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“Living in Balance” – Introduction

Greetings Friends;

As I sat at my computer to write this first article for our “Living in Balance” segment, I found that before I could even being to type, I was already overwhelmed with profound feelings of gratitude. Just saying the phrase, “God First,” as I waited for the words to come, brought emotion and gladness to my heart.

What immediately came to mind, were the words of a song that is part of the album, “Blessed are the Ones” album; and that song is, “Through the Eyes of Love”:

“And of all the wonders in this world to find

There is nothing like the beauty that you find inside

And if you think the sky is blue

Or that the forests are green

Just wait until you’ve seen these

Through the eyes of love…”

And so the song continues, describing various experiences of life as seen, “through the eyes of love,” expressing what a difference that being centered in love makes, in everything we do and everywhere we go.

But where does that kind of love come from? Those who have a personal relationship with God through the Spirit know, that all love, all goodness, and abiding peace, comes from God; so remaining connected to God becomes the first and most important focus for us as souls. Then…the rest of what we seek in the way of making the right choices, as well as living life to it’s fullest….will unfold.

Keeping our focus: The challenge however, becomes… how to hold on to our connection with the Spirit, right in the middle of all of the activities, events, and pressures that we experience every day in this fast-paced, modern world; and realistically, many of us have days when we wonder if retaining love, mercy, and inner peace in our hearts on a daily basis, is even possible.

But, I believe that it is indeed possible, however….not without having a foundation of a few important principles to draw from when making decisions about “what” to become involved with and “when”; also, retaining a sense of flexibility is helpful since adjustments are sometimes needed in order to retain an appropriate balance in our lives.

So, this section of MOTL Blogs will be dedicated to exploring the concept of Living in Balance as well as discussing what those spiritual “principles” are, that can help us keep our priorities in order.

We will also look at our organizational skills and consider how a few simple strategies might make a huge difference in how much we can take on, and do so with class and dignity.

Myself Included: By the way, when I refer to “us” in this segment…I truly mean “us,” since I include myself among those who are still exploring the topic of how to keep a healthy balance in life; and as with all the other challenges mentioned on this Website, I am here to share what I am learning along the way with you, with much growth still ahead, I am sure. I just enjoy sharing the process of “discovery and application” with my friends and family in God, which makes traveling the path so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Invitation: You are welcome to post the ways you have learning how to stay in balance while keeping God first. You are also invited to join the “Living in Balance” group on Facebook; we celebrate keeping the balance but we do so with a lot of humor. To join – Click here.

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Song lyrics & article by Ann M. Wolf – c 2015 – BMI – All rights reserved.

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