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  • MOTL - The Website

    How It Works: Message of the Lighthouse Online Library is a “Self-Help” website where individuals or groups can access the Study Plans, Blogs, Commentary or Special Music for spiritual enrichment or leadership training (on a free-will, love-offering basis). Readers can follow the recommended sequence or randomly choose any of our articles as the Spirit leads or the heart needs. For additional support, Ann M. Wolf has a number of pages & groups on social media which can offer additional inspirational options. Read more about Facebook options.

  • MOTL - Bible Study Plans

    Personal or Group Spiritual Support: Message of the Lighthouse Online has resources for both individual God-seekers as well as groups such as Cell-ministries, home churches, homeschoolers, Bible-study circles, and recovery groups.

    From Beginners to Seasoned Ministers: Whether just starting out on your journey of the soul within the Body of Christ or managing a ministry, MOTL offers valuable support from basic doctrine or short studies, all the way to a comprehensive review of the entire Bible from cover to cover. Read about our Bible Study Options.

    Becoming the Church Guided Study Experience: At the heart of the MOTL Online Library, you will find this very special Study Plan that supports seekers & leaders with the essentials of inspired Christian living as well as offering a simple and authentic approach to sharing our love for God & others whether we use words or not. Becoming the Church (BTC) is all about just what the title suggests, that beyond denominations & cultural boundaries, we can each take the love of God everywhere we go. Read more.

    Search Bar: There are Search Bars at the top, sides & base of every website page. To find content, drop in keywords or phrases and follow the links in the menu which appears. You are also welcome to Contact Us with questions or for support in locating subject material.

  • MOTL - The Message

    The Message: In addition to being the name of this website, “The Message of the Lighthouse” is a term which Chaplain Ann M. Wolf has adopted to describe the values & challenges expressed within the Two Commandments of Jesus, which also includes a commitment to be of encouragement to one another in the Body of Christ, as we grow spiritually.  Read more.

  • MOTL - The Mission

    The Mission: “The Message of the Lighthouse” (MOTL) has also become the name of Ann M. Wolf’s overall Spiritual (Love God) & Humanitarian Outreach (Love People) via her many artistic & literary endeavors to include her support websites, such as this one, “Message of the Lighthouse Online Library.” as well as “Ann Wolf Music Website.” Therefore MOTL International is a teaching ministry, providing support to members of the Body of Christ around the world; it is not a denomination or non-denomination. Via MOTL Online Library, Ann offers support to those who have a church affiliation as well as individuals & groups who are not members of a church.

  • MOTL - Worldwide Fellowship

    The Worldwide Fellowship: Our visitors represent dozens of countries and countless denominations within the Body of Christ; yet those who are part of this MOTL Fellowship feel their connection to one another via the Spirit of Christ, as well as through prayer, communion, and studies. They also share a commitment to encourage one another as all of us learn more each day about what it means to live by the Two Commandments of Jesus, “To Love God and Love Others.” Watch “Communion Service” shared via the internet by people all around the world.

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Supporting one another as we “Become The Church”…

Learning to walk in Mercy as we hold to Grace

Loving God, Loving Others – Matthew 22:37-40 (KJV)

“Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” Matthew 22:36-40 (KJV)

 Got a church? If you have a home-church, MOTL Online can serve to bring you and your fellowship partners additional options for prayer, communion, meditation, bible-study, & music, all of which can be added to whatever is already being offered by your group. Contact Us with questions.

Don’t have a church? If you do not have a church home, MOTL welcomes you, especially knowing that “The Church” is being built by the Spirit of God (within those who follow Its leading). Therefore in reaching for the goal of “Becoming The Church,” you can set up your own personal study plan or share MOTL resources with a few friends by forming your own support group.

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Is there a cost for using the resources at MOTL?

Does MOTL Online charge?

No. There is no specific fee charged to access these inspirational & educational options.

They are offered on a “Free-will love offering basis,” for non-profit use by individuals & groups. Read Terms of Use.

Your prayers, support, and donations are gratefully accepted. Read more.

