Christian Life Basics

Sozo Short Bible Studies: Category #1

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These marvelous lessons cover Christian Life Basics, important to each of us who aspire to walk in the fullness of our personal relationship with God and as we reach out to others with His Love.

Table of Contents

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  • Baptism

    Separating the myths & traditions from the true meaning and purpose of Baptism . . .

  • Communion & Passover

    Communion and Passover have some profound connections; yet we know that there are differences between them as well.

  • Tithes & Offerings for New Covenant Christians

    This “Short Study outlines the two different tithes mentioned in the Bible, one a point of history and the other, the way of giving for the New Covenant Christian, as led by the Spirit of God, “with gladness of heart.”

  • Beatitudes and Mercy

    This study not only explores the deep meaning behind each of the Beatitudes, but also explains why Mercy is so important to Jesus as well as why it should become a priority as expressed in our “love walk.

  • Covenants

    This Short Study covers the definition and meaning of special relationships, known as Covenants, which help to move the soul closer to God. 

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