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 *Songwriter - BMI
 *Recording Artist
 *Public Speaker, Blogger
 *Blue Star Mother
 *Chaplain American Legion Riders
  & Auxiliary
 *Rolling Thunder ®, Inc.
  Chapter 3, TN
 *Patriot Guard Riders

 *Military Wife
 *Advisory Board SSFOA 


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Ann Wolf's spiritual artistry is based on the "Two Commandments of Jesus," to "Love God & Love Others." Her primary means of bringing encouragement to folks around the world is via music, life-application articles & videos. However, in response to certain humanitarian & patriotic causes, & in recognition of the need for spiritual resources for individuals & cell ministries, who may not have access to Spirit-led Bible Colleges or gathering places near to them, she also includes these inspirational "Rooms" & Links: 

Personal or Group 

Bible Studies:

  *Short Spiritual Studies

  *Comprehensive Bible Commentary
  "Genesis to Revelation"

  *Prayer Room

  *Communion Service
   Script & Studies

  *The Lighthouse Prayer

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  *Seeker's Journey & More

  *Pure & Authentic Evangelism
  "Teaching & Loving by Example"

Compassionate Action:

  *1 In a Million Together 

  *Community Service
   & Helping Others

  *Lighthouse Leader Values

Military/1st Responders

& Patriots:

  *Military & 1st Responder Honors

  *Patriot & Christian Bikers

  *Can We Learn From History?

  *Support for Military Families

  *Missing Man Table Ceremony
   Video & Information
   (About the POW/MIA issue) 



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  *Home & Garden

  *Stories from the Heart

  *Celebrating the Golden Years


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