About MOTL Online Library

“Message of the Lighthouse Online” is a website prepared with love by Chaplain Ann M. Wolf, as a general way of providing support to members of the Body of Christ who are serious about “Becoming The Church“; and since the “spiritual-journey” can be intense for any of us at times, she also offers a hand of fellowship, to just “be there” as a source of encouragement throughout those transformational experiences that we all go through as we grow “In Christ.”

MOTL resources currently include inter/non-denominational (supplementary) Bible education and Christian-life application through audio & visual resources for the “spiritually-minded.” Ann is also planning to add books & internet radio to her portfolio of inspirational options.

 Folks are invited to “come as they are”; no  prior biblical-type study experience or even church experience is required. Read more about “Becoming The Church.

Read More about Ann M. Wolf, her Bio, Mission, Vision at her sister-site, “annwolfmusic.org

Read More about her guest scribe, Rev. G. E. Newmyer, author of the Sozo Bible Studies which are included here at the MOTL Library.

  • Crafted with love

    You will find special content all throughout MOTL Library site to support spiritual growth, from the practical to the divine.

  • Message in the Music

    Ann M. Wolf’s music is inspired by the Two Commandments of Jesus and she keeps those values in mind when writing, recording, performing or making videos. Check out all the options at Ann Wolf Music Website – Read More

  • Be a Lighthouse

    To “Love God and Love Others” is a big goal; but with the Mercy & Grace of God operational in your heart & soul, it is possible to achieve. Check out “Becoming the Church,” a guided study experience.

  • Encourage One Another

    Some days we feel up and some days we might struggle with the whims of the “old man nature; but that is where fellowship comes into play. At MOTL we believe in encouraging each other “through it all,” praying for one another, and giving from our overflow to help others in need. We strive to bring out the best in each other, as we ourselves, continue to “believe and grow In Christ.” Read more about “The Lighthouse Prayer.”

Ann M. Wolf

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OrlandoYour back arrow: These sites are used as “partner sites”; so at times, you will be viewing content from here at Message of the Lighthouse or you could find that a link takes you to the other Ann Wolf Music sites. Just remember that no matter which site you are on, if a page does not open in a new window, your back arrow can always return you to where you started from.

NOTE: In making our conversion to these three mobile friendly sites, some content is still being transferred from other locations; however links are being provided to access all articles, videos, and songs throughout the transfer process. 

Contact Us with any questions or if you are having trouble locating an article that you used to have access to. Thank You!

Chaplain Ann M. Wolf Bio: Ann’s body of creative works are based on the Two Commandments of Jesus, “Love God & Love Others.” Her music & words cross boundaries of religion & culture while promoting Unity via our common connection to the Spirit of God. Ann offers cutting edge music in a variety of styles (from Blues to Bluegrass) as well as videos, blogs, social media pages, and of course her very inspirational and versatile “Becoming the Church” Guided Study Experience. Here at MOTL Online Library, she also includes the soul-changing commentary of Rev. G. E. Newmyer, her mentor from Bible College days. His works include short term and comprehensive articles both topical & expository, ideal for both beginners (new to Bible Study) as well as seasoned ministry professionals who seek content for their sermons, classes, and events.

Read more about Sozo Study Options. 

Read More Biographical Sketches about Ann M. Wolf.

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Watch "The Lighthouse Prayer"

WATCH: Healing sounds of the ocean lead you to the opening notes of gentle music which becomes the background for “The Lighthouse Prayer” as written & narrated by Chaplain Ann M. Wolf. Relax to this soothing prayer as often as the heart needs or Spirit leads. This is the”Prayer We can Share” for all of us who hold to Mercy as we reach for Grace.

Watch "The Lighthouse Prayer"The prayer we can shareYouTube - "The Lighthouse Prayer"
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MOTL Online Library Welcome & Overview Page: The articles & resources at Message of the Lighthouse Online Library are specially prepared for those who are serious about learning to walk in Mercy while holding to Grace.

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Watch the special message video, "Remember Me"

WATCH: Country Blues Guitar licks and heart-felt vocals (by Ann M. Wolf – Songwriter & Chaplain for God & Country,) set the background for this inspiring celebration of our Unity in Body of Christ, beyond religious affiliations, culture, race or national boundaries.

Watch the special message video, "Remember Me"Taking God’s Love with us everywhereWatch YouTube Video
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