BTC Phase 1: Lesson 1

Falling In Love With The Word

Read introductory remarks by Chaplain Ann M. Wolf as well as commentary regarding her love for the Scriptures, a passion which she looks forward to sharing with you.

Beloved In Christ;

Welcome to BTC Guided Study Experience here at Message of the Lighthouse Online Library!

How I love “The Word” in all its many forms, both literary in Scripture accounts and eternal as the “Living Spirit of God!” How I love to linger in the pages of Scriptures, enthralled with the wisdom and guidance that I discover day after day in the stories and accounts left by those lovers of God!

From moments of quiet peace to tender times of intense devotion, the Spirit/Living Word has energized and filled my heart and mind with a shimmering Light of Hope Eternal that I might forever dwell in the presence of the Lord.

I thank God that I was led back to The Holy Bible in my spiritual journey; and aided by the Holy Spirit/Living Word along with many anointed teachers, I have begun to grasp the meaning and purpose of the Scriptures. I have also come to learn how precious it is this day and age, to be able to study freely and enjoy spiritual fellowship with other souls. In certain parts of the world, Bibles and Bible teaching are scarce or forbidden; many persons are subject to persecution, sentenced to prison or even put to death when found with a Bible or found sharing their love for God with others.

Thus, this BTC Guided Study Experience has been prepared for you with love and in celebration of the awesome privilege of being able to hold close to “The Word” in all of its many forms. I look forward to sharing this journey with you as we explore what God has for us as well as prepare to fulfill more of our soul’s true purpose and mission on this earth.

God Bless and Keep You in His Mercy and Grace.

Most sincerely… your sister for the journey,

Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

“Falling In Love With the Word,” a letter written by Ann M. Wolf  © 2016, All rights reserved.

  • Check understanding

    Write your answers down in your notebook & leave room between questions to add thoughts as you continue with BTC Guided Study Plan:

    1. I have read Chaplain Wolf’s thoughts & feelings about being able to study the Bible; but what are mine? What do I feel about being able to explore the Bible?
  • Apply Understanding

     Notate how you would like to apply what you have learned or what the Holy Ghost has reminded you of with this Lesson; and jot your thoughts down about the following question as well:

    1. What is my plan to include in my daily life, a focus on “The Word,” both “Written” & “Living”?