: Holds the doctrine of Balaam, and the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes.

Thyatira – Attributes: Works, love (agape), service, faith, patience, last works.

Thyatira – Faults: Some have allowed Jezebel to teach & seduce.

Sardis – Attributes: Works

Sardis – Faults: Some have defiled garments

Philadelphia – Attributes: Works, kept the Word of patience.

Philadelphia – Faults: has a little strength.

Laodiceans: Faults: Lukewarm, self-based, self-deceived.


Ephesus – Left their first love

Smyrna – Nothing

Pergamos – Held the doctrine of Balaam Held the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes

Thyatira – Allowed Jezebel to teach and seduce

Sardis – Some defiled their garments

Philadelphia – Nothing

Laodicea – Lukewarm


Description of Jehovah to the Jew, given to the last churches –


(1) Holy.

(2) True.

(3) Has the Key to the House of David.


(4) Amen.

(5) Faithful witness.

(6) True Witness.

(7) Beginning of the creation of God.



(1) Holds the Seven Stars in His right hand.

(2) Walks among the Seven golden candlesticks.


(3) Which was dead and is alive.


(4) Has the Sharp Two-edged Sword.


(5) Son of God.

(6) Eyes Like unto a flame of fire.

(7) Feet as brass.


(8) Has the Seven Spirits of God.

(9) Has the Seven Stars.

This ends the description noted in Revelation 1:12-16.


1) Eat of the Tree of Life in Paradise.

2) Crown of Life

3) Not hurt by Second Death.

4) Eat the hidden Manna, White Stone.

5) Power over the Nations, rule with rod of Iron.

6) Morning Star.

7) Walk with Jesus in White.

8) Keep our name in Book of Life.

9) Confessed before the Father.

10) Kept from the hour of temptation.

11) Made a Pillar (gate) in the Temple (Tabernacle).

12) Able to Sit on the Throne of Jesus.


Daniel 7:9 

Hair white

Throne fire

Feet burning fire

Daniel 10:6

Clothed in Linen

Lions Gold

Body like Beryl

Face Lightning

Eyes Lamp of Fire

Arms & feet brass

Words Multitude

John (Rev)

Hair white

Feet brass

John (Rev)

Garment to Foot (no color)

Golden Girdle

Eyes as Flame

Voice Many Waters


Face Like Sun


Garment White

Differences show Transfiguration Salvation, the Body and Head, with the Head first place – Daniel sees both the Father and the Son – In Revelation John sees Jesus prepared for Judgment.

Rev 4:1-2.

The first thing we find is the Door, did Jesus knock? Did John open the Door? It would seem something happened, but what? The Spirit opened the Door, since John was “taken” we find this is a preview to the Rapture. The phrase “After this” is the clue, we will see a like phrase, After these things, but the two phrases are different. Here it’s a change in direction, but After these things refers to an addition to the things prior. In the phrases “After these things” and “After this” we find the word After as the Greek Meta meaning In the midst, it implies some form of companionship or fellowship, the word “This” is the Greek Tauta meaning This, but it also means the opposite of the phrase “those things”. This is not after things, but after a combined series of things pointing to one thing. The prior text gave us the Rebuking and Chastening of the Lord, thus the Lord found things wrong, but in each case where there was error, there was an escape, a means to correcting the situation to become overcomers.

John hears “Come up Hither”, the purpose is to show things which Must be hereafter. There two different words for Hither, showing two different methods. Revelation 4:1 and 11:12 means to come up from where the voice came; Revelation 17:1 and 21:9 means to move to a place where the voice is directing us. The difference is moving upward, or over, many us say “come over here”, which is the same as Come Hither, some say “come up here”, which is the same as Come Up Hither.

Were the days of John like the days of Noah? No, not in any regard, but we know the last days will be as the days of Noah, we also know the difference between the days of Salvation, and the Days of Noah. Did the days start before the Flood, or after? Noah’s ark had a Door and a Window, but the Door was for entry to avoid the danger, Peter said it was like unto our Baptism, not our Water Baptism, but a symbol of the deliverance we obtain by being in the Body and Born Again (I Pet 3:21). The widow was opened after the danger passed, it’s a type and shadow of the windows of heaven opening after the Door is closed. However, only a thief attempts to make entry by the Window, regardless of the Season.

Our Justification began as a declaration from heaven, the Witness completes the effort. We found in First John the Record is declared, yet the Witness carried out the Declaration. However, if there is a Record, what all does it say? Can we know? It’s true we won’t know everything, there are some things we are wasting our time on, just as “why did it happened?”. Often we must accept what was, then move on with the Witness to finish the Record. So, what are some of the things the Record says? Chapter 4 Begins the Record in Heaven; we will find many things happening before the Seals are broken, if we forget there is a Record in heaven, we will assume these events take place before Jesus takes the Book and Breaks the Seals.

John will use forty-two months, three and one-half years, three and one-half months, and three and one-half days, each has a meaning, when we see the word Months it refers to Festivals, which points to Passover, Pentecost and Trumps, but this last aspect is not Three, but a Half of One, thus it’s not all Three of the Trumps, rather we find after the three and one-half the Last Trump will sound. The Great Trump will be the last one blown, but the Last Trump marks the middle of the Feast of Trumpets, giving us the Half. The term “days” refers to Sabbaths, or short periods as compared to longer times in the time, thus the Woman is seen in the wilderness during our Season (42 months). Then comes the Time of Comfort during the last three and one-half, then the devil will be released for five months, not three and one-half, the five refers to the completion of Trumpets, with Atonement, Tabernacles, Dedication and Purim, all the Times will be complete when Jesus says, “It Is Done”.

The Law and Prophets will lay in the Street, or a place between places for three and one-half days, or a short time, also known as Jacob’s Trouble. The wilderness was a street between Egypt and the Promised Land, thus the Law and Prophets with those who held to them will be killed, they can’t go to Paradise, since the area was closed when Jesus took captivity captive, they can’t join us since they won’t have the Spirit, neither did they do anything to place them in hell, thus they will join those who soul sleep, becoming part of the “dead” who live not again until the 1,000 years are over. However, they will be raised on the last day, pass the Books (Law of Moses), then find their names in the Book of Life, when we will call them up by saying, “Come Hither”, then they will join New Jerusalem, showing the Gates and Wall will be complete. It’s for this reason we find both the Spirit and the Bride saying “Come”. For us it was the Spirit, for those who will join us after the Judgment it will be we as the Bride who say “Come”. All these things are seen in the Record in one form or another, leading to the completion of both Seasons.

When Jesus was talking to the disciples regarding the end times, He was talking to Jews who would be the Church, not the Church in total i.e.: M’Sader Kiddushin or the Quorum. Before the Cross the disciples represented the twelve tribes, after Pentecost the Spirit was given as the Church was born. Positions changed for the Apostles of the Church, thus Judas was not accounted among these 12 positions; therefore, the Judas position is one of the Earth, not Heaven, one before the Spirit was given, not after. We don’t find eleven positions in heaven, but we do find the twelve positional aspects of the Church Apostolic callings.

Jesus said He would build His Church on the Rock, the Rock actually began before Pentecost, yet the Church was birthed on Pentecost, thus the Church is not the Rock, nor the Rock the Church, the Church is built on the Rock, thus the Rock came First, the Church Second. It seems redundant, but we must make the separation, the Rock will be broken, not the Church. Since the Rock was being established before the Church, and before Pentecost we find the Wicked are at the base of the Rock, the place where the Rock joins the earth. When the Rock is broken, they end as independent rocks gathering together. There are many members of the Church in the Rock, as there are many churches in the Rock, but the Rock is not the Church. The same separation must be made between Zion known as the Rock, yet Zion as the mount on earth. Just as the separation between Jerusalem of the earth, and New Jerusalem of heaven. When the 144,000 are marked, they are on Zion of the earth, not Zion of heaven, or in New Jerusalem. They will cry over the abominations done in Jerusalem, thus they won’t be in New Jerusalem, since New Jerusalem has no abominations.

In Matthew the disciples asked Jesus a three part question regarding the end times, this three part question helps us understand the three part answer John sees. Jesus  separated the answer into “When shall these things be”, “What shall be the sign of the coming of Jesus”, and “the Sign of the end of the world”.  We will find the seven angels have a Sound, a Saying and Pour out a vial, each relates to these three questions and answers.

The Generation shall not pass until all is complete, is the Jewish Generation (vs. 12:1, 12:6 & 12:17); our generation is not of this world, it will not cease to pass, but it moves from earth to its home in heaven at the Last Trump (Jn 18:36). One generation will not cease Until all is complete, the other will not Cease at all. We already know the word Forever has various meanings, it can mean Forever to a point of completion of something, or Forever and ever, which shows the end of one Age (ever), then the beginning and end of another (ever). It’s the addition of “without end” it makes a difference, the first Ever is our Age, the second Ever is the Age to come, thus Jesus said “in the world (age) to come”. Paul said we war against the rulers of darkness in this present age, rather than against rulers of all ages, or against the rulers of the age to come. During our Season the world is run by the things of the world, but in the next the Sixth church sits on the mountains of the world, as the House of David it will rule in the Season to come, thus the knowledge of the Lord will come from them.

This premise is also true in the Hebrew, the differences are found in Daniel, an Age  will be an Ever, leading to another Age making another Ever, then a Kingdom without end, yet another kingdom as an ever, without end. We can see the term “forever” depends on the usage, it can mean a time until a time, or a time without end.

At the Sixth seal breaking there will be a great earthquake, but the earth will not be destroyed, although the people will assume the wrath of God has come. After the quake they will assume they survived the wrath, but the purpose of the Sixth seal quake will bring the land masses back to a like manner as it was in the Days of Noah, this same earthquake will mark the Rapture.

Why would John see the events after he hears Come up Hither? These events are all heaven related found in the Report. John’s venture to heaven, although a vision shows , the only way any of us can enter heaven is by the Spirit. John sees things in the Record preparing the way to Open the Door at the Rapture for the Dead in Christ, but he will also see events after the time relating to the House of David. Although this book gives us hope, one can see how John being a Jew was showing the Jews what was ahead for them if they didn’t accept Jesus; being among the 144,000  was an “If” at best.

The first thing John sees in his vision is the Throne, He who sat on the Throne “was to look upon”, so what does it mean? It means a vision, it’s not saying John was saw Him who sat on the Throne as a “jasper”, but the lights coming from the Throne appeared as such. He also sees a rainbow, or the sign of a Covenant, a reminder the earth will not be destroyed with water, it will be fire, yet the earth will be without end.

Jasper represents the church (vs. 21:11, 21:18 & 21:19), as does Crystal. Sardine is the stone from which the city Sardis obtained its name, thus showing the Door through which John went is the Door for the Spirit Filled, Blood Bought Christian, who is in the time of Sardis, which gives us The Dead in Christ with those of us who are Alive (with Life) and remain.

Emerald points to the Jew’s Temple (Ex 28:18, 39:11), thus the Emerald refers to the Ephod, showing they will bring their tithes into The Storehouse, then God will open the Windows, but when the Windows are open, the Door to heaven is closed (Mal 3:10-12). There is only one Storehouse, the Temple in Jerusalem; however the Seventh church becomes lukewarm bringing in Malachi 3:13-14, they will think it’s Vain to serve God, meaning they have pleasure, peace and safety in hand, they see no need to seek God, thus becoming Lukewarm. The wording “in sight” is the same Greek word translated as “look upon”, meaning a vision. The figure is sitting on the Throne, not standing, this is a time of rest.

Rev 4:3.

Although we are given the first four seals for the Day, then the opening of the fifth, which will close the Day, as it opens the Night, we can also see the sixth seal opens the Time of Comfort for the Sixth church, but then comes the seventh seal at the end of the 1,000 years. The seals seem to relate to the churches in some degree; however, we must also keep the time elements in tack. The seven seals are broken first, then the seven angels appear after the seventh seal is broken. We must keep in mind how the first horseman causes a counter reaction, if we forget it, we will make the Holy Ghost the antichrist. How? By forgetting the first horseman is on a white horse, just like Jesus. This rider plants seed, not tares, He conquers, all attributes attributed to the Holy Ghost. The “seed” this horseman plants is the Word, or Seed of God bringing Grace as the New Man (Spirit of Truth, Another Comforter). The spirit of antichrist could not surface until someone became Christ like, thus First John told us they were to come, yet he also says they were around in his time.

The Holy Ghost plants the Seed, but He also reproves the world. Of  their lack of Righteousness because Jesus went to the Father making it possible for us to have the Righteousness of God. Of sin because they fail to believe on Jesus, thus we continue to believe. On Judgment because the prince (not the god or king) of this world is judged, thus if Judgment has come to the world, then so has Salvation. This First Horsemen causes all sorts of things, the other three horses are the very means in which the Holy Ghost reproves the world. In First John we found the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life were of the world, now we find the second, third and fourth horse go into the world based on those very elements. Sin causes war, whether within a person or without, the second horseman takes away peace; based on the lack of Righteousness the third horseman goes forth to bring famine. This obviously connect to “wars, rumors of wars, pestilence and famine, yet it’s not the end”. However, for Jesus has overcome the world, by Him the first Horsemen started planting the Seed on Pentecost, continuing until He who not lets takes us our of here.

When the four horsemen are done, then it’s time to open the Fifth seal, at time there is a great earthquake, bringing about the Rapture and Time of Comfort. The time of Judgment will actually begin with the Test of Peace & Safety, but the actual Judgment will be “stayed” during the Time of Comfort, until the “short time” for the Seventh church who is found in their “lukewarm” condition; then come the seven angels.

The seals  must all be opened before the angels come forth, thus the Seventh Seal activates the Seven Angels, the Seven Angels don’t activate the Seven Seals. Order and progression keeps us from “watching for the plagues” to come, when we should be Watching so we don’t enter the hour.

John will give us the events until Rev 11, then his prophecy until Revelation Chapter 12, then those things which were, leading to those which will be from Revelation Chapter 12 until Chapter 20, with Chapters 20 through 22 summing up the events. It’s a “nutshell” view, but nonetheless this a good time to view the seals, to see how the Seven Angels don’t appear until the seventh seal is opened.











When the time of the seven seals ends, the time of the seven angels begins, each angel has a sound, saying, and a vial, each of those relate to locations, and people. Each of the three also relate to part of the three part question the disciples asked Jesus.

Each angel gives us a view of the events during the short time, as well as upon whom those events take place. The First angel shows how the false prophet Causes the fire to fall from heaven. The Second angel shows the Great Mountain of the Lord falling into the Sea, when the Woman takes the three nations, leaving Seven, instead of Mercy, She uses words of conceit, taking the three nations, not by force of arms, but by the table of flatteries, which will be termed a miracle by great power (Dan 11:21-22). At this point in time they still don’t know the ways of war, but they do know how to use manipulation to take people into captivity. The Third angel sees the Great Star (not stars) fall from its appointed position, becoming Wormwood (bitterness). The Fourth angel sees the great division take place, one third of the Jews remain with the Lord their God, the other two thirds follow their own image of jealousy (Zech 13:8), setting the time of Judgment in motion. Up to this point in time the devil is still bound. It’s the Fifth angel who opens pit, then the devil with his demons are released on the people who failed to have the Mark of God, whether male, female or child. At the Fifth Seal the devil was bound, thus it’s the Fifth Angel who releases him, but if it’s the case how is it the false prophet can come with the working of Satan before the devil is released? The fall nature remained on the Stained garments, the defiled ones who rejected the cleaning of the Blood activated those stains when they saw opportunity.

Although the old dragon, as the devil and Satan is bound, we find the false ones still do all the working (acts) of Satan (II Thess 2:9). The false prophet is the same old self-transformed, Satan thinking one using envy, strife through the self-nature for self-benefit in our time, the same old synagogue of Satan.

Rev 4:4-11.

The Twenty Four elders is another symbol of the two Seasons, if John is an Elder as he reported in his letters, why didn’t he see himself among these positions? Because these Elders are types and shadows, the Record is written in heaven, John is looking at the Record from his position as a Witness: there are 12 Elder positions for the 12 apostle positions of the Wall, and 12 Elder positions for the New Testament listing of the Tribes of Israel for the Gates. These Elders need not be Apostles, or Tribes, they are Elders, representative of the Day and Night, showing Both the Greater Light, and Lesser Light are under the authority of Jesus. If God has Elders, does it mean they give suggestions to God? No, it means there are representative of the Day and Night.

From all this we know we’re not the Record in heaven, but we do have the Witness. The word for “seats” is the same word used for Thrones, the only place we find Thrones (plural) is in reference to the kings who overcome. The Elders have their thrones, God has His, they are not the same. The singular usage of the Greek word is found when talking about God’s Throne (Rev 20:4), but it’s also used in reference to the “seat of Satan” (Rev 2:13). The Greek word is Thronos; however, when we find the English translation of “thrones” it’s only in reference to those of heaven, again showing the Authorship of the Holy Ghost behind the hand of John, as well as the translators.

In all, we will find the Greek Thronos some 47 times, the connection between Satan and the Beast is clear when we find the “seat of Satan” is joined to the “seat of the Beast” (Rev 2:13 & 16:10). There are only three references to the “seat” (throne) of Satan. The twenty-four elders have Seats (thrones) in heaven, the dragon gives his seat (throne) to the First Beast, along with the “seat of Satan” promoting idol worship, then the Fifth Angel pours out his vial on the “seat of the Beast”, it’s the Fifth Angel who opens the pit (Rev 16:10 & 9:1-2). The counterfeit of the “throne” of God on earth, is the “seat of Satan”; however it’s still a singular usage, the only place we find the plural for “thrones” is in heaven, thus our Thrones are not of this earth, they wait for us in heaven, showing we are kings, but not of this world, our Kingdom is in Heaven, our Passport is the Spirit.

The Twenty Four elders are clothed in White, but this is before the Fifth Seal. This preview in the Record proves there will be some who walk with Jesus in White (v. 4). John will also see the four beasts in heaven at this time, but they are not set in motion to point to the Horsemen until the First Seal is broken, which won’t happen for several verses yet.    Verse 5 gives us the Lightnings and Thunderings and Voices. Lightnings point to the Father, the Thunderings point to the Sound of the Son, or The Word, the Voices to the Holy Ghost giving us the Record in heaven (I Jn 5:7-8). Thunders have sounds, Lightnings show Power, the word Voices is the Greek Phone which was best described as, “what brings light upon what is thought in the mind”. It’s the same word used by John the Baptist as a “voice crying in the wilderness”. It means the manifestation of what is in the mind, thus the Holy Ghost reproves by conviction, making the conviction mental. When devastating events happen, so does Revival, sad, but we know it’s so.

The Seven Lamps are Before the Throne, yet we know the churches are on earth, thus the promise is before the Throne in the Report. The word “before” is the Greek Enopion meaning In the face of, or In the presence of, yet we know John just finished telling us when he was on the Isle he heard a voice, turned and saw one like unto the Son of man standing in the midst of the Golden Candlestick. According to Revelation 2:1 Jesus held the Seven Stars in His right hand, as He walked in the midst of the Seven Golden Candlesticks, but here we find they are the “Spirits of God”. Ahh, the Record, this is still heaven, the stars represented positions, here are the seven “hear what the Spirit says” all recorded in the Record., thus we are told to Read, Hear and Keep these words (vs. 1:3).

Verse 6 gives us the Sea of Crystal, yet the metaphor for Sea represents the Gentile; but we find the other metaphor Crystal represents the Bride (vs. 21:9-11), thus this metaphor points to the Bride who comes from the Gentile Dispensation, or Age. Since this is still the Record, we find the declaration is made, the Witness is performing the work on earth.

We have the metaphors, Sand of the Sea, the Sea, the Mountains, the Hills, the Earth, the Stars, and the Islands all representing something. We know the Sand of the Sea represents the Jews, the Sea the Gentile, the Mountains nations, the Hills sub-nations (smaller mountains connected to mountains), the Earth as the kingdom of heaven (not the Kingdom of God). The Stars are the promised spiritual positions, the Islands raise up out of the Sea, but they are not the Beast of the Sea, rather Islands are those who came up out of the Sea (Gentiles) yet rule as kings and priests. After the Rapture there are no more Islands, thus they are gone, yet seen in the Report as Crystal before the throne.

In the Old we find Joseph gave his two sons his position, making the list 13 tribes, not 12, then God removed the Levi order as the priestly order, thus one from 13 leaves 12. However, in the New Testament list we find there are only 12, not 13, as Levi is accounted among the 12. The 144,000 are not priests, but those who keep the Commandments of God, much different from one who serves the Law of Moses. This shows the priestly order will not be at issue in the Time of Comfort. Today there is much talk about the Jews bringing back sacrifices, but even if they do, it will not have any bearing on the Time of Comfort. How could God accept a sacrifice of animals over the one of His Son? Does not compute: Mercy will be the issue, they will keep the Commandments of God by Mercy, giving us “I desire Mercy, and Not sacrifice” (Hosea 5:6).

Then the next element we find are the Four Beasts, they are not Seven, nor are they “dragons”. These beasts are not the horses, or the horsemen, they are in heaven as the Report regarding the horses and horsemen. Since there are Four Horsemen we find their time runs to the Fifth Seal, not after, thus after the Fifth Seal is opened these Four Horsemen are not seen again, neither are the four beasts.

John will talk about these beasts later, explaining how they point out the four horsemen, as the four beasts differ from the beast of the Sea and the beast of the Earth. The Four Beasts all represent the events in our Season, pointing out the purposes of the Riders and Horses; the Riders are not the Horses, either, neither are the Horses, the Riders.

If we confuse these Beasts as natural brute beasts we miss the entire picture. John doesn’t say they are natural brute beasts, he sees them as beasts of burden, they are sent from God, not the devil. The Greek shows these beasts have Life, meaning their purpose is to point to life, thus they may point out elements which may not seem Good to the natural mind, but they are nonetheless methods God uses to bring man to the Cross in our Season.

These four beasts are Full of eyes, they are the eyes of the Lord seeing what was, what will be, and what is. Verse 7 gives us a description of each Beast, the first is like a Lion, it’s not the Lion, but neither is it a goat, or a sheep, the false prophet appears as a sheep, but is really a goat, thus this Beast shows the First Rider is not the famed antichrist, rather the First Rider connects to the Lion from the Tribe of Juda. The Beast is like unto a Lion, thus the Rider represents the Lion, one area this is seen is in Acts 13:1 where the Holy Ghost appointed Offices on behalf of Jesus. This Rider Plants the Word, the Word is the Seed of God. This is found in the word Bow, the root word shows it’s an instrument to Plant Seeds. This Horse is White, not black, or gray, or white with a black heart. The Rider goes forth Conquering (Victory – Acts) and to Conquer (Give Victory – Ways). This Rider isn’t stealing, robbing or killing; therefore, this Rider is the Holy Ghost, the Horse is the Authority and Power. In each case the Horse represents the Authority and Power, the Rider carries out a function in reference to the Authority and Power. Therefore the Horse defines the function of the Rider, in the case of the White Horse the Power and Authority relate to Jesus.

Jesus said four things were for sure, the Holy Ghost would come, and did so on Pentecost. Then He told us there must be Wars, Rumors of Wars, Pestilence, and Famine. These had to be, we find they are sent by God as reproving elements, also none of these horsemen are referred to as “beasts”, it’s the Beasts in heaven pointing them out. The four beasts in heaven have elements identifying the rider of the horse, after the First Rider goes forth, then the other Three are sent. There is a division between the First Rider and the other Three, called “Another” (v. 6:4), and the word Another means like the first, but with a different function. The Second Beast is like a calf, which is sacrificed before any war, or after the victory of war, thus the Record of this Beast shows the second Rider and Horse will go forth to cause Wars and Rumors of Wars. Although the Rider is a Rider, and the Horse a Horse, as the Beast a Beast, the method is different, because the authority different, but the purpose the same, drive mankind to the Cross.

The Third is like a man, this doesn’t represent the Son of man, but shows how man will be man. The Record of this Beast shows the third Rider and Horse will go about to bring famine as a result of man’s greed, as a sign of unrighteousness of man. The Rider merely carries out what man does, thus somewhere in the world at any given minute there are wars, rumors of war, famine or pestilence.

The Fourth Beast is Like an eagle, as representative of an angel. The record of this Beast shows the fourth Rider and Horse are the angel of death, and God sent the angels of death into the land of Egypt, but the people with the Blood on their Door were free of the torment. We just read how Jesus has the keys of hell and of death (v. 1:18). In speaking to the churches Jesus doesn’t use the “keys of hell and of death”, but He does say He has them, meaning no one gets out unless He uses the Keys.

The First goes forth to bring Victory over the Sea, the other Three show the reproving of the world. We can see the Wars, Rumors of War, Pestilence and Famine are the beginning of sorrows, not the end. Each of the first four Seals point to these Riders, but they also point to a church as well. The First Seal brought the Seed of God, the ability to Love, but Ephesus left its first love. The Second Rider brought wars and rumors of wars, Smyrna was found in tribulation. The Third Rider brought famine, Pergamos was caught in Satan’s seat, facing Balaam who was money hungry. The Fourth Rider brought pestilence, Thyatira was found with Jezebel, all four horses run the race until the end of the Day, which is found in Sardis, who had to Remember how it Received and Heard. The Four Horses don’t begin the Night, they will end the Day so the Night can begin. When there is Peace and Safety surely we can see there are no wars, rumors or wars, famine or pestilence, thus they are for a Season, our Season; thus Jesus said when we see those things, it is not the End (Luke 21:9).

Verses 8 and 9 show the beasts have Six Wings displaying their times and Season only point to the time before the Sixth Seal, not beyond. The beasts are seen only in heaven, they rest not day or night, thus the beasts are not the Riders and Horses, rather they are showing John the Riders and Horses, while the beasts remain in heaven. They can’t Rest until It is Done, thus these beasts show the Bride will be in heaven during the Time of Comfort, but the wedding can’t take place until She has Her Bridesmaids. The Beasts say, “Holy, Holy, Holy” which points to Jesus and the phrase “which was, and is, and is to come”. The phrase Holy, Holy, Holy also points to the Trinity, Three Holies as a display of the Tabernacle, one Holy for the Courtyard, one for the Holy Place, and one for the Holy of Holies. The phrase “Holy, Holy, Holy” is progressive, as “Holy, and Holy, and Holy”, giving us three areas of Holiness. There is a holiness to the courtyard, showing God’s Justice is just as holy as God’s Grace, although each has a different purpose. We have God’s True Holiness in the New Man, thus True Holiness is Salvation based.

Is the evidence of the power and authority of these Riders evident today? Yes, as man fights the Rider, the Rider fights man. When man thinks he can make “Peace”, the Rider on the second horse shows his authority as another war, or rumor of a war begins. When man thinks he can cure some disease, he finds one worse coming on the scene. When man thinks he can win all the money in the world, famine strikes somewhere. Today we find more diseases than at any other time in history, so is there more? Man says he is finding more, but does it mean there are more. Clearly there are, when man comes up with one cure, the Rider produces another disease. Yet, it based on man’s unrighteousness, sin and judgment. If the Kingdom has Grace, the world must have the opposite. In the Night there is no Grace or Salvation, thus the world will be in Peace and Safety.

The word Kiddush in the Hebrew means a prayer to God in reference to the Sabbath and Gathering. There are 18 Kiddush prayers, 8 being the number of New Beginnings and Circumcision, with 10 the number of testing. Each Kiddush has “Blessed are You, O Lord, Our God, King of the Universe”; therefore, showing the Trinity (although the Jew doesn’t know it). Clearly the reference to “which was, and is and is to come” points to Jesus (v 1:19 & 1:8). This doesn’t mean Jesus is the Trinity, but it does show if we have seen Jesus, we have seen the Father. The confusion of the Trinity comes when we find the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are so much alike, it’s hard to tell one from the other.

