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We pray that your visit to our Website will help deepen your direct relationship with God and that your time with us will encourage you to share your love for Him with others in both inspirational and practical ways.

Unto this purpose then, we humbly offer at our Website, the fruit of many years of study and applied life experience.

We will also remain open to a fresh and "Pro-ceeding Word" from the Spirit, as we submit to the ongoing learning and growing process.

And so, we will continue to share our discoveries with you through the medium of new Short Studies or Articles,inspirational music and other innovations. We will keep you advised of the availability of these inspirational tools through a courtesy e mail notification newsletter, “As the Spirit Leads.” (Sign up at the bottom of most any Website page.)

For future reference, we will retain a copy of each, "As the Spirit Leads" here in our Archives.

Thank you for your interest and support; we look forward to being in touch with you!

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We do not share your personal information or e mail address with anyone. Your privacy is respected.

Thank you for your interest and support of Message of the Lighthouse and we look forward to being with you again soon!


Lighthouse Leadership Staff

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