Sozo Short Bible Studies

By Rev. G. E. Newmyer

Who are Sozo Short Bible Studies for? If you are a Christian committed to learning how to walk in Mercy while holding to Grace (as a way of life), you will find these Sozo Lessons fascinating and very relevant to every aspect of your spiritual growth. Sozo Short Studies are idea for individual God-seekers or as content shared by a group or cell-ministry.

Basics of “Life…Abundantly”: Learn more about many important aspects of Christian life such as: Communion, Baptism, Tithes, Theocracy; and become inspired as well, with regard to how each of us can deepen our relationship with God via His Spirit as we learn to walk in love.

Order of Study: In the Accordion below, you will find the Categories of Sozo Short Studies with an assortment of articles assigned to each area. You are welcome to read these articles in order or follow the leading of the Spirit in selecting a special study moment for yourself or your group.

Note: Also included at MOTL Online Library are the first six Chapters (Phases) of the “Becoming The Church” (BTC) Guided Study Experience by Ann M. Wolf which also incorporates some of these Sozo Short Studies in the curriculum. Read more.

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Read “Bible Studies for Youth“; and this Lesson Plan is a great Bible Review for the Young at Heart of any age!

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