What crowns do the Elders cast before the Throne in verse 10? Not only do they have Crowns of Gold, but they are wearing White, thus the White always represents a Resurrected Body, but the Crown represents a Crown of Victory, the same type of Crown the Holy Ghost carries with Him (v. 4). It’s also important to know when they cast these crowns before the throne, John shows it’s after he sees the four beasts, not after he sees all the seals opened. The Gold shows they were tried in the fire of God (v. 3:18). The word for Crown is the Greek Stephanos, it’s the same word used for Crown in the phrase “Crown of thorns”, but it’s not a kingly crown, it’s a Crown of Victory, although we see they are Gold, the original crowns from where this word was taken were made of Oak, Ivy, Myrtle, Olive Leaves, and Flowers, all things pertaining to Life. Why do they cast their crowns down? Could it be their crowns were given to them by God, indicating they had Victory, but being before God was more important than the Promise. Metaphorically we see the Debt being paid, indicating the premise of their souls being saved. The Elders are wise, showing why they are Elders, thus they show us regardless of the Season, what every gift we have, it’s still by God, to Him goes the Glory, forever and ever.

It’s also important to know the twenty four elders, and the four beasts are all in heaven when John sees them, the Seals had not been broken, thus John sees 24 positions, not people, all pointing to what will be, as this is still the Report.

The phrase “O LORD” in verse 11 is a direct reference to Jehovah the Mediator, as the Mediator between man and God. It’s obvious to the reader of the Book of Revelation we find many aspects at various times, here in verse 11 we find Glory, Honor, and Power, the three elements of Creation, as the three elements known to Abraham. This would be the Beginning, since Creation is the context, not Salvation or Judgment. This helps us understand how the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world, yet we know it was several thousand years after the creation of the world. The Plan was complete, the purpose of Creation is to bring the Lamb through the Cross, to bring us to God, thus in Genesis 2:1 we read “the heavens and the earth were finished”. The Hebrew word for the phrase Were Finished is Kaiah meaning Ready to be at an end, or Ready to be destroyed, thus God created the things of the Night to be destroyed, but we find the Plan of Salvation to remove His own from the destruction is also in the Plan. Before the creation of the Night there was The Light, the Light did shine, showing the Lamb was slain from the Foundation. It’s our concept of “rule” getting us confused, we thing to rule means we can tell the world what to do, or how to do it. We rule by not being subject to the prince of the power of the air, or the result of disobedience.

The Creation in the Beginning also shows the Earth, the Sea, the living souls of the Sea, the Fruit of the Tree, the Beast of the Field, as elements noted in the Book of Revelation showing, the Record holds the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, as the Logos (Word). Later we will see other elements as the Progression moves along, it may help us see how them line up:


List from Rev 4:11:





From Rev 5:12:

(Promise or life)







From Rev 12:10:



Kingdom of God

Power of His Christ

Rev 5:1-5.

Prior we saw the Seven Stars in the Right Hand of Jesus, we know Jesus is on the Right Hand side of Majesty on High, if we can’t see the three positions of Jesus, we will end confused. We see the Book in the Right Hand of Him on throne, later we will see the Lamb, but then we find the Lamb is also the Lion from the Tribe of Judah (Judgment), who is also the Root of David (Remnant) Who takes the Book. All this is still before the Seals are open, meaning it’s still the Record. The Book is like a Cup, it will have the various Cups outlined in it, leading to the Fourth Cup of the wrath of God.

We will also see something pointing to Praise as the connecting element. Each time we find a New Song it opens an event, Praise breaks open the New Things of God for us, praise Him for all His benefits. “Now wait, God changes not, and there are no New Things”. Try telling it to Korah. It may not be New to God, but there are many New things to us, including the New Man as the Plan progresses.

The word Praise in one form or another appears over 180 times in the Book of Psalms, but the word Worship appears more times in the Book of Revelation than it does in Psalms; Praise to Worship Him. Praise means we Thank God for all things, things in the past, things in the present, things to come, but Worship is done in the Presence of the Lord, or having His Presence with us. However, when someone worships the devil, they are asking for his presence. We will find the people worship all over the place, some will worship God, many will worship the image of the Beast. Worship is a recognition of the person regarding the majesty of some entity, or submission to the authority of the entity. In the case of giving worship to the Beast, the people have made the choice to place the Beast  as their authority. When it happens God gives them the desire of their heart, the devil.

The Book of Revelation shows the Presence of God, He is either in our Presence or we’re in His while it is yet Day, but the Night comes when no man can work, thus there will be silence for the last half of the hour, when His Presence turns to Judgment. Paul told us to be Wise concerning the Will of the Lord, as we are filled with the Spirit, giving Thanks for All things (Eph 5:17-20).

In all this we find the title Israel used only three times in the entire Book of Revelation. In verse 2:14 it’s reflecting back to the sin of Balaam; in verse 7:4 it’s pointing to the New Testament tribes of Israel, in verse 21:12 it’s in reference to the Gates, not the Doors, thus all Israel will be saved in the end. The only reference we find regarding Israel in the Church Age is the allegory pointing to the doctrine of Balaam as a point of history many years before the Cross, as a warning to those after the Cross. Paul said, For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel, he didn’t say “We” (Rom 9:6), then he said a true Jew (Not Israelite) is circumcised of heart, thus a True Jew is from the Tribe of Judah, not the Root of David, the separation is found before any of the Seals are broken.

The only ones to receive the Mark of God after the Rapture are the 144,000 Jews whom God has wakened from the spirit of slumber (Ezek 9:4, II Cor 4:3, 3:14, 3:11-14, 3:18, Rom 11:7, 11:25 & v. 7:1-8). If one assumes God is through with Israel, they are left without answers to a majority of the Book of Revelation, yet if they confuse Israel with a True Jew they are stuck we an extra 12 positions, which leaves them open to presumption regarding a majority of the prophecies in the Old Testament. If one removes the Remnant from the equation, they must also say God’s prophecies in the Old Testament are void, it would mean God changed, yet the Old Testament is the Testimony of Jesus, and prophecy doesn’t change, it’s completed. If one doesn’t Hold the Testimony of Jesus they have no hope, regardless of the Season. This misconception can lead to misinterpretation, such as the Man Child who comes from the Woman being the Church, when it’s clear the Man Child is Jesus, adding Jesus said He would build the Church, it’s not saying the Church would bring Him. The Church was not birthed from the Woman, the Church was birthed by the Holy Ghost (Acts 1:1-2:15 & v. 12:1-5).

Also this takes us back to Genesis 3:15, where we see the “woman” is Jerusalem, the “seed” (tares) of the devil are the wicked, the Remnant of the Woman’s seed will be the 144,000, which accounts for the language in Genesis 3:15. What language? Genesis 3:15  says, “IT shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel”. The “it” is the Body of Christ, since the 144,000 are a “they”, which shows the Body of Christ, with the “head” indicating the authority of the devil, thus we have Power and Authority over the devil. The Body is neither Jew or Gentile, it’s an “it”, but the Remnant are a They. We also notice Jesus isn’t going to bruise the serpent, the serpent will get bruised. Huh? Yes, look at the wording, it doesn’t say, “and He shall bruise thee”, it says, “you shall bruise His heel”. The heel touches the footstool, it doesn’t say toes, arch, or elbows, it’s only the one heel, the one which lands on the earth. A bruise happens when a concussion to the flesh causes blood to build under the skin. In the Garden the sweat of Jesus was as it were great drops of Blood, not saying it was Blood. Here we find the Footstool bruised the Body, yet it also shows the Footstool is no longer of the Body. To the serpent it won’t be a “bruise”, it will be destruction.

We also see various methods for the two groups; for us we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, the word or our own Testimony, Faith, and loving not our lives (souls) unto the death, but for the Remnant they keep the commandments of God, have the testimony of Jesus, yet they are overcome (vs. 12:11 & 12:17). We know the Testimony of Jesus is found in the Law and Prophets; clearly they have a little strength, whereas we have Salvation, Strength, the Kingdom of our God, and the Power of His Christ (v. 12:10).

The Book is sealed on all sides, the prophet Daniel said, Many shall be purified and made White and Tried but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand (Dan 12:10). First is White, then Tried, yet White is a type and shadow of the resurrected body, the promise is first, then the testing, not the other way around. This is another area of the declaration being presented, then the testing to enter it.

Daniel’s words give us the divided kingdom of heaven, those who have their faith tried will wear White, but the Wicked shall be Wicked until the end. John will also refer to this, as he says, “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still, and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still”, which is a reference to the Wicked, but then he says, “Let him who is righteous, let him be righteous still, and he who is holy, let him be holy still”, which is a reference to those who are Born Again as they walk in White (v. 22:11). The New Man has the Holiness and Righteousness built in (Eph 4:24), thus we find the division between the Wheat and Tares, the Wicked as Tares are unjust, since they refused to live by faith, oh they used their faith, but they didn’t live by the Faith, they used their measure of faith for self-gain, they are filthy, since they refuse to submit to the Blood and be cleaned.

Does this still relate to Fish? How about the Field? Do the “children of the kingdom”, and the “children of the wicked” still play a part in all this? Yes, the division is there, the Record holds all the elements from the Cross to the end of all time. The Good Fish change to “sheep”, as they enter the place of Division, then they go back as Islands of the Sea to catch more fish. The tares sit around attacking the Good Fish, yet they have a purpose. However, the Field continues until the end, we find when the 144,000 are marked they are placed into the kingdom of heaven for the purpose of the Night (Matt 13:40-43). The Kingdom of God leaves at the Rapture, the kingdom of heaven stays until the end.

The Sixth church is told the Hour of Temptation is to Try them who dwell on the earth, not to try those who dwell in heaven (v. 3:10). The Wicked never do understand, they are still the synagogue of Satan.

Paul warned of a falling away in II Thessalonians 2:3, it does equate to a degree with Revelation 17:10-11 where the first five are “fallen”; the word Fallen has two meanings, one is to Fall Prone Before God, the other means to Fall Away Backward, thus the separation of the Broken Body of Jesus will see the First Five churches split. Some will Fall before God dressed in White, some will remain on the earth as the defiled, as they fall backward into the Earth as the synagogue of Satan.

First Timothy 4:1 says there will be a Departing from the Faith, or another Divorce action caused by those who depart from The Faith. It’s the same principle, some will cause a Divorce from The Faith, others will join in the Marriage, this Divorce is not one done after the Marriage, it’s done during the Espousal period. Jesus will not cast any out, thus they make the decision to leave Him, He didn’t make the decision for them to leave. Peter shows they make the decision to return like a dog to its vomit, yet during our Season Jesus is still calling them to repent. When the Body is Broken their course is sealed, they will not be able to crucify the Son of God, while it is yet Today they can enter in.

In II Thessalonians 2:3 the word “Falling” is the feminine of the Greek word Apostasy, thus referring to the Broken Body of Christ, then the son of perdition will be revealed, which means left behind. When one falls from The Faith, they enter Iniquity, using their natural faith to accomplish their self-will (II Pet 2:10). This is not falling from the measure of faith, it’s falling from the Faith of Jesus. The word Depart in I Timothy 4:1 means To revolt, or Be the center of rebellion causing one’s own departure, thus it’s not Jesus leaving them, but they who Depart from The Faith, allowing a Root of Bitterness to spring up defiling them. Then the man of sin will be revealed i.e.: the Eighth (v. 17:10-11). II Thessalonians 2:6 says, The Wicked will be Revealed in “his time”, which comes in the Night. The mystery of iniquity does already work, thus we see two horns on the goat who thinks it’s a lamb, one in our Season as the spirit of antichrist as the iniquity, one in the next as the Wicked or Lawless One as the man of sin (II Thess 2:7 & 2:8-9). The Record of the son of perdition is not in heaven, it’s of the Earth, it’s formed of the earth for the earth.

The Record connects to the Witness, thus if we have Water, Blood and Spirit the Record speaks of us, our Victory is in hand.

The Book of Revelation is a combination of many prophecies, a great deal of the Bible speaks of Judgment, the Book of Revelation is a combination of those statements. First Thessalonians 5:19-20 tells us Don’t quench the Spirit by despising prophecies, in the Greek this reads “The Spirit do not quench, prophecies do not set at naught” (TR). We bring prophecies to Naught in our lives by rejecting the prophecy, but the rejection isn’t going to make the prophecy go away, rather we are removed from it by our rejection. The mistake of the false ones is assuming they can change the Will of God by speaking words as if the prophesy changes God, rather than seeing prophesy comes form God.

Verses 2 through 4 in chapter 5 show us many things, we see the Strong (one with Force) Angel wasn’t unable to take the Book, but proclaimed “who is worthy?”. This angel equates to Michael, whose name means “Who is like God?”, which is a question, not a statement. This question will be asked again, here this angel sees the Book, then asks “Who can open it?” or “Who is like unto God who can open it?”. No man, David, Moses, Abraham, John the Baptist, Paul, Peter, or any other man was worthy to open the Book, or even Look upon it, neither was the Strong Angel; thereby, eliminating Michael from being the same as Jesus. Not even John, the disciple Jesus loved, was able to either Read or Look upon the Scroll.

Three words are important here, Open, Read and Look. The word Open equates to One breaking an egg to see what’s inside, the word Read comes from the same root word as Open, meaning to Know Again, it’s the same word used in verse 1:3; the word Look has different uses in Greek, this usage means to Beware of, To perceive, it’s the same as John 1:18 which reads “No man has seen God at anytime”. In John 1:18 and I John 4:12 there are two different words used for phrase “no man has seen God”. In John 1:18 it means To Discern Clearly, not merely looking upon someone with the naked eye, but in I John 4:12 it means to Look Closely At, it does relate to seeing God with the naked eye, as well as the ability to Visit God in God’s dwelling. This correlates to Hebrews 12:14, “Follow peace with all men, and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord”. In this case it means to lay eyes on the Lord, thus Adam heard the voice of God, he walked in the protection of God, but he never really knew God, and he never saw Him.

No man was able to open the book to see what was inside, no man was able to know again the contents, or to understand what the contents mean, thus the contents are reported by the Prophets of Old, but no man understood them, nor were they aware of the contents until the Spirit revealed them (I Cor 2:9-13). However, when the Book is opened what it pertains to, is then Revealed to those who have the Understanding.

The book leading to the Words of the Scroll was sealed in Daniel’s time, even Daniel didn’t understand it, since Daniel didn’t have the Spirit.

Verse 5 shows John talking to one of the Elders, if John is one of the Elders, surely he would call this Elder by name, unless the Elder is a position, not a person. We find the Lion, and the Root, but why not the House of either Judah or David? Jesus is the purpose for the Houses, He is not the House, but the Head of all Houses. The House of David, House of Saul, House of Judah, and House of Jacob are all different, as we found, all of them are on the earth. The House of David was not the temple, the temple was called the “house of the LORD (Jehovah)” (I Kings 7:51), the House of David is the House of Israel (I Sam 7:3, II Sam 2:12-16 – transfer of the House of Israel to David). We find Jesus has the “Key of David”, yet it will open the House of David, connecting to “all Israel will be saved”. To the House of David a virgin shall conceive (Isa 7:13-14), thus the House of David belongs to the Woman, from whom the Man Child came. The key to the House of David is given to the Son who shall be a Father to the House, no man can open, and no man can close the Door (Isa 22:21-22). The Keeper of the House of David will be secured by a Sure Nail, not Nails, the Sure Nail is the one through the feet of Jesus, thus the enemies of Jesus are His footstool. This shows the Father will use the Sixth and Seventh churches to make those enemies the Footstool.

Through the Tents of Judah we find Salvation, through the House of David will see Judgment (Isa 22:23-25). Those who seek to be among the 144,000 do greatly error in their hearts. The 144,000 are picked by God, not because of their works, but because their hearts are Mercy based, yet they are purposed to bring about the Judgment. How can it be? By not loving their lives unto the death, when the Wicked kill the Merciful, all mercy (righteousness) is removed, then comes the Judgment.

There shall be a fountain opened to the House of David, but this is not the Fountain of Living Waters, rather this Fountain is still Mercy, but lacking the Living part. This type of Mercy is open for anyone to give, if they really desire to. Then at the end, they will look upon Him they have pierced (Zech 13:1-6). The House of David is the Branch from Jesse  growing to become David’s House, but the Root is still Jesus, thus one can’t see the Root, indicating the Root is hidden from the Remnant. To us Jesus is the Full Corn in the Ear, revealed by the Spirit as the God the Son.

Now the House of Jacob, the man, not the nation, this House will use the means of the Philistines, as it comes from the east to take the three nations (Isa 2:6 & 11:14). The House remains, when the Tents are gone. Daniel shows the chief of Ammon will escape, thus overcoming the Three will be peaceably (Dan 11:24 & 11:41). The Lord will hide His face from the House of Jacob, but will look upon the House of David, but it doesn’t mean the House of David sees the Lord, it means He sees them (Isa 8:17-18). The Remnant of Israel will escape from the House of Judah, thus they will not take the mark (Isa 10:20). The Lord will have mercy on Jacob, but the purpose is to save Israel (Isa 14:1-2), this begins the Time of Comfort, showing Mercy upon the entire earth when the devil is bound.

The Lord will do a work in the House of Jacob, but woe to the rebellious (Isa 29:22-30:1). The Lord will deliver the Remnant of the House of Jacob, who are known as the tents, this is at the Rapture, yet all Israel will be saved, but not all who are called Israel are Of Israel (Isa 46:3 & Rom 11:21-32).

The House of Jacob is called by name of Israel, showing a change within a change. There will a time when the House of Jacob will rule, but within God sees “Israel”, as He calls out, “Come out of Her My children” (Isa 48:1-2 & v. 18:4). God has declared the former things from the beginning, they shall come to pass (Isa 48:3).

The House of Jacob will have its sins exposed at the sound of the Great Trump (Isa 58:1). The House of Jacob produces the Woman, thus Jeremiah tells us in the days (not day) of the Righteous Branch from David (not Jesse) Judah shall be saved, Israel will dwell safely, they shall call His name The Lord Our Righteousness (Jehovah Tsidkenu) showing Jehovah is on the Right as the Only Righteous One. In this context we see Judah (the Church) is already saved and delivered out of trouble, they are seen in White (Jere 23:6). However, later Jeremiah points to the time of Desolation saying, “in those days shall Judah be saved..” by Jewish standards this means a completed effort, but then he adds “and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the name wherewith She shall be called, the Lord our Righteousness” (Jere 33:16). Here it’s Jerusalem who dwells safely, not Israel, it’s a She who makes the claim of being “the Lord our Righteousness”, yet the City is the Woman assuming the glory of Her house is a product or Her goodness.

The House of Judah is clothed with a Robe, the Remnant of the House of Judah will take root and bear Fruit, some thirty, some sixty and some a hundred (Isa 37:31 & Mark 4:28), but out of Jerusalem shall go forth a Remnant, they who escape out of Zion (mountain of the Lord); thereby showing the Remnant will flee (Isa 37:32). At the time when Israel and the House of David are active, Judah shall already be Saved. At the end the House of Judah shall walk with the House of Israel (Jere 3:18).

This one verse (v. 5), shows a separation, does one Hear the Lion? Yes, can one see the Root? No, the Lion is known in the Law and Prophets, the Root is hidden from the those of David. We received the Lamb of God, our sins are forgiven, we Follow Jesus, the Son of God, but the Root is hidden from David until the end.

A Lion is the king of the jungle, known as the Judge, thus we see the Root of David for the Remnant, as the Lion from the Tribe of Judah pertains to Judgment, thus the Judgment was in the Record, but so was Salvation. The metaphor Lamb Slain points to a Sacrifice given, but not yet accepted, thus the Remnant will follow the Lamb, yet we have accepted the Sacrifice as we follow Jesus.

Rev 5:6.

Jesus is seen as a Lamb, yet prior He was seen as a Lion, and the Root of David, the Lamb seen shows Him as having been slain, thus this is not before the Cross, but after the Sacrifice. If part of our stand is to believe Jesus is raised from the dead, why does John see the Lamb slain? This is the Sacrifice, we have other evidence showing what is taking place here. Hebrews shows the Father saying to the Son “Your throne O God, is for ever (age) and ever (age): a scepter of Righteousness is the scepter of Your Kingdom” (Heb 1:8). This shows the House of David is looking toward the Cross, yet we are looking back at the Cross. Why would God almost seem to reverse the events? The Jewish religious leaders failed to receive Jesus, but it’s in the plan of God, thus the Seed (Jesus) of the Woman brought Salvation, the “it” or Body will bruise the serpent by holding salvation, but then when judgment comes, the serpent will bruise the heel of Jesus. The Remnant of the seed of the Woman, are of the Night, we are of the Day, in Genesis 3:15 we find both the Day (It), and the Night (them).

The word Lamb is used 29 times in Book of Revelation (5:6, 5:8, 5:12, 5:13, 6:1, 6:16, 7:9, 7:10, 7:14, 7:17, 12:11, 13:8, 13:11, 14:1, 14:4 (twice), 14:10, 15:3, 17:14 (twice), 19:7, 19:9, 21:9, 21:14, 21:22, 21:23, 21:27 22:1 & 22:3). The false prophet is “like a lamb”, not saying they are a lamb, nor do they come as a Lion, but we find they bring judgment in this Season, while they proclaim Salvation in the next, they can’t get it right, simply because they love to control the spirit lusting to envy. They remain as kings, yet never reach the Priesthood.

In contrast the name “Jesus” is used 14 times, the title “Christ” is used 11 times, as the combined wording “Jesus Christ” 7 times, although it takes nothing away from Jesus as Christ, the context clearly points to the Lamb of God as Slain, thus referring to the time before the Resurrection, when Jesus carried all the marks of the Cross, before The Holy Ghost was given. Until the Holy Ghost is given, no one was Born Again, the events relate to a people who have protection, but not the Spirit. At this point in time Jesus is still carrying the Marks as the Son of Man until the very End.

The first time we find the word Lamb is in Genesis 22:7, the first time we find the word Lambs is in Genesis 21:28, the first time we find the possessive aspect of the word Lamb’s is in The Book of Revelation (21:9), in fact there are only two possessive areas, both are in the Book of Revelation (21:9 & 21:27). One points to the Lamb’s Bride, the other to the Lamb’s Book of Life. We know Noah took animals to be sacrificed, we also know Noah had a Covenant with God (Gen 9:9), but the covenant with Noah was not to destroy the world by Water again, thus Jesus came by Water and Blood to save the world, Noah sacrificed “clean beasts”, but the term clean beasts is not defined as lambs alone (Gen 8:20). The first time we find the actual word Lamb is with Abraham, not Noah. If we extended this metaphor back to Noah simply because Noah made a sacrifice we would miss the entire point, thus when we look at Metaphors we will keep them in the exactness, not the mystical.

The same is true with the metaphor “naked”, if we assume the metaphor always means Ashamed, we get into trouble when we find the Word in us will make us Naked and Open before God (Heb 4:12-13), thus the metaphor Naked can mean ashamed if one has something to be ashamed of, or it can mean Open and Honest depending on the usage.

Under the Law of Moses the sacrifice of the Lamb was for atonement, not remission, thus the Cross brings Atonement through the Mercy of God, the Spirit grants us Remission through the Blood of Jesus. Therefore, the reference to the Lamb shows Atonement, not Remission, thus the Lamb opens the Seals, the Remission is seen when the First Horse is released as the First Seal is broken. Therefore, the Holy Ghost  is sent by the Father through the efforts of the Son to bring many sons to God so they can be the Bride, their declaration is seen as the great Sea of Glass.

The Lamb has Seven Horns and Seven Eyes which are the Seven Spirits of God sent forth into the earth, how many Spirit’s are there? The Seven Horns are also known as Pipes, or the Bowls holding the Oil on the Menorah, thus the Seven Horns are Power, the Seven Eyes are Authority, granted to the Seven churches, to the firsts five it’s Grace, Mercy plus the Faith of Jesus, to the last two it’s Mercy alone. Zechariah shows the Seven Bowls on the Golden Candlestick, thus we have the Seven Angels of the Seven churches, then the Seven Eyes of the churches, with the Seven Spirits or Attitudes attributed to the churches, each in reference to the message given (discussed prior); therefore, all things are open to the Lord, He sees all things, whether we admit it or not. Each church is different, each has it’s own problems, or attributes, yet they are not The Church. The Rock has times in the Season, things we go through as time moves on, but the Doctrine of Christ is stable, it cannot be changed or altered, regardless of the time of man.

Rev 5:7-14.

This begins a series of events, all of which will be given in detail later in the Prophecy, but here we find the Lamb took the Book out of the Right Hand of Him who sat upon the Throne, but didn’t we just read “To him who overcomes will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame, and Am set down with My Father in His throne” (v 3:21), which is a present tense statement (Am Set Down). How could Jesus be the Lamb, sit on the Right Hand side of Majesty, then take the Book from Himself? No, this is still the Record unfolding, this is before Jesus sat down. The work was still being done, the Holy Ghost was yet to be given.

When the Book is taken the Four Beasts and 24 Elders are all in heaven, not on the earth (v. 7). At this point in time we find the Prayers of the Saints are in the hands of the Elders, not the Seven Angels, nor are they in vials. The word Odors means Incenses or the presentation of Sacrifices, thus all the prayers of the saints and of the Son of man are for us (Jn 17) in the hands of the Elders. Our Treasure is in heaven, thus where our treasure is, so is our heart. Not only does God answer our prayers now, but He stores them before His face, thus the angels of God are always before the face of God. This shows heaven was in the process of being loosed, the disciples on earth were praying in one accord in the upper room when the First Rider was released.

Harps are always a sign of Forgiveness, Joy and Happiness, a symbol of praise and worship, thus our prayers, praise and worship are all before the throne of God. God does hear, God does answer, it’s discerning the answer to bring the Joy, acceptance of the answer proves our faith.

A New Song is sung by a New Testament person, the Song of Moses by those in the Wilderness (Ex 15:1-19 with Ex 16:1-12). The New Song here is the Beginning of something. Not only is the Lamb worthy to take the Book, but He is worthy to open the seals. Prior John saw No Man was able to take, or look upon the book; therefore, Jesus is more than mere Man in all regards. The phrase “You were slain” gives us the time period, it doesn’t include the Sacrifice completed, although for the Lamb to be in heaven He had to be Resurrected. The phrase “Has Redeemed Us” is a past tense usage, the term “Every kindred, tongue, people and nation” means what it says, Jew and Gentile. This is still the Record showing all this is Written in heaven, thus John is seeing the Record unfold.

Verse 10 again shows we are kings and priests, in 1:6 it says “has made us kings and priests unto God and His Father”. The context is the same here, thus this is the place where it’s happening, back in 1:6 John was making a present tense statement, here he is seeing how it happened.

Reigning on the earth is what we are doing now, although some of us hold a concept of reigning as holding the people in bondage and hostage. We are kings of the Kingdom we are not terrorists; we reign over things, yet we are sojourners here on earth. If we are of the Body of Christ, and all things are under the Feet of Jesus, then we rule now. This shows we are not subject to the same outcomes, or powers as those in the world. We can’t assume we dictate rules over the world, based on the evidence of James being beheaded, or the many saints who were killed, rather regardless of the physical body, we are have a Home waiting. For the world it’s much different, when they lose the physical body, they lose their position to repent. We have a higher promise, the world does nothing to us, unless it’s granted from on High.

