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Learn more about the “wilderness experience” of the Hebrews after they left Egypt and how this pertains to us today. Explore as well, aspects of the Week of the Cross from our New Testament Church History, which might surprise you.

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  • Into the Wilderness & the Sacred Ten

    This study takes us through the wilderness experiences of the Hebrews while helping us of the New Covenant understand our own wilderness experiences as we engage in the transformational experience from the “old man nature” to being led by the Spirit of Grace.

  • The Cross: Real or Fiction?

    This Short Study will look at the “concept” of the Cross, the significance of its design and how that relates to us today; in the process we will also look at the concept of “Apologetics,” which defines our faith without the using a spirit of debate.  This area will also be an introduction to the concept of Apologetics, yet we’re not apologizing; rather it’s a matter of defending the faith without debating. Paul tells us debate is a sin: a debate is an argument based on what each person thinks are the facts concerning their viewpoint.  Arguing then, is far different from presenting Truth; and although the natural mind considers its opinion to be truth, we find that Truth is found in Jesus, not opinion. Paul’s Letter to the Romans is a typical example of an Apologist format as he was defending the faith. Strange or perhaps sad, is how we find Paul defending the Faith to those who were already in the Body.

  • The Week of the Cross

    Jesus, Our Sabbath and Why: This Short Study speaks of the last Passover (not the actual meal); it will show the overview of events which occurred during the Week of the Cross. Drawing from all of the Gospel accounts, we can see the story unfold and understand how Jesus fulfilled Prophecy and therefore, He is our Sabbath today.

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Chaplain Ann M. Wolf shares, “Church History can be difficult to look at sometimes, because of the painful mistakes which some organized religions have made; but nonetheless, it is still something we can learn from, so we don’t make the same mistakes again. We can take from the good points and leave behind the errors, while improving our personal connection with God as we help each other grow spiritually.” 

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