Biblical Charts & Calendars

Sozo Short Bible Studies: Category #6

Category Description: 

Biblical Charts & Calendars to support you in your studies

  • Common Bible Metaphors

    Biblical Charts: Understanding the meaning behind common Bible metaphors as seen throughout Scripture, can truly assist any Bible student in comprehending many of the stories and passages that are found both in the Old Testament and in the New.

  • Jewish Calendar

    Biblical Charts: Learn about Jewish months and festivals, as they appear in both calendars, ours and theirs.

  • Parables of Jesus

    Biblical Charts: Here you will find a chart of the Parables found in Matthew, Mark & Luke.

  • The Plagues

    Biblical Charts: Description of the Plagues on the Gods of Pharaoh…

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Chaplain Ann M. Wolf shares, “These Biblical Charts, specially arranged and documented by Rev. G. E. Newmyer, are incredibly handy as a reference as well as useful in seeing a bird’s eye view of several important revelations given through Bible testimony throughout the centuries.”