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The MOTL Library is designed for those who are committed to Becoming The Church and to taking the Love of God with them everywhere they go, as led by the Spirit.

Spiritual Studies

Find the perfect short-term or comprehensive study plan for you or your support group. Learn about MOTL Library options. Read more.

Mission & Vision

“Message of the Lighthouse” as well as the spiritual artistry of Ann M. Wolf is based on the Two Commandments of Jesus, to “Love God, Love Others.” Read more.

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During your personal time with God or fellowshipping with your favorite friends in Christ…

Celebrate Unity!

Connect with others who share the same values via comment streams here at Message of the Lighthouse Library or by social media; be encouraged as you encourage others.

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Two Commandments of Jesus

By Mercy we begin the journey of learning how to live by the Two Commandments of Jesus; but by Grace, we can apply our determination as we share God’s love with others everywhere we go. WATCH “Remember Me

Two Commandments of JesusLove God, Love People"Remember Me" Song Lyrics
Beyond denominations

We can reach out across boundaries of religions, denominations, cultures, and nations, to serve God & others in Unity of Purpose together. Read more about MOTL.

Beyond denominationsServing God in Unity of Purpose"Patriots on Wheels"
Loving God

Loving God involves getting to know God. Study in quiet alone with God or share with your fellowship friends in the Body of Christ. Read more.

Loving GodGetting to Know GodBible Study Plans - Message of the Lighthouse Library

Beyond religions, denominations & cultures, experience Unity In Christ

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Get Started on my "Becoming the Church" Guided Study Experience
Get Started on my "Becoming the Church" Guided Study ExperienceTake me to Phase One of BTC BTC Table of Contents
Check out the music & videos at Ann Wolf Music Website
Check out the music & videos at Ann Wolf Music WebsiteGospel Blues, AdultContemporary, Classics & moreAnn Wolf Music Website
Watch "The Lighthouse Prayer"
Watch "The Lighthouse Prayer"Soothing & relaxing & a prayer we can share...Ann M. Wolf - YouTube Channel
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Read a personal note from Chaplain Ann M. Wolf about the MOTL International Outreach, vision, and funding sources. Learn how you can Lend a Hand of Fellowship in one or more of many creative ways. Read More.

Ann M. Wolf & MOTL International Charity Outreach: Read More

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