BTC – Phase 4 – Introduction & Table of Contents

About Communion

“This do in remembrance of me.”- 1 Corinthians 11:24 (KJV)

Introduction Note to “About Communion” From Ann M. Wolf

Dearest Friends & Family “In Christ”;

Communion offers us a special opportunity to “Remember” the sacrifices of Jesus at the time of his passion and death as well as to reflect on the many examples of Love and Mercy given to us throughout his life and ministry on earth.

Why do we do this? We “Remember” so we might follow in the Footsteps of the Master Jesus, which is a path which will require much commitment and the development of character of soul. This is a path for which we will need to refresh our hearts and minds on a regular basis in order to continue in our daily resolve to become those who are known by their “Fruit”; and Communion is ideal for aiding us in this endeavor.

In this Phase of BTC Guided Study Experience, you will find an Overview of Communion well as a Communion Script which can be used for conducting your own personal or group Communion Service.

For additional Study Material on the subject of Communion, please see the article by Pastor G. Evan Newmyer, “A Communion/ Passover Study; to find this Study, please see the extended Table of Contents below.

Music Support: Explore spiritual music & videos at Ann Wolf Music Website

May you experience the depth of God’s Mercy and Love in your Communion experiences!

Most sincerely,

Ev. & Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

Table of Contents

About Communion

Watch "Remember Me" - The Video

Country Blues Guitar licks and heart-felt vocals (by Ann M. Wolf – Songwriter & Chaplain for God & Country,) set the background for this inspiring celebration of our Unity in Body of Christ, beyond religious affiliations, culture, race or national boundaries. To watch, see video on this page or Click Here for more videos.

Watch more inspirational videos for Communion & Prayer

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Watch Communion Service Script

WATCH: “Communion Service Script,” non denominational communion experience for personal use or cell-ministries.