Resurrection Sunday is every day!

Following the Spirit within as a lifestyle

Just wanted to wish folks a Blessed Resurrection Sunday (to those who follow Jesus); and for everyone…I wish you a Happy Easter! Ooops…some folks in the Body get worried when you bring the term “Easter” into the equation because as we have been informed by “those concerned,” practices such as Easter Egg games or the consumption of certain foods and even the concept of the cross and resurrection can tie in to pagan myths and traditions that go back centuries. Read more.

So what should Christians do? Should we toss the “egg toss”? Should we eat crackers instead of hot-cross buns on Easter Sunday? Should we wait until after Easter to consume chocolate again just so others will know we aren’t pagans?

Well, if we are wondering what part of Spring “traditions” we as Christians should participate in or what parts we should abstain from, how about if we were to simply focus on the message that Holy Week brings and learn to apply it every day, rather than worry what could happen to our faith if we eat a “marshmallow peep?”

Indeed, holidays can serve to remind us of spiritual priorities. For us in the Body, Holy Week brings many critical values to mind such as the responsibility we each have to “Walk in Mercy” daily. Then, at Pentecost, we commemorate the birth of the Church itself, since on that day Scripture tells us that the Spirit was brought to the consciousness of those early Christians in the Upper Room for the first time. Certainly, that moment was pivotal for them, but even more notable, was the “nature change” they began to experience over time as a result of their developing relationship with the Holy Spirit; and many accounts in the New Testament speak of how these disciples began to grow in love and wisdom at a faster pace than ever before as reflected in their ability to counsel, to lead, and to serve God and one another.

So for us today, what if we were to commemorate Resurrection Sunday each day by making a commitment to focus on that beautiful healing and restorative Power within us that never leaves us or forsakes us? That Holy Spirit has many Names such as, “The Greater He,” “The Gift of the Holy Ghost,” “The Other Comforter,” or “Grace.” Yes! Amazing Grace! So, what if we could dedicate ourselves to listen for the wonderful “leading” of the Spirit and allow it to shape us into more “spiritually-minded” souls who love God and others with great passion, bearing much “Fruit of the Spirit” to overflow into the lives of those we meet?

So, let me say again….Happy Easter and Resurrection Day and I am wishing you a year ahead filled with the wonder and peace of the presence of the Holy Spirit!

God be with you always,

Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

PS – It is time for a marshmallow bunny….

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”  John 13:34-35 (KJV)  

By Ann M. Wolf  © 2017 – BMI – All rights reserved.

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