The Light and Salt of the Christian keeps this present Age open until then when Jesus opens the House of David, connecting with Matthew 28:18-19. Jesus said All Power (authority) was Given to Him in Heaven and in Earth, then He said “Go you therefore”, it’s the granted authority to be a king in the kingdom (Body), but it’s also based on the scepter of the Righteousness of Jesus with the Mercy of the Father, not by force and violence. We take the Kingdom by violence (energy), we take the world by Grace, Mercy, Love and Peace of God by the Spirit through the Gospel of Peace.

Between the Song and the ability to reign is a training period. We can’t assume we are redeemed, then we’re able to jump into reigning in one prayer. The Record shows we sing the New Song until the time when the Spirit says we reign.

The Seal has been broken, the evidence on Pentecost proves it. The first four seals have been broken, the evidence throughout the world proves it. Jesus is holding His own Will, the Promise to the Overcomer.

Later we will see the Woman gave birth to the Man Child, then the Man Child was caught up into heaven, here is what happened after the Man Child was caught up, but why not say the Lamb was caught up? Why “Man Child”? The Son of man is still based on the Cross, the Woman is looking toward the Cross, She doesn’t have it, neither does She see it clearly. This gives us identification, in the end they will ask where the marks came from. The Resurrection declared Jesus the Son of God, the Sacrifice in heaven declared Him God the Son, the acceptance of the Sacrifice, and looking forward to the judgment seat are different.

The Lamb is still part of the Sacrifice presented, thus John sees Jesus like unto “the Son of man”, returning for the second aspect of the Cross. Since the Woman gave birth to the Man Child, we know the Woman can’t be the Church, the Church never gave birth to Jesus, nor does the Church give the New Birth; therefore, the Body and Church are the result of these things, not the cause. Jesus by the Holy Ghost gave birth to the Church on Pentecost, to assume the Church is the Rock is in error as well. The Church is built On the Rock, it’s not the Rock. To assume the Church gave birth to Jesus is a bigger error, the premise suggests the Church has authority over Jesus, not so, Jesus is the Head, we’re the Body.

In verse 11 we see the term “many angels”, this is after the phrase “has redeemed us” (v. 9). We know there are twenty-four elders, and four beasts, yet the number of these “angels” is given as “ten thousand times ten thousands, and thousands of thousands”. This is vital, showing an angel is a messenger, this is the Record, the numbers point to the two flocks, the Day as ten thousands times ten thousand, the Night as thousands of (from) thousands; the greater as increase, the lesser as a decrease.

We find the second group is thousands taken from the thousands, the only place we find groups numbered in this manner is the 144,000 Taken from the Tribes, thus the Day is one of multiplying, the Night one of taking away. Clearly, the First group shows a Growth, but the second shows a reduction, thus we find the Greater Light is one of multiplying, the Lesser Light is one of subtraction, thus Salvation is the adding to, Judgment is the taking away from. We are the angels who minister to the Lord as kings and priests, we are sent to those who “shall be heirs of salvation”, because we are heirs of Salvation.

This brings the Greater Light into the prophecy, leading to, “in Blessing I will bless you, and in multiplying I will multiply you”. The larger group is before the smaller, John will confirm this by showing the Larger Group is in heaven, while the smaller group is on earth, yet here it appears as if both groups are in heaven, what gives? The Record.

The term “fell down before the Lamb” is a Jewish phrase meaning to Venerate or worship fully, we worship by the Spirit of Truth making us angels of God, the massagers of a heavenly message. This time element would be after the 40 days, since the Holy Ghost did not come with Power from on High until Pentecost.

This group “Says”, thus they aren’t singing, they’re speaking, the list given here will be different from others given regarding the Lamb. Here we see Many angels, later when the Promise is complete for the First Five churches we will find All the angels.

The Items in verse 12 are 7 in number relating to Daniel’s seven (Dan 9:24-27). As review, Daniel’s Seven included Seven items among which are: To finish the transgression or to reverse the transgression of the fall, which Jesus did. To make an end to sins: John said those born of God cannot sin I Jn 3:9, thus this is also completed in Jesus. To make Reconciliation for Iniquity (a failure to do what we are suppose to do), this was also completed by Jesus, as we are called to the Ministry of Reconciliation (II Cor 5:17-21). How can we bring the Ministry of Reconciliation unless we are already kings and priests reigning on the earth? This is made clear in Revelation 5:10, in the saying “You have made us kings and priests”, a present tense statement, but then comes the statement “We shall reign”, which is a future tense statement, showing the Record is declaring all this, the Witness is bringing it to pass.

Next Daniel pointed out: To bring in everlasting righteousness, which Jesus did, as the Father proclaimed (Heb 1:8). To seal up the Vision, which Jesus did. To seal up the prophecy (not prophecies), which Jesus did as the Spirit of all Prophecy. To anoint the Most Holy, Whom Jesus is, as the Father said, Thy Throne, O God, is forever and ever (Heb 1:8, with v. 3:21). We find Jesus is the Power to finish the Transgression, He is our Riches for making an end to sins, He is Wisdom for making Reconciliation for iniquity, He is Strength for bringing the Everlasting Righteousness, He is Honor for Sealing up the Vision, He is Glory for Sealing up the Prophecy, He is our Blessing for the Anointing He received then gave to us. If Jesus didn’t complete the Seven, we are not Christian in any sense of the word, but He did, and we are. John will later tell us the process is Salvation, Strength, Kingdom of God and the Power of His Christ (v. 12:10).

This also shows why John sees the “Lamb Slain”, rather than the “Son of God sitting on the right hand of Majesty”. This is the Sacrifice presented, the opening of the Book is represented in Hebrews 1:4-9. When Jesus takes the Book the Father says, “Your Throne, O God, is forever and ever: a scepter of Righteousness is the Scepter of Your Kingdom” (Heb 1:8). It’s we who Love Righteousness and Hate Iniquity, we find our God will Anoint us with the Oil of Gladness (Spirit). Then we can say, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has Anointed me”.

Verse 13 is the same as Hebrews 1:6-9, but we find a different set of elements, starting with Blessing, Honor, Glory and Power. Why is this different? We find another division between the Seasons. The First list in verse 4:11 gave us Creation, what was given to Adam, this list is the promise to the Jews, but what is given to the First Five churches is found in verse 5:12, confirmed in Revelation 12:10. Verse 12 shows the Lamb receiving Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Honor, Glory and Blessing, this is complete at the Rapture. Then comes the list in verse 13 for the Remnant, where we find this last list has a different Greek word for the word Power. In the list in verse 12 it’s the Greek Dunamis, but in the smaller list in verse 13 it’s the Greek Kratos meaning To hold fast, or To maintain, which defines A little strength.

With this we find another set of verses pointing to the Rapture. When those who fit the list in verse 12 appears before the Throne, those who fit the list in verse 13 will be on the earth. The list in verse 12 is appointed unto those who fit into the phrase “Dead in Christ”, whereas the list in verse 13 to those who fit the phrase Root of David (Remnant), then comes the Lion from the Tribe of Judah. Why “Lion”, and why “Tribe of Judah”?

Back in Genesis 49:8-10 we find the neck of His enemies, and His Father’s children shall bow down, which is every knee shall bow, pointing to the Judgment. For us it’s “should bow”, in the end it’s “will bow”. Then we see Judah is a “lion’s whelp from the prey”, then “you are gone up”, showing how Jesus will ascend after the Judgment, which is the time when He will bring those who find their names in the Book of Life back to the Father, which would include those who Sleep in Jesus (I Thess 4:14). Then the phrase “all Israel shall be saved” will be completed.

We also find He stooped down, the wording “stooped down” is the Hebrew KaraShiloh comes, the end is in hand (Gen 49:10). meaning To bend the knee, or become Obedient, even Obedient to the Cross. This defines the Lion is Judgment, not Salvation, thus the Lamb is the Sacrifice presented, then comes Savior and Lord, then the Root of David, or foundation for the House of David, then King of kings and Lord of lords as the Lion to Judge the world. The concept of the “Father’s children” points to those of Mercy, it’s the Father who makes the enemies of Jesus His footstool, when

In verse 13 it’s “Unto Him who sits on the throne, and unto the Lamb”, thus we have the addition of the Father (Mercy), Jesus said the times for the restoration of Israel were in the Father’s hand. It will the time when the enemies of Jesus are made His footstool, during our Season it’s clear they are around, but this is still the Day of Salvation, any of them have time to repent. God is still equal, the Day is always open for repentance and Salvation. It’s the Night when no man can work.

Jesus doesn’t make His enemies His footstool, the Father does, it doesn’t come until the Night, thus it may appear to us the Wicked are getting away with murder, but they weaving the rope of Judas. As for us, we hold our Mercy, walk in Faith, projecting the Wisdom of God.

The word Creature in verse 13 is the Greek Ktisma meaning What is Created, here we find another verse showing the Rapture. Those promised the Record in heaven include those who were caught away, those on the earth would of course mean all those on the face of the earth, then those under the earth would be those buried or those who Sleep in Jesus. What elements are lacking in this second list? Riches, Wisdom, and Strength, thus the latter group are given a Little Strength, they have a Blessing, they have Honor, they have the Glory of the Sun and Moon. Comparing the various lists we find the differences between all three, yet all three are connected. Revelation 4:11 begins with Glory but ends in Power; whereas Revelation 5:12 begins in Power but ends in Blessing, and Revelation 5:13 begins in Blessing and ends in Power. We become a Blessing to others through the Power of His Christ, the creative Power of God brought us the New Man, we moved from seeking the Blessing, to being one. Why does one list end with Blessing, yet the other begin with Blessing? The words link the Two Seasons by ending one and beginning the other. Our Blessing is found in the First Resurrection, their blessing is when the Windows of heaven are opened, ours is spiritual in nature, theirs is material.

The four Beasts say, “Amen”, but only after Jesus takes the Book, then the twenty-four elders Worship Him who lives for ever (age) and ever (another age), giving us twelve elders for the Day, with twelve for the Night. This links the last two times in the One Hour of Temptation, taking us back to Revelation 1:18 where Jesus said, “I am alive forevermore”. Therefore, the twenty-four elders before the Throne of God had no problem in giving worship to Jesus, since it was in the presence of the Father it stands giving worship to Jesus is not only acceptable, but required. It’s important since we’re not talking about “12 men”, but positions. The twenty four elders represent New Jerusalem, including the Wall and Gates. Why are they not seen as New Jerusalem? Time and timing, they are representative of the Promise, representative of our positions being secure in the Record. It’s the twenty four elders giving us “we sit with Him in high places”, while we are yet on this earth.

This ends the Record, it had to be Written before the events on earth could take place. In this we find the Record is with the Father, Word (Logos) and Holy Ghost. Why say The Word, why not Jesus? Or the Lamb? John already told us in the Beginning was the Word (is), the Word is God (was), then the Word was made flesh (is to come).

The Record is Written, now the Witness must come to connect the three, Water, Blood and Spirit on the earth for the Day, the Law and Prophets for the Night. For us we find the Gift is given by the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost is not the Gift, thus the Holy Ghost brings the Seed as a result of the breaking of the Seals. This record clears up the question, Who gave the Spirit? We found the Father gave Jesus the scroll, then Jesus opened the Seal, from the breaking of the Seal came the Holy Ghost to plant the Seed, as the Seed is the Spirit. It wasn’t one or the other, but One God all in all. All this shows how none of this was available to any man prior to the Lamb of God taking the Book. If it’s New, it’s New (Jn 7:38-39).

Rev 6:1-2.

The phrase “I saw when the Lamb opened the seals” begins the explanation from the time Jesus took the Book. The Noise of Thunder points to something said from heaven. Each thunder represents the Rhema, the Proceeding Word was going forth. The Greek word for Thunder is Bronte meaning a Sound, the first place the singular (thunder) was used is in Exodus 9:23 when the Thunder and Hail came upon Egypt; however, the first place the plural (thunders) is used is in Exodus 20:18 when God had the First Trump sounded, as He wanted to come among His people. Ahh, Thunders, Proceeding Word, they relate. Yes, God wanted to be among the children, the Proceeding word brought the Ten Commandments, the Law of Moses, the Tabernacle, and later the Temple

John already told us about the Beasts, one like a Lion, one like a Calf, one had the face of a Man, the last like a flying Eagle, we know the reason they are called Beasts, is because they point out something regarding man. When the Holy Ghost comes He will guide us, but He will reprove the world. The reproving was in three areas, by the coming of the Holy Ghost the other three horses were released, they bring wars, and rumors of wars to reprove the world of sin, because they believe not. Then famine to reprove the world of righteousness, because Jesus went to the Father, providing the Righteousness of Jesus to those He gave power to be Born Again, making self-righteousness, unrighteousness. Then pestilence to reprove the world of Judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. We know all of us were among the Sea, we came to Jesus, thus the four horsemen did their job, we made it.

We also find the mark, image, name, and number of the Beast presented by the Second Beast, when we Received and Heard “Greater is He who is in us, than he n the world” the separation was secure in us, we are not among the sons of perdition who produce the abomination of desolation. The mark, name and number all relate to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life, yet we all make mistakes, but in the process we find we hate it when we do. Mistakes happen, but they are learning tools on the path of the Faith of Jesus.

In our Season the Wicked are associated with Balaam, Jezebel, the spirit lusting to envy. In the Next they remain silent until the Seventh church thinks it’s rich and need of nothing, then the Wicked see their opportunity. It still shows, the Seventh had go give place, before the Wicked could invade. If it’s the case, and it is, how then do we falsely presume the Wicked can trodden us under foot?

We were of the disobedient until the First Horseman pulled us to the Cross, our Hope was opened as the Door to the Kingdom was Opened for us. Then all things are New, the old person is Dead, we are a new Creation in Christ. During the Day even if we slip by taking some element of the Beast, we can repent, be restored, but in the Night it’s not so. This Good News is really Good.

The place to Fish is in the Sea, not on the Earth, we were caught in the Net, saved from the world to enter Salvation by the Mercies of God, we make it to heaven through the Grace of God. We must also keep in mind all four horsemen are sent from Heaven, not hell, not the devil, and certainly not man. These four beasts are part of the Report, they are in heaven, viewing something to do with the Book Jesus holds, thus the four horsemen are God ordained, God sent, and God motivated, to fight their purpose is to fight God. We call the called from the Sea, we don’t attempt to make the Sea the Sand of the Sea, or the Heavens.

In all this the Beasts tell John to See, thus what John sees is not the Beast, but what the Beast represents, clearly the four beasts are part of the Record (v. 1). The First has a Bow, we bet you thought we were never to confirm it’s an instrument for planting. The word Bow is the Greek Toxon, which means A stick made from the simplest fabric, it’s often confused with a “bow and arrow”, but the meaning is found in the root word which is the Greek Tiko meaning To produce from Seed, referring to the planting and production of a Seed. The Bow here is for planting Seed, it’s not the Rod of Iron, it was a hollow tube in which the seeds were placed, then it was pushed into the ground to release the seed. The Comforter brought us Another Comforter. If we want to find the White Horse we don’t have to travel far, Jesus returns on a White Horse, Jesus is not the White Horse, neither is this Rider the White Horse, rather the White Horse is the vehicle (vs. 19:11-14): the Rider changed, the Horse didn’t. The color White takes us the White Robes, but there is more to it. The Horse represents a Cloud, even the last three represent clouds of witnesses. Why does God have to do, what He has to do? Rejection of Jesus, hindering the Holy Ghost, coming against the Anointing. The condition of the world is what caused us to seek the Cross, if all was peace and safety why seek Jesus? “Oh the love brother”, true, but what drove us to the Love? The measure of faith is not worldly, it’s a gift from God. Let’s face it if the Love of God was in the world, why did we seek the Cross? There are reasons for things, we accept God’s wisdom in the matter, thus the basis of Faith it to believe “God Is”, not “how come?”.

Before the other Three go out, this One Rider and Horse must come as a Rushing Mighty Wind. The First Seal opened the New Birth, thus Jesus is seen as the Lamb of God, since none of us could be a son of God without the New Birth. Wait, isn’t Jesus in heaven when this First Rider goes? Yes, He was in heaven before the Spirit was given to the Church, it fits (Acts 1:9-10 & 2:1-4).  When the Holy Ghost went forth, then Jesus sat down, He will first stand to meet us when the Holy Ghost leaves the earth, He will continue to stand until He sits on the throne of judgment. While Jesus sits it is yet Day, when He stands the Day of the Lord begins the Night.

All four of these Horses and Riders are given to us in the Gospel account; Jesus said, “Take heed, you be not deceived: for many shall come in My Name, saying I Am Christ; and the time draws near: go you not therefore after them. But when you shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things Must First Come To Pass; but the end is not by and by” (Luke 21:8-9). Before one can say Jesus is the Christ, the ability to be Like Christ (Christian) must be available, thus this First Rider is not the Antichrist, since there must first be the Spirit of Christ on the earth before there can be an antichrist spirit, this Rider goes to conquer (gain victory), yet the antichrist spirit goes about to destroy. How do we know? John said they came from us, thus there must first be “an us”, before they antichrist could come from Us. Clearly from First John we find there could be no antichrist spirit unless the Greater He was in us. Those who say Jesus is the Christ, or say they are Christian without the ability by the Spirit to be Christ Like are false christs, or better, “false Christians”. This is different from being formed, it relates to the Spirit of Truth in the person, thus one might say they are Christian, but they must have the Spirit of Truth to be correct.

This was confirmed when Jesus told the disciples not to talk about Him being the Christ of Grace of the Cross, they lacked position to speak of spiritual things. After the Holy Ghost brought the Gift, it changed, thus there was no antichrist people around until there were first those who were of Christ. Judas was never termed “antichrist”, although he was clearly against the will of Christ, rather Jesus called him a “devil”. The son of perdition opened the position, after Pentecost others joined as time moved on.

After the First Rider brings the ability; then comes the Wars, Rumors of Wars, Famine and Pestilence, these Must Come and Pass. As long as He who now lets keeps planting the Seed, the three horses of war, rumor of war, famine and pestilence exist. Even it’s a Hope: when it’s Peace and Safety, the time to be Born Again will have passed. The three horsemen are still active, if they are active, then it’s still the Day. The End of the world is not by and by, but the end of this Age could be at any second.

Not only does the First Rider (not the Horse), have the Bow, but He has a Crown, this is the same Crown of Victory we spoke of prior, only here we will explore this metaphor further. This Crown is given Five titles; it’s Incorruptible (I Cor 9:28), it’s of Joy (I Thess 2:19), it’s Righteousness (II Tim 4:8), it’s Life (James 1:12), and it’s Glory (I Pet 5:4). Each relates to the First five churches, the First church left it’s First Love and was about to become corruptible, the Second church needed Joy to endure the battle, the Third church needed to know the Righteousness of Jesus to dispel the unrighteous doctrines of Balaam and the Nicolaitanes, the Fourth required Life to defeat Jezebel and her horde, the Fifth, well many are still running all over the place looking for the Glory, but the Glory is within (Rom 8:18).

It’s the Fifth church who will know the truth of the Glory being revealed by the White Robe of Righteousness. It’s not a matter of looking to Heaven for the Glory to fall, it’s a matter of submitting to this First Rider so we can see the Glory from within manifested. The difference is, we are Given the Crown now, the Remnant are promised their Crown at the Judgment, if we have our Crown now, doesn’t it stand we reign now? Yes, it’s merely the concept of reigning brings confusion. It  also means we have the Victory now, we are more than Conquers through Christ. We will find there another crown, it may surprise us to find when Jesus returns He doesn’t bring the Crown of Life, but another crown for the kings of the earth who rejected the Crown of Life.

The word for Conquer in reference to the First Rider is the same used for Victory, or Overcoming, in the Greek this could read “overcoming, so he might overcome”, we know it as “life, so we might have it more abundantly”. This Rider is the Holy Ghost coming before the others for the purpose of guiding us, instructing us, bringing us into a spiritual nature, giving us the heavenly ability to be formed into the Image of God’s Son, separating us from the other three horses.

If we are told to be overcomers, why do we see how the saints shall be overcome? The saints (Remnant) yet to come will be overcome by the Beast, as the Beast kills them, but they are a different group. The Greek word for Conquering also gives us a clue to the Nicolaitanes since the word is Nikao the root word for both Nicolaitanes and Nicodemus, but it’s the root words telling the story. Nicodemus came By Night, his name means Victory For The People, but the Nicolaitanes remained in darkness, their name means Victory Over The People. Nicodemus is a type of good king, the Nicolaitanes a type of the carnal minded who presume they are kings. Our Victory is in our Overcoming ability by the Faith to be an Overcomer. For whosoever is Born of God overcomes (Victory – Nikao) the world: and this is the Victory (Nikao) who overcomes (Victory – Nikao) the world, even our faith and Who is he who Overcomes (Victory – Nikao) the world, but he who believes Jesus is the Son of God (I Jn 5:4-5). Wait, wait, doesn’t John see one like unto the Son of man? He most certainly does, a division of positions. The last three horses are in the world, yet the Victory we gain from the First Rider makes us overcomers of the world as sons of God. We don’t cast off our position as sons of men, but we do hold tight to being a son of God by the Spirit.

Also in First John we find a Whatsoever (not Whosoever) is Born of God has the First Victory, then the Whatsoever moves to the Second Conquering of Victory by Faith, bringing them into a Whosoever. The first points to the Seed of God, the second to the one who reaches the position as a son of God. First John also tells us the Greater He is greater than the he in the world, so why would it change? It doesn’t, to us is given the Victory to overcome the he in the world, we are kings and priests unto God.

From the Greek First John 5:5 could read, “Being Born of God we have conquered the world, this is the conquering which conquers the world, our Faith” (TR). The Greek word Nikao (conquering) is translated as Overcome in Luke 11:22, John 16:33, Romans 3:4, 12:21, I John  2:13, 2:14, 4:4, 5:4 (twice), 5:5, in the Book of Revelation  is seen in 2:7, 2:11, 2:17, 2:26, 3:5, 3:12, 3:21 (twice), 11:7, 12:11, 13:7, 17:14 & 21:7. The word Victory is also found in Matthew 12:20, in I Corinthians 15:54-57 in reference to having victory over death, showing us our Victory is in Jesus (I Cor 15:57).

Rev 6:3-8

The word Another in the phrase Another Horse is the Greek AllosAllos is found in the Greek phrase Ho Allos in Revelation 17:10 meaning Remaining One, in reference to the Seventh church it won’t come until the Sixth has finished it’s course. The Seventh is a church, but different in means than the Sixth. This shows the last three of the four couldn’t come until the First was released. This second one is like unto a calf, relating to war, also the Greek word indicates the resemblance is a young calf, much like a heifer. Numbers 19 gives us the Ashes of the Red Heifer as they pertain to Purification and Separation (Numb 19:1-9). Therefore, this Second Horse is one of separation from the First, yet the purpose of this separation is to point us to the First Rider, then we are drawn to the Cross being made free of the last three riders. meaning Different, yet same in contrast, thus this Horse and Rider came from heaven, but have a different course than the First, just as the other two after it have different courses than the First. The Greek word

These last three horses lead to the Fifth Seal producing a change in Seasons, we recall how Jesus said it wasn’t the End, but the beginning of Sorrows (Matt 24:8). Jesus points out, before the Earthquakes of different manners in different places can take place these Horses and Riders must complete their race, John agrees, by showing the First Horse and Rider take the Anointed Church in a twinkling (not a blinking) of an eye. This is important, if we are waiting for these horses to show up, we missed the point, Jesus said these events were the Beginning, not the Middle or the End, Peter said those days began on Pentecost, it’s no big secret today we have wars, rumors of wars, famine and pestilence. We can see the Night will end the wars, rumors of wars, famine and pestilence, by bringing peace and safety to the earth, but it’s a Test on the world after being freed of the wars, rumors of wars, famine and pestilence. The evidence will show the Wicked are the Wicked, war or peace, they are bent on destruction.

The word Red is the Greek Purros the root word is Pur (Fire), this color shows a Flame-Color, much like a great bomb blast, or a burning town in war. This Rider brings War and Rumors of War, yet it was released by heaven; however, the purpose is to drive man to the Peace of God, God knows man’s heart is evil above all things who can know it? Don’t blame God for war, rather it’s man’s corrupt heart, yet God has also established armies to protect the world in the time of war. As many evil armies arise, more arise to keep the earth intact. In the end the army of the Lord are the Gentiles coming against the evil city, thus God does us good to fight against evil.

The word for Take in the phrase Take Peace is the Greek Lambano meaning To take actively, thus even if man in the world wants Peace, he won’t find it without Jesus, history has proved it. The Prophecy is coming to pass before our eyes, but it’s not yet completed (v. 4).

This also shows the wars lead up to the Time of Comfort, thus any concept of some great war destroying the earth during our Season is not according to Scripture. First comes the Peace and Safety, then sudden destruction, not the other way around. We will see the war begin to open the Night, but it will not finish all time, rather the great earthquake comes, then the people will beat their weapons into plowshares, since the horse and rider are gone, the people will not know the ways of war. The finish of the war will come at the end of the Night, when the people beat their plowshares into weapons, yet since they don’t know the ways of war, they will beat people to death, then comes the last earthquake. Isn’t it interesting? One earthquake causes them to beat their weapons into plowshares, then when the beat those plowshares into weapons, it causes another earthquake, greater than the first.

The Greek word for Sword is Machaira meaning A slaughter knife, or one used for sacrifices, this is the same Greek word used in Revelation 13:10 showing those who kill with the Machaira, must be killed with the Machaira. Surprising enough it’s the same Greek word used for the Sword of the Spirit. It’s not the Sword, but the intent behind it. In reference to the Sword of the Spirit it’s used to project words of Grace indicating the Lamb sacrificed. The Greek word for the Two-edged Sword is Rhomphaia meaning A saber, or a Long broad cutlass. The Two-edged Sword from the mouth of Jesus separates the sheep from the goats. Here it’s man against man, man slaughtering man, but the Word (Logos) is sharper than any two-edged sword, allowing us to speak the Word (Rhema) of the Spirit.

The Third Seal is broken, causing the Third Horse to go forth to bring Famine. The Beast showing John this horse was like unto a man, thus man’s greed is always the cause of famine. This Rider is told not to hurt the Oil and Wine, we know the Wine refers to the Blood, the word for Oil here refers to the Olive Tree, not the Fig Tree. This is a metaphor for the anointing of Mercy for those sprinkled by the Blood of Jesus, indicating they are free of this Rider if they receive it. However, if they don’t know it, they could be tricked into thinking they are suppose to be subject to it.

The Parable of the Fig Tree (Time of Comfort) doesn’t begin until the Sixth Seal is broken. Although this Rider is told not to harm the Oil or the Wine, it’s restricted to just those two areas, the word Harm is the Greek Adiked means Hurt or Damage, thus this Rider is restricted, the Just still live by faith. The conclusion is, live by Faith, hold the Blood and Oil this Rider can’t touch you.

Here is the power of submission, does the world submit? Hardly, they set their teeth to fight these three riders with a vengeance, but do they win? They will think so when the Night opens, but the evidence of today shows they don’t win. They can’t beat these riders,  attempt to knock them of the horses, but they will run their course.

