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"That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again" - John 3:6-7 (KJV)

What does “Born Again” mean?

Regarding calling oneself a “Born Again Christian”….the word “Christian” implies the condition of being “Christ-like.” As for myself, I am most certainly not yet Christ-like, in the heat of every moment; but this is a goal of mine. I tell people that I “identify” with Christ and am a member of the Body, but I have a ways to go before my knee-jerk responses, are Christ-like...and that is of course, as much as will ever be humanly possible. But that is supposed to be the point of beginning a walk with Jesus; we aren’t “done” the minute we say “I Do” to Jesus. Making a commitment only marks the beginning of a process of transformation.





In order to be certain that my mistakes (or “not-so-great” responses that I still have from time to time) don’t confuse others, I am very careful with the use of the term “Christian.”

The word “Christian” refers to being “Christ-like,” so, I don’t usually like to throw the term around lightly.

Hence, when I am asked if I am a Christian I usually pause, smile, take a breath and then say something like, “I identify with Jesus and am a member of his Body.” I continue by saying, “Over time and with the help of the examples of Jesus in Scripture, with the Spirit and my family in the Body of Christ… I hope to eventually become more like Christ or a better Christian.”



Gift of Grace...

Before reading this article, please refer to “The New Man” and “Gift of Grace” (both found in the Seeker’s Journey area) to refresh your understanding of what the Spirit is and how it works in our lives.

Here, we will celebrate more of the elements of our deep and abiding relationship with the Holy Spirit (Grace). But, we will also look at what the “Free Gift” is, as mentioned in Scriptures, and how this Gift aids us throughout our spiritual transformation process.

We begin by reviewing our understanding of the term "saved,: a word which points to the time when we first encounter the Mercy of God (at the beginning of our spiritual journey); and when mercy becomes the foundation for our ongoing experience of The Free Gift of Grace.


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