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Why has Chaplain Wolf included Sozo Studies at MOTL Online Library? Chaplain Ann M. Wolf is a graduate of two Bible Colleges, one being the former Sozo Bible Institute. So inspired by the Lessons from SBI, she now shares them with her visitors here at Message of the Lighthouse Online Library, having gained permission to use the writings, “as the Spirit leads in her ministry” from the writer, Rev. G. E. Newmyer, prior to his passing from this world. SBI Bible Institute has been closed for over a decade but Ann is continuing the work that her mentor, Rev. Gary E. Newmyer had started by making his Lessons available to people around the world here at MOTL Online Library on a free-will, love-offering basis.

Making Quality Training Available & Accessible: The Former Sozo Bible Institute was founded by Rev. G. E. Newmyer as an online spiritual education site with the mission of providing quality Bible Study content as well as leadership training to people from all nations, regardless of their ability to pay tuition fees; and thus the College was funded by free will love-offerings and donations, a very faith-directed and rare practice indeed.

“Freely ye have received, freely give”: Rev. Newmyer believed strongly in the Biblical Principle of “the receiving of tithes and offerings,” as they apply New Testament Ministers based on, “Freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8 (KJV). So, we carry on his tradition here at MOTL Online Library and offer in love, this content, that it might edify and comfort those in the Body, as well as help to prepare those who are called to minister. We do so without the “charging of specific fees,” or “mandatory percentages,” (or what he would have referred to as the unfortunate practice of “selling the dove”) in exchange for access to the Study Content or BTC Gatherings (other than material/operational costs). We ask that those who share MOTL Online Library Content with others at their non-profit functions also observe the same policy and Biblical mandate.  Read terms of use.

Former Students of Sozo Bible Institute (SBI): If you are a former student of Pastor Newmyer’s …Welcome! You will find all of the Sozo Bible Studies at MOTL Online Library that were originally posted by Rev. Newmyer at his Sozo Bible Institute with the exception of segments regarding administrative specifics of the former SBI Institute that would no longer apply. This includes the Bible College Content, “Genesis to Revelation,” plus his “Sozo Short Bible Studies” and also his marvelous, “Bible for Young Folks.”

About the Version of Sozo Studies that are here at MOTL Online Library: Pastor Newmyer’s material, available on the Message of the Lighthouse Website, is in its original form, as penned by him with only a few alterations having been made with regard to punctuation, spelling or grammar, but never to the content. Message of the Lighthouse has added pictures to some articles from our own gallery (or from public domain sources) to enhance the study experience. Read the full disclosure.

More About the Sozo Bible Institute Study Content at MOTL Online Library: The Sozo Studies you find here at MOTL Online Library include both topical lessons in short form (Sozo Short Studies) as well as comprehensive explorations of the Bible such as with the multi-purpose, expository resource, “Genesis to Revelation” which offers insightful commentary, paragraph by paragraph, from the opening verses of Scripture all the way through the conclusion of the Book of Revelation. (This Study serves as a helper to teachers and ministers when preparing lessons or sermons.) Additionally, you will find enlightening lessons with regard to other important topics such as: Church History, Spiritual Warfare, Metaphors, the Doctrine of Christ, and Basic Principles of Christian Living as applied to walking in Mercy while holding to Grace, all covered among all the Sozo Bible Studies. Reverend Newmyer even remembered our Young Folks, with a synopsis of critical points of Scripture, which by the way, also happens to be a great study experience for people of all ages when looking for a review of the highlights of the Bible.

The links below will take you to Sozo Bible Institute Lessons, and we at MOTL Online Library wish you a Spirit-led and revitalizing Study Experience.

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