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Message of the Lighthouse

For those of you who are moved by the Spirit of God to walk with us as Partners, we welcome your prayers on behalf of this ministry and staff; we welcome your contributions of love and energy in whatever form that God leads.

Here are some creative ways:

1. Purchasing/Downloading: Obtaining the music for yourself, your church groups, spiritual libraries or for loved ones is a wonderful way to share your heart with others, while supporting our efforts here at the same time. For this go to our store at CD Baby.Com.

2. Alerting folks of our resources by e mailing articles: Using the special icon at the top of each article to forward information about us to others, helps get the "Word" around about our available resources. So any time you feel like brightening someone's day, send a link from one of our inspirational articles or songs!

3. Subscribing: Signing up for our free online notification system, "As the Spirit Leads"... helps us stay in touch with each other. There is an place to enroll at the bottom of most all Website pages.

4. Donations & Contributions: Contact Us if you would like to send a donation to further the work of Message of the Lighthouse, or if you would like to designate resources to one of our charities via "1 In a Million Together."

5. Live events: Contact Us if you are interested in sponsoring a live presentation by Ann Wolf; we will accept invitations as time and resources allow. Travel expenses are necessary; honorariums and donations are gratefully accepted for personal appearances.


Regarding Non-Profit Status:

We are not yet a 501C3 Non-profit organization, but we will keep you advised of our developments in this area. The donations that Ann Wolf and MOTL Friends are making via "1 In a Million Together" are given out of gladness of heart in appreciation for God's many gifts, as well as to fulfill the Commandment of Jesus to "Love One Another." We are not however, able to give tax-deductible receipts at this time.

Meanwhile, for those of you who need a tax deduction for your contribution... some of what we offer in the way of products and services could be considered a deduction if you own a business, a counseling center, or if you facilitate a ministry of some kind.

Depending on how the sale is conducted would determine whether or not your donation to those groups could be considered a tax-deductible donation. 

Please see your accountant or the IRS website for additional details regarding legal tax deductions which you or your organization may be eligible for.

We thank you for your interest, your faithfulness and love.


The Staff/Message of the Lighthouse

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Other Good Questions:

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What did Jesus teach before man-made dotrines took over?

Do I need to be baptized?

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