In all this we also find the thief, the one going about stealing the blessing from the child of God. Prosperity isn’t a sign of holiness, but stealing the blessing is a sign of the son of perdition. How do they do it? By witchcraft, robbing us before the blessing reaches us, they introduce words of unbelief, doubt, questioning, debating, challenging, attempting to take away our blessing, but teaching us not to be a Blessing. Don’t give place to the devil, he will take it, then give it to his horde of wicked followers. The wealth of the Wicked was obtained by the Wicked stealing from the Righteous.

The Fourth Seal is broken as the Fourth Horse goes forth, this Horse is a Pale Green, shown by the Greek Word Chloros, but this color is reflective of dried grass, or grass lacking (Mercy). In verse 8 we find the Name on the Rider is Death, with Hell following, but in 1:18 Jesus said, “I am alive for evermore, Amen, and have the keys of hell and of death”; therefore, the breaking of the seal sent this Rider forth to bring pestilence. Taking a second look we find this Rider is a “he” not a them, his name is Death, as hell follows, but Jesus said He had the keys to Hell and Death, just the opposite in positional wording. The planting of the Seed grants us Life, removing us from Second Death, yet here it’s not the second death, but the first, yet why is “hell following”? This doesn’t say all who die go to hell, rather hell is following. In the end Hell is judged, then it’s cast into the lake of fire where the Second Death is found, giving us Death and hell following, but the result thereof comes when Jesus opens those areas. What about the “pit” the devil will be bound in? Same hell, different elements, hell will to be judged until the last day, the devil will be released by the Fifth angel. The devil is seen in the lake of fire before the Judgment, but death and hell give up their dead to be judged.

It’s well after this Forth Horse runs when we find the second death, those in hell will be judged on their rejection of Mercy, or if they gave it. As we will see, there are various groupings judged on the last day; first the Jew, who must pass the books, even if they pass the Books, they still must find their name in the Book of Life. Then the Sea, then Death, then Hell (Rev 20:11-15). It doesn’t make any difference from where they came, they still must find their names in the Book of Life. Ahh, back to Luke and the mystery. Jesus said, “Rejoice not how he spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven” (Luke 10:20). Jesus gives us the Power, then says don’t rejoice. Go figure? Oh, if we rejoice in the power over something, we will forget about He who is over us.

The contrast is amazing, we begin with Wars, Rumors of Wars, Famine and Pestilence, but we have the Peace of Jesus, whereas, the Remnant begin with Peace throughout the entire world, ending with Pestilence, Famine, then War. The Church began in the blood of the saints, the Remnant ends with the blood of the saints, no wonder Jesus warned us about confusing the two Seasons one into the other.

The Beast showing John this fourth Horse is like unto a flying eagle, it’s not a real eagle; thus this Rider is an angel of death, the same angel who was sent by God to go among the Egyptians. We can’t forget this angel of death was sent by God, not the devil, both the Jews and the Egyptians knew it.

Rev 6:9-11.

The first four seals are opened, going about doing their work when the Fifth Seal is opened,  when the Fifth Seal is opened it generates the activity connecting the Altar of God, the Rapture, as well as those who sleep in Jesus, as they sleep through the Night. The Fifth seal finishes the time for the Fifth church, it’s the Fifth church who is promised the Confession of Jesus before the Father (v. 3:5). Jesus said “in that Night” two will be in one bed, one taken and the other not, the Greek shows it will be At the Night, or the point between Day and Night. This doesn’t refer to the Night proper, but to the time just before the Night begins. We work while it is yet Day, for the Night comes when no man can work, the context shows as the Night breaks, then one will be taken one left, indicating the Broken Body of Christ, explaining why Paul linked the Broken Body to the betrayal of Judas, and why we find Judas as the son of perdition, but we know there are many who fit the grouping.

Judas was not a Pharisee, or a Roman, he was among the ministry, he held position as an ordained apostle, yet he “tossed” it away for the sake of pleasing his self-nature, thus all those who join his ranking become sons of perdition. This shows why there is the spirit of antichrist, but many antichrists, just as we find one Spirit of Christ, but many who fit the grouping.

When the Broken Body happens those with the Spirit of Christ will go to meet the Lord, those who followed the spirit of antichrist become the Beast of the Earth, they then change positions to become the False Prophet. It stands when the Spirit of Christ is taken, there will be no more “spirit of antichrist”. At the Rapture the Two Witnesses of the Law and Prophets take over, thus the Wicked are Lawless, they will attack the Law and Prophets during the Night. Their envy merely changes direction, instead of attacking the Spirit of Christ from within, they move to the feet of the Sixth church, wait for their opportunity to invade, which comes during the time of the Seventh church, thus they are the Eighth.

John sees two groups of people under the Altar, yet they are one. Those slain for the Word of God, and Those who held a testimony. The latter group are those noted in the Book of Hebrews as the “great cloud of witnesses” (Heb 11:1-12:1). Therefore, Paul told us the Dead in Christ are in Clouds, not Cloud as one. The first group are all those who are Crucified with Christ or “slain for the Word (Jesus)”. Both groups comprise the Dead in Christ, with the addition of those who are alive and caught up in the twinkling of an eye. We know Jesus took captivity captive, showing they are taken from one area of captivity, then placed in another area. Paul called the latter area the Third Heaven, or Paradise. We are the Clouds above the Air, thus we find the prince of the power of the air in the lower Air, the Clouds far above his position. It’s far better to be in the higher Air. We saw this with the Strange woman who was in a high place, but not the highest place. We war against spiritual wickedness in high places, by reaching for the highest place.

There are two words for Slain, one means to kill outright, the other means to butcher, or sacrifice like one would an animal. The latter word shows a joining to the Sacrifice, it’s the latter word used here. It doesn’t mean they were killed outright, although some were, rather the context points to those found holding the Life of Jesus when their physical bodies ceased to hold their souls. They gave over their life (soul) to Jesus, making them able to enter the Second Paradise or the Third Heaven Under the Altar of God, or the place Paul was caught up to. Paul was under the Altar, no one has reached God’s heaven yet, if Paul felt it was blasphemy to attempt to use human language to describe what he saw, why do we listen to people who tell us about God’s heaven? Now wait, what is John doing here then? John is giving us a Vision, as he uses allegories and metaphors, he is not giving us exactness of the things in heaven, but he does regarding the things on the earth. No man can use human language to describe the things in heaven, it’s still blasphemy. Why? The things in heaven are only described by the language of heaven, using the limited language of the earth only takes away from heaven, it never equals it.

The wording in verse 10 also points to the two groups by the phrase, “O Lord, holy and true”, pointing back to the Sixth church; however, this doesn’t mean these people come from the Sixth church, rather it shows at the beginning of the Sixth church these words are spoken by those in heaven. The link shows when the time for the Sixth church begins at the Sixth Seal those who are Holy and True by the New Birth will stand before the Throne in heaven a the Crystal Sea. This will be seen again in Chapter 7, where we will see when the 144,000 marked on earth, while we are in heaven.

White robes were given to them, thus relating to the Fifth church who was promised the White Robe, showing the Record in 5:9-10 complete (v. 3:4). They change positions to be the Crystal before the Throne, thus this would be the group who moved from the earth to become the clouds of Witnesses, to meet Jesus in the Air above the Clouds, where they will forever remain with Him (v. 7:9).

This type and shadow gives us Hope, but we Wait until God’s timing is perfect, we pray to go, but we know God has said Tarry until the Seal will be broken, the proof is here, John is seeing what must be.

Rev 6:12-13.

Verse 12 begins the Sixth Seal, which is not opened until those under the Altar of God receive their White Robes, as they walk with Jesus. If we have our White Robes in heaven at the Sixth Seal, yet the Great Tribulation doesn’t begin until the Seventh Seal, how then can we be subject to the Great Tribulation? If the Good News says we are not subject to the Wrath of God, yet the Fourth Cup is the wrath of God, how can we be on earth then? We can’t, but what about those of the Broken Body who didn’t leave in the Rapture? What about the sons of perdition? Are they found in these verses? Will it explain why they come out of the earth, rather than the Sea or from the Sand of the Sea? Could this be the beginning of the Big Lie? Yes, it’s all in these next few verses.

We first see the phrase “A Great Earthquake”, rather than “The Great Earthquake”, we must keep in mind this is the Sixth Seal, not the Seventh Angel. This would be far too early for the Judgment, yet it’s marked with an earthquake like no man has seen prior; however, John will show us what the people of earth say is one thing, but the Record says another. On the earth it will appear as if all is lost, the entire earth, not just a place here or there is moving like a drunken man, the earth is twisting and turning in all directions, land masses are coming together, cities are falling, islands are moving, the poles are changing, what is going on?  It’s the end of the world, all is lost. Wait, isn’t this the Sixth Seal? Ahh, a mystery connecting to the phrase, “for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, they should believe a lie: they might be damned who believed not the Truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (II Thess 2:11-12 & I Jn 5:17); pointing to one group, those assigned to be established in The Rock, but rejected the premise ending as independent rocks. The massive earthquake will leave thousands of dead physical bodies, but many of those bodies were left when the souls in them left in a twinkling of an eye. It will appear as if it was the Judgment of God, yet no one on earth had to face the Judgment seat. Adding the Peace and Safety with the devil bound, they will presume it’s heaven on earth. The 144,000 will operate in Mercy, to them it doesn’t matter if it’s heaven on earth or not, their motivation will still be Mercy. This gives us the Mark of God, or the Mark of the Father as Mercy, but the Seal of the Holy Spirit relates to Grace. When we received the forgiveness of our sins we received the Breath of Jesus, granting us the power to forgive, with the added permission to receive the Holy Ghost. The 144,000 will not receive the Gift, but they will have a little strength as they are Marked of God indicating how they operate in Mercy.

Jesus said there would be Earthquakes, not merely an Earthquake. Therefore, Earthquakes in different places are always a sign of some form of the Resurrection. In Matthew 27:51 the First Resurrection was marked by an earthquake, those who are Partakers will join the Resurrection at another earthquake, but there is yet another earthquake, one greater than this one, which will turn the earth inside out, it will be New in purpose, as hell widens her borders becoming the lake of fire.

The earthquake when Jesus was Resurrected was centered in Israel, but the Call expanded to the entire world, the earthquake noted here is the one when the earth goes to and fro as a drunken man, but it’s not destroyed (Isa 24:20). This is noted by seeing there is yet one more Seal, plus the Seven angels yet to come. The three Horsemen are also gone at this time, but they are still here now, thus this is not the end. This earthquake marks a change in Seasons, as the earthquake prior marked a change in Seasons as well. Jesus opened the Day, this earthquake will close the Day as it marks the opening of the Night. We can also see the 144,000 are marked after this quake, if it’s the judgment why even mark them? No, this earthquake is our Hope, not our destruction.

Peace and Safety must come before the sudden destruction, this Earthquake gives us a hope, the time hasn’t passed, we haven’t missed it, it hasn’t passed away, our Faith is still in the right place working to the right Hope.

There is a concept of the Continental Mosaic, wherein it’s felt the earth at one time was one land mass called the Panthalassa, then the masses drifted apart in some manner giving us the earth as we know it today. Some hold it was a series of earthquakes, others one or two great quakes, but they also say the earth is slowly going back to one land mass which they call the New Panthalassa. This could happen with one great earthquake covering the entire earth at one time. Jesus said it would be as it was in the days of Noah, in the Days of Noah there were many things not even close to things we see today, the clean water, no need for rain, and other facets. This Earthquake John speaks of would bring the earth back to one land mass, but think about the force of such a quake, what would people think?

John gives us two metaphors, one is close to the one Jesus gave, but not close enough, the other shows the Mighty Wind, only in this case it’s the Mighty Wind leaving, not coming to earth. Jesus said the last earthquake would cause the sun to be darkened and the moon shall not give her light (Matt 24:29), but John shows the darkness mentioned by Jesus coming on the Sun when the Fifth Angel opens the pit (v. 9:1-2), not at the Sixth Seal. John shows this blackness on the Sun at the Sixth Seal as Sackcloth, a sign of repentance, not a sign of demon possession as one finds when the Fifth angel opens the pit. John also says the Moon became as Blood, rather than a loss of light, thus an extended metaphor would assume this was an exactness of the metaphor given by Jesus, but the one Jesus gave is yet future tense after the Seventh Seal. Giving us two time periods, yet the same Season, the one John sees opens the Time of Comfort, the one Jesus gave us is seen at the end of the Time of Comfort (Rev 16:18-19).

Since the Sun in this case is a metaphor for Israel, as the Moon is a metaphor for Zion, the one thing missing is the Woman, the City, where is it? The City as the Woman enters the wilderness, yet comes riding on the Beast, thus the opening of the Night shows the “Sun and Moon”, but not the city. The Sun being Israel shows the House of Israel is repenting, this is because Jesus opened the House of David.

Now we know the Moon shall become as blood, we have another mystery. Does the Moon cause it? Or is the Moon subject to something causing the Moon to be blood? On Pentecost Peter told us how the “moon into blood”, showing how easy it is to mix metaphors (Acts 2:20). We eluded to this area in Acts, but here we find the mystery. There is a difference between “moon into blood”, and “moon causing the blood”. The moon will still have the blood of the saints calling from the ground, just because the Time of Comfort opens doesn’t negate the blood of the saints, it only stays it. This is not a time of Justification for the Sun, but a time of “go and sin no more”. The souls under the Altar of God called out, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, do You not judge and avenge our blood on them who dwell on the earth?” (v. 6:10). The “blood” is then seen on the Moon, yet the 144,000 are marked on Zion (the Moon), an indication of how the blood will be avenged by the Lord. The Wicked join to the Woman, they kill the 144,000, as the footstool of the Lord is formed.

Later the Moon will lose her light when the Woman and False Prophet kill all the saints, which is the point in time when the saints are overcome, then the phrase “Moon into blood” becomes effective. Don’t think the Moon (Zion) causes the blood, it doesn’t, it’s the victim, based on the 144,000 being marked on Zion. This also helps us understand Philadelphia and Laodicea, and why the Laodiceans are a people caught in a place they should not be or why they are considered “lukewarm”. Lukewarm is a place between places, later God will say, “Come out of Her My people”, thus the Laodiceans are neither of the Moon or Sun, rather they are caught in the City, but the church of Philadelphia are the 144,000. This is made clear when we know there are 12,000 taken from each of the 12 tribes of Israel, thus from the House of Israel comes the House of David.

The Night is for Judgment, but it’s also the time for the restoration of Israel, thus it begins with the Sun (Israel) in repentance, the blood of the saints calling from Zion as the souls of the saints under the Altar of God calling for the Lord to avenge them. Clearly this is “Vengeance is Mine says the Lord, I will repay”. Why is there a glory of the Moon and a glory of the Sun? Why not a combined glory for the Moon and the Sun? When the Sun (Israel, the nation) goes into repentance, the sins of all the people of the earth will be forgiven, but coupled is the proviso, “go and sin no more”, thus the devil will be bound, yet while the devil is bound the Wicked come with the working of Satan, the people do sin the more, their sins cause the devil to be loosed, resulting in the condition of the house to be seven times worse than before it was cleaned.

The glory of the Sun is for repentance unto atonement, but not unto Remission. The glory of the Moon is unto Judgment, thus the blood of the saints calls from Zion, but the Woman has the cup full of the blood of the saints, thus She will be judged. However, the Glory of the Stars is unto Salvation, Paul said there is Glory in us to be revealed. What is the Glory? The New Man, we could say, “Those Born of the Glory of God is the Glory of God”, just as we could say, “The Comforter gave us Another Comforter”, or “Those Born Again will have their souls become Spiritual”; it’s all the same.

In all this we read verse 12 of Chapter 6 wondering “where is the Woman?”. Why isn’t the City noted here? We have the Moon and Sun, but no Woman, in fact we don’t have the 12 stars representing the tribes either. The Moon representing Zion, the Sun representing the nation, the Woman representing the City does give us a clue, one we must ponder. Peter called the city “Babylon”, as we found, John says it’s known spiritually as “Sodom and Egypt”, Paul said it was in bondage in his day, thus we find there is a “glory” in the city, but the glory is from the Moon under Her and the Sun around Her, not from the Woman. The mistake of the Woman is thinking it is Her glory, She says She is not a Widow, but a Queen, yet She is nothing more than a city of the earth picked by God for a purpose.

Back to the Earthquake, Revelation 11:13 says the Sixth Angel brings about the Great Earthquake, but the Sixth Angel comes after the first five, then all the angels come forth after the Seventh Seal, yet this earthquake is still at the Sixth Seal. Therefore, this is another earthquake, very large, world wide, but not the end of the world. This shows many will die, the “revival” will be out of fear, desperation, and panic. The only place on the earth not effected will be Jerusalem, thus the synagogue of Satan will come to worship at the feet of the Sixth church, since there will one religion in the world, the Jewish religion. Why? We will be gone, Jerusalem will have the windows of heaven opened upon it. It will the center of the world as God said it would, the natural conclusion would be God has punished the world, but favored Jerusalem. At first the Sixth church will give freely, but then comes the Seventh who thinks it’s rich and in need of nothing, which means they forget from Whom the blessing came.

Verses 16:18-19 and verse 11:13 speak of the greater earthquake, noting how the city is divided into three parts, thereby bringing in the words of the prophets of Old showing the last Earthquake is the time of Judgment (Zech 13:8-9); therefore, the earthquake we are looking at here in verse 6:12 is Different from the one seen at the Judgment. Therefore, John later sees the Woman with the cup of abominations, full of the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus. Church history shows many Christians were killed in the early days of the church by the Woman, not counting the information in the Book of Acts (Acts 7:58-60, 9:1 & 12:2-3). Yet when John sees this Woman in the Wilderness it’s between the Sixth and Seventh Seal, how then could this earthquake be the end of the earth? We can’t extend these metaphors, or will have the end coming before the beginning of the Time of Comfort.

The exact number of stars gives us the twelve tribes, but here in verses 12 and 13 we find the appointed stars fall to earth, this isn’t the Light given to the Woman, She doesn’t lose Her light until verse 18:23, when the Mighty Angel takes the Millstone casting it into the Sea (world). These stars are the independent rocks, this again points to this earthquake opening the Sixth seal, the people will beat their weapons into plows, as they forget the ways of war.

What is the Light of the Woman? The Lesser Light of the Moon, when the Woman comes against the Moon (Zion), She destroys Her own foundation. Yet, its One Star for Her, here it’s many showing the sons of perdition being revealed, they will lose their protection, the Unction will be gone, they will seek another position, thus one is taken, one left. The one taken belongs to the Firstfruits of Christ, the one left lost their star position, becoming revealed as the Beast of the Earth. If they are revealed, why don’t the people know it? They will believe the lie, presuming the wrath of God is complete, they are the great and glorious kings of the earth, again presuming material wealth is a sign of holiness, but as the prophet said, “They shall run to and fro in the city: they shall run upon the wall, and they shall climb up houses: they shall enter in at the windows like a thief” (Joel 2:9). Enter the windows? Steal the blessing? Attempt to steal from the Seventh church? Yes, the climbing on the houses points to idol worship, showing how they will cause the abomination to be set up in the place it should not be. Jesus said the Thief attempts entry another way, the other way is attempting to come in through the Window, rather than the Door. The Door is for entry, the Window to pour something out of, thus the Wicked presumed material blessing is the Door, they think they can climb in another way, but so did Judas.

We then find the Fig Tree left, not the Olive Tree, yet Jesus spoke to the Fig Tree, and it died from the roots up, but then He gave us the Parable of the Fig Tree. The Parable of the Fig Tree is found in Matthew 24:32, Mark 13:28 and Luke 21:29, but the first time we find any mention of the Fig Tree is in Genesis 3:7 when Adam took fig leaves to hide his nakedness. In John we find Nathaniel under a Fig Tree seeking Truth (Jn 1:45-50), Jesus wasn’t in the Fig Tree or under it, rather it was Nathaniel who was, yet he couldn’t find Truth in the Fig Tree. When Jesus spoke to the Fig Tree, He wasn’t in it. In Matthew Jesus said when His branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, the summer is Near, then Jesus talks about the Time of Doors (Matt 24:32-33). The reference to the “he” in the parable points to the Sun, not the Woman. In Mark we find when Her branch is yet tender, pointing to the Moon, defined in Daniel’s dream as a she, when the Sun puts on the sackclothe it brings the “leaves of repentance”, then Moon brings forth leaves in the form of the 144,000, the time of the Night for the Leaves of the Fig Tree begins.

By using Matthew and Mark we find the Sun and Moon relate to the Fig Tree, not the Olive Tree (Mark 13:28). In Luke’s account Jesus said, “behold the fig tree, and all the trees, when They shoot forth, you see and know of your own selves Summer is near at hand”. The term “all the trees” refers to all those in any type of authority, including the “kings of the earth”, “the great men”, the “rich men”, the “chief captains”, the “mighty men”, as well as the bondman and every free man (v. 6:15). Then Jesus said, “know the Kingdom of God is near at hand” (Luke 21:31). Wait, didn’t the Kingdom of God come at Pentecost? Yes, but the completion is when we are Raptured, until then the First Resurrection is not complete. It also refers to the total completion of New Jerusalem, when the Remnant as the “Gates” to the City join New Jerusalem. Jesus also said The Kingdom of God does not come with observation (outward showing, or visible with physical eye), rather the Kingdom of God is within (Luke 17:20-21). If the Kingdom of God is within us, how can this Earthquake put it Near at Hand? Ahh, our Kingdom is not of this world, yet it’s within, we as the Bride return for the Gates on the day of Judgment. For those of the Night it will be “near at hand”, for us it’s “within”. The New Man is our Passport to heaven, when the Fig Tree begins to put forth the leaves, then the time for us to leave here is “in hand”.

On the same note we can’t confuse the Woman as all of Israel, She is the City, Jerusalem of the earth, not New Jerusalem in heaven, nor is She Zion, Zion is Her foundation, thus we find the Moon (Zion) under Her feet. Although the Moon is Her foundation, the Woman forces the Moon (Zion) to be subject to Her, causing a change to take place, instead of allowing the Moon (Zion) to be Her foundation, She makes the Moon (Zion) Her slave. The many references show the Woman clothed, not saying She is the Moon, or the Sun, or the Stars, She is the One covered by them. Wait, let’s hold it there, the Woman has the Sun, Moon and Stars as Her crown. The dragon has the power, seat and authority. We have the Water, Blood and Spirit. Does this all somehow relate, yet divide? Yes, as long as the Woman gives honor to Her throne (Moon), covering (Sun), and Crown (Twelve Tribes), She will survive, but when She thinks She is the Honor, it’s all over. In our case if we keep the Witness as the Water, Blood and Spirit we will make it, but if we attempt to change the witness to our intellect or self-righteousness we lose.

The phrase, “You know Summer is near” clearly points to a change in Season, thus John shows the Change in Season at this earthquake, thus it’s not the end of the world. The “generation” of the fig tree shall not pass away, but we are the Generation of the Olive Tree, who use the Oil of the Olive Tree, not the leaves of the Fig Tree. This also explains why Jesus comes as the Son of man, not the Son of God. Once all the sons of God leave the earth, they cannot step on it again, thus New Jerusalem as the Bride will descend, but not touch the earth at the Judgment. Which explains the separation at the Rapture, when the Body of Jesus is Broken. Part of the Body as the sons of God as those Taken, noted as ten thousand times ten thousand, who go to their Kingdom, because they had the Kingdom of God within, there will be those of Mercy who lacked the Kingdom of God who will Sleep in Jesus. Yet the other part consisting of the drunken, or the “rocks” who retained the Satan nature as the sons of perdition are left behind. It’s the sons of perdition who are Left as the enemies of God, yet they will worship at the feet of the Sixth.

This sign John gives us is of the earth, but in Matthew Jesus said, when the Sign of the Son of man “appears in heaven”, not on earth, then all the tribes of the earth shall mourn, then they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven. What sign? A big X? How about a big Cross? No, not at all, the Sign will be the smoke from the lake of fire.

The Clouds are the Great Witnesses, how then can we be on earth, yet come with Jesus from heaven? (Matt 24:30). Paul said we leave at the Last Trump, Jesus returns at the Great Trump, when the First Trump was sounded, there was an earthquake, thus this earthquake is the Sounding of the Last Trump, not the Great Trump. Matthew then places the time in the hands of the Father, as did Jesus (Acts 1:6-8 & Matt 24:36); therefore, the Son of God knows, it’s the position of the Son of man who doesn’t, meaning as sons of God we don’t know the time of the Rapture, but we do know the End Times, but as a son of man one doesn’t know the events to come, or the times. Jesus as the Son of man took the Cup of God’s wrath in the Garden before the Cross and the Resurrection, thus before the last resurrection happens the wrath of God must come first. This shows the knowledge isn’t the point, since we know Jesus does know, He told the disciples they were not to “know” the times or seasons for the restoration of Israel, yet we can plainly see John and others did know, thus we find the figure of speech shows the Father will make the enemies of Jesus His Footstool, Jesus will submit to the desires of the Father, just as we are suppose to submit to the desires of Jesus.

However, the Wrath of God cannot come until those of the First Resurrection are taken, thus John shows those of the First Resurrection are taken before the devil is bound, not after. The vessels of dishonor reject the concept of Mercy, they trust in Acts as their proof of holiness. The vessels of honor trust in God as they do the Ways and Acts of Mercy (Rom 9:21-23).

Jesus said He brought Life, so we Might have it more abundantly. The first aspect of Life is like unto a son of man, the next is like unto a son of God. There are those who have Life, but refuse to face the self-nature, they seek an Adam like condition, a condition formed of the earth, but they lack the Mighty Wind. They are in the kingdom of heaven, not the Kingdom of God. They consist of two groups, the victims are those who were deceived, yet they walk in Mercy, as they love the Lord. They don’t have the Spirit to get them off the earth at the Rapture, they will sleep in Jesus as the “rest of the dead”. The second part are those who made the victims, they are the Wicked, the ones who entered, yet rejected the premise for entering, they are the rocks left behind.

Rev 6:14-17.

Verse 14 gives us another remarkable event, the heaven, not heavens depart as a scroll rolled together? How can something come together, yet depart? The heaven here is akin to the Door, we find it departs, then comes together like a Door opening and closing. It will end the time of the Gospel of Peace, opening the time of the Everlasting Gospel. Therefore the Scroll for our Season will close, no one can crucify Jesus during the Night.

The mountains (nations) will be moved out of their places, but the Islands will be taken, all the nations of the earth will be displaced (v. 14). The word Departed is the Greek Apochorizo meaning To separate, or Cause to separate. The wording Being Rolled Up is the Greek word Heilisso meaning To gather together, thus we find a Separation, with a Gathering together or closing. The Gospel of Peace calls for Salvation, the Everlasting Gospel tells people to Fear God, His Judgment is at hand (v. 14:6-7). The word “Places” is the Greek Topos meaning A place occupied by any person, thus the mountains and islands refers to places occupied by persons, not merely hunks of rock. Metaphors? Yes, we find a mystery in metaphors. The mountains are nations, they will be moved about, but what about the Islands? The Islands won’t be seen again, they are taken. When this Lifting takes place, there will be another Lifting on the earth. The wording “Were Moved” is the Greek Kineo meaning To put in motion, it has two sides, it can mean Move to agitate, or move from one place to another, both are correct here. Take the worse earthquake on record, expand it ten fold to cover the entire earth, therein you have a picture of this earthquake, thus we are out of here in a twinkling of eye.

