BTC – Phase 2 – Intro & Table of Contents

All About Baptism

“About Baptism” covers the 3 parts of the sacrament which carries us through our journey of spiritual growth:

Celebrating our Induction into the Body of Christ with Baptism: This Phase of “Becoming The Church” takes us through three equally important aspects of Baptism which are: Water, Spirit, and Fire.

Enjoying our spiritual journey as we learn to walk in mercy while holding to Grace: With BTC 2, Lesson 1, “Baptism for the Spiritual Soul,” Ann M. Wolf also explores the very special purpose we have as members of the Body of Christ, as we learn to release habits of the “old-nature” and embrace our New Nature in Christ. She also covers the history of the sacrament of Baptism and why today, it is still a marvelous Token of our Covenant with God as we move forward in our spiritual journey.

Sozo Short Bible Study, “Baptism”: Ann includes the Bonus Lesson,  “Baptism” by her guest scribe, Rev. G. E. Newmyer, in order to deepen understanding and appreciation about the meaning of Baptism, especially with respect to the ongoing practice of Mercy as well as our relationship to Grace.

Table of Contents