The Parables of Jesus

Sozo Short Studies – Category #6 – Biblical Charts

Chart of the Parables found in Matthew, Mark & Luke…

        1. Lamp under a basket: Matt-5:14-16, Mark-4:21-22, Luke-8:16-17 & 11:33-36
        1. A wise man builds on the Rock: Matt-7:24-27, Luke-6:47-49
        1. New cloth on Old garment: Matt-9:16, Mark-2:21, Luke-5:36
        1. New Wine in Old wineskins: Matt-9:17, Mark-2:22, Luke-5:37-38
        1. The Sower: Matt-13:2-23, Mark-4:2-20, Luke-8:4-15
        1. The Wheat and Tares: Matt-13:24-30
        1. The mustard seed: Matt-13:31-32, Mark-4:30-32, Luke-13:18-19
        1. The leaven: Matt-13:33, Luke-13:20-21
        1. The hidden treasure: Matt-13:44
        1. The Pearl of Great Price: Matt-13:45-46
        1. The Dragnet:Matt-13:47-50
        1. The lost sheep:Matt-18:12-14, Luke-15:3-7
        1. The unforgiving steward: Matt-18:23-25
        1. The workers in the vineyard: Matt-20:1-16
        1. The two sons: Matt-21:28-32
        1. The wicked vinedressers: Matt-21:33-45, Mark-12:1-12, Luke-20:9-19
        1. The wedding feast: Matt-22:2-14
        1. The fig tree: Matt-24:32-44, Mark-13:28-32, Luke-21:29-33
        1. The Wise and foolish Virgins: Matt-1-13
        1. The talents: Matt-25:14-30
        1. The growing seed: Mark-4:26-29
        1. The absent householder: Mark-13:33-37
        1. The Creditor and debtors: Luke-7:41-43
        1. The good Samaritan: Luke-10:30-37
        1. A friend in need: Luke-11:5-13
        1. The rich fool: Luke-12:16-21
        1. The faithful and the evil servants: Luke-12:3540
        1. Faithful and wise stewards: Luke-12:42-48
        1. The barren fig tree:Luke-13:6-9
        1. The great supper: Luke-14:16-24
        1. Building a Tower, king making war: Luke-14:25-35
        1. The lost coin: Luke-15:8-10
        1. The lost son: Luke-15:11-32
        1. The unjust steward: Luke-16:1-13
        1. The rich man and Lazarus: Luke-16:19-31
        1. Unprofitable servants: Luke-17:7-10
        1. The persistent widow: Luke-18:1-8
        1. The Pharisee and tax collector: Luke-18:9-14
        1. The Minas (pounds): Luke-19:11-27

Note: There are no parables in John.

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