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If I am a nice person...

Isn't that enough?


If I am a "Nice Person," isn’t that enough to be considered a spiritual person?

Enough for what? By what “standard” are we determining what is “nice” or “spiritual”?

Sure, “being nice” usually involves being kind, and kindness (done by the leading of the Spirit) is one of the Fruits of the Spirit

So, being "considerate" would be a great place to start, when "doing unto others." But beyond acts of kindness, there is a whole new avenue of support open to those who walk by the Spirit, allowing the soul to eventually conform in nature to the Spirit, thus becoming "spiritual in nature" in all ways, including in our behavior toward others.


Beyond the "nice face"

Just because someone makes the choice to be considerate or merciful in a given moment, does not always mean that they have journeyed beyond the flesh-nature and the remainder of all its other wiles (ways). “Good behavior” does not always indicate that the soul has come to be fully motivated by Godly Love.

Certainly, any civilized behavior that shows some measure of consideration for others, whatever the reason, is preferable over rude or worse case... barbaric behavior. However, we are talking about a total transformation of the soul here, from "flesh-motivated" to "spiritual."

So, to keep ourselves on target, we as Christians do look deeply into our hearts (or we should) on a regular basis, to check our core motives and state of consciousness; and when we do, if we also decide to get real honest about everything, you know... admit what really lurks behind our "nice face" at times, well, we soon realize, that with the light of God's love as our standard, we still have much to overcome.

So, regardless of where we believe we "are at" today in “spiritual terms,” in reality, we could all still use some help from the Spirit of God to get beyond our self-based “human nature” habits, such as: gossip, drama-queen behavior, self-pity, occasional (or not so occasional) temper tantrums, lack of dependability, lack of hospitality or lack of integrity and such… even if we are basically kind-hearted.

Hey, I need a nap to rest up...I have a lot of work to do to clean my own house...Amen?Embarassed

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