About The Word

BTC – Phase 1 – Introduction & Table of Contents

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    KJV: Locate a copy of the King James Version of the Bible (to use exclusively or together with your other translations of the Bible). There is a Lesson listed in this Phase 1 of Study called, Why KJV?” which will explain more about why we recommend this for all participants.

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    Record your answers in a notebook: If possible, obtain a three-ring binder or notebook, preferably one with at least 12 dividers (one for each BTC Phase + notes); this is where you can notate your answers to the questions posed in the “Check Understanding” & “Apply Understanding,” areas found at the base of each BTC Lesson.

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Table of Contents

BTC – Phase 1

Get off to a great start with BTC Guided Study Experience, Phase 1, “About The Word”: After a warm welcome by Chaplain Ann M. Wolf in BTC Lesson 1, “Falling In Love With The Word,” she continues in Lesson 2 with a review of definitions and applications associated with the term, “The Word.” This BTC Lesson also covers examples of how we can gain from a personal connection to both the written “Word” (Scriptures)  and the “Living Word” (Spirit of God) within us.

Then in Lesson 3, read why the King James Bible (KJV) is recommended for BTC (Becoming The Church – Guided Study Experience), with examples explaining the advantages of having this version of Scriptures nearby for comparison as you study, even if you enjoy other translations of the Bible as well.

Welcome to BTC and enjoy your journey!