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Dearest Friends in Christ;

With a special focus on “walking in Mercy while holding to Grace,” these Studies, both Short & Comprehensive by Rev. G. Evan Newmyer, are life-changing, incredibly anointed, and some of the best perspectives on the application of Christian values to daily life, available anywhere today.

Written without the burden of allegiance to one man-made doctrine or another, these fascinating and informative lessons lead the reader through the practical and the divine, connecting “type and shadow” found in the Old Testament… to today. This work also guides the reader through the elements needed to fulfill the purpose for having “entered” the Body, which is….to “finish the race” and finish lawfully (applying mercy and holding to Grace), according to the leading of the Spirit.

In addition to the guided study experience, “Becoming the Church” I felt it was very important to include these vital Lessons at MOTL Library, so the Body can “gain,” “learn,” and “discern,” because, through personal experience, I have found that all of the lessons penned by Rev. Newmyer provide anointed insight which serve to complement and supplement other forms of study as well as support the work of any ministry. Read more about Rev. Newmyer.

In the words of the late Rev. G. Evan Newmyer….

“These studies are designed for those who have a heart to reach for and hold to the Cross of Christ.”

So beloved, in whatever way you are called to serve, may God Bless and keep you in His Mercy as you reach for and hold close to Grace.


Ev. & Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

By Ann M. Wolf = c 2015 – BMI – All rights reserved. 

  • Sozo Bible Studies For You

    Here are some of the folks enjoying MOTL Online Library Resources:

    • Pastors & Spiritual Leaders
    • Bible Study Groups
    • Cell-Ministries
    • Home Churches
    • Recovery Groups
    • Folks who are passionate about the Scriptures
  • Sozo Study Options

    Sozo Bible Institute Archives

    • Sozo Short Studies30+ Lessons on various topics such as Baptism, Communion, & Theocracy
    • Genesis to Revelation: – 28 Lessons of Comprehensive Commentary which start with the opening verses of the Bible and moves through, chapter by chapter, until the close of Revelation
    • Bible for Young Folks: 2 Lessons, one from the Old Testament & one from the New Testament

    More about each Sozo Study Plan:

    • Topical: The “Sozo Short Studies” are named by Topic.
    • Expository: The comprehensive, “Genesis to Revelation” is presented in the order that the KJV was written; therefore, commentary on any area of the Bible can be easily found by clicking on the Book, Chapter, and Verse within the Study Plan.
    • Story-line Studies: The “Bible Study for Young Folks,” is by the way, great for all ages as a review or overview, you could say, of the critical areas of the Bible to our spiritual growth experience.
  • Permissions

    Permissions, Disclosures & Disclaimers: Permission for Sozo Study Content to be put in service, was given by the author (Rev. G. E. Newmyer) to Ann M. Wolf  “to use in whatever way God calls.” So, as a graduate of Sozo Bible Institute and as a servant of Christ, she believes that it is now her turn to share this marvelous material with the Family in Christ in the tradition and standards by which Pastor G. Evan Newmyer birthed the work (by the leading of the Holy Spirit), so that each seeker called to this work might come into the fullness of the blessed purpose which God has given every soul.

    Legal Disclosure: Read More about terms of use for Ann M. Wolf’s original works as well as those of Rev. G. E. Newmyer.

Getting Started: Click any of the buttons below to go to the lessons and begin to enjoy reading; you can follow the titles in order or let the Holy Spirit lead you in selecting one that is perfect for today. (Those who are involved with the “Becoming The Church” guided study experience will be reading some of G. E. Newmyer’s work throughout that course).

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