BTC – Phase 2 – Intro & Table of Contents

All About Baptism

About Baptism: “And so our BTC journey together begins, of learning to walk in Mercy as we rely on Grace, starting with our exploration of the beautiful and auspicious ceremony of Baptism, its aspects, its purpose, and meaning. We will examine the three parts of Baptism which include Water, Spirit, and Fire. We will cover highlights of its history, and celebrate why today, it is still a marvelous Token of our Covenant with God as we enter the Body of Christ. I have also included in BTC, Phase 2, a little Lesson about how the Logos & Rhema connect to our Baptism as well as a profound article by my Guest Scribe, Rev. G. E. Newmyer, which I believe will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Baptism.” Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

Table of Contents

About Baptism – Lessons

  • BTC 2 - Lesson 2 - "Logos & Rhema"

    Read about the Logos (The Word) that gives us the foundation to receive the Rhema (Living Word) and the connection of Logos and Rhema to the three steps of Baptism.