Dirty Patches & Faded Tattoos

Groups & individuals working together in Unity to help others

VIDEO NOTES: Celebrate the great works of Patriot & Judeo/Christian Bikers, Veterans, 1st-Responders & amazing volunteers who donate time to “Honor & Support” others. Driving Country Rock propels this Video, taking us to the place where “Dirty” is a sign of honor & “Faded” means time given in service to God & Country. Patches, Hats, Helmets & Tats, all tell the story of compassionate action on behalf of Veterans, 1st-Responders & others who are in need of support, prayer or resources, in our Nation and around the world.


COMMENTARY FROM ANN M. WOLF: Though this video is about more than just the good works of Bikers, it is true that recently there has been some “bad press” about a few rider clubs with regard to their local conflicts. It is also true that where there are humans, there is potential for politics and drama to play a big role; however more important to understand, is how many amazing folks are out on the highways and byways from 2 wheels to 18, pouring out time and effort just to say thank you to our veterans, to bring needed comfort to a bereaved family, or to come to the aid of people in need. I like to refer to these special ones as “Patriots on Wheels,” many of whom are Veterans, 1st Responders or family members of these, themselves.

So, to increase public awareness about the accomplishments of these amazing citizens, I released this Video, “Dirty Patches & Faded Tattoos” to highlight not only the staggering amount of public service that many of our Bikers perform, but also to show how they interface effectively and harmoniously with others in their community to bring support and aid to many of our most vulnerable citizens.

Today for instance, I had the joy of participating in a “Ride” to raise funds for the group, “Veterans United,” who are in charge of many programs regarding our military, including the project to renovate our area War Dead Memorial. (See first image on slide show above for group picture.) So, this morning, after a wonderful hot breakfast, courtesy of Applebee’s Restaurant & local sponsors, our pack of approximately 30 bikes filed out behind  police motorcyclists who did an outstanding job of leading us all the way through the hour and 15 minute tour of highways and scenic back roads, safely to the end of the ride. Filing into the local VFW post, we were met with a place to cool off and a hot lunch if we needed it. All around, the organizers of this event worked very well together to accomplish great good.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that more and more people will come to look beyond the patch or tattoo or perhaps look at the story told by the patch or tattoo to understand more about the passionate heart and soul of these marvelous volunteers; and who knows? Maybe, after further consideration, more of you will join us in a Flag Line, a memorial, a parade, or come out and experience commemorations held throughout the year such as Vietnam Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, POW/MIA Day, Veterans Day or how about the moving, Wreaths Across America event held in December.

Oh and by the way, having a motorcycle is not required, but for some, bikes simply bring great joy to many good citizens who blend their interest in riding, with public service. So, come as you are, with or without a tattoo, and experience for yourself the joy and privilege of moments given for prayer, fellowship, deep reflection, or on other occasions to show honor to those who have given so much for our Freedom.

Thank you for visiting and I will see you in the field. Sincerely, Ann M. Wolf

Patriots on Wheels – Ann Wolf Music Website

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