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Note from Chaplain Ann M. Wolf;

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36 KJV

Dearest Family in Christ; Welcome to this “Tribute Page” honoring Pastor G. E. Newmyer, here at Message of the Lighthouse Online Library, a literary resource center which, among other studies, features his marvelous Bible Lessons, AKA: Sozo Bible Studies.

With a special focus on “Walking in Mercy while holding to Grace,” these studies by Pastor G. Evan Newmyer are life-changing, incredibly anointed, and some of the best perspectives on the application of Christian values to daily life available anywhere today.

Allegiance to Christ: Written without the burden of allegiance to one man-made doctrine or another, these fascinating and informative articles lead the reader through the practical and the divine, connecting “type and shadow” found in the Old Testament to the New. This work also guides the reader through the elements needed to fulfill the purpose for having “entered” the Body, which is….to “finish the race” and finish lawfully (applying Mercy and holding to Grace), according to the leading of the Spirit.

About Rev. G. E. Newmyer: Not much information has been provided at the Pastor’s request, since he was an extremely humble man and stayed out of the limelight, working tirelessly for the “Cause of Christ” by preparing his writings until the time of his passing. It is my understanding that he did serve as Pastor of at least one church during his life as well as having walking in the Office of Apostle for a season with an international outreach; and perhaps over the years he served in other capacities as well.

I knew him however, as my Student Pastor, as a friend “In Christ,” and as the Author of the Studies offered at his online school. Today, the banner of his work has been picked up by yours truly and is now being carried by this most grateful student who had first-hand experience of the potent and ongoing spiritual support offered by Pastor Newmyer’s works (in conjunction with the Bible & time in the presence of the Spirit). I did not have the pleasure of personally meeting the Pastor before his passing from this world, although I met him “In Spirit” through the study experiences and have retained and still cherish emails exchanged during the years of my time of study with Sozo Bible Institute. I remember him to be very kind, patient and full of spirit-led, insightful wisdom.

In Loving Memory: Therefore, In “Loving Memory” of and in gratitude to, Pastor G. E. Newmyer, (& also his family & staff who supported his efforts), his work is being shared via this website, throughout the world as Pastor Newmyer would have desired; links to his Bible Lessons have been included at this site and his works are also being offered in conjunction with the course known as: “Becoming The Church – A Guided Study Experience.”

Wishing you a blessed time of study.


Ann M. Wolf

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College Bible Study Group

Who are these Short Studies for? Rev. G. E. Newmyer wrote comprehensive commentary along with many Lessons that are ideal for Spiritual Leaders such as Pastors, Bible Teachers, Cell-Ministries & Home Church hosts who need content for sermons & classes. These lessons are also inspirational for individual seekers at any level of experience & understanding.


Where Can I Learn More About the Studies? Click here to read a summary of works by the Rev. G. E. Newmyer that you can find here at MOTL Online Library.

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Former Students of Sozo Bible Institute (SBI): If you are a former student of Rev. G. E. Newmyer or the Sozo Bible Institute …Welcome! You will find all of the Sozo Bible Studies at MOTL Online Library that were originally posted by Rev. Newmyer at his Sozo Bible Institute. This includes the Bible College Content, “Genesis to Revelation,” plus his “Sozo Short Bible Studies” and also his marvelous, “Bible for Young Folks.”

You are welcome to Contact Us with any questions.

Terms of Use: Lessons written by Rev. G. E. Newmyer (as well as those written by Ann M. Wolf) are offered on a Free-Will Love Offering basis here, according to the authors’ wishes and as part of the resources of Message of the Lighthouse. Read More.

About Rev. G. E. Newmyer

Regarding different available “versions” of Rev. Newmyer’s writings ….

Disclosure: Since the passing of Rev. Newmyer from this world, the Sozo Bible Institute staff made a decision to close its doors and take down the original teaching website.

Yet, because these Lessons and Short Studies written by the Pastor, have been made available to many folks including Sozo Bible Institute alumni… and of course, to certain individuals who were close to the Pastor during his life… we know that there may be many “versions” of his work or abbreviations thereof, circulating around, which at times, could be quite different in nature from what the author originally wrote or intended.

Pastor Newmyer’s material, available on the Message of the Lighthouse Website, is in its original form, as penned by him with only a few alterations having been made with regard to punctuation, spelling or grammar, but never to the content. Message of the Lighthouse has added pictures to some articles from our own gallery (or from public domain sources) to enhance the study experience. In keeping with Rev. Newmyer’s intent and wishes, the Sozo Studies are offered here on a free-will, love-offering basis or at cost plus free will love-offering. (See Legal Statement),

Also, since the “Introduction” Chapter to the Lessons in Genesis to Revelation (as well as the final Chapter of the Lessons regarding “The Holy Spirit”) were directed to students of the former Sozo Bible Institute, then we have omitted these two sections at Message of the Lighthouse Online Library; but we continue on with the 28 core Lessons which apply to all God-seekers. You will also find Sozo Short Studies, Lessons for Young Folks, while more of Rev. Newmyer’s Newsletters (from the Sozo Bible Institute archives) will be added in the future.

Of course, no “study” or “commentary” should ever replace the Bible itself or be seen in any way as “more important” than Scriptures; but from personal experience I have seen that there is a God-inspired reason why each sentence in these Lessons has been placed in the order in which it was written into the overall Lesson Plan. This supports “understanding” that is being built over time, premise upon premise, as the student progresses through the Lessons, from start to finish. Especially since the Pastor is not with us on earth at this point, and therefore cannot speak on behalf of his body of work…utmost respect has been given, to leave his original material alone and let the Holy Ghost lead the readers through the learning process provided through these Lessons, as was originally intended.

So, at Message of the Lighthouse, we are not able to vouch for any other manuscripts (which list the author as Rev. G. E. Newmyer); but we can say that these transcripts published here, came to us directly from the Pastor’s office, while he was yet on earth with permission to use the content, “as the Spirit led our ministry.”

So, with that being said, you are most welcome to “jump in” for a fresh dip into a “cool pool of soul-satisfying inspiration”….starting with the Short Studies and then traveling on through the other Lessons offered via “Genesis to Revelation,” and “The Bible for Young Folks.”

Feel free to Contact Us with questions and concerns and God Bless you in your journey!


Ann M. Wolf and the Message of the Lighthouse Staff

freely ye have received, freely give.

“Freely ye have received, freely give.” – Matthew 10:8 (KJV)

As requested by Rev. G. E. Newmyer, the scribe for Sozo Bible Studies, they are made available here on a Love-Offering basis.

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