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Kingdom Consciousness

We hear the term “Kingdom” tossed about the Body quite often; but what Kingdom would that be? Or…What is the difference between the various Kingdoms mentioned, such as the "Kingdom of Heaven" and the "Kingdom of God?" Where are they? And…. If we are priests and kings, what do we reign over?



Religion & Spirituality

Finding the Balance

When people confuse religion for spirituality, they often think that their “religious performance,” (i.e. following all of the rules and regulations, attending services and such) represents all there is to being spiritual. Religious people may or may not even know that there is more to becoming spiritual than participating in religious or cultural activities.

Meanwhile, truly spiritual people (who walk in mercy and depend on the leading of the Spirit) can choose to express their love for God and others within the framework of some sort of religious or cultural expression if they feel led to do so, but ceremonies, events, and rituals are secondary to the primary relationship which they engender with God, directly and personally on a 24/7 basis…in and out of the gathering.


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