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 Note from Chaplain Ann M. Wolf: “If you have struggled before with trying to read and understand the Bible, you won’t anymore. Begin with “Becoming the Church Guided Study Experience” & expand out into more comprehensive lessons when you are ready. Day by day your confidence will increase along with your ability to grasp and apply the simple values of “Love God & Love Others” in your daily walk with Christ. For extra support, consider joining our BTC support groups on Social Media; and you can always write me a note with your questions. Welcome to your Library which is a place where you can rest in the peace of God as Grace lifts you up from Glory to Glory!” Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

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The MOTL Library is designed for those who are committed to Becoming The Church and to taking the Love of God with them everywhere they go, as led by the Spirit.

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Find the perfect short-term or comprehensive study plan for you or your support group. Learn about MOTL Library options. Read more.

Mission & Vision

Message of the Lighthouse Online Library content, as well as the spiritual artistry of Ann M. Wolf, is inspired by the values expressed in the Two Commandments of Jesus, to “Love God, Love Others.” Read more.

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Get on track and stay on track; refresh your commitment to spiritual growth as you enjoy the written Word while seeking the abiding and comforting presence of the Living Word.

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Connect with others who share the same values via comment streams here at Message of the Lighthouse Library or by social media; be encouraged as you encourage others.

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By Mercy we begin the journey of learning how to live by the Two Commandments of Jesus; but by Grace, we can apply our determination as we share God’s love with others everywhere we go. WATCH “Remember Me

Two Commandments of JesusLove God, Love People"Remember Me" Song Lyrics

Many Patches but One Purpose: We can reach out across boundaries of religions, denominations, cultures, and nations, to serve God & others in Unity of Purpose together.

Beyond denominationsServing God in Unity of Purpose"Patriots on Wheels"

Enjoy the peace of a Communion Service with a few folks or during your personal time with God. Watch & suggested ceremony.

Communion ServiceInterdenominational ServiceBible Study Plans - Message of the Lighthouse Library

Beyond religions, denominations & cultures, experience Unity In Christ

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Loving The Word: Short-term articles & comprehensive study plans for all seekers, from beginners to ministry professionals. Study in sequence or select lessons as the Spirit leads.

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Meet the Scribes: Learn more about the authors of the Bible Studies at MOTL Online Library.

Lesson AuthorsChaplain Ann M. Wolf & Guest Scribe, Rev. G. E. Newmyer"About the Authors"

Simple but powerful: Step by step, lesson by lesson, grow in love for God, for His Word, and His people.

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Message in the Music: Styles from Blues to Bluegrass, yet full of revelation and encouragement.

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Watch "The Lighthouse Prayer"Soothing & relaxing & a prayer we can share...Ann M. Wolf - YouTube Channel

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Watch: Touching video about what we can do as Christians to bring God’s love & kindness to others.

"Pass His Love On"Video & Script at MOTL

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