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The Stars: Thank you for visiting today and thank you as well for your interest in learning how to lend a hand to this Bible-based educational & artistic outreach, where the Star of the show is God and the co-stars are His amazing servants (featured in my songs & videos) throughout the planet making a difference in lives of others with their service, their sacrifices, and their gifts.

Source of Funding for CDs, Videos, Books: Many folks have asked me how I fund these projects. Well, as an independent artist, chaplain, and author, I have worked in partnership with patrons of the spiritual & patriotic arts who donate to make this specially crafted music available for the purpose of encouragement and inspiration. Continue reading…

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Donate or Lend a Hand: Your prayers, support, and love offerings are gratefully accepted for the continuation of the Message of the Lighthouse Online Library as well as for the essential needs of MOTL international outreach. Read more.


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