The mind set of the people has been provided by some in the Body over the years. The concept of, “Jesus is coming soon to judge the earth”, has been the call, the people will assume this earthquake is the Judgment, when in fact it changes Seasons from Salvation is at hand, to Judgment is at hand, but it’s At hand, not In hand. It’s true Jesus will judge the quick and the dead, but those with a Quickening Spirit must first be taken to be with the Lord, thus the Quick are those resurrected unto life, the damned are those resurrected unto damnation, but we have a better promise in hand, we can be Partakers of the First Resurrection.

Verse 15 points to the earth, not heaven, in verse 15 the word Island is not found, thus in verse 14 the Islands were removed, or translated, at the earthquake the kings of the earth, with all those of the earth hid themselves in dens, as well as in the “rocks of the mountains”, this last phrase points to the Broken Body of Jesus. How can someone hide in a rock? They will run to the rocks for answers, but will they find none other than the lie, “God has killed the wicked, we are the righteous”.

It’s important for us to view these verses in context, it’s the people on the earth who assume this earthquake is God’s wrath, not heaven. The lie is assuming they made it past the wrath of God, they have “heaven on earth” as their evidence, but it’s an illusion, it’s not  heaven on earth. Their conclusion is not God based, we can’t find the judgment here in these verses, the verses following show the four winds have been stayed, without the four winds the last resurrection isn’t going to happen, without the last resurrection there is no Judgment. The 144,000 are marked after this earthquake, the angels won’t be released until the seventh seal is broken, thus this is one of the earthquakes, not the only one. This is the Beginning of Judgment, the end of the Day, the start of Night, not the end of all time.

The Greek word for Dens (caves) is Spelaion, it refers to an opening, or Cavern. In Genesis 19:30 it was the place where Lot ran with his two daughters, thus the context shows a destruction, but not a total destruction. Lot’s daughters thought it was total destruction, so will the people of the earth. The word Fall is the Greek Pimpremi meaning To set on fire, or To swell, showing a call for protection. The word Hide is the Greek Krupto meaning To hide from something, just as the people told Moses they wanted to hide from God when the First Trump was sounded, thus the connection between the First Trump and the Last Trump is made here, beginning a Time reaching for the Great Trump.

It’s the word Rocks drawing our attention, this is the Greek Petra, it was used in the phrase Rock of stumbling. In Matthew 16:17-18, when Jesus said “I say unto you, You are Peter (Petros), and upon this Rock (Petra) I will build My Church”. It would have made more sense if the Holy Ghost would have used the Greek Petros, but since He used Petra, it has to mean part of the Rock upon which the Church was built. Does it mean the Church remains? Hardly, the Church is built on the Petra; therefore, when the Church is taken, the independent Petras remain. Another Petra thought here is the Remnant who are of the Seed of the Woman, they will finish the course of the Cross, but they are not Zion, they are marked on Zion. However, one could see how the people would run to Zion to gain the Knowledge of the Lord from the 144,000. It would explain why the synagogue of Satan will worship at the feet of the Sixth church, thus we find the “rocks” were left behind, the people  first run to what is left of the Rock of Zion on the earth, thus both concepts fit.

The use of the Plural here points to the pieces of the Rock, or more than one aspect, which leads us back to the concept of the two elements. The Sixth church is still important, Jesus did refer to them as “a church”, not The Church. Therefore, we find The Rock is broken, there will remain two elements, those on the Rock (Zion of the earth) with a little strength to finish the course, and the independent broken off pieces who come as the Beast of the Earth. How can Jesus mark the 144,000 on Zion of the earth, when the Rock of Christ remains intact? The allegory between Zion of the Earth and Zion of Heaven is clear. The Rock upon which the Church is built is Zion of Heaven, which Rock is the Body of Christ, but Zion of the earth is also a rock upon which the city of Jerusalem of the earth is build, as a foundation. We can’t mix the two Zions together, just as we can’t mix the two Jerusalems together, they are set for different things.

This helps us understand the Sun in sackclothe, since the Sun is the entire nation of Israel it points to, “If the people called by My Name turn and repent, then I will forgive their sins, and heal their land”. When the massive earthquake moves the earth back to one land mass, it must also change the position of the planet to bring about the conditions as they were in Days of Noah. This change will produce something most of us know about. Since this earthquake will be the entire earth many will die, but we know some will Sleep in Jesus, some will be Taken in the Rapture, thus the people who remain will have no idea the Rapture took place, they were self-based going in, the same coming out. They will see bodies all around, it will take weeks to bury them all, thus in their minds it will not be a Rapture, but a punishment, as the wrath of God. From the faulty premise comes the great lie, since they will live many hundred years, they will also presume they are the “holy ones” of God who made it. Okay, what about babies born then? What babies? There is no mention of babies being born during the Time of Comfort. This begins the time when God will have mercy (atonement) on Jacob, but the purpose is to save Israel (Isa 14:1).

This premise of the rocks explains why the False or Wicked come from the earth as the Eighth, rather than from the Sea, or the Sand of the Sea, thus John said the Eighth comes from the Seven, but he doesn’t tell us which Seven. Is it the Seven churches? Or the Seven Mountains of the Gentiles? The answer is Yes, both, this Eighth has two horns, one for our Season, which is the Gentile Age, one for the Season to come, yet the Eighth came from us, thus we find when it turns into the Eighth it will use the authority of the Beast of the Sea, where the Seven Mountains are located, but it was nonetheless of the Seven churches as well. Since it came from all Seven, it also shows how it’s related to “rocks”, but not the rocks of mercy, rather these are independent stones of abuse. This Eighth is made up of the Balaams, Jezebels, Children of Jezebel, and the such, but it’s the element left behind at the Rapture. These are the Earthly Ones, the drunken who go into the Night, thus the Eighth was called out, but rejected the Ways for the Acts, refusing to accept the calling, ending gathering together as the synagogue of Satan. This helps us understand why John said the Eighth comes from the Seven, but doesn’t tell us which Seven. The Eight was called out from the Seven Mountains to the Seven churches, but never gave up the old man. They entered by Mercy, but refused to give it. Instead of being Sheep, they remained Dogs, and no Dog makes it to heaven, don’t forget God spelled backward is Dog, thus they attempted to reverse the procedure of God, ending as dogs.

Jesus said the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church, He didn’t say they wouldn’t prevail against the churches (Rock), thus they will have victims, but in the end the Wicked lose. The difference is found in the plural usage pointing to the base of the Rock as churches many, then to the top of the Rock as the one Church, which Church becomes New Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ. It stands, in order to be the Bride of Christ, one must be Christ Like to begin with, which is the result of minding the Spirit, as they walk in faith. There is no way anyone is going to be “Christ Like” without Christ in them by the New Birth, thus we have the Kingdom of God within, the Remnant will be looking for the Kingdom of God to come.

What about faith, or the Name of Jesus in all this? The only reason the Wicked use “faith” is to get what they want, so when all they want is handed to them by the Sixth church, why use faith? As far as using the Name of Jesus, going in the Rapture, if they can’t gain from it, they won’t use it. Like faith, the only reason the Wicked used the Name was to feel superior, or get some personal glory, thus they run to the Sixth church and worship there to gain the association. Wherever the glory is, they run to steal it, use it, or abuse it. They won’t change form the end of this Season to the next, they run around now looking for the advantage, they will do the same in the Night.

Rev 7:1-2.

This begins with an event after the last event, thus the earthquake in verse 6:12 was not the judgment, rather it opens the House of David, we then find the marking of the Remnant in the House of David. This explains why they are blinded to the Gospel, they have a purpose yet to come. If they know the Gospel, yet reject it, they couldn’t be a saint in any sense of the word. However, if God blinds them to the Gospel by either by the Veil of the Law, or the spirit of slumber, they can be marked to follow the Two Witnesses. Does it give us an excuse to blind ourselves? No, there are areas of blindness, the self-imposed blindness through ignorance, blindness based on unbelief, a blindness by the veil of the Law of Moses, and there are those to whom the Gospel is hid.

The Four Winds refer to the Four Winds bringing the dead back for the last resurrection, here they are held back, they are also noted as the “trade winds”, of the elements governing the climate. Metaphorically they govern the resurrection, giving us another sign this earthquake is not the last resurrection, but the finish of the First Resurrection where the Faithful in Christ are taken to remain with the Lord for the 1,000 years (Ezek 37:9 & vs. 20:4-6). Therefore, we find we reign with Christ on earth before the 1,000 years during the Day, then we are with Jesus in the Air during the 1,000 years. This is also confirmed by recalling how Jesus said, His angels will gather the elect from the four winds, yet the angels won’t go forth until the seventh seal is broken (Matt 24:31 & v. 8:1-2). Before then, there are many events to take place. John will also show us how salvation is stayed until after this time is complete (vs. 15:8 & 8:1).

The purpose is two fold, to save the Remnant and bring the judgment, thus all Israel will be saved, but not all who say they are of Israel, are Israel. All this still points to the various metaphors, we know the “Beast of the Sea” is from the “Sea”, the “Beast of the Earth” is from the earth. There are only two beasts, related by the “authority” they use. The metaphor for Authority is “head”, the dragon has seven heads, pointing to the authorities he governs throughout the ages. Those heads are nations, all Gentile in nature, the world of the Gentile is metaphorically seen as the “Sea”. The Earth is the place between Egypt and the Promised Land, known as the “Wilderness”, we will find the “woman” in the Wilderness, a place prepared for her by God. The dragon also has horns displaying his powers, they too are seen throughout the ages. We will see the dragon with crowns on the heads, then the crowns switch to the horns, then we find the horns and heads, but no crowns. The crowns show the place of performance at a given time, relating to the “seat of Satan”. The Woman has an authority and a power with a crown, the Wicked will lure Her away from the Her Seat to riding the Beast, then comes the end.

The Sand of the Sea also has metaphors connected to it, the Woman, the Sun, Moon and Twelve Stars. Since the metaphor Sun points to the nation Israel, we find the Sun entered repentance as the entire nation at the Fifth Seal, but then we find the Moon, which is Zion of the earth, the place where the city is built. The 144,000 are not marked in the City, they are marked on Zion, the foundation of the city. If the 144,000 are taken from the tribes, fitting the thousands of thousands, but not the ten thousand times ten thousand; however, if Jesus is the one who takes them, who are they? Ahh, Philadelphia is the 144,000, the Laodiceans come after them.

At the same time we see the 144,000 being marked on Zion of the earth we also see the Raptured Church in heaven. The “Raptured” Church does not have a separate Resurrection, rather they complete the First Resurrection, thus the same Spirit who raised Jesus will raise the Raptured Church. They will join the rest of the Dead in Christ who were under the altar of God, then they all meet Jesus in the Air, as Jesus is headed for the earth. It will take Jesus A Day which to man is a 1,000 years. At the very end before the Judgment the Scripture, “it’s appointed unto all men to die once” will be complete, then comes the Judgment.

Rev 7:2-3.

Jesus told the church of Philadelphia, “I will write upon him My new name” (v. 3:12), but He also said, First He would write the Name of His God (v. 3:12). First they receive the name of Jehovah God, but when they pass the test in reference to the Abomination, they will look upon Him, then they will gain the New Name (Authority) of Jesus. The Name of the Father is Mercy, the Authority (Name) of Jesus points to Life and the Spirit. They will operate in Mercy, but join the resurrection unto Life. Jesus confirms this later when we read “they shall see His face; and His Name shall be in their foreheads” (v. 22:4). This also goes with, “He had a Name written, no man knew, but He Himself”, then in the next verse we read “His Name is called the Word of God” (vs. 19:12-13), if no man knows it, why is it written in the next verse? Ahh, this is for the “them”, not the “us”. To the Them they won’t know Jesus as the Word of God, thus showing during the Night there will be no Christ Like people. Assuring us this is the Day, the Night is to make the enemies of Jesus His Footstool is yet to come.

The reference shows No man on earth will know it until they look upon Him. The Remnant will not think they have the Mark of God, they won’t even consider what they are doing is making the enemies of Jesus His footstool, they are operating from Mercy. What about the enemies of Jesus, do you think they will know what is gong on? Hardly, they will operate under the lie, presuming they are doing God a great and wonderful service.

The Remnant being the Small Flock or the Lesser Light,  fits the point in time when no one can say Christ is here or there, thus no one will be able to preach the Gospel of Christ, since none of them will have Christ. They can, and will preach the Everlasting Gospel based on the Mark of God. Seal of the Spirit, Mark of God, what is this? Ahh, the Seal of the Spirit is unto Remission and Salvation, the Mark of God is forgiveness of sins on the earth based on limited Mercy. This shows the time is in the hand of the Father, Jesus as the Son of man forgave the sins of many before the Cross, but the warning was “go and sin no more”. It’s Atonement, not Remission, neither is it Justification before God, since it carried the warning of sin no more. The Cross removed us from the power of Sin, it Declared us Justified by Faith, but allowed us to enter the Remission of Sins by the Blood of Jesus to become Justified by the Witness. The operations of the Son of man before the Cross, and the operations of the Son of God at and after the Resurrection define the “Greater Works” (Rom 1:3-4). We have the New Man who knows no sin, our souls join to Him, as we become servants of the sinless One, no longer servants of the sin (flesh). The End Times again prove, as did the Garden, man in and of himself, even when the power of sin is removed is still capable of sin, thus we all must have the Spirit to enter the realm of Remission by the Blood of Jesus. The Mark of God is a little strength, the Seal of the Spirit is the Might of Christ, we do have a better promise.

The actual ability to be protected by the Mark of God comes when the Seven Angels are released, then the Mercy applied pays off. Their job is to present the knowledge of the Lord, but they are the same ones found weeping when the Abomination is set up (Ezek 9:4). The plagues will not harm those with the Mark of God, but the Woman and Her lovers will kill the Remnant, causing the Law and Prophets to lay in the Street. The natural mind of man will blame the Remnant for the plagues, they will be told the Law and Prophets denounce the Abomination, in order to remove the conviction, they will kill the cause of conviction. It can’t sound out of place, we see the same today, some think by removing the Written Conscience of the Ten Commandments they remove the conviction, but since they know the Ten Commandments exist, they are nonetheless responsible.

Paul said, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit, not an angel; however, he also said we can grieve the Holy Spirit after we are sealed. The manner of grieving the Spirit is by corrupt communication or using any of the rulers of darkness as attributes (Eph 1:13 & 4:30). Here we first find an angel does the marking, then we see Jesus standing with the 144,000 on Zion, does it mean Jesus is merely an angel? Hardly, the Testimony of Jesus is found in the Law and Prophets, the angel carries the message, or task in the same manner as it’s presented to them. We can’t view the Time of Comfort as all blessing, it ends in cursing. The Remnant keep the Testimony of Jesus, thus the angel is a representative, meaning Jesus is with the Remnant by the Testimony, not as the Witness.

We are the Firstfruits of Christ, the Firstfruits of the Spirit, but the Remnant are the Firstfruits Unto God, there is a difference. The 144,000 will have a little strength, but we are given the Strength of Christ. They begin in Peace, end in blood, we started in blood yet end in Rest. We are the larger flock, the one where we find ten thousand times ten thousand, but they are taken from the tribes, or thousands taken from thousands as the little flock. The purposes of the two flocks are much different, one should not seek to be among the “little flock” while it is yet Day.

Verse 3 shows the plural in the phrase “Until we have sealed”, not “Until I have sealed”, thus Jesus will act through an angel, the sealing is a mark to indicate the purpose, thus until then the Law and Prophets are not “Witnesses”, since they are assigned only to the last two candlesticks (Rev 11:3-4). A Mark is a sign of ownership, thus by the mercy the Remnant declare their service to God.

Rev 7:4-8.

Clearly these are of Israel, but not all called Israel are of Israel, some will be of Jacob. From here to verse 9 we find the 144,000, but in verse 9 we find another group, one not of the earth, yet taken from the earth. The number and tribe names represent the character of this group, rather than an actual number. Many end time cult systems strive to be included in the 144,000, but they error in two areas based on one. Their error stems from wanting to be in some elite group giving them the ability to proclaim Christ without having to submit to the Spirit. They mix the two seasons, like the Pharisees, they will miss both. No where do we find the 144,000 before the Sixth Seal is broken, no where do we find them proclaiming to be Christ Like, or proclaiming The Christ, to do so without the Spirit would be a lie, they have no guile. The 144,000 won’t be Born Again, they won’t have the Spirit in them, they will not have the ability to be Christ Like, but they will have protection from the plagues and devils in the end, it’s far different from having authority over devils. No where do the 144,000 cast out devils, they are protected, but they do not tread on serpents. If one doesn’t have the Spirit of Truth, or the fullness of the Cross, then the Night does look better than their present state, but if they know the Gospel, they are hardly blind. They look at the Time of Comfort saying, “oh heaven on earth, I want it”, but they are still looking to the earth, not heaven, which exposes their heart, showing their error.

If this mark is a protection from devils, why bind the devil? Only the 144,000 have the mark, not the rest of the populace. The rest of the world won’t have the mark, we will be gone, thus by binding the devil in the pit they are left with no excuse in the end. The Remnant will not be casting out devils, since the devils will be bound in the pit, neither will the false prophet go about healing people, since there will be no sickness. If the false prophet had the ability to heal, the would do so when the plagues fall, but they don’t, because their miracles are based in deception. Although it will appear as “heaven on earth”, in the end comes sudden destruction.

This also points to the concept of all Christians being killed, or having someone sit in their chest putting a mark between their eyes, it’s not in line with the Scriptures. If all the saints are killed what about the phrase “those of us who are alive and remain”? How can we remain, if we’re all dead? Hardly the case at all, Hope is found in being a Partaker of the First Resurrection. Faith is a substance (confidence) of things Hoped for (the Rapture), the evidence of things not seen. When the words of fear come around telling us how we’re going to go through the Great Tribulation, look to Jesus the Author and Finisher of Faith, know the Record says we will be with the Lord. Cast not away therefore our confidence, which has great recompense of reward, remember we are not of them who draw back to perdition, but of them who believe unto the saving of the soul (Heb 10:35 & 38-39).

Perhaps one point showing the Church not being on the earth in the last half of the Hour is the inability of the 144,000 to cast out devils, thus the devil must be bound. It also shows the type of Mercy they hold, is not like the Mercy found in the Name of Jesus, since Judas was able to cast out devils. We are told not to give place to the devil, showing we can either give it or take it away, displaying the massive power we have over the devil. This is not the Season to bind him, this is the Season to rescue the called from him. Since the devil is not bound now, it shows we have power over devils, really as long as we’re here the devil is ineffective. The Pharisees had more power to resist Jesus, then the devils did, so devils are not a problem, the warfare against devils should take about four seconds, the warfare against the wiles of the devil takes twenty-four hours a day.

There will only be two marks in the last half of the Hour, The Mark of God by an angel, and the Mark of the Beast by the will of man. This is really a paradox, in our Season we were Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, but then we find there are those who are antichrist in nature as well. In the Night they will have the Mark of God, the Wicked will produce the counterfeit, the Mark of the Beast associated with evil.

The prophet Micah tells us Jehovah will reign over them in mount Zion (Micah 4:7). Isaiah said, the completed work of the Lord will be on mount Zion and on Jerusalem (Isa 10:12). The 144,000 or little flock are seen on Mount Zion, then there will be the blowing of the Great Trump based on what Jerusalem does (Joel 2:1-2). When the call goes out “Blow the Trumpet in Zion” it’s because there is darkness and destruction coming against Jerusalem. Clearly the work begins on Zion, but finishes on Jerusalem, thus Jerusalem is the Woman of Chapter 17.

Anyone who has read this list of tribes, knows the manner in which they are listed, as well as the number taken from each tribe can’t be found in the Old Testament, thus we term John’s list of the tribes the New Testament Order, which can be a misconception if one presumes they are Christian, rather than Jewish. The phrase “New Testament order” merely separates this group from the tribal order found in the Old Covenant. The use of the numbers and the order of the tribes give us more of an attitude, regardless of how many are in any of the tribes, only 12.000 from each is taken. There is also the figure of 7,000 in Revelation 11:13 pointing to those associated with the Law and Prophets who escape Jerusalem in the end, showing another decrease.

Of the tribe of Juda were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Nepthalim were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasses were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand, Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand (vs. 7:5-8). Clearly this is thousands (12,000) from the thousands, this shows they will not be added unto, but they are taken away from. The word Seal is the Greek Sphragis meaning the impression left by a seal, it would be the impression left.

There will be 12 tribes with 12,000 from each giving us twelve to finish the twenty four elders, as the finish of the gates in the wall, as the thousands from the thousands. The early tribes were 13, not 12 as noted, but as we know, the tribe of Levi was separated from the order, thus giving us 12 tribes of government, with one tribe of religious service, but here things change, for good reason. If Jesus established a New Priesthood, then the old is done away with, thus we find Levi included in the 12, we also find two tribes missing. Jacob had twelve sons including Joseph, but Joseph was not given a tribe, rather his two sons were. With the removal of Joseph from the original 12 we have 11, but then when we add Joseph’s two sons we end with 13, not 12. Levi’s position was not joined to the government, leaving 12. The 12 tribes, excluding Levi were the government branch, with the Priestly order removed, this is one difference we must consider. Whether they appoint priests or not isn’t the question, whether God recognizes them is. We are to submit to the powers that be, but the 144,000 will be the powers that be in the latter days bringing to pass: “the mountain of the Lord will sit on the mountains of the world” (Isa 2:2 & Micah 4:1).

The 144,000 possess Phileo love, thus they are called “Philadelphia”, showing they operate in Mercy. They do the commandments of God by loving the Lord with all their heart, and their neighbor as their self. This is another reason for God to bind the devil for the 1,000 years. Because Phileo isn’t enough to fight the good fight of faith. When we’re gone, the power to overcome the devil is also gone. The False Prophet comes with the working of Satan, fooling many by acts of deception, where then is the Understanding and Discerning of spirits? Gone in the Rapture. We find the Cross will also be removed during the Night, making it impossible to crucify the Son of God.

Moses and Aaron came from the tribe of Levi, but so did Korah (Ex 2:1-10, 6:16 & 6:21). Within this list we find two tribes missing, although Joseph’s son, Manasses is named, his other son, Ephraim is not, neither is Dan. When Jacob blessed his sons, he started with the two sons of Joseph, then worked through the list with Dan being the Eighth (Gen 48:9-49:27). This was not the birth order, although the birth order does play a part. Dan is not among this grouping, showing something about Dan separating him.

The birth order up to Dan was: Ruben, Simeon, Judah, then Dan, making him the fifth, yet he was the first son of the handmaiden Bilhah (Gen 29:27-30:6). Dan was the one who stopped short, being the fifth son links him to the first five churches, but in his case we find he is a type and shadow of one horn on the goat. However the mystery doesn’t stop there, since Dan was also the first son of the handmaiden he is linked to Ishmael and Esau, which in turn links him to the Field as well. Dan will bite the heels of the Horse, causing it to fall backward, thus this figure is like unto a serpent, showing Dan is a combination of something, a goat who comes with the workings of the serpent.

Ishmael was born to Hagar, the handmaiden of Sarai, but when Ishmael was born Abraham was still known as Abram (Gen 16:6-11). Ishmael is a symbol, or product of manipulation, the use of carnal means to test the promise of God. When Ishmael was circumcised, he was thirteen years of age, not eight days old (Gen 17:25-26). The number Thirteen is the number of Rebellion (Gen 14:4). Dan fits right in with this, he is the fruit of the wrong tree, he is joined to the group, but he is a serpent in disguise. As Jacob said: “Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, it bites the heels of the horse, so the rider shall fall backward” (Gen 49:17). Dan is a Serpent and an Adder, but Wait isn’t an Adder a serpent? Did Jacob make a mistake? Was he being redundant? No, Dan has two positions, or horns, linking Dan to the son of perdition. This shows how in our Season he was run by the spirit of antichrist, as he caused the Rider of the Horse to fall backward in order to pick up the pieces of Dan’s havoc. Dan was a Jew who joined the Gentiles, thus we find the rocks, one who thinks they are a true Jew, but holds the ways of the world, claiming Christ, but denying the power thereof. Dan is a type and shadow of those in the “synagogue of Satan”, both in our time, and in the Season to come. Dan is an Adder whose bite is always deadly, but a serpent points to maliciousness. Dan is a Serpent in our season, yet comes an Adder in the next. Dan will be among the “children of Jezebel” who bring the lie, causing the Image of Jealousy to be set up in the place it should not be. During our Season they twist the Scriptures to their own destruction, in the next they will do the same thing, only they will bring about the destruction of the entire earth.

We can’t confuse “Dan” with “Daniel”, yet Dan means Judge, it will be his end, Judged by the Righteous Judge. In Daniel we find the wording, “He shall enter peacefully even upon the fattest places of the province and he shall do what his fathers have not done, nor his fathers’ fathers, he shall scatter among them the prey and spoil and riches, yes and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time” (Dan 11:24). The phrase, “father’s fathers” makes the “he” Jewish, the phrase “fathers” makes the same “he” a Gentile (One generation), both of which point to Dan being of the house of Jacob, not the House of David. From Jacob the man came Israel the nation, thus Jacob the man is the issue. Dan assumes he is his own father, he attempts to control the Woman, he is found in the bed of adultery with his mother’s daughter. This gives us two areas, yet they appear to be one, thus showing the Beast of the Earth joining to the Woman, as the two become one to the point we can’t tell one from the other.

For Dan to enter as the Seventh church, there must be an element to welcome him, it’s where Ephraim comes in. The name Ephraim means double fruit, Jude defined the Wicked as, “whose fruit withered, without fruit, twice dead” showing Ephraim has double fruit is really a non-fruit of God. Ephrath is another word associated with Ephraim, meaning fruitless, both refer to being lukewarm. The Laodiceans hold double-fruit in a double mind, the prophet Hosea said, Ephraim shall return to Egypt and eat unclean things in Assyria (Babylon – Hosea 9:3). The Ephraim mind looks to associate with the Dan’s, as it welcomes them in, but Dan is a type of a Dog hiding in the darkness. The two draw a picture of the Laodiceans, they are prime for the Wicked to make entry.

Babylon was the “head of the image” in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision, yet God wounded the head of the wicked house (nation – Dan 2:38 & Hab 3:13). Assyria will also be one of the ten horns who survives to become one of the seven mountains out of the Sea (Isa 11:11-14). The Woman becomes known as Babylon the City, but Babylon of old was a nation, thus the nation who suffered the head wound is seen in the End as a City accepting the ways of Assyria. It was Babylon of Old who took the City captive, yet the Babylon to come will take the Remnant captive. There is a difference, Babylon of Old was not Jewish, was not from within, was not called and separated by God, but the Woman is. When God saw this Woman her mother was an Hittie, her father was an Amorite, but God picked Her by adoption, then set Her on a Foundation (Ezek 16:2-3). When the city was born, it’s naval was not cut, neither was it washed, but She was cast into the “open field” (Ezek 16:4-5). Then God passed by Her, seeing here as a Treasure in the Field, God purchased the entire Land then gave it to Abraham (Ezek 16:6-7). God caused the City to grow, yet in the end She will say it was by Her might wherein She obtained riches, then She will enter the bed of adultery with the Beast of the Sea while holding hands with the Beast of the Earth.

Hosea also tells us, Ephraim will join to idols, the abomination is the idol of Jealousy in the place it should not be, by the people who should not place it there (Hosea 4:17 & Ezek 8:3). God said, Ephraim shall bring forth children of the murderer (Hosea 9:13), the children of Jezebel fit the premise as they are welcomed by the Seventh church (v. 17:10-11). This shows why neither Dan or Ephraim are on included in the list, recalling only 12,000 from each tribe are marked we can now see the Remnant are the thousands from the thousands, their place is also promised in the Record. This will show why God says, “come out of Her My people”, those being called will be the 7,000, in any case God doesn’t force them to leave, they have to make the choice to leave.

