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Welcome to...The Seeker's Room!


This corner of our Website has been created for the special needs of our newcomers and inquiring friends. Whether you are just learning about Jesus or have been walking with him for a while, you can still be considered a “Seeker,” in that there may be more that you would like to know about the spiritual growth process.

So, whatever your questions are about Jesus, I have probably had the same ones. Whatever your doubts and reservations about walking with him, I could likely swap some good stories with you.

But regardless of what your understanding is today, as a Seeker your sincere concerns and feelings are honored here.


Got Questions?


Looking for common-sense answers to basic questions about the Spiritual Transformation Process or about what it means to walk in Mercy & Grace?

Please type in your question or key words in the search bar at the top of each page, or join us at:

"For the Seeker" 

"The Dedication Room"

Other Good Questions:

What does being "Christian" or "Saved" really mean?

What did Jesus teach before man-made dotrines took over?

Do I need to be baptized?

Is there any hope for me if I have made a lot of mistakes in life?

Are all religious people or church leaders spiritual?

Do I have to tithe?

Email us your special questions...