Miracles and Healings of Jesus

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Biblical Charts: Four accounts giving one Gospel…

CHART – Miracles And Healings of Jesus

1.  Cleansing a leper: Matt-8:2, Mark-1:40, Luke-5:12

2.  Healing Centurion’s servant: Matt-8:5, John-7:1

3.  Healing Peter’s mother-in-law: Matt-8:14, Mark-1:30, Luke-4:38

4.  Healing the sick at evening: Matt-8:16, Mark-1:32, Luke-4:40

5.  Stilling the storm: Matt-8:23, Mark-4:35, Luke-8:22

6.  Demons entering swine: Matt-8:28, Mark-5:1, Luke-8:26

7.  Healing a paralytic: Matt-9:2, Mark-2:3, Luke-5:18

8.  Raising ruler’s daughter: Matt-9:18, Mark-5:22, Luke-8:41

9.  Healing hemorrhaging woman: Matt-9:20, Mark-5:25, Luke-8:43

10. Healing two blind men: Matt-9:27

11.  Curing demon possessed mute man: Matt-9:32

12. Healing withered hand: Matt-12:10, Mark-3:1, Luke-6:6

13. Curing demon possessed, blind and mute man: Matt-12:22, Luke-11:14

14. Feeding five thousand: Matt-14:15, Mark-6:35, Luke-9:12, John-6:1

15. Walking on sea: Matt-14:25, Mark-6:48, John-6:19

16. Healing Gentile woman’s daughter: Matt-15:21, Mark-7:24

17. Feeding four thousand: Matt-15:32, Mark-8:1

18. Healing epileptic boy: Matt-17:14, Mark-9:17, Luke-9:38

19. Tax in fish’s mouth: Matt-17:27

20. Healing two blind men: Matt-20:30

21. Withering fig tree: Matt-21:18, Mark-11:12

22. Casting out unclean spirit: Mark-1:23, Luke-4:33

23. Healing deaf mute: Mark-7:32

24. Healing at Bethsaida: Mark-8:22

25. Escape from Hostile crowd: Luke-4:28

26. Draught of fish: Luke-5:4

27. Raising widow’s son at Nain: Luke-7:11

28. Healing bound over woman: Luke-13:11

29. Healing man with drossy: Luke-14:1

30. Cleansing ten lepers: Luke-17:12

31. Restoring servant’s ear: Luke-22:51

32. Turning water into wine: John-2:1

33. Healing Nobleman’s son: John-4:46

34. Healing infirm at Bethesda: John-5:5

35. Healing man born blind: John-9:1

36. Raising of Lazarus: John-11:43

37. Second draught of fish: John-21:5

Note: The only miracle found in all four gospels is the feeding of the five thousand.

From the above charts we can dispose of any fallacy which states that “the Gospel represents four separate accounts based on the opinions and experiences of four men.” We learn instead that, these four scribes of God have given us One Gospel; and each is directed to an aspect of our growth. Matthew speaks especially to those have who received the Seed and are growing the Root. Mark points to those who have reached the Blade stage of growth. Luke articulates to those who have made it to the Full Ear; and then John speaks with regard to those who are the Full Corn In The Ear. One can’t force the Full Ear into the Root, or jump from Root to the Full Corn In The Ear. We are saved from the world to enter the “Justification (Salvation) Process”; thus, we have two steps, one is Mercy, the other is Grace.

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