This brings us back to John’s list, each name has a specific Hebrew meaning, the meaning of the tribe name gives us the attitude of the 144,000. When we understand the 144,000 we will stop looking under rocks or following cult systems attempting to be something we can’t, rather we will join The Rock allowing Jesus to build us into the Church. Judah means Praise or Celebrated, Praise is a past tense issue, with present tense benefits and future tense blessings. Reuben means, To see the Son; Gad means, To overcome; Asher means, Happy, with a root meaning of, Being made straight to be blessed; Nepthalim means, My wrestling or To wrap together; Manasses means, To forget, as in atonement, rather than remission; Simeon means, Hearing, with the intent Of hearing to obey; Levi means, Attached or To cleave as in marriage; Issachar means, He will bring a reward or lift the reward; Zabulon means, Habitation or to dwell; Joseph means, Adding or let him add with a root meaning of Increase; Benjamin means, Son of the right hand. Putting all these together we read; Praise/ to see the Son/ to overcome/ to be blessed and happy/ to be wrapped together/ for the forgiveness of sins/ to hear and obey/ and cleave (as in marriage)/ which brings the reward/ to dwell/ by the increase into the Kingdom/ to see the Son of the Right Hand. This is the foundation to the Commandment Love the Lord your God, showing none of us should need the Spirit to praise the Lord or to love the Lord with all our heart; however, we need the Spirit to Worship in Spirit and Truth, as well as get through the Door. This gives us the foundation of Zion, whether it’s Zion of Heaven, or Zion of the Earth, it’s still Mercy based.

This group Praises the Lord as it sends the knowledge (not the wisdom) out from Jerusalem, but they will lack the ability to Worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. Jesus said, “fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matt 10:28). The 144,000 love not their lives unto the physical death, as did the three Hebrew Children, but we love not our “souls” unto the death of the old nature, two aspects of death, both call for “love not your life unto the death”, but they each have different means and meanings.

Instead of saying “we come against you Eighth in the name of Jehovah”, the Remnant will sigh and cry for the abominations done in the midst of Jerusalem (Ezek 9:4). They know the power of Submission, instead of running around the Temple throwing oil in the air, they see the Wicked doing wickedly, causing them to weep. In fact they are a good lesson for us, instead of getting mad every time something doesn’t go the way we want, or instead of saying “I come against you in the Name of Jesus”; perhaps we should be walking in Love, giving Mercy, as we preach the Truth in love, while not rendering evil for evil. Instead of making our faith work for us in areas it has no business, perhaps we should follow the advise of Jesus by having faith in God.

When John measures the city of God, he finds it’s “twelve thousand” furlongs, the wall is a “hundred and forty and four cubits” (v. 21:15-17). Two areas give us like attitudes, plus a clue to the word Patience. Both groups have Patience, meaning the stay the course. They also understand the power of Submission, yet in case our patience couples with obtaining the Wisdom of God, in the case of the Remnant it’s looking for their Redeemer.

The Wall has twelve foundations, not just one and each brings a jewel to the crown of the elders (v. 21:19-20). The twelve foundations are the apostle positions, or the beginning, making them “first”, but not first as above the rest, rather they were first appointed. The Wall is not New Jerusalem, it surrounds it. The foundations give us 12 of the 24 Elders, but then come the twelve gates who are the Remnant noted as pearls (v. 21:21). Jesus gave us both areas while telling us about the kingdom of heaven. Jesus said, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure hid in a field, when a man finds it, he sells all he has to obtain it (Matt 13:44). Although Jerusalem was noted as the treasure, it’s also a type and shadow of New Jerusalem. When we are Born Again we become the treasure, each of us were purchased with a price we can’t pay, yet we have something to give to satisfy the debt, our souls.

The kingdom of heaven is like a man seeking good pearls, when he finds one of great price he sells all he has to buy it (Matt 13:45-46). The twelve gates are the pearls,  they are also purchased with a price they can’t pay, they pay their debt by holding to the Commandments of God, as they love not their lives unto the death. If they hold the Commandments of God, then deeds from the Law of Moses is not at issue. Does it mean the Law is not a witness? No, it means the Law will witness against those who don’t keep the Commandments of God.

Before the gates can be established, the Wall must be finished, before the Wall can begin the foundation must be in place. Attempting to put up gates without the Wall is foolish. We have to also noticed there are no windows, just as there were no windows in the Tabernacle. The Door is for family, the window is to pour things out of. Only the thief attempts to come in by the window (another way).

Rev 7:9-17.

John just finished counting the 144,000, yet here in this counting the number can’t be counted, has to be another group. The prior verses were on earth, now John moves to heaven to show what happened to those of the first five churches who were Raptured. It also shows the 144,000 are not marked until the Rapture, looking for them to be marked now is error. Have we experienced the Last Trump? Have we seen the earth shake as a drunken man? No, seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, rather than some fable of being so holy God can’t help but make us part of the 144,000. The Hope in all this is knowing we have time, are there wars and rumors of wars? Yes, then it’s still the Day, let us rejoice and be glad in it. When it’s Peace and Safety, it’s the Night, no man can work in the night.

All this connects back to the Record, in 5:11 the number was “ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands”, two groups, with us being first, then the 144,000. Does it mean only the 144,000 make it through Jacob’s Trouble? It appears so, but don’t forget those who Sleep in Jesus, as well as others who did the Law, without knowing it. We really do have a Better Promise.

Those seen in verse 9 are the partakers of the First Resurrection, those who remain with the Lord in heaven during the 1,000 years. Looking back we recall the Dead in Christ were under the altar of God when the Fifth Seal was opened (vs. 6:9-10), but here we see them before the throne as Crystal, this correlates to the Record found in 4:6, 5:11 and later in 20:4-6. This brings us to the Hand of God, the Kingdom will be in hand for us then. When Jesus said His Kingdom was not of this earth, we should have seen the clue. It won’t be in hand until we are with the Lord. True, the Kingdom is within, but it’s the evidence we have the Kingdom as a Seal, thus when we have the Kingdom in hand God will put His hand a second time to Israel to recover the remnant. The Body of Christ is the Espousal Time, the Rapture presents the Bride to the Father, then the Holy Ghost becomes the Best Man, but the Wedding won’t take place until the Bride receives Her Bridesmaids.

The four beasts are finished by this time, again we find all the angels of God worshipping Jesus (Heb 1:6). In verse 12 we see the word Amen is used twice to give us the division of the seasons. Prior we saw the seven items begin with power, but here they end with power and might, bringing in the Sixth church and second half of the Hour (vs. 6:12-14). Also the term riches is missing, but thanksgiving is added. At this time the Riches of His Glory are giving Thanksgiving for making it to the Throne. The kings who make it in the Rapture give their Glory to the Lord, in their Glory we find their Riches. They are the “riches of glory in Christ Jesus”, ahh, a mystery, if our Glory is in us, yet to be revealed, and the New Man is us, yet He is the power of the Resurrection, then it stands the Riches of our Glory is the faith, love, and wisdom of God in the New Man, those things produced from the Holiness and Righteousness of God birthed in us. When the New Man goes home, will our souls be with Him? For the Wicked the answer is no, as Jude points out, but for those who gave their souls to Jesus, the answer is Yes. “Well, you know I don’t walk as holy as I should”, so what? Do we desire to? It’s the question.

The Door to heaven is closed by the Rapture, but then the window is opened, why? If the Door is closed the only way to pour out the blessing is through the window, but don’t forget the thief will attempt to gain entry by the window (some other way). The thief is the same enemy who joined the Synagogue of Satan becoming the footstool of Jesus, those who stand at the brazen altar assuming it’s gold. Paul said, “knowing He which raised up the Lord Jesus shall raise up us also by Jesus and shall present us with you. For all things are for your sakes, so the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God” (II Cor 4:14-15). The word Thanksgiving means Thanks for the Giving, yet we say it while we’re asking, thus only those with faith know to give Thanksgiving to God for all things, whether they like the things (events) or not, whether they understand them or not.

Prior one of the elders pointed out the Lamb was from the tribe of Judah, but here another elder representing the Church points us out. This is not associated to the position of the Root of David, these are the Overcomers by Grace. The Root of David belongs to the House of David, the Lamb slain and received belongs to the House (Tents) of Judah. Zechariah 12:7 says the Lord shall Save the Tents (tabernacles) of Judah First, so the Glory of the House of David with the Glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah, thus we are removed, so the House of David doesn’t come against us spoiling the entire plan. There is more to the Rapture than merely blessing us, it will bless the Remnant as well.

We find the word Glory perhaps wondering in ourselves, how can this be? Paul showed there are Heavenly Bodies and Earthly Bodies, there is One Glory of the Sun, another Glory of the Moon, but another Glory of the Stars, for One Star differs from another, showing the Stars appointed to Christ have a Different Glory than the 12 Stars belonging to the Sun and Moon, yet the Sun and Moon have a different glory than the Stars. We find the kings of the earth will end giving their Glory to New Jerusalem, the Sun will lose his Glory, the Light will shine no more for the Moon, but we will also see the Woman is clothed with the Sun (Jacob), has a crown of twelve stars, yet the Moon is under Her feet, what gives? By now we got the picture, the Woman is Jerusalem, the place Paul said was in bondage, even until now. Our Mother is New Jerusalem, not the Jerusalem of the earth, Jerusalem of the earth gains Her glory from the glory of the Sun, but stands on the glory of the Moon. Simply because they have Glory, doesn’t mean they have The Heavenly Glory of God, it means they have a Glory given by God for the earth, noted as a little strength. Therefore, it’s not a matter of one seeking the Glory, but Which Glory are they seeking? Which Glory have we been seeking? Our Glory is within, it’s found in the Seed of God, seeking the Glory of the Moon or Sun is telling God, He didn’t give us enough Glory in the Seed.

There are two obvious questions in all this. First, we saw the letters to the churches, but all of a sudden, where is the Church in all this? We saw the Church in heaven when the 144,000 were marked, indicating a change in Seasons. Now we will see the events of the Night, only we see them three times. What gives? Are we so dumb God has to tell us three different times? No, it all goes back to the Gospel accounts, it’s explained in the answers to a three part question. Back in Matthew 24:3; each part has an answer.

Why no mention of the Church? The disciples didn’t ask the question, although they didn’t know it at the time, the Church really has no part in these events of the Night, thus John shows us in heaven, or sleeping in Jesus. The three part question explains all this, we will see When shall these things be, then the Sign of the Lord’s coming, then the End of the world, all in order.

The Church is this group in heaven before the Throne, who came “out of” tribulation, rather than coming after the tribulation. This explains why we pray, “deliver me from evil”, to be spared from the Hour, showing the Tribulation began on Pentecost, has a half-way point at the change Seasons, ending with Jacob’s Trouble (Matt 6:13 & 26:40-41). The Greek word for Came in the phrase “Came Out Of” is Erchomai meaning Motion toward any person or place, rather than from, but with the addition of the Greek Ek (out of) we find this is a Translation, the same Greek word (Erchomai) was used by Paul when he said “even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come” (I Thess 1:10). Paul shows the deliverance is a method of removal upward from the Wrath, rather than moving to the side of the Wrath. This is a translation unto a place above the Wrath, which explains why we don’t see the Church in the events going on upon the earth after the Fifth Seal is opened. It also explains why Peter equated our baptism with Noah’s deliverance, since Noah was raised above the destruction. Paul used this word again in the phrase “when what is perfect is come” (I Cor 13:10), here it’s a That, not a Him, the Perfection is complete by our removal by the Rapture.

We are Taken out of the Tribulation at the same time the Great Tribulation begins, thus we find the wording “out of great tribulation”, rather than “tribulation”. In the Greek this reads, “these are those coming out of the affliction great”, which gives us another view of the Greek word Erchomai, showing we move up from the Great Tribulation. This shows we are in Tribulation now, but when the Rapture comes, so does the Great Tribulation, which is the last half of the Hour. God delivered us, to deliver us, He will deliver us from the wrath to come. Jesus said In the world we will have Tribulation, but He has overcome the world, it’s far better to be In Him, than In the world. Far better to be with Him, than in the midst of the Great Tribulation (v. 14).

Our goal is to be presented before the Father, the Fifth church was told, “you have a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments and they shall walk with Me in white” (v 3:4). With, “he who overcomes, the same shall be clothed in white raiment and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life but I will confess his name before My Father and before the angels” (v 3:5). If Jesus confesses us before the Father and angels, where is the confession taking place? On earth or in Heaven? In heaven of course, thus the Confession is not Jesus coming to the earth, but the Dead in Christ being Raised, thus those of us who are alive and remain will be Caught Up to meet the saints In The Clouds at the altar of God, then all of us will meet Jesus in the Air, where we will forever remain with Him (I Thess 4:16-18). John is showing us the same event, with the result.

We see the “blotting out” which tells us the Body will be broken at then, the truth of “neither in the world to come” will be the result for the Wicked and their iniquity, as they turn their iniquity into sin. Seeing one can have their name blotted out, shows it must be in the Book of Life first, thus the Wicked have their names in the Book of Life now, but the Rapture will remove their names.

Verses 15 through 17 are the same as saying, “remain with Him forever”. Although Jesus as the Son of man clearly steps on the earth to Judge, the Bride (New Jerusalem) descends, but doesn’t touch the earth, we will Forever remain free of the Earth (vs. 21:1-2 & 19:14). We are seen in heaven before the Seventh Seal, John has continued from Chapter 4:1 through this point with a series of events.

From all this we can see the Holy Ghost is using the same three principles we found back in the Gospel accounts (Matt 24:3). We find what may appear to be some redundancy, is not, we are seeing the Things to Come by the Spirit through John.

Back in verse 10 we find a key, as we cry with a loud voice, “Salvation to our God which sits upon the throne, and unto the Lamb”, but then in verse 14 we find “washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb”. If we place them together we find Salvation is the goal, which we received by the Lamb, giving us the ability to be washed in His Blood, two things, not one. We also find 1) Blessing, 2) Glory, 3) Wisdom, 4) Thanksgiving, 5) Honor, 6) Power and 7) Might, thus our Rest is found in Jesus. Wait, don’t we have these things? Why would we say “be unto our God”? Could it be we bring these to the Lord as our gifts for the Wedding? Yes, these are elements needed by us here on earth to reach the goal, when the Talents are called for, we return them with interest. Guess what interest this is? More people? Could be, but we also know the Gift gets us to heaven, thus we become the Interest. This goes back to Peter’s comments on casting our cares on the Lord, showing Jesus has a vested interest in us, we are the result of the investment.

Rev 8:1-2.

Chapter eight begins with the Seventh Seal, thus we haven’t started a new teaching, we’re still moving from Chapter Four, but the first thing we notice is Silence in Heaven, not on the earth. This silence is only for the Last half of the Hour, it’s noted at the Seventh Seal, but it still shows the last half of the hour, which is the entire Night. This connects to verse 15:8, thus showing the three questions and answers from Matthew are the outline for the Book of Revelation. This silence began when the windows were opened, thus the Two Witnesses are assigned to both of the last two churches, not just one. This silence proves no one sees, hears, or is saved during the Night.

When the Seventh Seal is opened the Seventh church begins with it’s lukewarm self-deceived condition allowing the Wicked to invade. Peace and Safety was twisted in their minds, they feel it’s by their self-righteousness, or their greatness the Peace and Safety came. However, they are deceived, in truth they are the very reason for, “They shall say Peace and Safety, but then comes sudden destruction”. Instead of building the Wall of New Jerusalem, they build the stronghold by allowing the abomination to be set up in the place it should not be; however, the evil couldn’t gain a start until the Seventh allowed it.

The parallel is found by knowing the Church was birthed on Pentecost, then came the counterfeit, there were no “antichrist” people before Christ came, thus there will be no “evil invasion” until the Sixth church allows us based on their self-deception.

The first time we find the word Trumpet is in Exodus 19:13 in reference to the One Trump, not Trumpets, but the plural usage is first found in Leviticus 23:24 with the Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets. In Numbers we find the plural is for Two Silver trumpets, not Seven (Numb 10:2). The metal Silver refers to redemption, the trumpets in the Book of Revelation refer to the warnings of the approaching Judgment. The first time we find Seven Trumpets is with Joshua when the children took Jericho, the trumpet noise caused the wall to fall, here in the reverse, the trumpets of the angels come because the Sixth church allowed the wall to fail, which in turn allowed the Wicked to invade. In Joshua’s time the people remained silent, here the silence is in heaven.

There is a time to Shout, there is a time of Silence. The Seven Trumpets come after we read about the First and the Last, thus these Seven begin well after the Last Trump, leading to the Great Trump. We find the Archangel blows both the Last and Great, thus Behold it will be a Quickly. Therefore, the Evil Wall will come down at the Seventh Blast, then the Gates to the Wall of New Jerusalem are added, bringing a finish to the Plan.

Each angel has a Trumpet, a Saying and a Vial, in the Vial we find the prayers of the saints mixed with the Fire of God, John goes over each, thus what may seem like redundancy is not, it’s taking each aspect one at a time. By finding three areas with the angels we see how the Holy Ghost is answering the three question regarding the signs of the coming of Jesus.

The things of the world are the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, the angels answer all these, we must keep in mind the Seventh is convinced it’s rich in need of nothing, like Judas they are also convinced God has ordained their idol worship; like the children who made the golden calf, they were about to see the error of their ways.

Looking at the Jericho event we find the children had to Pass Over the Jordan into the Promised Land from the wilderness, but they had to pass through Jericho, yet the Woman is found in the wilderness (Joshua 4:5, Rev 12:6 & 17:3). The children had not been circumcised in the wilderness, yet a true Jew is circumcised at heart, thus the true Jews are in heaven at this time, but those who are truly Israel are still on the earth.

Looking at the Red Sea, as compared to the Jordan we can see types and shadows, we see the Red Sea as a type of our Water Baptism, the sign of our move from Egypt to the Wilderness (Body of Christ), then we cross the Jordan (Prophet’s River) with the Ark (Mercy Seat and Word), which is akin to our Baptism with the Holy Ghost. It’s at this time the cleaning and exposure begin. We receive the Lamb at our Red Sea, we are cleaned in through our Jordan experiences. The cleaning we go through brings up all hidden treasure of Achan to the surface to be disposed of. These exposures of the hidden things show All things are naked and open before God, but they need to be open and naked before us as well. The Word of God is fully able to separate the soulish from the spiritual, as the Blood of Jesus is fully able to clean us from all unrighteousness.

Joshua took twelve stones, one for each of the tribes of Israel, then Levi was among them, in truth Joshua should have taken thirteen, thus the Stones were a symbol of the twelve tribes found in the New Testament (Joshua 4:8). On “that day the Lord magnified Joshua”; since the Hebrew Joshua is the same as the Greek Jesus, we could read this “On the Day the LORD was magnified as Jesus” (Joshua 4:14). The children had the wilderness behind them, the Promised land ahead (Joshua 4:22). The prophet Joel tells us when the Great Trumpet is sounded it’s the alarm showing Jerusalem is under attack; there will be a fire devouring before them, a flame behind; the land will be as the garden of Eden before them, but behind a desolate wilderness (Joel 2:1-3). Ahh, lukewarm, another mystery, telling us why God tells His children to Come out of Her, be not a partaker of Her sins.

John says after the Man Child ascends the Woman goes into the wilderness (v. 12:6). Later John sees the same Woman in the wilderness, only this time She has the cup of abominations (v. 17:1-5). The Woman is sitting on the Seven Mountains, She is not surrounded by seven hills (v. 17:9). When the Woman went into the wilderness the devil sent a flood after Her (made of peoples, nations and tongues), when She is seen in the latter end, She is sitting on the flood (Isa 2:1, Rev 12:15 & 17:15); however, She uses manipulation and threats. The prophecy was for the Mountain of the Lord to sit on the mountains of the world, but when we see the Woman, She is sitting on the Seven as a queen, She usurped the authority of the Lord’s Mountain (Zion), She presumes She is the Mountain, which shows why the Moon (Zion) is under Her feet. The same evil used against Her in the past, She ends using on others. Warfare for the child of God is always Good over evil, Blessing for cursing, never rendering evil for evil. We can’t use the same weapons being used against us, and expect to win in a Godly manner.

This shows another mystery, if the Woman sits on the mountains was it the purpose God had for her? God did pick the Nation over all the nations of the world, it was ordained for the nation to be over all the nations of the world in Mercy, but this is a City, not a nation. The Bible says the Mountain of the Lord will sit on the mountains, the Mountain of the Lord is not Jerusalem (the Woman), rather it’s Zion, representing the nation (Moon and Sun). The Sixth church is marked on the Mountain of the Lord, thus it begins proper, with Zion as the House of David, but then the Woman thinks She is the Queen, She sits Herself on the Mountains, but in truth She is seen on the Beast, thinking it’s a mountain. If Zion was to reign over the mountains of the world the Beast of the Sea, as well as the Beast of the Earth would be inactive, but if the Woman usurps authority, attempting to tame the Beast of the Sea, She will find She is overcome by both Beasts.

If the City is sitting, what then does She do with the Moon? She makes it Her footstool, when She does, She also takes another throne, one She was never intended to take. The Sun is Her “glory” or covering, the twelve tribes Her Crown or authority, the Moon Her foundation, thus She was not made to “sit” on the Beast. When She does sit on the Beast, She calls Herself a Queen, where then is Her king? The Beast of the Sea, Her prophet then becomes the Beast of the earth. She had it made, the entire world rushed to Her to hear of the Lord, yet She felt She was the cause of God, rather than being a tool for God to use. Her mindset joins with the mindset of the Wicked, as She gives them place, then they come will all the working of Satan. Where are the Righteous? They weep and morn over the abominations done in Jerusalem.

This explains why God divorced the nation, but saves the Remnant, they are of Israel (Sun), on Zion (Moon), yet seen in the City (Jerusalem), thus God didn’t divorce Zion, or the City, since the City is the adopted daughter of the Israel, thus Jesus wept over Jerusalem, not Israel (Matt 23:37-39). We must divide all these, since the Woman is not the nation, She is not the sister of the nation, She is the daughter. Judah was a nation in the nation, as was Israel, God divorced Israel, then denounced Judah, but kept Zion, it’s Zion making Jerusalem important, not Jerusalem it makes Zion important.

When Jesus wept over Jerusalem it was just prior to Him teaching the end times to the disciples (Matt 24:1-2). We will see the City burning, thus the attitude of the people of the city, are seen in the metaphor “the Woman”. This has nothing to do with gender, only a series of metaphors to guide us through this mystery.

Joshua called the priests, then gave seven priests seven trumpets of rams’ horns (Joshua 6:4). The horns were not blown until the seventh trip on the seventh day, or seven – sevens (Joshua 6:20). During the battle the children were told to keep their mouths shut, this type and shadow of warfare is also seen today. If we fight the mouth with the mouth we lose, no man can tame his tongue, only God can provide us a bit of Peace to stop the words of the Wicked. The only ones saved from Jericho was Rahab and her father’s house, she then dwelled in Israel from then on (Joshua 6:25). Rahab didn’t have the  Spirit, she was not Born Again, she wasn’t even Jewish, yet she had faith with the works of patience and obedience, becoming a type of those come out of the Woman.

Rev 8:3-13.

Ezekiel sees the Six Angels, but John sees Seven; however, Ezekiel sees them on the earth; whereas, John views the events from heaven. Since Ezekiel was a man, he was not privy to the things of heaven, he sees only those angels relating to the time when man is physically alive on the earth. As we can see, this last, or Seventh Angel is the one who blows the Great Trump, he isn’t seen until the time it’s appointed for all men to die once. This also shows the saying, “it’s appointed unto all men once to die, then comes the judgment” is in line with these verses (Heb 9:27). Therefore, Ezekiel only sees those angels who come to the earth, since he was not spiritual, he couldn’t pass the Door (Ezek 9:2-4).

The plagues are a result of our prayers mixed with the coals from the altar, which will be seen later. When the angel Sounds, they also Say, then they pour, the pouring brings the plagues. Then the coals of fire will be piled on their heads, but not as a result of our prayers being based in envy or strife, but as a result of prayers, words and actions of Mercy, Grace and Love. When those prayers hit the evil of the earth, they turn on the evil, thus showing Paul’s concept of Warfare was in praying for the Saints, rather than praying against the world. Prayers of hate, bitterness and anger are not in heaven; however, leaving the vengeance in the hand of God is (vs. 6:10)

In this part of the Book of Revelation we see are the Sounds of the angels, not the Sayings or the Pouring out of the prayers of the saints, those aspects are covered later by John. Isaiah saw the seraphims with Six Wings, representing the Sixth church, he heard Holy, holy, holy which takes us back to Revelation 4:8, and the four beasts (Isa 6:2). Isaiah sees the seraphims, but notes “he” (singular) covered his face and feet with “two” of the wings. The beast couldn’t touch the earth until after Jesus ascended, yet the Two Wings point to the last Two churches. One of the seraphims flew to the altar of God taking a coal, which purged the sin and iniquity of Isaiah, as a symbol the sins being forgiven at the beginning of the Time of Comfort, we know the prophet wasn’t Remitted of his sins, nor was he under the Blood, since the Blood was not yet given, thus the prophet’s experience points to the office he held, as in relation to the words he would speak, not his heart (Isa 6:7).

We must also keep in the mind the plagues begin before the devil is loosed, they are not to punish the people, but to bring repentance. The same premise was true in the case of Pharaoh, although God knew Pharaoh would not repent, it didn’t mean God wouldn’t present the opportunity. The reality of God sees repentance rejected as the people blaspheme God, but none of them will never be able to say “we didn’t know”, or  “You never gave us a chance to repent”. During our Season they had the same Bible, the same opportunity as we to bow and submit to the Spirit for the cleaning of the defiled garment. They will find they were one bow away from joining the Bride (New Jerusalem).

Isaiah sees the house filled with the smoke (Isa 6:4). He also says, the whole earth is filled with the Glory of the Lord (Isa 6:3). This would seem strange, if it were not for the Sun and Moon having the glory unto Judgment. The “house filled with smoke” points to us in heaven, s the smoke of the Sacrifice is ascending up before the Throne, but the Glory on the earth is unto Judgment, not Salvation. Paul explained this by telling us there are different Glories. Later we will see Another Glory for the Moon, but the Glory is different from the Stars without number. Whenever God involves Himself in the lives of man, two things are evident, holiness and glory. Not because of the people, but because of the involvement of God. The children in the wilderness were called holy, they were told God’s glory was on them, so where they holy? Is making the golden calf holy? Is murmuring and complaining holy? What made them holy? God’s involvement, in the Night we find the “door” closed to heaven, but the door to the House of David opened, there will be silence in heaven during the Night; all God is going to do regarding the Night was “finished” in Genesis, yet the Two Witnesses bring the Glory of the Testimony.

When the time comes to end it all Jesus will say “it is done”, but it’s after Jacob’s Trouble, the actual Time of Comfort is the finish of the testing of man. We will find even with the devil bound, the False Prophet will still be evil using all the working of Satan. Paul said the iniquity was already at work, he also told us how the self-transformed appeared righteousness on the outside, but Satan ruled on the inside. What causes them to surface? Control, they want to control their religion, they want to master the Master. The same iniquity of failing to submit will cause them to invade Jerusalem of the earth, bringing what they think is a “better” way, only it’s with idols and icons, then an image of the Beast for mankind not only to worship, but becoming the provider for man.

