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At the heart of the MOTL Online Library, you will find, ““Becoming the Church, Guided Study Experience” a very special Study Plan that supports seekers & leaders with the essentials of inspired Christian living in a simple, easy to follow, step by step process. BTC also offers a clear approach to authentically  and consistently sharing our love for God & others with everyone we meet, whether we use words as an expression of “The Witness” in us or not. Spiritual transformation involves a focus on developing our personal, moment to moment relationship with God; thus, BTC and other resources at MOTL Online Library are specially designed to support members of the Body throughout their life-long commitment to this process.

With a special focus on “walking in Mercy while holding to Grace,” these Studies, both Short & Comprehensive by Rev. G. Evan Newmyer, are life-changing, incredibly anointed, and some of the best perspectives on the application of Christian values to daily life, available anywhere today. Read more.