A Message of Unity by Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

Celebrating Unity!

One Spirit, yet many people: Whether you have found a “church home” within the Body of Christ or not, as you walk in Mercy and hold to Grace as taught by the Shepherd Jesus, you are a member of “The Church,” being built by the Spirit of God (within those who follow it’s leading). This “Church,” is common to each of us; and as we attune to the Spirit, we also are connected to one another via that same Spirit… One Spirit to guide every one of us.

Beyond denominations & culture: Therefore at Message of the Lighthouse, all are welcome regardless of religious affiliations, culture, nationality, race, or political views; if you are serious about learning how to live by the Two Commandments of Jesus, “To Love God, To Love Others,” then you have a home and a refuge here.

All are welcome: If you already belong to a group somewhere, no problem….because this Library can supplement what you are being offered elsewhere. If you do not have a “gathering place” that you frequent, this is also not a problem, since any of us can “connect” instantly with God from wherever we happen to be. As we follow the leading of the Spirit, we will find ourselves where we need to be.

Operating in a spirit of humility while celebrating Unity: If you happen to believe that members of your particular denomination are the only ones who will “make it to heaven,” then you likely won’t be too happy here, because while MOTL Library respects different groups and their right to interpret Scriptures the way they choose to, we do not recognize “division” in the Body of Christ. Rather, we see our common Unity via the Spirit and via the same principles which affect all souls equally. I remember seeing a sign on a church banner which stated, “God is not looking for religious nuts, but spiritual fruit.” I loved that sign so much, I stopped the car and took a picture. But meanwhile, back to my post here, just know that MOTL Library is not a church which requires folks to “choose” one group over another; we come to the Library for resources which will help us be those “known by our Fruit.”

Equally loved by God: The Mercy and Grace of God are the great equalizers, bringing us all through the Cross and onto the path unto justification, which all souls must endure as we change over time, from being motivated by the wiles of the “old man” to learning to see life through the lens of the Spirit.

Here for the duration: So, I will be here with you and for you as we all go through our transformation process together, praying together, worshiping together, and caring for one another as we “Become the Church.”

Newsletter: You are welcome to reach out through our Comment areas, Social Media, or you are invited to Sign Up for the Free Newsletter which will go out from time to time, to let you know of new resources.

God Bless You & Keep you in His Mercy & Grace!

Chaplain Ann M. Wolf

By Ann M. Wolf – c 2015 – BMI – All rights reserved.

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