Being an Overcomer

Sozo Short Bible Studies: Category #4

Category Description: 

These Sozo Short Bible Studies will definitely increase understanding of the help available to us as we learn to walk in Mercy & Grace as an “overcomer”; this area also teaches about the pitfalls we all encounter as we grow spiritually as well as how to avoid them.

Table of Contents

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  • Binding & Loosing

    This Short Study will take us on an adventure, where we will find and learn how to use the “Keys to the Kingdom.”

  • Blessing or Cursing?

    This short study will not cover all the details of blessing and cursing, but it will go into the Christian’s role in these areas.

  • Strongholds

    An illusion is a fantasy, fable, or stronghold that we are convinced is truth, yet we lack concise clear evidence to prove it to be so; whereas with a delusion, one refuses to accept sound Scripture to repute it (the falsehood). Learn more…

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Becoming The Church: – Guided Study Experience by Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

Chaplain Ann M. Wolf shares, “Being an overcomer involves engaging in the process of learning to hold to mercy as we reach for grace throughout all our daily experiences, trials, and triumphs. Growth takes time and so do good habits; so be encouraged since we have all we need in our connection to Christ via His Spirit within us as we move from glory to glory.”