By Your Love, They Will Come To Know Me

The Song & Message


With Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

Beloved in Christ;

Please enjoy the video & the words of the song (seen below) composed for you with Love, an artistic composition written from the perspective of the ascended Jesus speaking to us through the Cross, confirming the importance of sharing God’s love with others while reminding us, that as we “Seek first the Kingdom” and as we hold to the “Spirit of Grace,” we will always know how to serve God & do so out of the natural eruption of devotion.

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God Bless & Keep you in His Mercy & Grace,

Ann M. Wolf

Ann M. Wolf – © 2016 – BMI – All right reserved.

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By Your Love, They Will Come to Know Me – Lyrics

Verse One:

Who held Me, as I waited and watched?

What do you think that I was seeing?

What did I say, when I prayed from the Cross?

“Father forgive them,

They know not what they do.”


Thus, pray ye one for another

And lift each other up as I have shown

And serve ye one another

That by your love, they will come to know Me.

Verse Two:

Who led Me as I traveled so far?

What do you think sustained Me

On my journey?

What prayer did I give

Over the loaves

And the fishes that thousands would feed?


Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive our debtors Lord

Lead us not into temptation

Verse Three:

And who’ll speak through you as I now send you forth

As I anoint your voices to teach Love?

What will you pray

As you stand upon the Rock,

Listening for the Spirit to lead you?


Pray ye daily to the Father

And pray ye in my Name

And as you weep from pure devotion

They will see Me in your face.


Thus pray ye one for another

And the circle of Love will be complete

Serve ye one another

That by your love, they will come to know Me.

Words & Music by Ann M. Wolf  © 2012 – BMI – All right reserved.

From the CD “Remember Me” 

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