Although the knowledge will go forth in the latter days, the Glory of Judgment will still be earth related, reflected in the Sun and Moon, although it begins with Peace and Safety, it’s still ends in sudden destruction.

When the angel casts the fire down, there will be voices, the Greek word for Voices is Phone, the same one used for John the Baptist (a Voice crying in the wilderness). Plutarch defined this Greek word as “what brings light upon what is thought of in the mind”. This exposure brings the voices of those who stand with the Two Witnesses, causing Torment on them who dwell on the earth (v. 11:10). Then comes the thunderings bringing the woes, which explains the Thunderings are the result of Rejection, then the lightnings come, explaining how Lightnings are signs of the wrath of God. All this connects to Ezekiel’s vision, thereby showing the information contained in the Book of Revelation was not some “new and mystic” revelation given to John, but the unveiling of the information written by the prophets. This explains the Revelation of Jesus is the unveiling of Jesus, not some mystery given Him by the Father.

Ezekiel saw the four living creatures with four faces and four wings, rather than six, these are not the four beasts, since each of the four beasts had their own description. The beasts Ezekiel saw had soles on their feet like unto a calf’s foot, or a symbol of a sacrifice; a man’s hand was hidden under their wings, showing Jesus will be hidden from the last two churches until they look upon Him they have pierced. These creatures only went where the Spirit sent them, thus the Spirit is above the earth, not in the people of the earth (Ezek 1:12). They had burning coals, as the appearance “of lamps”, they were not the lamps, but had the appearance, showing the prayers of those who held both the lamp and oil (Ezek 1:13). Ezekiel sees Two Wheels calling them Works, one little one inside a larger one (Ezek 1:16); the larger one for the Greater Light, the smaller one for the Lesser Light, yet both are based in Mercy. After the wheels are lifted we find the Spirit was in the wheels Ezek 1:21; the Greater Wheel had the Spirit before hand, the smaller followed after, as they obtained Life at the end. It’s only when they are Lifted is the Spirit noticed, the lifting is a type and shadow of the Rapture coupled with the last resurrection unto life, two times with a time between. Then Ezekiel sees the fire round about Him above the firmament (Ezek 1:25-27). After this Ezekiel is told “son of man stand on your feet”, becoming a symbol regarding the last resurrection (Ezek 2:1).

After the lightnings comes the last earthquake, not before (v 8:5). The seven angels prepared themselves, we prepare ourselves by repentance, thus their goal is to obtain repentance from the people on the earth, not cause destruction. The angels go forth, John will show us what happens in heaven first, causing an effect on earth. The Censer and Altar are Golden, not Brass, but the result is Judgment (Brass), the angels begin in the Holy Place, then move to the courtyard, thus the repentance call is toward those who followed the Wicked sons of perdition as they are found in the corners of the courtyard. All this is an allegory, recalling how the Wicked toss strange fire into the sanctuary, we find the angels tossing Holy Fire out of the sanctuary.

Exodus 30:2 and 30:6 show us this Altar is Foursquare, the same as New Jerusalem, the Altar is just before the Veil, yet behind the Veil was the Holy of Holies where God said “I will meet thee”. In Amos 4:12 God said “Because I will do this unto you, prepare to meet your God, O Israel”. Amos 5:18 says “Woe unto you who desire the Day of the Lord! to what end is it for you? the Day of the Lord is darkness, and not Light”. Nahum 3:12 says “All your strongholds shall be like fig trees with the firstripe figs: if they be shaken, they shall fall into the mouth of the eater”. The Fig Tree has two fruits, the first is not acceptable, the latter is, but this Fig Tree brings Leaves not fruit, explaining when Jesus came to the Fig Tree there were firstripe figs, but they are not eatable, thus He spoke to the Fig Tree by making a factual statement, a statement presumed by Peter to be a cursing, but it was really a Blessing for the Remnant. If the Tree was cursed, even the Remnant would be cursed, thus Jesus didn’t curse the Tree, rather we find the second fruit will not be, only the leaves as a covering. Therefore, the Fig Tree was stayed until the time appointed, then it brought forth 144,000 leaves. The metaphor Leaves refers to a covering of some type, it was the Fig Leaf Adam used, rather than the fruit of the tree, but he used the covering after partaking of the wrong fruit. The Fig Tree is a covering for the flesh, it’s not a Healing, but the Leaves of the Tree of Life bring exposure and healing.

The word Grass in the Greek is Chortos, which we looked at prior. We know there are various types of Grass, there is the Tender Grass, the Green Grass, the Yellow Grass, and the Dead Grass. In the Hebrew there are four words for Grass, the Hebrew Deshe means A sprout or Tender grass, it has a root word meaning To bring forth. The Hebrew Chatsiyr refers to The greenness of the Courtyard, its root word means Courtyard, the root word for Courtyard means Fenced in. The Hebrew Yereq means Sickly vegetation, its root word means Spit. The Hebrew Eseb means To glisten, all four of these show various types of grasses; therefore, the Trees are different, as the Grass is different.

The word Trees is in the plural, not the singular, pointing to several areas. We know the Trees by the River are the twelve tribes, but there is also those who were partakers of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, there are the Oak trees appointed to those tribes not listed in John’s list (Dan and Ephraim). Then the most important issue, the opening of those who stand with the Two Olive Trees, defined by the prophet Zechariah as the Two Witnesses of the Law and Prophets (Zech 4:1-14 & Matt 17:1-3). The Two Olive Trees are not part of the candlestick, they are Next to it, thus their purpose is to provide the means of Mercy (olive tree), when they are cast into the street, mercy is removed.

Since there are so many trees and types of grass, we can jump forward to the Vial this angel pours out, but it’s the sores on those who had the mark of the beast, or who worshipped the beast. In this case it’s a third, not the entire group. These are trees, in the Old the metaphor usage shows they were under the trees, or were under the covering of God, yet still worshipping idols. This is really no different, the covering it being removed, things are changing rapidly (vs. 16:2). The green grass points to the courtyard, the trees to the high places. The yellow dying Grass refers to the Laodicean mind, the dead Grass refers to those who stand with the Wicked. Grass grows around trees, yet we don’t see “fowls”, how come? The fowls are bound at this time, the Wicked come with the working of Satan. In our Season they were the fowls, but the devil isn’t bound in our Season.

We know Ephraim is not in the Revelation list of tribes; Hosea points out Ephraim shall say What have I to do any more with idols? I have heard Him, and observed Him: I am like a Green Fir Tree, From me is Your fruit found (Hosea 14:7-8). This is not saying Ephraim will repent and be Saved, it means some from Ephraim will repent and be killed with the saints, then they have the chance to be Saved at the Judgment. It’s from this premise some assume Salvation will be given during the last half of the Tribulation, but the deliverance comes in death, then the Judgment, then the resurrection unto Life if they find their names in the Book of Life.

Hosea shows at least one-third of the Sea will be judged based on works of repentance, not works of the flesh; therefore, they are judged according to their works (ways) of mercy. This clears the confusion of Works versus Grace, if we are in Grace, we have ceased from our works, as our nature has changed to Mercy and Grace, we don’t have to sit around and think “what would Jesus do?”, we do it by nature.

During the times of Mercy the Tree is Green, remove Mercy it becomes a dry tree. Jesus pointed this out when He said “For if they do these things in a Green Tree, what shall be done in the dry?” (Luke 23:31). This also shows why Jesus spoke to the Fig Tree, the religious leaders failed at Mercy, they caused the tree to be dried form the roots..

Our fear of God must entail our trust in Him as well, we must know how easy it is for any of us to be self-deceived, yet we most trust God will not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. The Wicked have no fear of God, they are convinced all they do is a service to God. They will kill the people in a nation, to save the nation, which is exactly what they do in the end. Deception is a two-edged sword, one begins by deceiving others, as the deceiver becomes self-deceived. They don’t see how their ways are slanderous, prideful, full of envy, strife, or centered on fables. We must always pray for the Lord to remove any deception we may have picked up, which is the meaning of, “deliver me from evil”.

A Third part shows one third will die, this is no different than we saw with Moses and Korah, thus they will have the evidence in their past, whether they pay attention or not is up to them. However, the evidence shows they won’t repent, rather they attack. When this is done the Law and Prophets, with all who stood with them lay in the Street until the plagues are complete (Zech 13:8-9); therefore, they lack the ability to reach the Second Paradise, since it will be closed as was the First, they also lack the Spirit to bring them to the Throne. This explains why there is silence in heaven until after all the plagues are complete.

John will tell us how the acts of the false prophet causes fire to fall from heaven, here we find the fire falling (v. 13:13). The second angel sounds, causing the Great Mountain the Woman sits on to fall into the Sea (World), based on what the Woman does, this is the compromise of the Woman and the world. By this time all the Remnant have been killed. This isn’t one of the seven mountains, this is The Great Mountain, now a third part of the Gentiles are blood, some of them will be among “the Sea gave up her dead” at the Judgment (v. 20:13). These would be those who did repent at the sound of the second angel’s trump, but since Salvation is stayed, there is no way for them to escape, except to be killed as they lay in the street waiting. The saints will be overcome, simply because there is no Grace on the earth in the Night, yet Mercy is being destroyed by the Wicked in order to form for them to become the footstool. Do we have a better promise, or what?

Back to the word Ships, the Hebrew has three meanings, there are the Galley types (Hebrew Oniyah), the Commander of a ship (Hebrew Amar), and the Hebrew Tsiy meaning a Ship; however, this is Greek, the word is PloyonKtisma this word is different from the word used for Creation, in this sense it means something formed, thus this is one area where metaphors are not used. This is nature itself being destroyed, it takes us back to Moses when the water turned to blood, but in this case it’s the Sea. Later we will find many merchants of the earth who did take the Mark,  were made rich by the merchandise (Rev 18:11-17). meaning a ship, or shipping. The phrase “had life” means They had living souls, but who are these? Whales, they have living souls as well, but not anything like Adam had (Gen 1:21). The word Creatures is the Greek

The third angel sounds, the Great Star purposed for the Great Mountain falls from heaven as a “burning lamp” thus the burning lamp falling shows the Woman has lost Her light, as She lost her chance to join to the Sixth church, She has killed the Just, She came against the Law and Prophets by changing their intent and purpose, changing Her glory into the fire of hell. The star is called Wormwood, or Bitter, causing many men to die as a result of Her fornication and bitterness. The word Waters is explained in 17:15 in the phrase “The waters which you saw, where the whore sits are peoples, multitudes, and nations and tongues”. In Chapter 17 John is shown why the Judgment falls on the Woman, here we see the result of Her acts and ways.

The metaphors Sun and Moon don’t change, the next area is fourth angel sounds, a third part of Jacob (Sun), a third part of Zion (Moon), and a third part of all the tribes of Israel (stars) are Smitten. The word Smitten is the Greek Plesso meaning To strike with Evil, but it doesn’t mean the one stricken is evil, rather it means the one doing the striking is evil, thus the Woman causes it, but God allows the One Third to be smitten by the evil to bring about the cause and purpose of Judgment. In the time of Moses it was darkness, but not like this, this is a slow removal of Light, this would be the place Jesus was talking about (Matt 24:29). In all this we have the evidence of corruption taking hold, not all of the Sun, Moon and Stars were Smitten, only one third. At this time there are still some with the Mark of God, as we will see.

Peter said, Submit yourself to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; or unto governors, as unto them who are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them who do well (I Pet 2:13-14). What? The Remnant allow the evil to take their lives? They loved not their lives unto the death, they would rather be killed, then burn in the lake of fire. This is akin to the same faith the three Hebrew children held, yet neither the Remnant or the three Hebrew children were Born Again. They held to the measure of faith, loving not their lives unto the death, what excuse could we have? We have one cloud of witnesses before us, a cloud of the saints of Old who didn’t have the Spirit, who didn’t have the ability, thus we of all people are left with no excuse. The “if” clause was still in effect, take the number, If not, the Remnant take the If Not.

Then we find “and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise” (v. 12). This would seem strange, especially if we are of the Day, we’re suppose to be in heaven, unless, the Holy Ghost is pointing to two things relate. The word “day” for us means our Sabbath is in Jesus, but for the Jew the “day” is still the sabbath day, the sabbath day is still the Token for the Law of Moses, the Prophets have many words for the Night, thus we find the Law and Prophets are losing their light, the people are abusing them more and more. The clue is it the word, “shone”, which is the Greek Phaino  meaning To be conspicuous, or be seen, it refers to something being brought into the light to be seen, which would relate to conviction.

Rev 9:1-12

Chapter 9 is a continuance of chapter 8, it begins with the Fifth Angel who releases the demons by unlocking the pit. When the Fifth Seal was opened the devil was bound, now it’s the Fifth Angel who opens the pit, could they relate? Yes, the love of the people waxed cold, they moved from any sign of faith to self-deception and self-love, they not only allowed Jezebel’s children to enter, they cleaned the pulpit off for them.

The smoke and darkness shows the Sun becoming Darkness, not black as sackclothe as we saw at the Sixth Seal, rather this is Darkness from the  demons who kept not their first estate as the chains under darkness have been removed (Jude 6). This is the exactness of the metaphor from Matthew 24:29, when Jesus said Immediately after the tribulation in those days shall the Sun be darkened, the Tribulation is ended, Jacob’s Trouble has begun. When Jesus said, “immediately after”, it’s what He means, showing a change in the Season, as the very short time for Jacob’s Trouble.

John the Baptist came eating Locusts, did it mean he removed their little legs, or did their legs get stuck in his teeth? Hardly the word Locusts is a metaphor for the religious conceit of Pharisee thinking, here the religious conceit is so strong it has become demonic in all regards. Jesus said in Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not seeing the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven”. Serpents are malicious, slanderous speakers, but Scorpions are deceptive people. There can’t be any Christians on earth at this time, since we have Power over Scorpions (Luke 10:19). Jesus gave us the Power to win this race, whether we receive it or not, is still our choice.

When Israel rebelled against the House of David, Scorpions came to Chastise the rebellious (I Kings 12:11, 12:19 & 12:14). Here the scorpions are told to go after the people who don’t have the Mark of God; therefore, some of the 144,000 are still around and active; therefore, we find some of the Third taken prior were taken based on their repentance, thus Isaiah 57:1 comes into play again, God takes them knowing what lays ahead.

Like Job, the people can’t be killed, but torment is torment, since they can’t be killed, they will desire to die, but can’t, showing they presume they have the power of death, but all things are under God’s hand, only those appointed to death will die.

As it was in the time of Jeremiah, some appointed to death, some appointed to the plagues, some appointed to the sword, and so on. They presume their escape is found in death, but death is not an escape at all, it’s merely one step closer to the second death. The evidence before them will show they have no power, but they will still assume if they can kill the Woman, God will be pleased with them, yet we know only faith pleases God. This foolishness is another lie, the Waster knows nothing more than to destroy.

The words in these verses are interesting: Injure or Hurt is the Greek Aoikos, it isn’t restricted to Injure alone, but means to Injure without cause or to act unjustly, thus the demons even though evil, are still limited to act under the authority of God, they can only hurt the unjust.

The wording “To kill”, “Seeking death”, and “The desire to die” are all different. Kill means to abolish or make a total end; Death means the cause of Death, thus it’s not death, but the cause at issue. Die means the natural death, not death in total (first death). In those days men shall seek to cause death, or to find peace in death, but they will not find it. The prophet Isaiah said, “because you have said, We have made a covenant with death and with hell we are at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves” (Isa 28:15). This also shows those who were already killed couldn’t leave the confines of the earth. These demons cannot touch those who had the mark of God, even after physical death, yet before Jesus returns we find the Beast and False Prophet in the lake of fire, where the devil will join them (Rev 20:10). They felt even in death they would be free, but found death was worse, they found no peace.

Hearing the lies of the false prophet, and joining to them are different. When we agree with evil, we agree with death, when we agree with the Word, we agree with Life. The cause is prophesied by Habakkuk, as they enlarged their borders and took what was not theirs and mixed Clay (man) with the Iron of bondage (Hab 2:3-10).

The shapes of the Locusts are not some space ship out of the night, rather it‘s a based on the people. The Locusts devour, connecting to religious conceit, the biggest of this is thinking one is rich and in need of nothing. The Scorpions are the force behind the demons, relating to the deception of the people. The serpents point to their maliciousness, and idol worship, as it reached it’s ultimate result, demon possession. They have crowns like gold, not only representing the greed of the people, but  points to the crowns on the dragon. They used the authority of the Beast of the Sea, but the Beast of the Sea obtained authority from the dragon, the crowns represent the seat of Satan, the Woman has given up Her called role, by joining Herself to the False Prophet, who in turn joined to the Beast of the Sea, who used the authority, power of the dragon along with the seat of Satan. This is more evident when we see these creatures have faces as men and hair (covering) of women, thus not only does this show they are possessed people, but it relates back to history when the Jews considers idols devils.

The Remnant are Virgins, they will not join to the covering of the Woman, but here these people have covered themselves with darkness. They enjoyed the pleasures of sin, now they want it to continue, presuming if the kill the remaining 144,000 who keep talking about Jehovah, they will have Peace and Safety again. Their teeth are like lion’s teeth set to devour, they will beat their plows into crude weapons, then use them in most crude horrid ways, since they forgot the ways of war. They are Clay, mixed with the Iron breastplates of war, their sounds are like chariots going to war, their tails are the Scorpions, their stings hurt men, they don’t kill them, yet. “Sound the alarm, the city is under attack, blow the Trumpet in Zion”; it will come to pass. Wait, now wait, oh my, this is the “army of God”, this is the result of “for God has put in their hearts to fulfill His will”, with “they shall make Her desolate and naked, and shall eat Her flesh, and burn Her with fire” (Rev 17:16-17). Now I remember, God used the heathen nation of Babylon to punish His own, so why not use these people to carry out His will to assist in making the enemies of Jesus, His footstool?

The word Crowns used here is the Greek Stephanos, this doesn’t connect to verse 3:11 where the Sixth church is told “no man take your Crown”; in Revelation 3:11 the type of Crown is not the same as the one the devil gives. All Seven churches have God given Crowns of victory showing they have been granted an Authority from God to rule. Crowns always indicate some form of ruling, thus the crown of the devil is given to some nation (horn) so they can dominate the world, whether by force or some other means of manipulation. The crowns of the devil change from nation to nation, the concerns of the nations with the devil’s crown are always worldly in nature, not Godly. We as “kings” have crowns showing our authority over the world, not saying we dominate it, or manipulate it, rather it shows we are not subject to the world, thus we will not be judged with them. The Crown the Woman wears is comprised of the 12 tribes, thus her ruling authority is granted through the Tribes of Israel; therefore, the 144,000 are taken from Tribes, not “cities”. Later the Woman is seen riding the Beast which shows she is dominating the Beast, but the Beast will turn on her in the end.

Our lesson from First Corinthians chapter 11 tells us the metaphor Hair means the anointing, in this case the false covering caused the release of the demons, God is merely giving them the desire of their wicked hearts.

Their leader has a name which is both Jew and Gentile, showing “every eye will see Him, those who pierced Him and those who wail because of Him” (v 1:7). It also shows not only the Gentile Sea is possessed, but many from the Woman as well. This demon possession is not restricted to the Wicked alone, it’s everyone who bartered away their life, thus they failed at, “go and sin no more”.

The Greek text says this is the angel of the Abyss, but it’s not to be confused with the angel who has the key to the pit, they are different. The angel who has the key was given the key by Jesus (v 1:18), but the angel released is still the devil, he will carry a message meaning his weapon is still his mouth (v. 16:13). The paradox here shows there are “crowns” and there are “crowns”. The angel of the bottomless pit is called a “king” (v. 11), yet the locusts have crowns showing they are also kings. The evil angel is the king of the evil kings, but over them is The King of kings.

It may be a surprise, but the prior angels didn’t bring Woes, there are only three woes for the Earth and Sea, the first is the release of the demons, after the Woe has come and past, then come the other two. Each Woe is connected to the rejection of God’s call to repent, again they are directed to the Earth and Sea, they are not directed to the Sand of the Sea, or the Heavens.

Each Woe comes based on the evil of the people, as the evil of the people is based on their connection to the Beast of the Sea and the Beast of the Earth, thus the Wrath of God is not God reaching a point where He simply gets mad, or allows His anger to control Him, rather it’s giving to the people, what they have given to God and God’s people. The truth remains, “vengeance is Mine saith the Lord, I will repay”, since the Lord repays in righteous judgment; therefore, it is not up to us to make the enemies of Jesus His footstool, it’s up to us not to become the footstool.

Rev 9:13-21.

The sixth angel sets up the last great war, the Trumpet is blown in Zion; Jerusalem is under attack, it’s leading to the Great Trump of God being sounded in the land, the inhabitants of the entire land, Jew or Gentile tremble (Joel 2:1-9). Zion (Moon) has now changed, the Woman has made the Moon Her footstool, causing the Moon to loss Her Light. How? The Godly are now dead, Mercy is removed from the earth, the blood of the saints will be revenged.

When the 1,000 years started they beat their swords into plowshares, now they beat their plowshares into swords (Joel 3:10). This Sixth Angel has The Trumpet (v. 14). The misconception of the phrase Army of the Lord assumes we are this Army of the Lord, but in the context given here, as well as by the prophets we find these are the kings of the earth doing the will of God. To presume this is us, is really, really foolish, these people are demon possessed, they are filled with bitterness and hate, still want to join this army? Better remain with the Spiritual Armor of God.

Simply because they are termed “the Army of the Lord”, doesn’t mean they are holy in any sense of the word, rather it shows God will use the heathen to bring about His will.  Babylon and Egypt were used of God, as were many other nations. The proof? “For the Scripture says unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised you up, that I might show My power in you, and that My Name might be declared throughout the earth” (Rom 9:17); with, “Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved” (Rom 9:27); with, “for He will finish the work, and cut it short in righteousness; because a short work will the Lord make on the earth” (Rom 9:28). This is the proof of the course, the angels are making a short work, this is a Quickly ending in the lake of fire for the wicked, and the gates of New Jerusalem for the Remnant. With this we add, “For God has put in their hearts to fulfill His will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast” (v 17:17). This is One kingdom, not many, the kingdom here is the kingdom of the First Beast. The ten horns hate the Whore, they shall make Her desolate, and burn Her with Fire. We find the Army of the Lord in this case is Gog and Magog doing what God knew they would do before the foundation of the world. Woe unto the man who seeks the Day of the Lord, for it’s a day of darkness, not light (Joel 2:11 & Amos 5:18).

The River Euphrates is the border to the promised land, but when the Woman uses force to take Her land by removing the three horns of Edom, Moab and the Children of Ammon, She causes Her own downfall. She moves based on the words of the false prophet, not God, thus the False Prophet (sons of perdition) have a place in the lake of fire before the judgment. Peter said, It would be better for them if they never had knowledge of the Lord, for their end is worse than their beginning.

The four angels in the Euphrates are not the kings, they are powers of separation. As long as those angels remain in the Euphrates no nation will be able to overtake Israel. The Promised Land is bordered by the Euphrates, which is another sign of the times. Whether the Jews have what we call “Israel” or not isn’t the sign, it’s when they have the land to the River Euphrates. Every nation, since 1948 within the boundary of the Euphrates to the Sea are subject to Israel, since they have no power over them, as evidenced by the Six Day War, plus many other events.

These four angles are loosed, they were prepared for an hour, a day, a month, and a year to slay one third of mankind. When they are “loosed”, the end is near at hand. We can’t forget the process of events, verse 13 shows the Voice, rather than the four angels coming from the Golden Altar before God. So, metaphorically where is it? Just before the entrance to the Holy of Holies. Jesus was seen in the midst of the Golden Candlestick, which is in the Holy Place, thus the progression is moving toward the Holy Place on one hand, from where the Voice comes, to the Courtyard where the activity is. The Voice tells the Sixth Angel to loose the four angels, thus the time to Allow the armies of the world to cross the Euphrates is at hand. When they come against Jerusalem the trumpet will sound in the holy mountain, the city will be under attack, the end is very near.

The use of the Golden Altar also takes us back to the Report where the voices under the altar of God who said, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, do You not judge and avenge our blood on them who dwell on the earth?” (Rev 6:10). The Lord told them to rest for a “little season” or a 1,000 years, until their brethren, the 144,000 are killed, which shows it has happened at this point in time. The Sixth Angel is opening the way for the Seventh Angel to blow the Great Trump, announcing the time of Judgment in hand.

Why a hour, day, month, and year? The hour is a metaphor for the tribulation, the term “day” used here doesn’t point to The Day, rather it points to a sabbath, a month points to festival times, showing they were held back during the Time of Comfort, a year pertains to a generation, thus during the time when the Sixth church was active these angels were held back, as the border protected Israel, but when the Seventh church allowed the Wicked to set up the abomination one couldn’t tell the difference between the world and Israel, causing the border to be removed. Now we find Fire, Jacinth and Brimstone (v. 9:17). Okay wait, I read ahead and found Jacinth was also used in reference to New Jerusalem (v. 21:20), are you saying these are Christians? Nay, two different words, but related. The word Jacinth only appears twice in the Bible, both times in the Book of Revelation. Here the Greek word is HuakinthinosHuakinthos meaning a very fragrant flower, one is a stone, the other a flower, although they each have the same English title. Verse 17 shows this is a Vision, John wasn’t actually seeing all this with the physical eye, being a Vision means it’s prophetic, or a  will be. A another Third part is killed, this would be the Second Woe (vs. 9:12). meaning where red touches black, but in Revelation 21:20 it’s the Greek

This will also explain the Rivers, we recall the Woman has fire behind Her, with the Garden of Eden before Her. This shows the reverse of the fall, the Woman isn’t leaving the Garden of Eden, God has presented it to the Woman If She keeps the Commandments of God, which we now know means to “go and sin no more”, but If not, the fire will catch up to Her.

Genesis 2:10-15 shows Four Rivers coming from One River, each has a meaning, the Four Rivers are the Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and the Euphrates: Pison comes from the Hebrew Puwnon meaning To be perplexed, it compassed the land of Havilah, whom many believe is India. Havilah comes from the Hebrew root word Chiyl meaning Twist or Whirl, pointing to Twisting of something given, such as Twisting the Law and Prophets. Gihon comes from a root word meaning To issue, or Labor in order to bring forth, it compassed the land of Ethiopia which means Cush, yet Cush didn’t come about until after the Flood. Showing the prophecy was in the works before the event. Hiddekel is the same river where Daniel had his vision of the end times (Dan 10:4), it goes Toward Assyria, yet prophetically Assyria connects to Babylon, but Babylon came from Nimrod, who came from Cush, who didn’t come about until after the Flood. Clearly we find the Prophecy of the Rivers here in Genesis, but it doesn’t mean these nations or people existed at the time, rather it shows the Prophecy was in the Beginning pointing to the end times. The last river is the Euphrates, the border to the promised land of Abraham, and Euphrates means To break forth, or Rushing (Gen 2:14).

Each river has an angel, all four reside in the Euphrates, no nation can cross the river to attack Jerusalem unless the Lord allows. Today Jerusalem is still trodden under foot by the Gentile, but nonetheless those subject to the Promise claim the land, as the four angels are protecting the River now, and will until the Sixth Angel looses them.

