Dearest Family in Christ;

There are two primary Authors of the Study Content at MOTL Online Library, “Yours Truly” being one; however, I am excited to introduce to you, a very special soul, the Rev. G. E. Newmyer, who is the author of the wonderful & life-changing works to include, “Sozo Short Bible Studies,” “Genesis to Revelation,” and “Sozo Bible Studies for Young Folks,” which can all be found at MOTL Online Library.

So whether you are here to choose a study plan to follow over an extended period of time or just plan to pick out an article for the day, I know that you will find Rev. Newmyer’s works to be incredibly helpful in understanding more about the process of soul-transformation from “self-oriented” to “spiritual in nature,” as led by the Spirit of God.

To learn more about my background or that of Rev. Newmyer, please see links provided on this page.

Thank you for visiting and God bless and guide you throughout your amazing spiritual journey.


Chaplain Ann M. Wolf