The things out of the east, are the four kings who come with great fury, the fury of hell, causing death to a third of all mankind. Instead of repenting, the four kings will look upon Jerusalem as the cause of the plagues because She violated the covenant with Jehovah, yet it was the false prophet who came from them who caused it. Daniel shows the thousand thousands will minister to Him, but the ten thousand times the thousand will before the Lord (Dan 7:10). This gives us verse 5:11 showing the last is first, as the first is last, thus when the thousands of thousands are ministering in the temple on earth the ten thousand times ten thousand will Stand before the Lord in heaven. The promise contained in this Prophecy is real, we have the opportunity to avoid this mess, we need not be on this earth when all this is happening, no excuse whatsoever, no reason whatsoever. Submit, be cleaned and hear the Spirit say “Come Up Hither”.

God told the Jews, You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities (Amos 3:2); therefore, assuming God picked another nation on this earth is not in line with the Scriptures, God did enlarge the Promise in the New to extend to Jew and Gentile for the Kingdom, but He still uses Israel on the earth to fulfill the prophetic words of Judgment, God changes not, rather He expands. Instead of a nation on this earth, God gave us a Kingdom not of this world (Jn 18:36).

Michael is “one of chief princes”, he is not The Chief Prince (Dan 10:13), Michael helps the Lord, he is not the Lord. Michael is the great eagle who protects the Jews now, thus he is not sitting on the Right Hand of Majesty. Michael is one of the two angels over the Mercy Seat, he is not the Mercy Seat. Michael cast the devil out of heaven, since heaven is Michael’s realm, but even Michael couldn’t defeat the devil on earth, rather before Michael could cast the devil out of heaven, the devil had to be defeated by One higher than all the angels, One who was before the Beginning, One who is the Logos, yet one had flesh as did the people He represented, the One is Jesus (Heb 2:14).

The question must be “Why doesn’t God stop this, after all it’s obvious He has control over the demons?” The angels had one choice, when one-third fell the choice for them was over, but man has a life of choices, yet choice without something to pick from isn’t choice at all. The reward is great, but the punishment for rebellion is the same whether man or angel.

The Fourth Beast Daniel sees is the one with Ten Horns or the toes to the Two Feet of Noah produced, which John will show as the Beast out of the Sea (Dan 7:7). Looking at Japheth and Ham it would appear there were eleven toes, not ten, since Japheth had 1) Gomer, 2) Magog, 3) Madai, 4) Javan, 5) Tubal, 6) Meshech and 7) Tiras (Gen 10:2); and Ham had 8) Cush, 9) Mizraim, 10) Put and 11) Canaan (Gen 10:6); however, Ezekiel clears the issue by showing when the end comes Meshech and Tubal will be one nation under a man named Gog (Ezek 38:2). Wait, what about the islands, wouldn’t it make 12? The Islands in Genesis 10 are answered, there are no Islands in the very last days, it’s “from” the Islands of the Gentiles came, we came from those ten horns to become Islands. Ezekiel gives us the Seven Heads as they will appear after the three are removed, whereas, Isaiah gives us the Ten before the three are removed (Isa 11:11-14). With Meshech and Tubal as one nation we find Japheth had 1) Gomer, 2) Magog, 3) Madai, 4) Javan, 5) Tubal and Meshech, and 6) Tiras; Ham had 7) Cush, 8) Mizraim, 9) Put and 10) Canaan, giving us the Ten Horns as they were in the Days of Noah. John will explore this further showing where their authority, power and seat come from.

Isaiah shows the islands as the Church in our Season (Isa 49:1 & 49:8), thus the Rapture removes the Islands, but brings the ten toes of 1) Assyria, 2) Egypt, 3) Pathros, 4) Cush, 5) Elam, 6) Shinar, 7) Hamath, 8) Edom, 9) Moab and 10) children of Ammon (Isa 11:10-14). This will be when God puts His hand a Second Time to recover the Remnant of Israel after the Sixth Seal. This is of course review, but it’s important to keep these things in mind. With all that is going on in the world today, we still have a far greater blessing waiting for us If we hold tight to the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness.

The Breastplates of Fire, Jacinth and Brimstone are also important. Breastplates of Iron (v 9:9) show the breastplates over the person is bondage, as Iron mixed with clay,  ending when the Ten Toes and Seven Heads. These breastplates are seen metaphorically as the “breastplates of unrighteousness”.

The three methods of death are Fire, Jacinth and Brimstone, this Fire is not the fire of God, but the fire coming from the pit, wherein the Sun (Jacob) went into darkness (v 9:2). This would be when the “house of Jacob” receives the abomination causing darkness to fall on the nation. Jacinth points to the blood being spilled because of the darkness. Brimstone is a symbol of the destruction of Sodom, it relates to a destroying fire from within the earth (Gen 19:24). Once the Remnant are killed the entire land will be as Sodom (Isa 1:9). The wrath of God will turn the earth into the fire of Sodom (Isa 13:19 & II Pet 3:10). This area is still based on the Sounds of the angels, later we will find the Mouths of the dragon, beast and false prophet caused this Sound to come forward, thus this Fire connects to the mouth of the dragon, the Jacinth to the mouth of the beast, and Brimstone to the mouth of the false prophet, by these three hell will widen her borders (v. 16:12).

Rev 10:1-4

If there are Seven Angels, what happened to the Seventh? All of sudden we move from the Sixth (vs. 9:13), to this point? Where did the Seventh go? Going back to 9:18 we find the Great War, as a third of man was killed by the “Fire, Smoke and Brimstone” coming from the “mouths” of the evil horsemen, showing the people possessed, controlled and under the power of the Dragon, Beast and False Prophet. Then we read, “the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues, yet repented not of the works of their hands, they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood, which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk” (vs. 9:20). Works of their hands? Mark in the hand? They should not worship devils? Mark in the forehead? Yes, it’s not some computer chip placed in their heads, it’s idol worship, selling themselves to the hands of idols as the works of their hands.

Revelation 9:20-21 shows those who did survive still failed to repent, thus showing the purpose of the plagues was to bring man to repentance, causing the Seventh Angel to Blow the Great Trump, then they hear, “It is Done”. Did they murder? Yes, not only people but the Law and Prophets. Did they do sorceries? Yes, they played in the devil’s sandbox with the Wicked. Did they commit fornication? Yes, there were so many in the bed with the Woman and False Prophet the bed widened its borders. Did they commit thefts? Yes, they took the blessing, but refused to pay back to God. They attempted to gain entry by the window, since they are Thieves, Jesus will come on them As a Thief.

The beginning of the Book of Revelation gives us the warnings to the churches, now we have a Little Book, this Little Book of prophecy tells us enough to warn us about the Woman’s history, the First Beast, the Second Beast and their judgment.

The Little Book is simple enough, it’s a Prophecy in the Prophecy. John didn’t have any delusions of having some revelation the Body wasn’t ready for, he knew Prophecy is for the Body, as soon as he got it, he wrote it. The information is for us, we know the other disciples during the time knew of these matters. This assists us in our fear of God, what God has seen, He has seen, we have the greatest opportunity of all time, submit to the New Man and miss what must be.

The angel in 10:1 is not Jesus, since John said Jesus was like unto the Son of man, this angel is clothed with a cloud, not clouds, which shows the Witnesses of One Cloud. This angel has feet as fire; whereas, Jesus has feet like unto Brass As if they were burned in a furnace, thus this angel shows why the Feet of Jesus are on the Footstool. Later Jesus will say “I Jesus have sent My angel to testify unto you of these things in the churches” (vs. 22:16), but this angel is not testifying of the churches, he has another testimony. His testimony is based on where he is standing, showing why the wrath of God will fall.


Description of the Angel:

Clothed with a Cloud

Rainbow on his head

Face like unto the sun

Clothed with a vesture

Dripped in Blood


Description of Jesus (vs. 1:14-15)

Hair white as Snow like wool

Feet like fine brass

Voice like sounds of Waters


Description of Jesus (vs. 19:11-12)

On a White Horse

Eyes like a flame of fire

Many crowns on His head

Feet pillars of fire


Jesus – Hair White

Angel – Rainbow on his head

Jesus – Feet like brass

Angel – Feet pillars of fire

Jesus – Voice like waters

Angel – Face like unto the sun

Jesus – Clothed with a vesture dipped in blood

Angel – Clothed with a cloud


Clearly the Rainbow points to Noah, as the Covenant of God not to destroy the world with water, but then we see a face like unto the Sun, does this point to Jesus, or to Israel? Since his face is “like” the Sun, it shows the angel is not Israel, or Jesus, but it does show the “direction”. First is the “cloud” or Witnesses, since this is one cloud it relates to the “great cloud of witnesses”, but since this is an Angel it means the cloud also involves the 144,000. The Rainbow takes us to the “days of Noah”, then the Sun pointing to Israel, then lastly we find “feet” as Pillars of fire, pointing to judgment. This angel is not focused on Salvation, this is a angel with a message of Judgment regarding the Last of the Last Days. This angel brings a message, he is standing on the Sea and Earth, he is not standing on the Sand of the Sea, but his face is reflective of something between the Sea and Earth, pointing to the Sand of the Sea (Sun). Later we will see John standing above the Sand of the Sea when he sees the Beast of the Sea and the Beast of the Earth, thus John would be in a like position as this angel. This angel has one foot on the Sea (world) the other on the Earth (kingdom of heaven after the Rapture), thus between the two is the Sun (Israel, or Sand of the Sea), giving us the “reflection” of what he sees.

The “little book” is not the Scroll with seven seals, the Greek word used in 10:2 is Bibliaridion meaning a Little Book, it comes from the Greek Biblion which was translated into the English word Book in vs. 5:1. The difference would be the size, which would also include the amount of writing; the Little book is Little it doesn’t show it was written on both sides. However, back in chapter 5 no one was able to open the Book, here the Book is opened.

This angel shows there is more than enough evidence in the Law and Prophets for one to repent, the wording in the Greek reads, “Having Been Clothed”, which is the Greek word Peribello meaning To cast or Throw around a person, indicating the Clothing was placed there by another. This angel is sent as a voice from another, of course the “other” is God (vs. 1).

This angel still has a warning for all, whether of the Day or Night, as he speaks of  the Woes. The history of Israel shows God sent prophets to warn the people several times, the warnings were based on the people destroying themselves, but the people of God killed the prophets. God has sent us prophets, some within our own house have killed them as well. God sent the Scriptures, yet they twisted them. Some within our ranks have twisted the Scriptures as well. Clearly, without the Spirit of Truth, we lack the ability to do anything for the Lord. We must receive with meekness the Engrafted Word which is able to save our souls, as we walk in the New Nature. We should do by nature the things of Christ, rather than look around to make sure someone sees us acting holy.

This angel places one foot on the Earth, the other on the Sea, he doesn’t touch the mountain of the Lord, or the Sand of the Sea, or the Islands, or the Heavens, showing the Seven Thunders are the wrath of God set against the world and the sons of perdition (Earth). There were seven churches, there are seven thunders, and seven angels, thus the Judgment of God begins in the House of God, but the wrath ends on the Earth and Sea. Although this angel is standing with the pillars of fire on Sea and Earth, the Sun reflected on his face shows to whom he is talking.

The word uttered means to Speak Absolutely, or to speak according to the nature of the event, which restricts the saying. The word Mighty is the Greek Ischuros meaning Strong, it was used by Paul in II Corinthians 10:10 meaning Strong (severe) letters, thus this angel brings a very Severe message, one to be listened to. The woes this angel will talk about run until the end of Chapter 11, so the “little book” is in this book, which is in the larger book. Verse three gives us the source of the angel, “as when a lion roars”, telling us the Lion of the Tribe of Judah has sent the message. This angel roars, as the seven thunders uttered. Lightening is a sign of Power, Thunder a sign of Authority. The Power is yet to come, the Authority is being shed out of the mouth of this angel.

John could understand what the thunders said, but was told not to write them, why? Same reason as Daniel was told the book was sealed, didn’t apply to him. Therefore, another clue is how the thunders didn’t apply to John, since John was a New Testament child of the Day, like us. We are not appointed to the wrath of God, neither are we appointed to the thunders of God.

This angel tells us “time is up”, he swore “by Him” Who lives forever, so who is it? Back in Revelation 1:18 Jesus said, “I am He who lives, and was dead; and, behold I am alive forevermore”. All things are created by the Word, for the Word, this angel is giving us more clues to who he is, as well as his position. Verse 7 then opens it all up, he is the seventh angel, the one who finishes it all. This angel will be the one to open the last area to the Mystery of God, not revealed, rather it “should be finished” (vs. 10:7). The wording “should be finished” is the Greek Teleo meaning to Close, or Bring to a complete close. This isn’t an area where one would say, “it is finished”, rather this is the area one step from “it is done”.

Back to the Seven Thunders, it becomes clear they ring out over those who of the “earth” including the “workers of iniquity”, those who were the drunken who entered the Night, those who caused the fall of the Woman. Peter said “For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them” (II Pet 2:21). What Holy Commandment? He who says he is in the light, yet hates his brother, is in darkness even until now (I Jn 2:9). Those who received the forgiveness of sin, yet rejected the submission for the Cleaning of the Blood in the Day are those who took God’s Mercy, but refused to give it, they “drew” back to perdition. They may have entered this with a pure desire, but somehow their desire changed to gaining power, self-glory, or the desire to look religious before man, or feel morally superior over the sinner, rather than deny the self, they used it. Somewhere along the line they became religiously conceited, as they began to slander, to feel superior, they forgot from where they came. They slandered, killed the just, robbed widows, sold the dove, yet felt they were the only ones doing God a service.

This vengeance is only upon the enemies of Jesus, the problem is, those who are left on the earth have all joined to those enemies, becoming one with them. Those who stood with God were killed, the covering is gone, there is none righteousness, no not one, not even one close to it. The righteous are gone, only the wicked, and those who joined to the wicked remain when the Woes come. Yet, the purpose of the Woes is not to kill, but to save. They come as punishment, but the people are given a chance to repent. The signs are there, all things are changing, the air is getting bad, the water is bitter, the sun is beating down, but they reject the obvious, rather than lift holy hands to heaven, they shake their fists at God.

As long as one righteous person remains, the Judgment is stayed, but the Wicked kill the just, bringing about their own judgment. What they fear the most will certainly come upon them. However, we are not appointed to the wrath of God. We are separated from the ways of the world, from the Night, and from Jacob’s Trouble; yet the devil uses darts as hooks to draw us back while it is yet Day. However, we Rejoice, since we know God has birthed in us the very means to hold the Victory the Faith of Jesus has obtained.

The Power is here now, while it is yet Today, but the night comes when no man can work. We imputed the old dead, but have we cast off his works? A systems check is in order from time to time, yet this is still the Day of Salvation, it’s the Day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

This area also connects to the phrase, “for the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a Shout” (I Thess 4:16). Paul doesn’t say the Lord will do the Shouting, only there will be a Shout, or a Noise. The phrase “shall descend” is the Greek Katabaino meaning to come form one place to another, but Paul doesn’t say “to the earth”, rather he clears the issue by showing the Lord meets us in the Air. The time element here is the Night, thus Jesus doesn’t jump up running to the earth in second or two, it takes 1,000 years, a time of longsuffering, yet it’s the Day of the Lord; therefore, to the Lord the 1,000 years is like the Day, the Day like the 1,000 years.

Paul also lays out another premise, surely the Lord will return for judgment, but he also points out before the time when the Lord places His feet on the earth, there must be a First, or Prior event, which is the Catching Away. When the first Shout comes, we’re out of here, when the second Shout comes, It is Done, the mystery will be finished, there will be no “second chance” in the Night. The Judgment will be in hand, man will be judged according to his works (ways of mercy), thus it’s not so much a person does, but why they did what they did. We think the “word of our testimony” is what we say, it’s not, it’s what others say about us. When the people are judged some will say, “Lord, Lord didn’t I”, however, many more will be judged on the things they did by Mercy, as we found in Matthew. As our New Nature becomes resident we too do many things we never think of by Nature because of Christ in us, the hope of glory manifesting. We will completely amazed at how many good works we do by Nature, little things we didn’t think about, but things someone else noticed.

On the other hand, God looks at a person’s heart, not the works of their flesh. One can feed fifty, yet go about slandering a hundred, or they can pat ten on the back, then drive the sword of bitterness into their backs, their ways will be judged harshly. Just as one can sit in their closet praying as the Lord leads, finding their reward when Jesus tells them, “Pass by, My good and faithful servant”.

This angel does more than give a Shout, He will Cry and Roar as well, there are two different Greek words used here. Cried is the Greek KrazoMukaomai meaning To moo, or A sound produced by animals, thus we find the Sacrifice crying out to entreat those playing with the Beasts to Come out before its too late. Both of these areas of the Cry and Roar show two events. Truly, the Lord will return “with a shout”, “with the voice of the archangel” then the judgment begins (II Thess 4:16): but well Before the time comes, the Dead in Christ shall be raised, as those of us who are alive and remain will be caught up Together (at the precise same time) with them to the clouds (under the altar of God) then we will meet Jesus in the Air (throne) to be with Him forever (I Thess 4:16-17, Rev 4:1, 6:9-10 & 7:9-10). This is far better than the last Shout of the Archangel: the Cries of this angel warn all to Watch and Pray so we don’t enter the Hour of Temptation, ending subject to the Shout. This is incentive, not fear. The ability to overcome is in hand, it’s not something in the great by and by, but something presented the second we ask by faith.      meaning To entreat, it was used to describe the hoarse type cry of the raven. The word Roar is the Greek

This angel lifted his hand, not his hands, the lifting of hands is a sign of worship, but lifting one hand is a sign of Authority, this angel is showing his authority is from heaven. This Seventh Angel sounds after it’s appointed unto all men to die once, thus the pillars of fire are not flames running down his legs, the flames of the earth running up his legs as a sign to come. Another clue to this is found in verse 7, as the Voice of the angel opens the Mystery declared to the Prophets. The Mystery here is found in the words of the Prophets in the Old Testament, which is the Testimony of Jesus. Also it points to the two Witnesses, the Law and Prophets, the same two who stood with Jesus on the Mount. For us it was “hear ye Him”, but in the Night it’s “hear ye them”.

This also shows the connection between John’s vision with the words found in the Law and Prophets, these things are not “new”, they are the answers to the three part question, but a majority of the answers are found in the Law and Prophets. Even if they burn every New Testament, they will still have the Law and Prophets who speak about these matters.

Rev 10:8-11.

This angel is above the earth with his feet touching two segments, the Sea and Earth, but John hears a voice from heaven, telling him to take the little book, which is open, thus John sees the angel, hears the angel, but gets his direction from heaven, the same place the angel does. Later this same angel will tell John how they are fellow servants. It also answers the question about angels, are they servants to those who are heirs? Or ministers to those who shall be heirs? Shall be of course, they, like us help those who have not received, they are not employed by those who are heirs. Verse 9 really makes this clear, John asked the angel to give him the book, the direction was clear, the command came from heaven, they were fellow workers; the angel brought the book, yet John is to consume it, making it a part of him. The metaphoric content is to know what the little book is talking about, be aware, don’t be fooled, know there is a time of Judgment, and what it means.

The word Bitter is the Greek Pikraino meaning Poisonous food or drink, or To cause bitter pain. This is the area of being able to drink any deadly thing, yet not have it hurt us. Deadly things always point to judgment, this prophecy is based on judgment, John’s “body” is not accustomed to Judgment. Sweet as honey is related to John’s mouth, showing the “words” or the prophecy spoken, but in his belly it was bitter. Why? The prophecy is true, it cannot change, it will not change, but it’s not for the those of the Day. It’s bitter to them, yet when they speak of it, it becomes sweet, knowing we are free of it.

The prophecy must warn the Gentile people (peoples, nations and tongues) what happens when they reject the call of the Day to repent, or if they reject the Cross of the Lamb of God. The little book is Judgment based, yet to preach Judgment alone is always bitter, but when we add Salvation to the cause, then it becomes honey. The reverse of this is just as true, judgment may be bitter, or better wormwood, but when it comes from the mouth of honey it’s a warning, not condemnation.

All those who have entered the kingdom of heaven are called to be kings, yet there are bad kings as well. Those bad kings need to know the bitterness of falling from Grace, the iniquity of spiritual wickedness, the sin of becoming a drunk who goes into the Night. Both groups of kings have the New Testament, both have the opportunity to be children of the Day, thus it’s not a failure for not having the ability, it’s a failure for rejecting it. Who is this little book directed to? The Sea, from which we came, and the Earth which we are now. What? we’re of the Earth? Now we are, but when we leave the only ones left are the “rocks”, thus this is the warning to the first five churches, those of the Rock. A few within the Rock presume slander is a spiritual gift, or they gave one prayer now they are completely saved, they received the Mercy of the Father, but refuse to give it, they deny the Responsibility of Faith, Belief and Forgiveness.

The Thunders are symbols of the wrath of God, but the lightnings follow, it’s best to repent at the Thunder, than find the strike of lightning.

Rev 11:1-2.

This moves along with this Mighty Angel showing the Two Witnesses, the evidence for repentance is contained in the Law and Prophets, then we see the result of the Great Trump. We will continue with the Earth and Sea in chapter 13, but here we see one of the reasons why the Seventh Angel sounds his trumpet. John is given the information to show God is Just in His Judgment.

The first thing John is given is the Reed, the Greek word for Reed is KalamosRhabdos meaning A rod of correction for chastising and scourging, neither mean an instrument for actual measure, thus the measurement here is for correction. Psalm 23:4 tells us, if they receive the prophecy, they will gain comfort. It doesn’t mean they will enter the Time of Comfort, rather this is the aspect of Comfort coming from prophecy, as Comfort brings Peace. However, in verses 9:20-21 we found they didn’t receive, thus this warning is to Receive in order to change. meaning A stalk of corn, a Flexible instrument for writing, but the Greek word for Rod (Staff) is

We find four meanings here, first the Temple is a place of Judgment, not Salvation.  Next the measurement is one of correction, which points to the evidence to Repent. Next if we read and receive this prophecy we can repent now, as we seek the Kingdom of God, rather than hold fables. Lastly we recall how the angel stood on the Earth and Sea, but John is measuring the Temple which belongs to the Sand of the Sea, thereby showing where the angel was looking. This prophecy was given to John (and us) to show the Sand of the Sea the truth of what lays ahead. This shows why Paul attempted time and again to present to the Gospel to the Jews, thus Paul felt the Time was at hand in his day, what makes us think it’s not at hand in our time?

Later we will see John standing on the Sand of the Sea, here he measures the Temple belonging to the Sand of the Sea, it all relates. This prophecy will warn those of the Woman, what appears to be Peace and Safety is not. We have to also remember when John wrote this it was around 90 AD, some twenty years after the temple was destroyed in 70 AD, thus he knew there would be another temple for the Night. We can tell this is a continuance by looking back at 8:13 where the three Woes were noted, then 9:12 says One Woe is past, two more yet to come, then in 11:14 we find the Second Woe is past, with the Third yet to come, which ends at 11:19, thus this area is explaining the Second Woe, which is still connected to the sound of the Sixth Angel, it’s not separate from the prior events, it’s inclusive. This helps us understand the Three Woes, one for the Sand of the Sea, one for the Earth (after the Rapture), and one for the Sea, yet none for those are directed to the Heavens. We have Good News, very, very Good News, no woes.

We find both the Temple and the Tabernacle in the Book of Revelation, we know the Temple points to Judgment, but of similar importance is the Gentile Court within the Temple. In our Season it is the Age of the Gentile, but here John sees the Gentile left out, thus this is after the Rapture. The Tabernacle didn’t have a Gentile Court, in fact the Tabernacle was just for the Jew, thus there was no need for a separate court in the Tabernacle.

We are like unto the Tabernacle, thus in the end of this Book we find there is no more Temple, but there is a Tabernacle in heaven for the “true Jews”. From the Temple comes judgment, thus judgment begins in the house of God, it’s the Tabernacle able to judge itself. In this case we see John measuring the temple on the earth, clearly it’s the Temple with the Court left without. Where did it go? This could read, “the court outside of the temple cast outside, and not measure it” (TR). Wouldn’t you know it, we have two different words for “Outside”. The first is the Greek Esothen meaning From a place, it would be the opposite of the phrase “inner in”, but it nonetheless relates. The second word Outside is the Greek Exothen meaning To leave it out, it was used in the phrase “outside the city”. The Court becomes interesting since the Greek word used here is AuleEkballo meaning Without augment, or Without Increase, thus the Court is gone at this time, leave it out, don’t count it, it’s not there to count, those who missed it, have missed it. In this we have the promise of Jesus, He is the Door to the Sheepfold, we enter by Him because we have His Spirit as we mind the Spirit. meaning Sheepfold. The word Cast is the Greek

When John sees the Temple with the Court of the Gentile left without, but wait is there another clue here? Where is the Court? Where is the Gentile who is suppose to be there? Could it be, could it possibly be this is another sign showing the Rapture? Yes, the Number for the Court is set, it’s counted as ten thousand times ten thousand, when John measures the Temple on earth, those of the Court are either in heaven, or among those sleep in Jesus through the Night. The sons of perdition have no Court, they picked the Seat of the Beast. It’s far better to be in heaven during the Time of Comfort. This also shows why there is silence in heaven, the Door is closed, no one can enter until it’s complete.

The Two Witnesses are assigned to just Two of the Candlesticks, not all Seven, if only Two we also see “hear ye Him” has passed as well; thus showing the first Five churches are assigned to the Day, the last two to the Night. The overcomers of the first five churches are Caught up, this is also seen in the word Out which means Outside the Doors, or on the Other side of the Door; therefore, like John we were taken through the Door to heaven at the time of Doors.

Only the Temple, the Altar and those who worship therein are measured, with the addition of Them we find John is measuring with a Rod of correction. The use of the word Worship brings this into focus, they are Measured, or Marked, the Court for the Gentiles is no longer at issue. It doesn’t tell us what they worship, until later, but simply because they “worship” they are being measured indicating what they are worshipping is not God. Remember this is connected to the second Woe. The word Measure is the Greek Metreo meaning to Mete out, Jesus used it in the phrase, “For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to again” (Matt 7:2), and in the phrase, “Give, and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall Men give into your bosom. For with the same measure you mete withal it shall be measured to you again” (Luke 6:38). Luke 6:38 connects directly to Luke 6:37, which reads, “Judge not, and you shall not be judged: condemn not, and you shall not be condemned: forgive, and you shall be forgiven”. The Reed, it’s what we find John doing, it becomes the marking stick for the Judgment of God on the Woman.

Now we find why the Gentiles are left out, they are appointed a different Season. The forty and two months is our half of the hour, the city has been trodden under foot by the Gentiles since before the Cross, until today, it will continue until the Night begins. Then things change in verse 3, and “I will give” showing something which was about to happen. The Two Witnesses of the Law and Prophets are the two “olive trees”, showing they are not Fig Trees, thus they relate to the Mercy of God, not the Grace of God. The most interesting phrase is “standing before the God of the earth” (vs. 4). Who are they standing before? The people? Not hardly, they are over the people. They stood with Jesus on the mount, they are next to the candlestick, Jesus is seen in the midst of it. Jesus has the Authority over all on the earth, man, animal, whatever the creation, if not He could not judge.

This “holy city” can’t be New Jerusalem, since Jesus is building the Church which will be New Jerusalem. At this point in time when John is measuring the city it’s holy, because God is dealing with it, but it doesn’t mean it’s God’s True Holiness, but holy nonetheless.

What? We’re stopping here? Ah, gee, time to stop for this lesson, we will take up the rest of the Book of Revelation in the next Lesson.



By Rev. G. E. Newmyer – Sbiles27rev7/© 2003